Chapter 554 cooperates Zhao Hai looks at Beast King such procedure, he does not dare to neglect, the horse has also held up the in hand cup, in Milk Wine in cup doing. These days he has little drunk this type purely, has not passed through purify Milk Wine, although said the rank odor in this liquor to be heaviest, but has to recognize, this rank odor also make in this liquor many a different kind flavor. Beast King looked that the Zhao Hai brow did not wrinkle to drink Milk Wine, showed a faint smile, he was knows that Human Race little had to drink the Milk Wine flavor, general Human Race Merchant stayed on Beastman Prairie for several years, could not drink Milk Wine, Zhao Hai actually likely was not an attire, he also very much liked this Milk Wine flavor probably. Beast King put down wine glass, guard allow immediately/on horseback arrived at one glass of liquor to him, Beast King then turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : previous time matter, I must thank you, if were not you, the loss of our Beastman Race was big.” Zhao Hai also put down wine glass, guard allow also gives him to fill one cup, Zhao Hai also with a smile answered said : Your Majesty to be too polite, I and Beastman Race were friends, I and Radiant Church were enemies, not having the truth not to help the friend help the enemy.” Beast King smiled, look at Zhao Hai said : I made the person inquire, presently you buy our Beastman Race grain, compared with other Human Race, the price wanted to be lower ordinary, why was this?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have anything to be quite strange, these Merchant transport the expenditure on grain is very high, but I am not, I have world equipment, I use Space Equipment to transport the grain toward Beastman Race here, became originally was lower.” Beast King nodded, but he then also smiles said : this method to fear that is others studies is also too difficult to learn, they may not give up with Space equipment transport the grain, he he.” Zhao Hai also shows a faint smile, when he many knows what greatly Beast King said is right, others do not come his skill, because these people may not have Space. Beast King look at Zhao Hai, then said : present Human Race these Merchant do not dare to come Beastman Prairie here, I estimated this situation will also hold several months, although this time we snatch many thing, however several months of time, our grain will also use up, is adding on this time fair price grain to cooperate an intent bamboo slip, meets has plenty small Merchant, was not doing the grain business, later our Beastman Race grain shortfall feared that can even bigger, when the time comes not do well us the high price to buy the grain, did you have the means solution?” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Majesty feel relieved, the grain I have the matter, so long as the Beastman Race need, can buy, this is not a problem, asking Your Majesty not to need to be worried.”

Beast King stares, then two eyes one bright, look at Zhao Hai said : you meant, your in hand grain has plenty? Is that Bread Fruit?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, Bread Fruit my has plenty, moreover has plenty Bamboo rice, therefore Your Majesty you do not need to be worried about the grain the issue.” Beast King look at Zhao Hai, his don’t know Zhao Hai in saying hurriedly, today he looks for Zhao Hai to come, but wants to try Zhao Hai with this matter, having a look at Zhao Hai to become the Beastman Race friend, if Zhao Hai, after him, gives some Zhao Hai convenient conditions, if the incorrect words, his although will not catch up with Zhao Hai to walk, but will actually guard against Zhao Hai. However he has not thought that the reply of Zhao Hai can be this, he is very clear, the grain that Beastman Race needs, that is astronomical figures. Zhao Hai looked that Beast King complexion knows he in thinking anything, he shows a faint smile said : Your Majesty not to need to be worried, not only in my territory produces Bamboo rice and Bread Fruit, but also has plenty thing, the grain are more, told the sentence truth, if I do not buy for the Beastman Race grain, but attains Human Race Continent to sell these grain, that Continent grain price will certainly drop sharply, becomes enemies with countless people, I do not think such, therefore I want to attain Beastman Race here to sell the grain \; first, the here grain price is higher than Human Race there, two on are the here demand is very big, my grain throws. here comes, will not cause the fluctuation of market, will only play doing of stabilization of market to use.” Beast King nod of gently, although said that he is Beastman, however has worked as such long time Beast King, regarding the Human Race there matter or have some understanding, his very clear, in these Human Race Merchant, does business small Merchant to Beastman Prairie, the money of making is not a lot, truly makes money is these big Merchant. He knows the Human Race there grain price, but he also knows, if Human Race wants to transport the grain to Beastman Race here, that cost will also enhance, the Beastman Race here grain price stays at a high level, besides the artificial reason, is very big a reason is the cost increases. Because of this, therefore he that fair price grain that when other country signatures decides with Rosen Empire cooperates intent, has not requested the Beastman Race there grain price and Human Race here equality, because that obviously is not realistic, if he has done, will be in having Merchant transports the grain toward Beastman Race here. Moreover Beast King also knows that Human Race Continent there, each every Great Clan influence very formidable, but grain many relationship arrive at the livelihood of the people, closes the military, therefore generally in these Great Clan control, grain price one, but has the fluctuation, the effect on these Great Clan is very big. But Buda Family Beast King also knows, rising of this Clan, can only with come mysteriously easily, has only used short one year, from forgotten medium grade Clan, turns into Human Race Continent there crest of wave most vigor powerful Clan, this sounds really the legend. These information Beast King are when battles with Human Race, inquired from Noble there, he thinks that Zhao Hai such Human Race, not to have in Human Race here impossible roll-call sound, this inquired that he knows, Zhao Hai in Human Race here has, if big reputation, what most important was, Zhao Hai has not told him hurriedly, he had a grudge with Radiant Church , the enmity of not being able to untie.

Now Zhao Hai said that Beast King to has believed, Zhao Hai has had a grudge with Radiant Church, if becoming enemies with these Great Noble, he did not use in Human Race there mixes, but the grain were too many in thing that Human Race there involved, was not Buda Family can lift up. Zhao Hai looked at Beast King to believe that his then said : I and Beastman Race were friends, to be honest, I did not like having to do with Human Race, was too tired, he he.” The Beast King look at Zhao Hai appearance, suddenly he he the chuckle, then laughs, his sound mixing is very thick, sounds to have the penetrating power to be ordinary probably. Some little time Beast King stopped, his deep voice said : good, good that said that Zhao Hai, starting today, you are also my Beastman Race friend, is my great Tiger Race friend.” Beast King is not only alliance leader of Beastman alliance, similarly, he is also the great Tiger Race King, but also he prestige in great Tiger Race, no one can compare, therefore he will say. Zhao Hai one hear of Beast King said that at heart is actually one happy, he is very clear, the component of Beast King these words has multiple, had Beast King these words, later he walked in Beastman Race has facilitated, even if were in Beastman Race becoming famous some robber races, feared that will give him several faces. Zhao Hai being busy stood to hold chest ritual said : Zhao Hai to apologize good Beast King Your Majesty to Beast King.” Waving of Beast King does not care about, after letting Zhao Hai sits down, after he then said : „, our Beastman Race grain, hands over give you, when you Beastman Race do like the battle really? Some time Beastman Race have to fight, big tribe to survive, snatches the grain of small tribe, small tribe to survive, snatches the grain of smaller tribe, in the process of this battle, dying many people, these people but who died, can actually save many grain, but these grain, often can rescue the lives of more person, Beastman, the pain!” Zhao Hai look at Beast King appearance, what good also don’t know said that what Beast King said is the fact, does Beastman Race really want to go to war? That is impossible, that race has not liked hitting to live inborn to kill, they to survive. Sighed, Beast King turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : these years, we had to think to with Human Race cooperation well, but these Human Race actually simply did not pay attention to our Beastman Race, they regarded different race our Beastman Race, regarded the barbarian, even regarded wild beast, they only want to gain more benefits from our bodies, such person, our did Beastman Race possibly start the comprehensive cooperation with him? Zhao Hai, previous time outside Iron Wall Fortress, a few words that you spoke touched me, you said that no matter Human Race or Beastman Race, in your eyes was the same, was the intelligent race, these words touched me, must say Beastman Race also to be able with that Human Race cooperation words, that only then you.” The Zhao Hai look at Beast King appearance, has not said anything, he knows that these words are Beast King the language of sincerity, Beast King think.

Zhao Hai looked at Beast King one, calm said : Your Majesty, the words that I spoke kept certainly a promise, I regarded Human Race to regard Beastman Race equally, Your Majesty worked with me, does not need any worry.” Beast King nodded, puts out a hand to pat Zhao Hai shoulder said : well, I believe you, hopes that you can achieve.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Majesty not to need to be worried that was right, today asks Your Majesty to drink the cup bar on me.” The hand turned, has put out one bottle of Milk Wine. The bottle of liquor that Beast King look at Zhao Hai takes, this liquor he has seen, Hercules Tauren Clan and Bear Clan there has this type of liquor, but also has given him some, to be honest, this type of liquor he likes very much, a most important point is, this type of liquor obviously is Milk Wine, Milk Wine that but drinks with them actually complete is different. Beast King has not declined, has drunk Milk Wine that cup Central Plains comes, Zhao Hai then gave one cup, Beast King has carried the cup but actually, has drunk one, nodded, is the same with these Milk Wine shop flavors that Bear Clan sent. Zhao Hai look at Beast King, shows a faint smile said : Your Majesty, perhaps we can cooperate, produce this type of liquor, do you think?” Beast King stares, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai, he naturally knows that this glass of liquor are representing anything, what this glass of liquor represent is the huge benefit, incomparably great in benefit. Previous time goes to Human Race Continent time, he makes the person inquire, this Milk Wine in Human Race there is also very popular . Moreover the price is very high, if Zhao Hai works with them, then regarding Beastman Race, is one can bring the enormous benefit absolutely the business.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)