Chapter 562 confirmed Had the servant to deliver to be possible retreat of sub, this time naval battle, because the fresh time was not long, was adding on is some long-distance attack weapon that the opposite party used, therefore Hurricane Family damaged degree of the freighter was not very strict is heavy. Several people of sitting down hands, Kristen then said their these time by the attack process, although is said Hurricane Family continuously very low key, little did business, but this did not express they continuously did not do business, their Clan also did business, but like other Great Clan, did not do the business was so big. Great Clan, wants to maintain own strength profit, wants to be competent, Hurricane Family drinks in does not like doing business, however is only holding the normal work of oneself territory, doing business is inevitable, but character of their family member, are not very suitable does business, xiao that very therefore the business makes, but takes maintaining the normal work of oneself territory for the premise. This Kristen is goes to Rosen Empire to complete the business toward going home, they go to Rosen Empire to do business, has not gone to Golden Island, but went to Rising Water City, their beforehand business in Rising Water City, although now Golden Island rose, but by Hurricane Family character, does not have immediately/on horseback to run up to Golden Island to make intent to live, but had not changed the place in Rising Water City. When other people come back, suddenly was hung the pirate flag five mast iron armor battleships enclosing by these six, although they are also counter-attacking, however their firepower simply do not have the means and opposite party compares, is adding on the opposite party is the battleship, can be much better compared with freighter xing that they use, therefore they have come under attack in there, if not Zhao Hai appears , their sooner or later must by that six battleships tidying up. Waited for Kristen saying that Zhao Hai then showed a faint smile said : we one to go to Buddha Empire to have a look, has not thought that has experienced this matter, therefore came the Kristen xiao elder sister not to feel strange? Has that pirate rolls such wealthily unexpectedly puts out six five mast Ironclad Battleship to take by force?” Kristen character although is the same with the Hurricane Family person, so long as you do not offend her, she will be very good to speak, but this does not represent her is a fool, conversely, the Hurricane Family people are very intelligent, but they used this type in research Magic intelligently, or at other matters, intelligent, but did not have the ambition, this was the person on Continent, to the universal impression of Hurricane Family person. Kristen one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, her look at Zhao Hai said : what mister wanted saying that please speak?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to suspect that opposite party simply is not the pirate, the Kristen xiao elder sister should also know, on the sea pirate, background of some each clan clans, but by reputation of Hurricane Family on Continent, believes that will be these pirates will not come the Hurricane Family ship, will be the pirate of such strong strength, I will say right?” Kristen nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : good, right that mister said that other my Hurricane Family does not dare saying that however on Continent, our Hurricane Family is the friend everywhere, the personal enemy almost does not have.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, right that the xiao elder sister said that but you also said that almost does not have, absolutely does not have, won't the xiao elder sister forget you also to have a biggest enemy?”

Kristen stares, then her look at Zhao Hai said : „is mister the meaning is? Radiant Church?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to have possibility very much, this, wasn't a while turns into Undead Creature that several on the ship person, then asks him well, clear?” Kristen stares, then his look at Zhao Hai said : you said how many on the ship all people you can that turn into Undead Creature? Zhao Hai Clan lord, is this is not quite good?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : what not to have not to be good, Aksu Empire several hundred thousand people, I turned into Undead Creature them, did I care such select the person?” Said that he has stood, walks outward. The Kristen look at Zhao Hai back, in eye flashes through a loathing, Hurricane Family is the good-hearted person who on Continent became famous, therefore their behavior not being able to get used to seeing very to Zhao Hai this vicious and merciless. However she with walked out of Zhao Hai from cabin, this matter relationship to the Hurricane Family future, she does not come out good. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, he does not want to live anything with Kristen, reason that he will help Hurricane Family, nothing but wants to let Hurricane Family and a Radiant Church hatred even bigger point. To outside of ship, Zhao Hai read several Incantation gently, meets to begin to wield, one group of black gas flew from his Magic Staff, before long by their ship battleship surrounding, when black gas vanishes, Kristen also present, that on the ship also had time has the person's shadow to rock. Zhao Hai follows a set pattern, turned into Undead Creature several other on the ship people, then made that several ships depend on Hurricane Family ship here, this let that several on the ship in which responsible person several Undead Creature to Hurricane Family on the ship. Just when the jiao war, Kristen saw that several on the ship manager through Magic, therefore she knows that Zhao Hai has not sent out own Undead Creature to pretend to be. Waits for that several people to embark, Zhao Hai looked at one eyes of that several person, making them send out the reputation, they were really not the pirate, but was the Ocean Waves Dynasty active duty navy, Ocean Waves Dynasty three seaside, domestic Water element very reached, therefore the Ocean Waves Dynasty navy was on Continent is most formidable.

However these person although are the navies, does not have no relationship with Radiant Church, they follow orders to handle affairs, other and don’t know. However Zhao Hai has not worried, asked whose these person these six ships turn over to command(er), the Zhao Hai very clear Radiant Church style, like this matter, they must send for look at. Really that several people also said a person, Zhao Hai immediately called on the ship that person, asked that, that person before death was the Radiant Church person, moreover level was not low, was Priest. Their this time main presented the order of Radiant Church to cope with Hurricane Family, other matters their don’t know. However was these was only enough, most minimum Zhao Hai and Kristen they know that this time coped with Hurricane Family, truly was Radiant Church, Zhao Hai has not lain. But Zhao Hai also confirmed own guess, Radiant Church truly was control blue bo king bo, moreover from method, changed to outwardly begins in secret. Asked after that person, Zhao Hai sent returned to that on the ship, making them set sail leave, then with Kristen returned to in on the ship living room. Kristen frowns, she felt that this matter very thorny, Radiant Church although was suppressed now, but the inside story, them was just little has still acted on Continent, believer or has plenty of being dead set on, moreover what point on Continent various countries' King also don’t know stemming from, in any case besides Rosen Empire and Aksu Empire, other countries, has not been ruthless to Radiant Church, the churches in some countries still existed, Priest still in there lecture on Dao, but went to the person to be few now. Therefore now Radiant Church although honest, but actually did not represent them to be weak, moreover Kristen was not a fool, she knew from just that Undead Creature there, Radiant Church was not certainly ordinary with Ocean Waves Dynasty relationship, it seems like really like Zhao Hai said that Radiant Church was went underground, was more formidabe. Zhao Hai looked at Kristen one, shows a faint smile said : „the Kristen xiao elder sister, I say these to you today, but wants to make you add the xiao heart, since the matter passed, I said goodbye, I go to Buddha Empire also to have the matter, were not many disturbs.” Kristen has gawked, but her immediately responded, just patronized is lowering the head to think the matter, actually has not spoken a few words to Zhao Hai, this is to Zhao Hai very does not respect, thinks of here, the face of Kristen cannot help but one red, stands up hastily to Zhao Hai salutes said : to be unfair to mister, just I thought the matter to be lost in thought that have neglected mister, asking mister to forgive, mister why such quickly on leave? mister has to save a life great kindness to us, asking mister to stay behind, gives me repaying a debt of gratitude opportunity.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „the xiao elder sister to be too polite, did not have that necessity, regarding me, but was the slight effort matter, moreover I also obtained six battleships, this has gained regarding, I was go to Buddha Empire to have the matter , the xiao elder sister should not be oversensitive.”

Kristen quickly said: What does mister go to Buddha Empire so-called? My Hurricane Family has certain influence in Buddha Empire, could the gang obtain mister.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this time I to go to Buddha Empire, wants to go to Dwarf Iron Mountain there whether to do some business with Dwarf Race.” Kristen one hear of Zhao Hai said that the brow cannot help but wrinkled, status very unusual of Dwarf Iron Mountain in Buddha Empire, Buddha Empire has needed Dwarf full body armor and weapon, but they do not think that Dwarf was too formidable, therefore has imagined Human Race control Beastman such coping Dwarf, but Dwarf was not a fool, their temperament compared with Beastman also or good, so long as the Buddha Empire person dares to deceive them, their immediately can make war with the Buddha Empire person. Because of this, therefore the Buddha Empire person does not dare to deceive Dwarf Race, but Buddha Empire has actually thought means that that is as far as possible does not let the Merchant contacts of Dwarf Race with other countries, guarantee Dwarf iron hardware as far as possible selling to them. The entire Buddha Empire people such do, under their destruction, little has Merchant to be able with Dwarf Race to carry on long time merchant, even if these Great Clan is not good, therefore Kristen one hear of Zhao Hai said that must do business with Dwarf Race, can be such expression. Zhao Hai also saw the Kristen appearance, his puzzled said : Kristen xiao elder sister? What issue has?” Kristen has not been hiding the truth from Zhao Hai, in fact on this matter Continent a little people of influence know that is not the strange matter. Zhao Hai one hear of Kristen said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : not to have relationship, I go to make the business, I actually and do not care.” bk b