Chapter 559 irritable business Some small Merchant on Continent, they always think, only then some expensive thing can make money, their actually don’t know, actually most makes money is not these looks like very expensive thing, thing that sometimes this type of livelihood of the people thing, truly makes money likely. Zhao Hai with the ordinary Milk Wine that Beastman Milk Wine manufactures, the although flavor is ordinary, but wins in cheaply . Moreover the number of degree is very high, general commoner buys in the family, feared that is one jin (0.5 kg) liquor several days cannot drink up, because cheap, will therefore certainly receive welcome of ordinary commoner. Lando their these big Merchant, have their point of connection in the commercial network, moreover business that they do, many are related with the livelihood of the people, if promoting this liquor, that business will be certainly better. Business that most makes money, forever is the unique business, this Milk Wine although is not the unique business, but regarding these commoner, absolutely is the unique business. General commoner family property, meets to pick the fruit to ferment some Fruit Wine, that Fruit Wine that but they ferment, number of degree very low, moreover is not tasty, what most important is, general commoner that many time have not gone to system Fruit Wine. commoner general everyday is bustling about for own life, if they go out of town to pick the fruit, minimum about one day, but this one day, they can definitely be used to make money, is picking in addition the fruit, can sell for money actually, therefore this self-made Fruit Wine does not have the cost. Lando they worked Zhao Hai be more specialized, Zhao Hai wants with the Beastman Race cooperation Milk Wine matter, temporarily conceives a plan, but Lando they actually must carry on the research peaceful market survey and research, then can eventually determine that this Milk Wine business must do. After undergoing strict calculation, they think that this Milk Wine very has the market, therefore joyfully complied with the request of Zhao Hai. But at this time, Beastman Prairie there a batch Milk Wine actually received, delivered to Iron Mountain Fort there to process, the Hawk Clan person also has brought simultaneously back to information, in these Milk Wine, has plenty Beastman did not want the grain, now they do not lack the grain, they wanted some living materials. Regarding this point Zhao Hai is understandable, this was also just right for his intent, although said that these living materials he cannot make, but Lando they can make, Zhao Hai with Milk Wine from Lando their there low price traded Milk Wine, was taking these commodities to the Beastman Race there low price traded some Milk Wine, did not need to do other, was only this middle price difference he greatly gains one, generally speaking, this transaction was, hello my good everyone/Great Clan to be good. Along with the first Milk Wine investment market, entire Continent one has caused a stir, this is the liquor, is so cheap, such tasty words liquor, this is must stem from unexpected of people, these commoner although thought that the Milk Wine flavor is a little strange, but the flavor of this liquor is very fragrant, does not have wine fragrance, but also brings the milk to be fragrant, some although people cannot drink most from the beginning, but afterward was also used.

First Zhao Hai puts in hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) Milk Wine in market, does not arrive at one day to be sold out, the market reaction is good, this also makes Lando their confidence increase. But Zhao Hai at this time, was used to trade the Milk Wine living materials to bring on these Beastman Prairie, entire Prairie has seethed at once with excitement, to did not say that these thing had how precious, but regarding the Beastman Race person, they also had one to make the pocket money finally the business. Fermented Milk Wine to be too simple regarding Beastman, almost each family will ferment, but thing of Milk Wine cannot preserve the too long time, therefore they will lose many Milk Wine every year, now does not need to be worried, sold to Zhao Hai these Milk Wine, that all have been solved, not only will not waste thing, but can also trade to oneself useful thing. After this success, the Zhao Hai milk sprinkled the network tube of production line and purchase and sale was official to establish, moreover good that very operated. Not only Zhao Hai happy, Lando their happy, after their present shops were also many Milk Wine, business obvious was better than their competitors, this regarding them may absolutely be good information. But Zhao Hai their also very happy, this time Milk Wine business, what they gain is a biggest head, because not only they are the processors, most important because of price difference. although now between Human Race and Beastman Race had the agreement of fair price transaction, but the disparity of this price is very big, but what Zhao Hai attains in Human Race here is the commodity of ex-factory price, what attains in Beastman Race there is Milk Wine of low price, but these commodities actually at the high price to Beastman, like this came the price difference of both sides is very big. Except that the waste in distillation process, Zhao Hai will gain, because he may not have a transport expense such saying, although must to some Hawk Clan transport expense, but actually selects the simply of transport expense regarding Zhao Hai is not anything, Hawk Clan also regards the side occupation to do that. After the first success, Zhao Hai went to Hercules Tauren Clan there, greeted with Wales, this time he must go far. Waits for Zhao Hai to come back from Prairie, his not chapter of Rosen Empire, but went to Purcell Duchy there directly, how he must have a look, is very good, the Ryan there shop that Ryan there does has spread over a wide area the original Purcell Duchy territory, currently also has expansion the trend of outward, Ryan saw that now Zhao Hai is not comfortable, moreover an appearance Fei Yang/flying upwards appearance, she had found her localization evidently. Zhao Hai looked at Ryan this appearance also on feel relieved, Ryan knew now Iron Mountain Fort there matter, later also has separation relationship with him, Zhao Hai slowly was accepting at heart also Ryan.

Zhao Hai is not the Ark Continent here person, the Ark Continent here person, status like Zhao Hai, regarding woman *** what looks is very important, but Zhao Hai is an earthman, on Earth, you wants also to find a chaste woman in this age, the probability of that simple straight lottery ticket is low. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai is also not one has the place and female plot person, therefore he not very cared about the Ryan past, after all past passed, who not young. Stayed for day in Purcell Duchy there with Ryan, has understood the Purcell Duchy there business, has had a food with Ryan, has trained the sentiment, told information that she must go far, this returned to in Space. Laura they have not cared about Zhao Hai such to do, Zhao Hai with Ryan in together, is not comfortable in together with them, this point Laura they can feel, therefore they have not been jealous. After Zhao Hai returned to Space, has rested a evening in Space, then returned to Iron Mountain Fort, looked at the Iron Mountain Fort there situation, the there situation is good, these slave village some people manage, moreover working zeal very sufficient of these slaves, Zhao Hai the slave method of to let on these brewery goes to work, but also caused a Undead Creature large cart specially, special sends and picks up these slaves, lets their coming and going to work time can better convenience. Before these slaves, lives in such slave village, but before whiz them, compared with the place that lives , the Black Wasteland here slave village, regarding them, simply is Heaven. Iron Mountain Fort here all function as usual, the new machines of these wine-makings have debugged, moreover these slaves are not the fools, they begin very quick. Machine that actually Zhao Hai these time takes, very simple, because these machines compare Advanced level, more is the Advanced level machine operates is simple, these machines that Zhao Hai in the liquor field uses now, almost turns on the switch, then he merit will do. But these slaves must do, lives some physical strengths, does not have too big technique content, is some spells to transport, transportation and so on work, is not very difficult. Zhao Hai also knows that these slaves do not have what culture, if makes them carry out the too complex work, they definitely are unserviceable. Now the industry of Milk Wine almost could be said as normal, Zhao Hai made a Ah Tai special Space tent install these Space Bag, but Zhao Hai let Cai'er look at, regular received Iron Mountain Fort here these Space Bag, then he through Cai'er, distilling good Milk Wine delivered to each every sale point to go.

In process that naturally, in receiving and delivering, is not directly completes by Cai'er, Cai'er will leave Blood Hawk in Beast God City manifestation, then makes Blood Hawk go to Ah Tai there to take Space Bag, then in Beast God City external enters to Space, Iron Mountain Fort there to did not need troublesome, to put in special Warehouse to be good directly, but delivered to sale point there, according to taking the liquor did like this, using Blood Hawk to deliver goods, always knows him to presently the Space probability be fallen to lowly. Such procedure is not spatial is easy to see that the people know at most Zhao Hai in hand has several Space equipment, by Zhao Hai the strength on Continent, dares to hit these Space equipment people now, few, Zhao Hai turned a person of thousand Nian Clan clans after all dry, this *** in the six may few dare to annoy. Reason that these Great Noble more make money, because of their business, almost nobody dares to cope with shady moves, if you dare to cope with their business with shady moves, they will surely give to extinguish you with the bright move, this is the aggression of Great Clan, but Buda Family had this aggression. After Iron Mountain Fort there explain/transfer ended, Zhao Hai on returned to Golden Island, Golden Island here now show is very very good, these pirates also often will trade in here, do not think that the Golden Island sea was peaceful, in fact after having Golden Island, sea is not peaceful. Golden Island here can sell dunghill publicly, this regarding these pirates, absolutely is good information, therefore nearest/recent marine pirate very rampant. However does not have the pirate to run up to Golden Island nearby sea region to come *** \; first, because of the Buda Family strength in that pendulum, two is being because they must do business in Golden Island there, they do not want to destroy this sole to let the place that their feel relieved does business. although these pirates' support of some back Great Clan, but their on the sea time grew , needs own money, thinks that is enjoying, before did not have such opportunity, currently with great difficulty had existence of Golden Island, they will certainly not destroy.( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)