Chapter 560 meeting on the way pirate Zhao Hai sits on Haven Ship, is blowing the sea breeze, the sea-bird on look at sea surface, this feeling is really very good, the environment in although Space was much better compared with outside, but outside made Zhao Hai have a one type of more real feeling. Laura they also stand in Zhao Hai side, they leave Golden Island, have prepared Buddha Empire, between although Luo Lin Empire and Buddha Empire are also away from Lyon Empire, however looks like in Zhao Hai, goes to Buddha Empire there, comes up to Dwarf Iron Mountain is most important, when Lyon Empire goes. Actually Dwarf Iron Mountain area is very big, not all in Buddha Empire, part in Lyon Empire, but does not have the means that Dwarf Race is better with Buddha Empire relationship, is adding on Dwarf Race fighting strength not to be weaker than Beastman, therefore is Lyon Empire is the Continent second powerful nation, does not dare to take Dwarf to be what kind. But Lyon Empire although is not quite good with Dwarf Race relationship, however in Lyon Empire, has another person place, Accra Mountain! Accra Mountain becoming famous of very on Continent, reason that he becomes famous , because there is also Continent one on five Great Forbidden Land. Five Great Forbidden Land on Continent separately are Carrion Swamp, Accra Mountain, North Polar Icefield, Inferno Island and Demonic Abyss! These five places also respectively have various characteristics, the Carrion Swamp here toxin are well-known Continent with Undead Creature, it can be said that the place that has not to have. North Polar Icefield there is a character, cold, to there, that feared what you take is metal weapon, can be frozen the crispness like glass, even if formidable like Beastman, only dares the place activity in surrounding. Inferno Island there and North Polar Icefield are just right, there is World of Fire, fire attribute life form, Fire Spirit, almost nobody dares to approach there. Demonic Abyss, there is on Continent most mysterious place, legend there can go nonstop to Demon Realm, before Zhao Hai some have not believed that however after seeing Cai'er, he to has believed that Cai'er came from Demon Realm. But Accra Mountain, there is actually the place that on Continent the adventurer most likes, because there is the Magic Beast kingdom, in the there surrounding, there are large quantities of all kinds of Magic Beast, the people can grasp Magic Beast to make money, but actually cannot penetrate, too thorough Accra Mountain, will have not to have, including 9th level Expert.

Accra Mountain in Lyon Empire and Rosen Empire intersection point, in Empire many, in Aksu Empire little. Because of this, Lyon Empire has a very Elite Magic Beast Cavalry group, this Magic Beast Cavalry, may all compose with Magic Beast that grasps from Accra Mountain, although was taught the clothing/taking by humanity, but wild nature remains, attack gets up very formidable, is on Continent most famous elite troops. But Zhao Hai has not wanted to go to the Magic Beast forest now, Magic Beast forest there although has plenty Magic Beast, but was too dangerous, although he does not fear the danger, doing business that but he needs now, making Buda Family as soon as possible is formidable, but is not doubts practices the level. said it, goes to Magic Beast forest there, although can catch some Magic Beast, but too higher Magic Beast is not good to grasp, therefore Zhao Hai chose finally went to Dwarf to make mountain there. Goes to Dwarf Iron Mountain there, has possibility to go to Elf Forest, although felt like this probably might as well go to the Magic Beast forest to be direct, but do not forget, such Zhao Hai can on two intelligent races with Continent have to associate, if can do the business, regarding Buda Family is very important. Is thinking in Zhao Hai these matters time, Laura suddenly said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that our these time goes to Dwarf Race there, will be smooth?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „should is very smooth, do not forget, Dwarf Race and Human Race contact are more than Beastman Race, moreover little lives the war, how should not be right to us.” Laura nodded said : on Dwarf Race there iron hardware Continent to become famous, if we can take these thing, goes to trade thing with Beastman Race, that can certainly trade many good thing, Beastman Race most to lack the iron.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to hear that Dwarf Race temperament, is more irascible than Beastman Race, moreover very likes drinking, I think that our liquor, must to move their.” Laura nodded said : hope, but I thought that this time our navigation to will not have any issue, now the enemy, almost does not have the strength to speak the last words with us, these pirates did not have to dare to take by force our situations blindly, it seems like that this time range should smoothly be very right.” Zhao Hai smiles said : also with take by force our Buda Family ship that having that pirate dares not to enlarge ones vision, feel relieved, this time should be all right, Markey Family is you in command(er), Aksu Empire now wants to cope with us not to have that ability now, Radiant Church unable to take care of oneself now, simply did not have to cope with us at that time, I want besides that mysterious Engraved Ark, nobody to cope with us.”

Megan smiles said : that to be best, happen to can playing well, to be honest, the scenery in Space be good, the time of looking was too long, has been tired, relaxes to outside well.” Lizzy also smiled said : marine scenery to be also not much, the time of looking at grew also bothersomely, the here wind shade was one layer is also invariable.” Zhao Hai smiled said : „, but can see the person in here, sees the ship, in Space, besides us, could not see others, the person was animal that lived in groups.” Was saying, the distant place broadcast the intermittent Magic Cannon sound, Zhao Hai they have gawked, knows that this people were going to war, Zhao Hai immediately opened monitor to look, this present, front was the pirate was taking by force, naturally, has taken by force was not they, but was five mast iron armor ships. Zhao Hai looked at a that on the ship Clan flag, did not know that he does turn the head their said : you to know that on the ship Clan flag to Laura?” Laura looked, nodded said : understanding, the Buddha Empire Hurricane Family badge, status of this Clan in Buddha King is very high, in the past they also by Radiant Church to unbearable of suppression, because they were that time most do not believe Radiant Church, this Clan person had a problem, no matter man or woman, person who so long as had blood relation with this Clan, in the child of birth, there is a very big probability is Wind element, no matter Battle Qi Magic, was Wind element, is unit element Clan that on Continent became famous, therefore their only Faith Wind God, their Clan in Buddha Empire was also thousand. The Nian Clan clan, their Clan status is similar to Megan, how dares to have the pirate to snatch them?” Zhao Hai looked at that several Pirate Ship one, shows a faint smile said : „to recognize, the present pirates were rich, the Righteous Sect five mast iron armor battleships come, when Pirate Ship, I also really am the first time see, great, if the pirates are such equipment, our Buda Family that martial arts restriction command feared that has become a scrap paper.” Laura they were noted by a Zhao Hai such saying, that several besiege Pirate Ship of Hurricane Family freighter, unexpectedly is on Continent the Advanced level battleship, five mast iron armor battleships, this type of battleship do not say that the pirate does not have means equipment, even if general Great Clan does not have means equipment. Lizzy two eyes bright said : „do some people need to kill them? Big Sister, what enemy does Hurricane Family have?” Big Sister in Lizzy mouth was Laura, although said that Meg was longest with the Zhao Hai time, but helped in a big way Zhao Hai was actually Laura, in adding on Laura young was in several girls is also biggest, therefore she has become Big Sister in several girl mouths.

Laura shook the head said : this Hurricane Family although is very formidable Clan, but this Clan some problem, is temperament fantastic, almost does not queer, moreover they regarding the authority too big request, regarding money have not been attach great importance to, besides to own Faith very loyal, almost can be said as good-hearted person, absolutely is different type in thousand Nian Clan clans, their Clan person strength is very strong, now feared that was already given to extinguish, was the good-hearted person disposition like this, how possible to offend who? For those their friend full world, besides by the Radiant Church suppression, almost did not have the enemy, is when Radiant Church suppresses them, there are countless people to help them, I dare saying that must say on Continent staff best Clan, that belonged to their Clan.” Zhao Hai is listening, said to Laura that he puzzled said : Laura, these information you from that lane? How can such detailed?” Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, your don’t know? Information of our Markey Family on various Great Clan to Continent has the collection, moreover each Clan history and clan emblem, is the very detailed record, moreover in these materials that before we snatched from Roberto Clan there, relevant parties record.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: My also really don’t know, what Clan sees these, badge and so on thing, my headache, that can remember, ok, you remember that was good, was right, do we have the friendship with that Hurricane Family?” Laura shook the head said : basically not to have, Hurricane Family little does business, they basically by own territory in produces to maintain the a family/clan expenses, the business is few, therefore does not have what contact.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that just right, today was to draw in the friendship, walked, has a look, was right, can Laura, see from the shape of this ship is the ship of that country's?” He said naturally is attack Hurricane Family that several Pirate Ship. The ship shape on although Continent is almost same, however the genuine discerning person is one can see the differences of these ships, the ship of each country's, their shape some slight differences, the experienced people can distinguish actually. Laura carefully looked at that several Pirate Ship one, some indefinite said : from the shape of this ship, probably is Buddha Empire, but also has strong Ocean Waves Dynasty color, I cannot look.” Is Zhao Hai actually two eyes flashes said : Ocean Waves Dynasty? Also is they?”( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come ***( ***. ***) Casts the recommendation ticket, ***, your support, is I biggest power.)