Chapter 557 Hawk King mountain Hawk King continuously static is listening to the Zhao Hai words, to be honest, regarding the Zhao Hai matter, he also really understands some, before Zhao Hai gave they Beastman Race sent the information the time, he in the Beast King help intent then, well looked up the Zhao Hai matter, therefore regarding the Zhao Hai life experience, he knew. Because he knows, these that therefore his understand, Zhao Hai said real, now Human Race Continent there, Zhao Hai is a living legend, one Clan that falls compels, in turns into powerful Clan that on Continent had become famous in short one year, this is not the average person can achieve. Hawk King just asked Zhao Hai, Markey Family has any relationship with him, is actually is playing the fool, to the probe of Zhao Hai, in Beastman Race here regarding Zhao Hai hearsay also has plenty, majority of said that now he treats people sincerely, is the friend who may make, Hawk King wants to try Zhao Hai, really having a look at him such as in the rumor to say like that. But the reply of Zhao Hai has not disappointed him, his look at Zhao Hai, laughs said : mister what regretting to have, now did not arrive at my Golden Ring Hawk Clan, to be honest, compares Markey Family, I like doing business with mister.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to thank Hawk King to lift the love, today I look for Hawk King to have the incident to request that asking Hawk King to help to be good.” Hawk King stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : mister is my entire Beastman Race friend, had the matter to say freely is, so long as can help, I will help.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, must say with the matter that Hawk Clan cooperates, this cooperation, he prepares to give some Hawk Clan Space Bag, but these Space Bag are used to install Milk Wine, the Hawk Clan people of every five skyhawk various clans, go to various tribes to receive time Milk Wine, offers the Milk Wine money while convenient, this liquor milk can be the grain, can be the money, can be Argali and so on Magic Beast, if wants the grain and money, can pay at the scene, if wants Magic Beast, obtained Beast God City here to take. After Hawk King listened to the Zhao Hai words, immediately understand this will have brought the big benefit to entire Hawk Clan, look at Zhao Hai said : that his cannot help but two eyes shines „can mister give us really Hawk Clan Space Bag? Can that Space Bag quantity be not infrequent?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : actually not to use, 20 Space Bag enough used.” Reason that Zhao Hai has such big assurance , because in Space multiple Level Up, Space Bag that in Space produces, inside capacity also more came getting bigger and bigger, now turned into about thousand cubic meters, this was varies a small digit. Because Space increases, therefore Zhao Hai has such assurance, Hawk King one hear of Zhao Hai said knows what Zhao Hai said is real, he wants to them hawk Human Race Space Bag, making them help him really receive Milk Wine. Hawk King one has stood, laughs said : well, Mr. Zhao Hai really suffices the heroic spirit, had not said that this matter I complied, asking mister to rest for day in my Golden Ring Hawk Clan, tomorrow early stops us to go to my Hawk Clan encampment.” Zhao Hai stands to bow said : to thank the Hawk King help to Hawk King.”

Hawk King laughs said : mister not to need to thank me, conversely, I to must thank mister, mister this has helped our Hawk Clan one busy.” Zhao Hai does not dare hastily, Hawk King actually does not care, stands to laugh said : to come mister to my Hawk Clan, how can with mister drinking well one cup, not walk, we drink.” When knows that Zhao Hai must come, Hawk King has made the person prepare, now is just right, the proper business has finished talking, remaining drank. A night does not have the words, next morning Hawk King will send for looking for Zhao Hai, after big tent and Hawk King together has had the breakfast, Hawk King to Zhao Hai said that their immediately goes to Hawk King encampment. Zhao Hai will not certainly oppose that but Hawk King told Zhao Hai, must go to Hawk Clan encampment, rode the hawk to be good, Zhao Hai immediately summoned Blood Hawk. Golden Ring Hawk King sees the Blood Hawk that god handsome appearance, somewhat cannot help but greedy, he heard, now Human Race there is also forming the air force, moreover this forms Magic Beast of air force is Zhao Hai provides. Zhao Hai, Junichi, the Xu Wanying three people, ride Blood Hawk, with Golden Ring Hawk King also thousand Golden Ring Hawk Clan hawk Knight, leave Golden Ring Hawk Clan encampment, seized the Hawk Clan encampment Hawk King mountain. This Hawk King mountain is actually Boundary Mountain, south is Beastman Prairie, north the mountain is North Polar Icefield, there is one of the Continent Wang Dajue places, the person who going in has almost not been living, even if like ice king Hawk Clan, great Tiger Race, polar bear clan Royal Family in Beastman force War Clan, does not dare extremely in thorough North Polar Icefield, otherwise to have not to have. The Hawk King mountain is also on Prairie the highest mountain, more was called to protect the Prairie Divine Mountain by Beastman Race, because of the position of this Hawk King mountain, happen to kept off on North Polar Icefield wind, if made the North Polar Icefield cold wind blow on Beastman Prairie directly, that Beastman Prairie feared that turned into snow expanse. Zhao Hai their flying in the sky good three days, this saw a Takakouyama of distant place, Shan Qigao, to far looked that probably is that mountain peak with general that the day docks. On the good mountain to be white green, very beautiful, these three days of flights, let Zhao Hai understand Beastman Race the place of difficult enduring, the Hawk Clan person actually brought the grain, flight while ate, three days of the flights of watching, this arrived at the Hawk King mountain. To be honest, this flying in the sky, is not the amusing matter, perhaps you most from the beginning feel well, the time of however flying grows was not good, not only cold, but also wind very big, was uncomfortable.

The Zhao Hai book thinks that Hawk Clan person really like legend, cannot carry on the long-range flight, but decides a flight, actually broke him the understanding to the Hawk Clan person, the Hawk Clan person is not cannot carry on the long-range flight, they do not fly high, previously to cope with Human Race, will therefore make these adjustments. A Beastman Race looks like by difficult strong, can endure hardship to be famous, this time he was asked for advice, to afterward, him simply followed after Battalion, then entered Space, not at outside brewer's grain that crime. This in three days, Zhao Hai they finally will arrive at the Hawk King mountain, arrived at the Hawk King mountain surrounding, Zhao Hai came out from Space, because he presently Golden Ring Hawk King probably is looking for him. He comes out from Space, immediately added the potential to own Junichi their bodies Wind element Magic, making the wind not blow their bodies. Just completed, Hawk King arrived at the Zhao Hai side, Hawk Clan hawk Knight, their body clothing/taking are very special, a tight-fitting leather clothing, in the hand was bringing the glove of leather, this can let them in the flight, was not raided by flying of cold wind. Hawk King saw Zhao Hai to use Magic, cannot help but envying, Beastman Race cannot use Magic, was really a pity. Hawk of Hawk King clan in airborne can speak freely, he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, a while will have ice king Hawk Clan Knight is to greet us, anything do not do, was good with them.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, invited Hawk King feel relieved, I will not act unreasonably.” Hawk King nodded, at this time really departed a piece of shadow from the Hawk King mountain, slowly flew toward them. Before long that piece of shadow on appears in the Zhao Hai front, did not have the sea to look that these people are some are riding the Hawk Clan person of blue hawk, their Mount get up to be slender than Blood Hawk, but actually appears obviously lives, in Knight that they carry on the back, with the hawk Knight similar appearance of Golden Ring Hawk Clan, but their head feathers are the blue color. These blue hawk Knight, at a Space transition, have flown the Golden Ring Hawk Clan surrounding, protects them to fly toward the Hawk King mountain on. They have not gone to the Hawk King mountain the summit, there is too high, was too cold, their points are the Hawk King mountain halfway up the mountainside, on half Shanying of Hawk King mountain are growing big trees, these trees straight looks like sky are growing, if one sharp sword, what most important is, these forest very thick, are only the diameter over 20 meters, Zhao Hai on seeing much. But on these big trees, is constructing some tree house, on some trees dug Tree Hole directly, Zhao Hai even saw the two ice king Hawk Clan people's walked out from Tree Hole.

Flew that piece of forest Zhao Hai to see a very big canyon, this canyon very big, the base of canyon probably was a pasture, but on the two walls of canyon, actually opened cutting each and every one cavern, in these cavern is occupied by the ice king Hawk Clan person. However this canyon is not Zhao Hai their destinations, they have flown the canyon, Zhao Hai present, in this mountain halfway up the mountainside, very enormous cavern, this cavern cave entrance very enormous, the best pupil has about hundred meters, has been widely also about 60 meters, now is having some hawks to fly into good cave entrance there departs, but Zhao Hai they fly directly toward that cave entrance. Zhao Hai presently cave entrance there although has hawk to pass and out, but actually also order , the left of cave entrance is enters the hole to use, the right is the hole uses, is not chaotic. As Battalion entered cavern, Zhao Hai present, in this cavern unexpectedly extraordinary big, moreover ten dryness, inside actually does not have what wind. In this cavern is opening cutting everywhere some small cavern, these small cavern are the ice king Hawk Clan dwellings, in the cavern middle, is a very big square, in the square middle is actually very big pool. Battalion person falling slowly to that square, Zhao Hai naturally as also they fell in the square, this from the hawk, then he pretended the activity trick/hand and foot appearance, in all directions was sizing up this cavern. That Dwarf in this cavern in Iron Mountain with the hole that leaves behind the city is similar, but also wants compared with that on a big way, moreover in this hole does not have staircase thing probably, the people pass and out, all sits in carrying on the back of hawk, very unusual. Zhao Hai just got down, Golden Ring Hawk King welcomed, smiles said : mister to endure hardship to Zhao Hai, was this matter was too important regarding our Hawk Clan, therefore I hurrying along such, asking mister to forgive.”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)