Chapter 553 sees Beast King Junichi also knows right that Xu Wanying said that but he frowns said : Young Master, I to am think that a place is more suitable to let Space Level Up.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to know what you said is Elf Forest, heard that there is the strange flower and grass, most suits the Space Level Up place, but you must know that a Elf clan, is Wu Yu/desire nothing not has striven, moreover their very repugnant humanity, if we brave to go rashly, may cause Elf dislike, therefore I want to contact with Dwarf first, I heard that Dwarf sometimes will have some contacts with Elf, I want to take a look whether from the Dwarf there understanding situation about Elf.” Junichi nodded said : originally is this, but is this real? Heard that temperament ten hot tempered of Dwarf, how many come not to miss compared with Beastman, likes the hammering, likes drinking, this entire is an uncouthly artisan, but the Elven Race legend is beautiful, moreover they like the art, the affection music, will such person have the friendship with Dwarf Race?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this who knew, I also see in a miscellany, don’t know is true or false, but Elven Race does not like Human Race, this is the matter that on Continent all people know, we first go to Dwarf to make mountain there to have a look to well.” Junichi nodded, Xu Wanying look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you said that Beast King such does worry to ask you to do?” Junichi smiles said : definitely is the good deed, Young Master helps them such greatly this busily, by the Beastman Race temperament, will certainly have the advantage to give Young Master.” Xu Wanying actually shook the head said : not necessarily, that Beast King is astute, these time looks for Young Master also not necessarily is the good deed, Young Master, do not look that you with Hercules Tauren Clan these clans have to do, continuously very smooth, person but who looks like Beast King that level, the matter that they think will be more, he entirely will certainly not believe you, even if were you helps his one busy be also same, therefore, if we dealt with them, certain person was carefully good.” Zhao Hai nodded is reasonable, Beast King although that said : Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow said is Beastman, is he is also a King, moreover became Beast King also several years, the position did was so steady, this itself explained his strength and plans, we later must be careful him.” Three people also chatted a while, Ah Tai asked Zhao Hai to eat meal, after having eaten meal, Ah Tai they start to worry to prepare to trade the thing matter, but Zhao Hai has not actually made an appearance. Next morning, after Zhao Hai has eaten thing, sits horse carriage to walk toward the place of Beast King work, in entire Beast God City few buildings, but the most famous construction is Beast Palace. This Beast Palace although in the name of palace, but the entire construction is not very big, even a can't compare with Human Race small town fort, does not have the means that in Beastman Race here, wants to construct the house, must kill Magic Beast, but Magic Beast regarding Beastman Race is the property that appreciates unceasingly, they may not hate to kill too. Therefore Beast God City city wall although is not bad, however inside construction, actually by tent give priority to, but this Beast God City is actually in Beast God City few constructions, the small building constitutions by three three layers, the outside also fence, this in Beastman Race here, is extraordinary constructed.

Beast Palace fixed Master, each Beastman has not traded Beast King time, new Beast King will move to Beast Palace to live, when he was not Beast King, must move from Beast Palace. It can be said that Beast Palace is sacred land in all Beastman Race hearts, therefore the here guard is very strict, Zhao Hai just stopped horse carriage to Beast Palace outside, Zhao Hai immediately from horse carriage, he has looked up this Beast Palace fence, this fence not very high, be only about ten meters, above the main entrance of fence, are carving the Beast Palace three large characters, but on city wall, is setting up a pole tiger's head flag. Stands the guard who in city in front of the door four tiger people are putting, their in hand takes fine steel long spear, the waist is carrying on the arm a Huwei iron whip, this is very great equipment, now that four guard coldly look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai reorganized the clothes, arrives around a guard, good held chest ritual said : to that guard Brother Beastman hello, please help me notify one, said that Zhao Hai presents the life of Beast King to come to call on.” The ten points that Zhao Hai this saying said have the level, he said that he is follows orders to come to call on, such these Beastman will not get suspicious, will help him be circular. Really, that guard, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that face the expression on alert pale two points, but he has not actually moved, but transferred by Beast Palace big tent said : to go to there saying that some people will be circular to you.” After Zhao Hai expression of gratitude, has arrived in that big tent. Ornaments very simple in that big tent, several small table, small table behind sits several people, these people have two are Tiger clansman, two are the Fox Clan people. Zhao Hai does not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback has arrived around a table, to Tiger clansman said : that behind the table sits Brother Beastman, hello, I presented the command of Beast King to come to call on, asking the brothers to help me notify one.” That Tiger clansman is not strong like general Tiger clansman, although stature also very tall and big, but actually must be somewhat emaciated, naturally this is to Tiger clansman, if comes compared with Zhao Hai, that is also a Big Strength Chinese. That person looked at Zhao Hai one, shows a faint smile said : originally is Mr. Zhao Hai, after Your Majesty really has the command to let the person arrived at Beast God City, see you, please wait a bit, I notify.” Zhao Hai expressed gratitude hastily. After that shop clansman walked, in the account number remaining five person curious look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai bows to several people said : several good, below Zhao Hai, first meeting, does not have what to be good to deliver, delivers several everyone one bottle of bars, hopes that you like.” Said that has put out five bottles of purify from now on Milk Wine, has put on the table to several people. That several people have smiled, Beastman Race first meeting, is gives some small gifts generally, Zhao Hai such does, immediately has pulled closer among distances with several person.

And looks at next year imaginary not small Fox Clan person, smiles said : Mr. Zhao Hai, your given name I early have hearing, mister can obtain Tauren Clan the position of Crown Prince, can obtain Dog Clan and Bear Clan friendship flag, proves Mister Ming sufficiently is my person Beastman Race genuine friend, later also asks mister many to take a walk to Fox Clan, some of our also business must discuss with mister.” Fox Clan, in ordinary is considered that in very silly Beastman Race, they actually to astutely become famous, many Human Race Merchant are not willing to trade with them, because the Fox Clan person was too astute, sometimes they plan Fox Clan to be inadequate, instead by Fox Clan planning. Zhao Hai does not have such idea, he shows a faint smile said : to be able with the Fox Clan person to do business to that Fox Clan person, that is my motivation, feel relieved, I go certainly to visit.” That Fox Clan person smiles said : well, we certainly kill when the time comes the sheep to invite you.” In this time, a sound of footsteps is transmitting, that shop clansman that just exited walked from outside, he bows said : Mr. Zhao Hai to invite to Zhao Hai, Your Majesty is in wait for you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, puts out on that small table that one bottle of Milk Wine put him just to sit, smiles said : to thank the brothers to that the small gift, must accept, walks.” That Tiger clansman has not declined, in Beastman Race here, but tradition, if others give you gift, if you do not accept, that does not prepare to regard the friend the opposite party, this is different from Human Race, if Human Race there you every time give the gift to the person, they will certainly decline two, however in Beastman Race here, actually completely is not that a matter. They went out of the tent, walks toward Beast Palace, this these guards have not stopped, two entered Beast Palace smoothly. One in Zhao Hai to Beast Palace to stares, in this Beast Palace cannot see a guard unexpectedly, cannot see Tiger clansman, many of seeing are some Fox Clan people, with some half Beastman Slave Race, they are in the palace busy, in hand is taking sheepskin scrolls. This Beast Palace is not big, but entire Beast Palace looks like to the feeling of person in the machine of high revolution, is rotating, divides the each and every one file processing, is delivering the each and every one new document, starts once again. Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed one, compared Beast Palace to come, in the Rosen Empire palace the although style, has actually been short of this minute of vigorous life force, what a pity. At this time under the leadership of that Tiger clansman, Zhao Hai quick to Beast Palace, was in middle that small building, in small building in front of the door, Tiger clansman was standing in there, this person put on leather armor, carried on the back to insert two Huwei steel whip, straight standing in there.

Zhao Hai they arrive around that Tiger clansman, Tiger clansman horse that person that guides bowed said :guard allow, Mr. Zhao Hai to . ” That guard allow nodded, waved, Tiger clansman then turn around leave that guides. Guard allow look at Zhao Hai, good held chest ritual said : mister to come with me, Your Majesty is in wait for you.” After Zhao Hai returns a courtesy, they entered small building. 21 enter small building, Zhao Hai stares, he thinks here can be any living room and so on place, has not actually thought that here unexpectedly is Beast King study room, inside several large book frames, above is suspending many sheep coiling, on is spreading wool carpet, very thick, in the middle of room, suspends a very big brazier, brazier inside flame is flashing, not far away behind the brazier is a large book table, desk behind puts a chair, Beast King is sitting in good, what lowers the head to write, in several Fox Clan stand nearby the bookshelf, lowers the head lowly.. Guard allow bowed to Beast King said : Your Majesty, Mr. Zhao Hai.” Beast King gained ground, Zhao Hai went forward to hold chest ritual said : Zhao Hai to follow orders to Beast King hastily good to come to call on, asking Your Majesty to show.” The Beast King look at Zhao Hai appearance, laughed said : to be good, you're welcome, come, sat.” Was saying him while has stood unexpectedly, before having arrived at the brazier, the brazier is connected including the above is suspending a stool. Zhao Hai sits along with Beast King near the brazier, guard allow immediately takes up near the brazier has been heating Milk Wine, gave them to arrive at one cup, this has fallen back on Beast King. Beast King has carried wine glass, has hinted to Zhao Hai, drank. Milk Wine cup( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)