Chapter 555 cooperates ( 2 ) Beast King look at Zhao Hai, he is really some cannot believe that this is real, his very clear, now Milk Wine on Continent, only then Zhao Hai produces, but if Zhao Hai can tell Beastman this method, then regarding Beastman Race, the benefit was too big. The Zhao Hai look at Beast King appearance, smiles said : I to think the Milk Wine flavor that like this, Beastman Race produces is actually very good, but cannot preserve the too long time, I can process this Milk Wine Beastman Race ordinary Milk Wine, therefore I think whether Beastman Race can ferment this Milk Wine, then sold to me this Milk Wine, I am attaining Continent to sell, do you look?” The Beast King knitting the brows head, to be honest, regarding this approaches to cooperation, he does not like, because such Beastman Race cannot gain too many benefits, but except for this method, Zhao Hai feared that will be will not accept other approaches to cooperation. However changes mind thinks that Beast King has also felt relaxed, this type processes the high grade Milk Wine means Milk Wine, is Zhao Hai has been in sole possession, if Zhao Hai for no reason teaches them, that damn. Even if Zhao Hai does not teach them this means that that does not have anything, only then Zhao Hai receives Milk Wine, was makes Beastman Race many on equal to an income. Beastman Race herds Argali, other Magic Beast, these Magic Beast must give birth, will give birth will produce milk, but these milk Beastman Race simply will unable to drink up, they have to make various types of milk products, for example Milk Wine, cheese, skin on surface of boiled milk and so on. However these milk system mouths, the characteristics, are very not good to preserve, especially in this place, at this time, these thing was not better to preserve. sometimes, some Beastman family properties, simply *** regards the water to drink, this too has really wasted, if Zhao Hai must purchase Milk Wine really massively, then regarding ordinary Beastman, absolutely is the good deed. Beast King nodded said : this to arrive is the good deed, but can you gather these Milk Wine? If Milk Wine put the time to grow, will change flavor, one, but Milk Wine changed flavor, do I want on the manufacture your Milk Wine?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this to ask Your Majesty to help, I want to cooperate with some Beastman, best is big Beastman Race, asking them to help to receive on another's behalf these Milk Wine, then my beautiful separated several days to take one time, did I look like this?” Beast King thinks that nodded said : this to arrive does not have what issue, this regarding our Beastman is the good deed, but our Beastman Prairie is so big, even if these tribes is willing to work with you, feared that is you do not run over?” Did Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : Your Majesty you to forget? I have hawk Magic Beast, I can make them take, this big reduction time, so long as you can make these tribes work with me, other matters gave me to be good.” Beast King nodded said : that well, such settled, this matter, I can help, after a period of time I will write a letter to these big tribes send, when the time comes you asked them to be OK directly.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that on thanks a lot Your Majesty, I as soon as possible goes to major race visiting.”

Beast King smiles said : you not to use politely, this regarding our Beastman is the good deed, moreover this matter I did not fear that you will deceive me, in fact was you have deceived me, no big deal, because of liquor milk thing, in our here simply was not good thing, sometimes will also waste much, now can work with you, might turn into money these thing, this regarding our Beastman Race, absolutely was the big good deed.” Zhao Hai one hear of Beast King said that cannot help but shows a faint smile understand that said : Your Majesty looks, if Beastman Race were really many this first income, the life will be also good, asking Your Majesty to say understand to Beastman, the transaction of Milk Wine, I can pay money with three ways, one type of, various grain or types of daily necessities, next day, money, money was not big in the Beastman Race here although use, but carried out the transaction with Human Race Merchant, third day was Magic Beast, for example Argali, I can trade Milk Wine with Argali, naturally, this price not too high, Asked Your Majesty also to them say understand, I feared that I said that they do not believe.” Beast King look at Zhao Hai, forced smile said : „, let alone was they, even if were I do not believe that you said paid money this I to believe with the grain and with money, but traded Milk Wine with Magic Beast, this I to do not believe really that in Human Race there, Magic Beast is more valuable than grain.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to know that invited Your Majesty feel relieved, I meant what he says.” Beast King nodded, smiles said : well, Zhao Hai, I believe you, this believe me to write, will then make the person hold the book to spread over Prairie, you can feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this matter I will carry on as soon as possible, invited Your Majesty feel relieved.” Beast King nodded, transfers the sand to guard allow said : Little Tiger, informs, at noon I asked Mr. Zhao Hai to eat meal, making them prepare delicious.” Zhao Hai has not prevented Beast King, can have a food with Beast King together, this also has the advantage regarding him, he to Beast King said : Your Majesty, I after a period of time plans Dwarf Race there, therefore the Prairie here business gave Ah Tai to be responsible, if Your Majesty had any matter, can go to Magic Lily Store there to look for Ah Tai, he will inform my.” Beast King two eyes bright said : „do you want to go to Dwarf Race there? This may be fantastic, Dwarf Race there hears compared with our Beastman Race really also very many, but they with Elven Race probably are some contacts, should to not eat worrying, Zhao Hai, I want to ask your matter, you go to Dwarf Race there time, can help us make an iron hardware to come back, not only the weapon, any iron hardware is good, our Beastman Race lacked the iron.” Zhao Hai nodded to smile said : „, Dwarf Race there produces the iron, I think that this should not be difficult, Your Majesty invited feel relieved.” Beast King one hear of Zhao Hai comply, immediately/on horseback great happiness said : that fantastic, I must thank you today well, walks, we go to the dining room.” Zhao Hai has not declined, went to the dining room with Beast King, making Zhao Hai be what is surprised, this dining room unexpectedly is innermost Beast Palace that small building, that small building is also three layers, one layer and two layers are the places that general staff member eats meal, but three layers is the Beast King special-purpose dining place. This to is makes Zhao Hai feel that new and odd, Beastman Race Beast King with the Human Race king also is really different, like Rosen Empire, King must eat meal, that has the special place, other people want to eat meal in there, that is impossible, that is greatly not the crime of Venerable, only if King permits, but in Beastman Race here, is King dines with these person of together unexpectedly, is really inconceivable. They just arrived at the dining room, immediately have several Fox Clan people to deliver several milk products, these are only small side dish, main course naturally are the meat.

With Beast King eats meal, while discussed that if carries out the transaction of Milk Wine, after eating meal, they also discussed was similar, regarding this matter, Beast King is willing to coordinate very much. Comes out from Beast Palace, Zhao Hai on returned to Magic Lily Store, arrived at outside the store he to stare, what is completely different from the yesterday coldly clear situation, today Magic Lily Store here very lively, many Beastman encircle in there, noisy. Zhao Hai listened to a while, this understand, Ah Tai must trade thing information to pass on, these Beastman came, their in hand has thing that cannot use much, was discussing with Ah Tai. These people represent is not they, they represent is their tribes, therefore their in hand has not been taking thing, but the volume of trade will not be small. Zhao Hai has not cared, Ah Tai they can deal with this situation fully, he with Junichi their returned to the backyard tent, after entering the tent, Zhao Hai turn around entered Space, then they said to Laura must with the Beastman cooperation Milk Wine matter. Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but knit the brows said : Elder Brother Hai, this is the great idea, the hotel price that but as the matter stands, we produce lowered, moreover now the brewery has not constructed, in the short-term, feared that will not have any income.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this I to know that actually must process Milk Wine very simple, the supposing guest who so long as increases several distillation has been OK, before I have thought mistakenly a matter, we currently have Universal Manufacturing Machine, can definitely manufacture some easier-to-use evaporating installation, enhances the liquor the output, moreover do not forget, although said Beastman Race produce is also Milk Wine, but their produce Milk Wine milk, is in the majority by the sheep's milk, milk nature our milk are not good, the flavor is also inferior to the milk to be good, therefore we possibly regard this Milk Wine are Milk Wine of low-end, sells on Continent, but our produce That Milk Wine that coming out, we can regard are high-end product sell on Continent, like this had a contrast, our produce Milk Wine, the price will be perhaps higher.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but two eyes one bright, they experience the Universal Machine magical thing, so long as were thing that they can want to come out, Universal Machine can manufacture, they cannot think thing that Universal Machine can also manufacture, therefore the Zhao Hai means were very feasible. Moreover these thing place Black Wasteland there, bystander simply is impossible to know, therefore this means are absolutely feasible. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : good, that did not have the issue, currently our in hand also has own sale network, insurance must manufacture thing, did not worry to sell, Elder Brother Hai, this matter must carry on as soon as possible is good, this not only can make Beastman one materially beneficial, was the advantage is also many to our Buda Family.” Lizzy nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, I thought that this matter we should they say a hello with the Third Brother, after all our these sales networks, are almost are used to do to approve, the retail must depend on them to be good.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this matter to not to need to worry, first establishes Beastman Race here the receiving goods network, then we with the Third Brother they were discussing that is not late . Moreover the network of this receiving goods, I want to cooperate with the person.” Lizzy stares, puzzled does said : cooperate with the person? Why? We had Blood Hawk, simply have not needed to cooperate with the person.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Beastman Prairie to be too big, moreover I do not want to carry over too many Blood Hawk to bring to their attention, therefore I want to cooperate with the Hawk Clan person, their although is impossible to fly too far running, but the shortcut yes, making them help us the hotel from some tribes as centralized as the big tribe, we take liquor also convenient, moreover cooperated with the Hawk Clan person, has tied up our War Chariot/Tank them on equal to, this regarding us, absolutely is the good deed.”

Laura nodded said : I to agree that speech of Elder Brother Hai, Hawk Clan is also big War Clan, the branch on Beastman Prairie is very broad, the status in Beastman is also very high, on Prairie, must deliver any relationship letter like Beast King, must ask the hawk to put the help, if we can cooperate with hawk Human Race, can bring the huge benefit to them, I think that they will not reject, moreover Markey Family, before and Golden Ring Hawk Clan had the cooperation, happen to can use this point.” Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile said : „, so long as this matter has made, I think that the hawk Human Race friendship clan, Tiger Clan Friendship flag cannot be inescapable, like this prestige of our Buda Family on Beastman Prairie was higher, this show on Prairie has the advantage regarding us very much.” Laura nodded said : our many of present although cooperation, but the cooperation with big War Clan are not many, only then Black Bear Clan and Wolf Clan have the cooperation, this were too few, we later want the dominate entire Beastman Race grain market, now promotes the prestige, absolutely necessary regarding us.” Lizzy look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, when do you prepare to go to Hawk Clan visiting?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this matter not to worry, two days of Beast King Your Majesty will have made the person hold the book to pass on world, explained that must work the Milk Wine matter with us, when the time comes in visits is not late.” Megan actually look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do you really want to go to Dwarf Race there to make some weapon to give Beastman? Such words can they attack Human Race?” Zhao Hai sighed, long said : Beastman Race , to attack Human Race, even if did not give them weapon, they such will also do, if they do not want to attack Human Race, even if were gives them in good weapon, they such will not do.” Laura nodded said : „the present saying that some these also grass, Dwarf Race there situation don’t know is what kind, but including Beast King said that Dwarf Race has the relation with Elven Race, that not mistakenly, so long as can has the contact through Dwarf Race and Elven Race, that to us, the advantage was too big.” Several people know what she said is any meaning, to let Space Level Up, general thing, simply does not have the means to let Space Level Up now, therefore they can only project on Elf Forest to come up the idea. Elf Forest is on Continent recognizes, has the intelligent race housing, most mysterious place, its mysterious degree, compared with Carrion Swamp such absolute, is silk is not bad, but the beforehand people and some Elf contacts, legend there everywhere is the strange flower and grass, but these thing, regarding Zhao Hai attracted gravitational force is really too big.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)