Chapter 551 marries Ryan makes an appearance in Purcell Duchy, what is ordinary is don’t know, she had put on make-up, turned into the appearance of another person, what Zhao Hai need is only her familiar degree to Purcell Duchy, do not borrow the Purcell Family reputation. Now Purcell Duchy did not call Purcell Duchy, but changes the known as north lead(er), has a feudal lord in here, but is not Grand Duke. However this feudal lord is actually Boris trusted aide, therefore Boris meets feel relieved puts here this person, Boris hates Radiant Church compared with anybody now, these time because of pulling strings of Radiant Church, he fell to today's this situation, although he obtained the Aksu Empire throne now, but has actually been in the debt, this feeling was not good. Not only because of this, and because of his erroneous decision, making Aksu Empire bear the so big loss, this let him the prestige in these Noble is also the sharp decline, now has plenty Noble that did not obey to him. Reason that these Noble have not jumped to oppose him at this time , because Aksu Family in the Aksu Empire influence is very big, but now Aksu Family person although is discontented with Boris, but they also know, if were leaving office to the lane Boris at this time, other people are insufficient the obedience, will not do well will make that Noble take advantage of loopholes, will consider for Aksu Family, they must fully support Boris now. Boris also knows that now are any situation, therefore he went all out wants to arrange own trusted aide under the hand/subordinate to the good place, when the time comes is others wants to move him, thinks to be good well. Aksu Empire now this situation, was quite actually weak, so long as there is a formidable influence to push gently, good Aksu Empire to fear that must change one's name. However no matter what, the Aksu Empire present situation is Beastman Race creates, if who coped with them at this time, will be reviled, therefore nobody will take risk. said it Aksu Empire the situation, who takes over now who is upset, only if big Empire like Rosen Empire takes over, otherwise, any Great Clan does not have the means facing such rotten booth. Zhao Hai will certainly not manage these, now Zhao Hai is appears in Aksu Empire, Boris to he does not dare to have some does not revere, Boris and Zhao Hai beforehand hatred is he selects, but now the Zhao Hai status and status, King that falls compels do not miss that to go compared with his such one, behind adding on Zhao Hai that formidable influence, Boris if now in does with Zhao Hai, that on was could not look on the bright side of thing. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these, he has given Ryan the Purcell Duchy here matter, but reason that he such does, obtained the agreement of Green and Merine.

Green and Merine after discussing with Evan a time agreed that from Green agreed this matter starts, Zhao Hai knows that he with Ryan relationship, feared decided that after Ryan , may also marry her. However to Laura them, the Ryan present status really has certain disparity with Zhao Hai, she wants to marry Zhao Hai, but must make some result to come to be good, but Purcell Duchy, shouts the north to get there these shops now, is actually Green their test on a Ryan. If Ryan does was good, she with the Zhao Hai wedding, had the gate, if she could not complete, that feared that was her difficult is to also become the Zhao Hai wife. The Zhao Hai book thinks that Ryan is arrogant, such condition she will not agree that has not actually thought Ryan wants not to comply unexpectedly. Zhao Hai knows that perhaps Ryan has some sentiments to him, but absolutely does not have Laura they to be so deep, reason that she complies is so quick, what are more is because of Purcell Family relationship. Now Purcell Family must depend upon Buda Family to survive, possible comeback, for Purcell Family, he to agree to marry Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai also knows this result, sighed, he had not opposed that he already knows will have such one day, but he has not thought that this matter will live on the body of Ryan. Actually is Ryan cannot make any result, after Zhao Hai, will be will marry with Ryan, their marriages will be having many utilitarianism, it can be said that a political marriage, Ryan will marry Zhao Hai, will trade Purcell Family to obtain the Buda Family asylum, but Zhao Hai will marry Ryan, to let Purcell Family will be dead set on with Buda Family. Zhao Hai these wives, although said that the status is not low, but must say that helps in a big way him, but must say is Laura, although Laura superficially status can't compare with Megan and Lizzy, but do not forget, now Markey Family was almost merges into Buda Family, this made Buda Family obtain the massive talented people, but Megan and Lizzy status although was high, actually could not achieve this point, their back Clan were too formidable, like formidable Clan, their all was centered on own benefit, they impossible for Buda Family benefit, but sacrificed own interests, therefore they. Only can give some Buda Family nominal support, the actual support is actually not many. But Laura gives his support to be solid, by the Buda Family present strength, has not needed these to support in name, they need support like Laura, this point Lizzy and Megan are can't compare with Laura. Zhao Hai also clear this point, therefore he wants to marry with Ryan, like this he can obtain Purcell Family fully has supported, although Purcell Family falls now has compelled, but their in hand also has many personal connections, these are can use. Establishment of Clan, in this difficult is really other person of difficult imagination, money, personal connection, strength, domain, indispensable, Buda Family now although scenery, but oneself besides fighting strength, several other very weak, therefore Zhao Hai has to want completely various means to increase the Buda Family strength.

Has to recognize, Zhao Hai be has the person of sense of crisis, therefore he makes any matter very careful, but these time marries he not to oppose. He believes that Laura they also looked, but Laura they have not said anything, these women have all put on a heart Zhao Hai, has put on Buda Family, regarding the Buda Family good matter, they will not oppose. Is this, Zhao Hai thought that more to have a deficit they, he is good to these women, Zhao Hai hopes that in their several some people can pregnancy as soon as possible, be a pity, these months he has tried hard very much, Laura they do not have the sound. However Space examined checked, his status does not have the issue, Laura their bodies do not have the issue, it seems like it is only the opportunity has not arrived. Led there to look to the north, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, started Prairie, this his first destination or Tauren Clan, his although can go to Beast God City first, but he has chosen Tauren Clan, because there was his race, he was Tauren Clan Crown Prince. Still from Space to Tauren Clan encampment, but this time he has not sat Alien to come, but in Space release Blood Hawk, then sits Blood Hawk to fall from Space directly, this time he and Junichi have the Xu Wanying three people, the work they have not come out, the matter that now Laura they must handle are many, if also comes out with him, meets inconvenient of has plenty. Three Blood Hawk from airborne fall, has not caused the panic of Tauren Clan, the Hercules Tauren Clan people knows that Blood Hawk is Zhao Hai Mount. Zhao Hai falls, these Hercules Tauren Clan person immediately welcomed, bows to give regards to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also like saw own clansman, greets to these people, but also once for a while puts out some purify Milk Wine to come out to give to these people. Beastman loves the liquor, but Zhao Hai now this purify Milk Wine, the output was very high, to guarantee these Milk Wine prices, Zhao Hai has not attained Continent to sell all Milk Wine, therefore in his Space has saved this Milk Wine, now took to see somebody off well. These Beastman also like Zhao Hai this point, Zhao Hai is more natural than their these Beastman, every time greeted with Zhao Hai, will have some small gifts to deliver, was unbearable of their happy. Is hearing the Mendes sound to transmit said : „your bastards in this time to get the hell out to me quickly.” These Hercules Tauren Clan person one are the Mendes sounds, roared one, turn around ran. Mendes seize the opportunity has also arrived at the Zhao Hai side, look at Zhao Hai with a laugh, shakes the head forced smile said : Little Hai, you also too can be used to these youngster, meets each time delivers thing to them.”

Zhao Hai said : with a laugh that has anything, small gadget, is unworthy any money, everyone/Great Clan happy, was good, goes.” Said that walks toward big tent with Mendes. In big tent Wales, Yale and Kony is sitting in there, looked at Zhao Hai to come, Wales cannot help but smiles said : Little Hai, you at this time? Attacks Human Race to us, but sometime.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this time not to be late, you were miserable to the dozen Aksu Empire, I have sold afterward a grain toward there, pen small wealth.” Wales quickly said: „Did you sell the grain toward Aksu Empire? Bread Fruit?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : is not, what I sell toward Aksu Empire is Bamboo rice, how much grain What happened? this time you have not divided to?” Has not waited for Wales to speak, listened to Kony to laugh said : this Little Hai you to think mistakenly, this time we divided many good thing, but this may all be your merit.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Wales they, Wales smile said : this time information that because you provide, therefore we can defeat Aksu Empire Radiant Church, because you are Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, therefore Beast King Your Majesty calculated the head of our Hercules Tauren Clan this merit, but this time we real divided many good thing.” Zhao Hai one hear of Wales said that smiles said : well that later in the clan can for a long time not need to buy the grain, I happen to have brought some daily necessities to you, don’t know with does not serve a need.”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)