Chapter 561 Kristen? Laura said : Elder Brother Hai? What did Ocean Waves Dynasty have to offend us? How don't I remember?” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : „did you forget? When we chase down Grand Duke Layen, most afterward met Grand Duke Layen that ship, is not Ocean Waves Dynasty? I think that is Radiant Church snatches Ocean Waves Dynasty, or borrows, now looks like, the matter feared that will not be simple.” Lizzy one hear of Zhao Hai said that face also yin sank has gotten down said : is Radiant Church, did Ocean Waves Dynasty have what to collude inadequately with Radiant Church?” Zhao Hai is sneering said : how not possibly, Radiant Church these time suffered a loss, they lost Aksu Empire control, naturally cannot show own complete card in a hand, therefore makes Ocean Waves Dynasty here temporary pretending make a clear distinction between borderline also to have the possibility with them, but if Radiant Church the plans successfully, their equal to was control the Continent southernmost and most northern auspicious two cities, if their strengths enough, moved a Continent war, from both sides toward in the middle attack, on can unify entire Continent.” Lizzy they stare, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai can't said : „? Do they have such big courage? Is impossible? First did not say our Luo Lin Empire, even if Buddha Empire and Lyon Empire is not easy to cope.” Does Zhao Hai sneer said : not to cope easily? Do not forget, before was I with the place of Layen big beginning conflict there? That is Aksu Empire and Rosen Empire jiao place, is the border pass, the there garrison troops only then may is the Grand Duke Layen person, if their all smooth, Aksu Empire sends out troops attack Rosen Empire, but border pass that city simply has not been keeping off, but also Kaesong has surrendered, a that Rosen Empire strongest barrier may lose, I think that Radiant Church also certainly has the arrangement in Lyon Empire Buddha Empire, ahem, the ambitions of these fellows are greatly.” Laura they think, but also said like Zhao Hai, if looked like Zhao Hai saying that all these were the Radiant Church arrangement, was that Radiant Church ambition rather too also big? Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, how do you think of these?” Zhao Hai chuckle said : just thinks that before I always felt that Radiant Church should not be that arrives at the crude person, but they coped with the Aksu Empire means are really the too simple and crude, but now your saying several ships possibly were the Ocean Waves Dynasty ships, this looked like a line, one strung together the beforehand matter to together.” Why content said : on Laura actually puzzled look at monitor that now do they cope with Hurricane Family? Unreasonable?” Why does Zhao Hai sneer said : „? It is not willingly, Radiant Church now although by the person suppression of entire Continent, person but who if they have relationship with the Ocean Waves Dynasty person, they exist in the Ocean Waves Dynasty there strength, moreover by clearly changed to darkly, this was more difficult to deal with, moreover they change the change the maneuver technique now, in did not win over these Noble, but coped with these not with Noble that they cooperated, with Noble that they had a grudge, you said that with Calci Family and Buda Family compared with, was Hurricane Family is easier to cope some?” Zhao Hai such Laura actually nodded, they thought right that Zhao Hai said that although Hurricane Family is also thousand Nian Clan clans, but their Clan because of the temperament reason, on Continent the reputation does not reveal, must say is really one's turn the influence the words, can't compare with Calci Family and Buda Family. Moreover Calci Family and Buda Family and Radiant Church Fighting Technique, entire Continent knew, if Radiant Church coped with Buda Family or Calci Family at this time, the person on that Continent, thinks certainly that this was the Radiant Church writing skill. However copes with Hurricane Family not to be uncertain, Hurricane Family and Radiant Church do not cope, on this point Continent other and don’t know, therefore Radiant Church copes with Hurricane Family, will not bring to the attention of entire Continent, some people burning down the body of Radiant Church, they can eradicate an enemy, actually not by person present, this is the plan of Radiant Church. Naturally, now these are also only Zhao Hai their guesses, needs to carry on to confirm, therefore Zhao Hai ordering has let the Haven Ship person, the quick close battlefield, they must save that on the ship person, finally was Ocean Waves Dynasty that several ships has tidied up, turned into Undead Creature the on the ship person, this can ask that probably anything came.

Haven Ship now modified is very good, is quick, defense strength is also very strong, after all the here Zhao Hai flagship, Zhao Hai now is Buda Family Patriarch, his status is different, if using the ordinary battleship, that will be will make the person laugh. Few minutes, Zhao Hai they very close battlefield, the battlefield there altogether seven ships, six five mast iron armor battleships, five mast iron armor freighters, six battleships have besieged a freighter, it seems like they did not prepare to that ship point opportunity. These six battleships gather round are putting Magic Cannon and netg that nag the freighter keeps, on the ship have Magician probably, often release Magic carries on attack to that freighter, flashing that on sea surface seven color Magic Cannon keep brightly, like the good image field huge fireworks grand meeting, was attractive. However this attractive was actually representing death! Seven ships leave is not near, it seems like that six battleships did not prepare to opportunity of opposite party close combat, but wants to bomb and sink the opposite party with Magic directly, has to the quantity and xing of ships can occupy in the superior situation absolutely, used this tactic is safest. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, Haven Ship straight overran to the battlefield, that six battleships obviously also present Zhao Hai they, two battleships, immediately their here has encircled toward Zhao Hai. Three ships approached quickly, then opposite party on the ship has transmitted very big sound speaking sounds: Opposite ship is listening, we are the hurricane pirate groups, hurries to make way, otherwise do not blame us for being rude.” Zhao Hai one hear of that people said that cannot help but laughs said : funnily, was too funny, I first time hear such joke, said that is Clan of hurricane pirate, unexpectedly in the attack Hurricane Family freighter, HaHaHa, this is really on Continent the funniest joke, xiao, listening, knowing the limitation gets the hell out on immediately/on horseback, otherwise do not blame my impolite.” The opposite party has not thought that Zhao Hai has pointed out frankly the Hurricane Family status, moreover in absolute inferior situation, unexpectedly so strong. They said the voice, three ships leave was very near, wants to spread out in the opposite party, carried on long-distance attack when to Haven Ship, Zhao Hai suddenly in their on the ship release massive Undead Creature. People on that two battleship have not thought that Zhao Hai can be away from unexpectedly such on release Undead Creature, the on the ship person generally guards does not have. In adding on Zhao Hai Undead Creature fighting strength was really too strong, this, a slaughter started, when that two on the ship person has not responded, the on the ship person was almost slaughtered cleanly. But another four on the ship people, present this point, in their opinion, three ship although have not left is not far, but also is not very close, the close combat is impossible, only suits long-distance attack in this distance. After that two on the ship person extinguished, Zhao Hai immediately them turned into Undead Creature, then that two on the ship Undead Creature immediately starts to open fire to Haven Ship. Naturally, this has opened fire under the order of Zhao Hai, he wants in these thinks that both sides are still fighting, other four on the ship people were deceived, they see the two ships of own this head, encircling got up to encircle the person who that dares to act recklessly to the battlefield. Three ships slowly approached the battlefield, that four on the ship person had not felt that has any improper place, they also encircled the time in battlefield Haven Ship, suddenly massive Undead Creature appears in that four on the ship. That four ship also can't compare with first two on the ship, they may be have not thought regarding Zhao Hai this move , the has plenty cannoneer even arrives how don’t know is die. Four on the ship fires stopped quickly, this makes the Hurricane Family that knowledge goods on the ship person somewhat puzzled, in they are puzzled time, hears by them is helps their on the ship transmit sound speaking sounds obviously: „The Hurricane Family friend hello, does not use anxiously, your enemies had been solved by me, whether I can embark together?”

The Hurricane Family person stares, the meaning of their although not understand opposite party, but they are very confident regarding their fighting strength, therefore immediately/on horseback said : of leader does not know that opposite on the ship that a family/clan friend, my family xiao elder sister is invited.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, Haven Ship has depended slowly, then the giant springboard extended Hurricane Family on the ship, Zhao Hai has led Laura they to arrive at Hurricane Family on the ship. Hurricane Family on the ship many were damaged now, on the ship also has many crew injured, is accepting to seek treatment. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to wield, one group of Light Element Magic the crew that these were injured covering, these crew wounds of by the rou eye obvious. At this time was preparing to greet the Zhao Hai nv child, one stopped, then face bad look at Zhao Hai said : „was mister the Radiant Church person?” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at this nv child one eyes, this nv child was very attractive, a head of brown , the eye pupil of light green , the sharp xiao face, the snow white tooth, although indifferently looked like probably is not very beautiful, however her body had temperament, very elegant temperament. But Zhao Hai look at this nv child is actually somewhat surprised, because of this nv child with a person long, this person is not others, is popular in Kristen Stewart of world by «City of Evening Light». Must say that in these nv star, Kristen is not most attractive, but on him has appealing temperament, peaceful? Intelligent? Graceful? Possibly these words use his body not to be excessive. Before Zhao Hai, very much likes evening this movie, therefore his eyes recognized, this nv child long was almost just the same as Kristen. Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed at heart, own luck also was really the fantastic point, first was Taylor, was Megan, was Ji Li, now is Kristen, the heaven also really very much looks after to him, can let him unexpectedly in this world, the idol meet with my previous generation, was not so easy. However Zhao Hai also detect left the badness of this nv child expression, his immediately/on horseback smiles said : „the xiao elder sister do not misunderstand, I am not the Radiant Church person, hasn't the xiao elder sister seen my on the ship Clan flag?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that nv child cannot help but looked on the Haven Ship main mast looked at one, Wild Dragon Flag of that above blood red is fluttering in the breeze. That nv child noticed that this flag has cannot help but gawked, her brain somewhat cannot respond for a while, she remembers probably from the personal opinion this flag, however has seen in there, she has been caught unawares at once unexpectedly, has not thought. In this time, a person who she heard oneself side is shouting said : lowly day that Wild Dragon War flag, Buda Family? Are they the Buda Family people?” One hear of that people said that nv child has cannot help but gawked, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „are you Buda Family person? How can you Light Element Magic?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : „the Buda Family person unable to meet Light Magic? Introduced oneself, below Zhao Hai Buda, Buda Family current Patriarch.”

That nv child look at Zhao Hai, has forgotten to return a courtesy, this is also nothing unusual, the entire Continent people know that Zhao Hai Buda is Dark Magician, but today she actually with own eyes witnesses Dark Magician to use the Light Element Magic process, this simple seeing on the sow the tree is more astonishing. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at that nv child, has not said anything, but referred to Laura said : gently this is my wife, Laura, this was my wife Meg, this was my wife, Megan, this was my wife, Lizzy, this was my wife Ni'er, has seen the xiao elder sister.” That nv child looked that Laura they salute to her, this responded, immediately/on horseback face red returning a courtesy said : „the Kristen hurricane has seen Zhao Hai Clan lord, has seen several madames!” After both sides see exchanging greetings, Kristen then turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai Clan lord, too thanked you, if today is not you, we feared that must die in opposite party in hand, these pirates were really very hateful.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the Kristen xiao elder sister not to need to care, I am also the slight effort, now that several ships by control, the xiao elder sister have not been needed to be worried.” Kristen although don’t know Zhao Hai with any method control that several ships, but she had not asked that because of her very clear, the there Zhao Hai method, sees will tell him. Kristen to Zhao Hai gave a salute said : no matter what, must thank mister, mister please sit to the cabin in along with me, please.” Said hand signal that has made invitation. Zhao Hai not polite, hand signal that similarly has made invitation, this is leading Laura they, walks toward the cabin in Kristen shoulder to shoulder. In the cabin of this ship is not very big, only then a xiaoxiao reception room, several people enter to the living room in sit, immediately appears very crowded. bk b