Chapter 556 Karen frantic Then the several days time, Zhao Hai has lived in Magic Lily Store here, but he has not been idling, now the map on although Beastman Prairie, most has deposited in Space, but also has a large part not to save, but then he must do business with entire Beastman Prairie, must therefore save the entire Beastman Prairie map to Space is good. But this several days time, Ah Tai they also very busy, is busy making the transaction with these Beastman, now Magic Lily Store was removed the bottom has developed the reputation in Beastman Race, because not only they were first obtain the Beastman Race Friendship flag store, more because of this time matter. Many are useless, does not give up thing that loses, regarding Beastman Race, is their properties, but actually can only be rotten in hand. Because of other Beastman also understand, these thing to they also same useless. Now Magic Lily Store is willing to exchange with them, they naturally are very happy, entire Beastman Prairie has alarmed at once, the favorable impressions of these Beastman to Magic Lily Store increases. Zhao Hai has not thought really that the own action of temporary having no interest, can trade the Beastman Race favorable impression unexpectedly, this favorable impression easily cannot obtain, later has done business other Merchant to Beastman Prairie, has existence of this favorable impression, Beastman is also willing to do business with Magic Lily Store. Zhao Hai has seen Beast King five days later, Beast God City here some response, Beast King has sent for holding the book to pass on world finally, this holds the book to pass on world, looked like the officer article of ancient China that type of cloth is the same . Moreover the national cloth, Beast King these time in the name of his, like Patriarch of these Beastman races, transmitted must with the matter of Zhao Hai cooperation Milk Wine business. Causing a sensation even bigger that this cause, Patriarch of has plenty tribe ran up to Beast God City here to confirm that this information is true or false, but Ah Tai they now were busier, everyday must deal with these tribe Patriarch issues. Zhao Hai looked that this situation also knows, he should go to Golden Ring Hawk Clan, through Golden Ring should Hawk Clan, find the Hawk King clan, then starts the cooperation with entire Hawk Clan. After Beast King holds the book passes on world the third day, Zhao Hai sits horse carriage leave Beast God City, goes to the Golden Ring Hawk Clan inhabited area. Golden Ring Hawk Clan in Hawk Clan is also War Clan of force, they are the races that in Beastman Race shoots friendly, the stature is not very tall and big, however their Mount flight is quick, is in Beastman Race the most famous airborne mounted scout.

Before Golden Ring Hawk Clan and some Markey Family continuously cooperation, way that but Markey Family did business extremely in overbearing, therefore the cooperation with Golden Ring Hawk Clan was not very big, can only say that was cooperation on some medium grade degree. The Zhao Hai car(riage) is quick, he thinks that earlier and Hawk Clan person starts the cooperation, then in these race there that designates discussed the matter that cooperates, the industry of such Milk Wine can be on the track as soon as possible. This several days time, Zhao Hai has also spent many gold coins in Space, manufactured many Advanced level evaporating installations, these equipment have installed Iron Mountain Fort there, greatly raised the output of liquor. Naturally, these equipment also need the power, but Zhao Hai has thought of this point, he made Universal Machine manufacture one set of electrical machinery in Space specially, this set of electrical machinery can through the hydroelectricity, the electric quantity that although produced not very high, but only with brewed alcohol was enough. Naturally, has been causing to use electricity this aspect, Zhao Hai also very careful, making these workers be careful in carefully, he does not find out any accident. But Zhao Hai puts out these thing to come, immediately a person charming, this person is not others, is his father-in-law, Karen. Karen has been infatuated with Yu Ming to create, but his bright thing, mainly by various life with Magic Formation give priority to, now looks at these thing that Zhao Hai makes, he naturally feels very curious. research these thing that therefore starts to go all out, Zhao Hai looks at this situation, has to welcome him to Space, lets look in his Space the blueprints of these equipment. Karen after is this expert in aspect, when his research these blueprints, quick on present these thing uses, in Ark Continent here, because there is existence of Magic Crystal, therefore people, when uses any machine, energy continuously by Magic Crystal give priority to, but these blueprints that Zhao Hai takes, made Karen see another piece of Heaven and Earth, originally did not need Magic Crystal to take the energy, can produce energy. Looked that Karen is so excited, Zhao Hai in did not manage him, went along with him, but he told Laura one, making Laura pay attention to eat to the Karen lane, enabling her look at Karen rest, Zhao Hai to know that Karen was a research madman, one, but lets him presently any new and odd thing, he research that might be able to watch gets up not to end very much.

Five days later, Zhao Hai arrived at the Golden Ring Hawk Clan domain, the Zhao Hai book has thought that the race like Golden Ring Hawk Clan, they should live in the mountain or forest, but he has not actually thought that Golden Ring Hawk Clan encampment, on Prairie, looked like with other Beastman races domains is unexpectedly similar. On Zhao Hai horse carriage is inserting Dog Clan Friendship flag, the Bear Clan friendship clan, Hercules Tauren Clan own king´s flag, therefore this it can be said that opens access all the way, the person of each tribe saw Zhao Hai very polite, Zhao Hai seeks lodging for the night in the evening, these tribes are the enthusiasms. Zhao Hai will be certainly impolite, will deliver Milk Wine when a tribe, these with Beast God City near tribe, are some big War Clan, these time with the Human Race war, they will arrive at many spoils of war . Moreover the spoils of war that in the past could not use these them, the transaction has given Magic Lily Store, is adding on the Zhao Hai status, therefore now they to Zhao Hai guest institute. But reason that Zhao Hai will give them Milk Wine , because present these Beastman Race do not lack the grain and commodity, he gives to him *** liquor, lets their understand, he receives these Milk Wine, to manufacture this high level Milk Wine uses, gives up their final anxieties. When Zhao Hai arrived at the Golden Ring Hawk Clan domain finally, did not have, when Golden Ring Hawk Clan encampment, Golden Ring Hawk Clan has sent one team of Golden Ring hawk Knight to greet Zhao Hai. One team about thousand people Golden Ring hawk Knight, before falling Zhao Hai horse carriage, with a Zhao Hai lecture of name, immediately/on horseback had shot up to the sky, led the way before Zhao Hai horse carriage. To Golden Ring Hawk Clan encampment, Zhao Hai immediately had been directed Golden Ring Hawk Clan golden big tent, this Golden Ring Hawk Clan golden big tent is also similar to other Beastman Race golden big tent, but can look, the living standard of their clan is good, their gold big tent compared with bear clansman. Zhao Hai enters big tent, saw that several Golden Ring Hawk Clan people are sitting in big tent, in big tent most, sits Golden Ring Hawk Clan old person, this old person is growing a hawk head, but the feather on his neck has golden color, looks like very beautiful. Zhao Hai present an issue, the although Golden Ring Hawk Clan people were also growing a hawk head, however their heads, look like the shape are more like the person, most at least their two eyes are not long in the both sides of skull, but long in front, just like the person, will not look like the hawk to look that looked the person is always rocking the head. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback goes forward one step, good held chest ritual said : Zhao Hai to see Hawk King to Golden Ring Hawk King, thanking Hawk King can during the surface is busy sees me.”

Golden Ring Hawk King laughed, has stood, arrived around Zhao Hai, helping up Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai to be too polite, took as to sit the guest including Beast King Your Majesty you, how I dare to neglect mister.” His sound is somewhat hoarse, but imposing manner is vigorous, worthily the King of sky. Zhao Hai said that the potential has stood, one hear of Golden Ring Hawk King said that smiles said : Hawk King to be too polite hastily, I may unable to receive, the previous time must hoodwink Beast King Your Majesty to summon, just told me something of cooperation, Hawk King favored.” Hawk King laughs said : mister should not be polite, Beast King Your Majesty can agree that mister the matter of Milk Wine cooperation, sufficiently said Mister Ming sincerity, mister these time came my Golden Ring Hawk Clan is passed by, came specially?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Pays a visit in Golden Ring Hawk Clan specially, Hawk King possibly returns don’t know, has cooperation Markey Family with Golden Ring Hawk Clan, actually with me is some relationship.” Hawk King asked ocean to sit down, after having offered the tea with milk, to Zhao Hai said : oh? This my also really don’t know, what relationship Markey Family and do mister have? I heard that mister is the Buda Family person?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, my Buda Family is Emperor Aksu medium grade Clan, latter was framed, bestows fief in Black Wasteland, that deathtrap I naturally cannot unfold, but, can only start the business, latter Laura falls in love with Markey Family two Princess Fang, actually does not think that Markey Family looks down upon me, cut off proceeding with my wife, moreover sends for assassinating me repeatedly, finally was in a rage by me, falls its extermination of the clan, my wife now is Markey Family Patriarch, after my wife has taken over Markey Family, knows that Markey Family also has business dealings with Golden Ring Hawk Clan unexpectedly, in us is wanting with Noble does business, actually does not think Radiant Church Made Prairie make the grain unexpectedly, Zhao Hai my although had the grain, not bore actually is also a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood, finally war violent, therefore since the self- wife has taken over Markey Family, although knows that has business dealings with Noble, is a business has not actually done to live, is really regrettable.” Reason that Zhao Hai said these to Golden Ring Hawk King, wants to tell Golden Ring Hawk King, before with that Markey Family that you did business, did not have no relationship with me, now this Markey Family, is brand-new Markey Family. Zhao Hai knows that Markey Family is not quite good because of the Prairie here reputation, he feared that the Hawk Clan person also misunderstands him, such words do not say that worked with the Hawk Clan person, can the business also do is two says. Moreover in the beforehand Hawk King words also let Zhao Hai understand, this Golden Ring Hawk Clan was on something to Continent also somewhat understood probably, therefore he talked clearly with Hawk King simply, so as to avoid caused anything to misunderstand.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)