Chapter 552 anticipated Wales smiles said : to be good, this time does not use, you are not don’t know, this time we may not only snatch the grain, the daily necessities are also many.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to hear, you lead there in Purcell Duchy and Ikisa Family, but has not gotten little so far as thing, ok, when this time will not need to want next time, told me one to be good, was right, my a while left behind 50 Blood Hawk to you, these thing were does not have the words to say in airborne scout anything's that was a pity, your builds were too big, not having the means to ride carrying on the back of Blood Hawk.” Wales one hear of Zhao Hai said that is actually complexion happy said : fantastic, good, this is I needs, my impolite.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, what you are polite with me, was right, does the food complete? But I was hungry, tomorrow I must hurry to Beast God City, such long time had not come, don’t know there situation how?” Wales said : „do you directly come from Human Race there? I also think that you went to Beast God City.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to worry Beast God City to do, thing that also the no big deal matter, these days you snatch was sufficient, I think that the there business good not to go to that should not have any important matter to be right.” Wales affected looked at Zhao Hai said : brothers, your this sentiment Elder Brother I did not say anything, walked, drinks, if today does not drink to fall face down you, that really was a little unfair to you.” Zhao Hai laughs said : I not to fear you, when you my alcohol capacity was the same with before? Who falls certainly face down.” Said that several people laugh are walking outward. Now Zhao Hai comes Hercules Tauren Clan tribe here, Wales not to need to tell that made the person prepare any thing, even did not need in the tribe to prepare, Hercules Tauren Clan had the matter person to prepare things to eat to Zhao Hai, these person of normally with Zhao Hai liquor not take in vain, each Zhao Hai came the time, they family in delicious took to give Zhao Hai to eat, even if were in the family has not done, they will also kill Argali to entertain Zhao Hai. Several people arrived at outside, Argali and raging bull have roasted, but those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, at the fire of high-piled firewood is also roasting two thing like big Old Mouse, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel odd. However Wales sees that two Old Mouse type thing, cannot help but two eyes bright said : grass sable? This good thing is who makes?” A large Hercules Tauren Clan person walked the hand grinningly, his in hand is also carrying tying up eastern thing like steamed rice dumpling, puts nearby Zhao Hai said : Young Master Hai, today small exiting has made three grass sables, thinks ate, you came, I gave to do, have been eating saying that in addition you liked these strange thing, kept one to you.” Zhao Hai curious look at this grass sable, this thing your big Old Mouse is the same, but the skin is actually the grass green, an eye is black and bright, looks like very adorable. The Wales look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : this grass sable is on our Beastman Prairie unique one type of Magic Beast, level is not high, only then 3rd level, but is quick, they in addition hide in the thick patch of grass generally, green fur, ten points not easily presently, but this thing, but the rare delicacy, you make this thing time must remember, this thing eats is his primary taste, does besides adding a salt, any thing do not put, such flavor is best.”

Said that Wales turned the head to look at that large Tauren one, said : Daws, your this fellow also was really, what also did not have a look at itself to be fat, such corruptly died unexpectedly, if you in fat, exited others certainly saying that you were pig clansman, was right, today are the grass sable on Prairie many? How do you make three suddenly?” Daws does not care, grinning said : Patriarch, I just want you to tell that this matter, finally I our surrounding grass sables probably were presently more than everyday much, do you look try to find the solution?” Wales knitting the brows head, he is very clear, this grass sable do not look that the flavor is very good, but this thing regarding the destruction of pasture but very critical, if the surrounding grass sable of good tribe if are too much, they will carry on special hunting and killing, will otherwise affect to herd. Zhao Hai does not worry, turns the head to smile said : to Wales Big Brother, I looked that does not need to worry, currently doesn't have Blood Hawk in? Blood Hawk this thing, grasps these thing to be most adept, Blood Hawk you must feed in any case, might as well puts them to go to look for food, having a look at them to be able capture this grass sable.” Wales stares, but then nodded said : to be reasonable, I was saying hawk thing is the natural enemy of grass sable, good, such manages, Daws, it seems like your this fellow also is not only knows to eat, good, I must reward you, Little Hai, selects the bar to this fellow.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : Big Brother, but you said that must reward his, how did this prize turn into me to leave finally?” although said that but he put out leather bag Milk Wine to give Daws, may give happy to go bad Daws this fellow. At this time small table had also suspended, Zhao Hai that then Wales laughed sat down to drink, drank to several people are stewed to the gills is till. Next morning, after Zhao Hai Wales has left behind 50 hawks, on leave Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, toward Beast God City flew. He has not gone to Dog Clan, has not gone to Black Bear Clan, these thing although are good with his relationship, but compares to Hercules Tauren Clan to come, missed, therefore Zhao Hai went to Beast God City directly. Beast God City there to prospered compared with before much, but is more abundant Beastman, Human Race Merchant he has not seen several, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, these Beastman are also sitting probably business. Found a place outside Beast God City, drilled from Space, three people walk toward Beast God City, quickly to Beast God City time, saw many Beastman, these Beastman some doubts some hostilities vision look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not cared about these vision, he knows that these Beastman psychology, they just had fought with Human Race, now almost will not have Human Race Merchant to arrive at Prairie to come up, therefore at this time Zhao Hai their appears , truly were the eye very garishly. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, he believes that these Beastman will not begin to him, this time he has not gone by car, has not brought Friendship flag, but had the Friendship flag words, these Beastman were not such expression. However Zhao Hai has not cared, just arrived at Beast God City city in front of the door, runs from in the city horse carriage, driving Ah Tai.

These Beastman look at the Ah Tai appearance, stares, then on the face cannot help but has shown the smiling face, Beastman that these do business also has much greets with Ah Tai, looked that Zhao Hai these hostilities the vision vanished. These Beastman know that Magic Lily Store has Beastman Race Dog Clan and Black Bear Clan Friendship flag, but this Friendship flag is not Ah Tai gets so far as, but is their bosses gets so far as, in other words was their bosses obtained these two races friendship, moreover Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince. Ah Tai drove to greet Zhao Hai at this time personally they, their status were naturally self-evident, therefore these Beastman looked that the Zhao Hai look changes. Ah Tai put up the car(riage) to run up to nearby Zhao Hai, jumped down from the vehicle, bowed to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, how not to have multi- my a while.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, casually walks, has not thought that among Beastman Race also carries out the transaction, I think that they only trade with Human Race.” Ah Tai smiles said : Young Master is don’t know, Beastman Race this will also carry out some transactions, will exchange some life to empty, but this situation is very rare, is so lively like this year, is first, I heard that they in the exchange the spoils of war that snatches from Human Race there, thing that some they have no need, but other tribe serves a need, wants to trade to select oneself tribe to be useful.” Zhao Hai nodded, he just looked at these Beastman transaction, presently to very much looks like, but some thing that Ah Tai says, are not really useful regarding Beastman Race, because many thing , was useful in Human Race at that time, regarding Beastman Race, these thing also belongs to the weak, with, not suitable Beastman used, to throw, was a pity. On Zhao Hai horse carriage, Ah Tai immediately/on horseback has caught up with horse carriage to enter a city, went to Magic Lily Store, the two children of Ah Tai sister-in-law and their family, was waiting for Zhao Hai in Magic Lily Store there they. After Zhao Hai got out, Ah Tai whole family immediately welcomed in Zhao Hai the backyard account number, after Zhao Hai sat down, Ah Tai to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, the business in our shop was not quite good these days, these Beastman this wars, have gotten so far as many good thing, presently in hand does not lack thing not to lack the grain, therefore has not come to trade with us.” The expression on Ah Tai face is somewhat guilty, he thinks that this is own mistake, but Zhao Hai has not cared, beckoned with the hand said : this not to have anything, I already thought of this point, Beastman Race in hand has thing, naturally did not need to buy, but you were not very astute, you do not have presently has plenty Human Race suitable thing, not suitable Beastman to use, now these Beastman trade most probably was these thing, moreover could not trade, you had thing that our in hand Beastman can use to trade, I want price low, they also to trade to give us, when the time comes I in attained Continent these thing Comes up, even if is keeping using, didn't gain?” Ah Tai stares, then as if suddenly enlightened has tapped own head, said : „, haven't I thought? Was lucky that Young Master you reminded.” The Ah Tai sister-in-law white his said : you have been able to remember anything to come, Young Master, this matter I have also thought that these thing that but these Beastman take, is mostly old, even if attains on Continent, feared that also nobody buys, cannot sell any price, therefore we have confiscated.” Zhao Hai nodded, this Ah Tai sister-in-law is really more astute than Ah Tai, she considered these many, was very good, Zhao Hai smiles right that said : the Ah Tai sister-in-law said that these thing attained Human Race there to go, truly could not buy any price, but these thing have not actually gone bad, we can use, now our Buda Family had a hundred thousand slave, thing that these slaves used, may be we provides, we from Beastman here, if trading of low price can use to some, avoid that has bought on Continent, like this on can cheap many.” As soon as the Ah Tai sister-in-law listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but two eyes bright said : right, I this matter forgetting, now Beastman Race in hand such thing may really be many, if this traded, we save the money.”

Zhao Hai nodded with a smile said : „, therefore from now on, can worry to handle this matter, does this not only can save the money for us, but can also make a good impression to these Beastman Race.” Ah Tai and Ah Tai sisters-in-law nodded, Ah Tai sister-in-law then said : Young Master, after Beastman Race returned to Beast God City, Beast King sends for conveying a message, said that if you arrived at Beast God City, making you certainly see his one time.” Zhao Hai nodded, he believes that Beast King such will certainly do, he helped Beastman Race be so big busy, Beast King will definitely not pay no attention his, but he has not thought that Beast King such will quickly convey a message. Zhao living expenses think that said : this, I just came today, did not see Beast King, tomorrow was going, was right, you did not need to manage me, making me rest well.” Ah Tai and Ah Tai sister-in-law complied with one, turn around has drawn back, in the tent has only left behind Zhao Hai and Junichi they. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Junichi and Xu Wanying said : looked like this time should be able to be very smooth, so long as has gotten through the Beastman Race here matter, we returned to Continent to go, we have moved in the Continent back side, like Lyon Empire, Buddha Empire and Ocean Waves Dynasty has not gone, was very regrettable.” Junichi smiles said : „the present Continent southern map not to have in Space, happen to can use this opportunity, has in these maps Space, right Young Master, can we also go to Dwarf Race there to have a look? I heard that Dwarf Race likes drinking, perhaps in their there, we can get so far as some good thing.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to have a look, on Continent, wants to get so far as some iron hardware, but uses energy, but Dwarf Race actually specially makes this, if can trade with them, then regarding us, may absolutely be the good deed.” Xu Wanying nodded said : Dwarf Iron Mountain in Buddha Empire, because of so, therefore the Buddha Empire Heavy Armor cavalry can able to move unhindered world, but I heard that Dwarf Race there has many special plants and animal, if gets so far as in these thing Space, perhaps Young Master Space can Level Up, any not make Young Master Space Level Up more important now.” Zhao Hai and Junichi nodded, now truly is to let Space Level Up is most important, so long as Space promoted, can heavy many Spirit Medicine , but if these Spirit Medicine can compound from 8th level to 9th level medicinal liquid, that in good, they can enter to 9th level boundary, became 9th level Expert, later on Continent, has not walked sideways. What most important is, after Zhao Hai also hopes to have a look at the Space liter to five Level 10, when can use many backs, can be any situation, he anticipated really very much.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)