Chapter 563 Dwarf Race iron hardware The Kristen knitting the brows head, sets firm resolve said : to ask mister finally anxiously leave, first goes our Hurricane Family to seat guests with me, the Dwarf Race matter, perhaps we can also be able to help.” Zhao Hai look at Kristen, shows a faint smile said : also well, that disturbed the xiao elder sister, my on the ship very wide opened, whether to ask the xiao elder sister to have a look to my on the ship?” Kristen shook the head said : mister, just passed through a big field, my also has plenty matter must process, invites mister certainly or anxiously walking.” Zhao Hai complied with one, with Laura their returned to own on the ship. After on the ship, Zhao Hai ordered, to let that six battleship leave, expunged in the Golden Island direction, he also has informed simultaneously Kun they, making them receive these battleships. After completing these, Zhao Hai they entered Space with Laura, in Space has sat down, Zhao Hai with a smile to Laura said :looks like this time busy gang is then worth, if Hurricane Family is willing to help us speak with Dwarf Race, we will be also more relaxed with the Dwarf Race business. Laura nodded said : „, Buddha Empire regarding very strict that Dwarf Race looks, our present status go to contact with Dwarf Race, definitely will bring to their attention, Buddha Empire these fellows, have regarded their special-purpose blacksmith Dwarf Race, therefore we, if goes to do business with Dwarf directly, the troublesome matter will not be few.” Did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : these Great Clan on Continent not to have the opinion? Why can they the look at Buddha Empire person lord over with the Dwarf Race business?” Laura smiles said : how not to have the opinion, but does not have the means that Dwarf Race there business although is good, but they do not want to become enemies with Buddha Empire, Buddha Empire copes with these people who Dwarf Race does business, method also very simple that uses, that Clan and Dwarf Race do business, they suppress that Clan in the Buddha Empire business, lets that Clan gain does not equal the loss.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that Buddha Empire such will do unexpectedly, has to recognize, they truly hit on these Great Clan life mén, with the Dwarf Race business, Buddha Empire is the big end, the proportion of other Clan minute of arriving continuously very few, in this case, they must be suppressed in the Buddha Empire business, this is really the gain does not equal the loss. Lizzy smiles said : „, not only, these are the merchant Buddha Empire person with Dwarf Race, goes all out in Dwarf Race there said that other national Merchant malicious remarks, that Dwarf Race person thinks that Merchant of other countries are some swindlers, therefore Dwarf Race naturally is not willing to make merchant with Merchant of other countries.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Buddha Empire also is really interesting, it seems like that the Dwarf Race iron hardware is really fantastic, otherwise they such will not do.”

Laura nodded said : truly is, a same blade, with the same iron material, the Human Race blacksmith hits, possibly after a war, will break off or Zheng Ren has more than enough, but the Dwarf Race blade, can actually use above the five times war, moreover compared with the Human Race blade sharp, Buddha Empire relying on Dwarf Race these iron hardware, have today's status.” Before Megan nodded said : me, sees the jing steel dagger that father's Dwarf has hit at home, then looks like the dagger is not magnificent, is not conspicuous, but actually very sharp, compared with much better that the Human Race Advanced level blacksmith hits, the dagger and Dwarf Race that dagger if hits with Human Race to putting together, the dagger that Dwarf Race hits can easily cuts off the dagger that the Human Race blacksmith hits.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the original Dwarf Race iron hardware to be so good, how don’t know compares with the dagger that Universal Machine makes.” Laura shook the head said : to fear that also wants compared with the dagger that Universal Machine manufactures on strongly, they are pure build manually, is repeatedly tempered, should some.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head a while I to write a letter to Laura said :, said to Grandfather Kun the here fresh matter, making him remind the father-in-law they, making everyone/Great Clan nearest/recent add the xiao heart.” Megan nodded said : well, but I think that Radiant Church hasn't dared to run up to Rosen Empire to go now? Only if he they do not want to live, now our Rosen Empire person, has reached the limit to Radiant Church dislike, even if the ordinary people does not have the favorable impression to them, they are it can be said that difficult in Rosen Empire.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, no matter how a iao heart point for good, moreover I want to take a look at Hurricane Family am anything responded, if Hurricane Family does not pass on this matter, we help them, passes on this matter, drags down Ocean Waves Dynasty, making Radiant Church these fellows remove losing heart of bottom.” Laura nodded said : this to be also good, if makes Radiant Church these Clan be always up to mischief in there, ting is annoying, their strengths are too strong, we should start except them.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be good, if we Radiant Church except, us became the Continent places on numerous arrow, will be very when the time comes more troublesome, strength that we show now, is similar to these Great Clan, the person on Continent is acceptable, but if we one, but shows the strength that they have imagined, they feared that wanted alliance to cope with us.” Lizzy sighed said : also is really, the person on don’t know Continent was what kind, but now ting is also good, the most minimum nobody dares to bully us.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile Space quick Level Up that said : I want to do now, like this we can not need to fear anybody, moreover can use different background, when the time comes we go to different background to play, is very good.”

Lizzy they were an anticipation of face, Zhao Hai also looked at these background in store to them these days, honest they were attracted, these backs did was very attractive. Several people discussed that lets look at of Cai'er in Space, if Kristen asks them to inform them, their actually secret returned to Iron Mountain Fort there. Zhao Hai these time goes to Beastman there, wants Beastman Race these slaves leading, but after he arrived at Hercules Tauren Clan, present, Hercules Tauren Clan after last year one sentences one word, strength/Origin Qi damages severely, now did not have the complete restoration, needs to use these slaves time, Zhao Hai has not led these slaves, Black Wasteland there currently had a hundred thousand slave in any case, does not worry, moreover he has decided a hundred thousand slave with Lin Li/everywhere, believes that soon on can deliver. Iron Mountain Fort there all are very normal, although these slaves were possibly inferior that commoner has the culture, but one day, their very obedient, if under governing of Zhao Hai has hundred thousand commoner, these people now the looks like are not certainly obedient, manage possibly trouble, but these slaves actually do not have this problem. Now Karen also in daily gathers round these machine circles, look at these blueprints, nong results in Laura not to be short, because this matter complained Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai these time looked how was wanted to have a look at place of these slaves, was very good, are majority of others places already the type, but their seed was Zhao Hai provides, the first year they must plant anything, calculation that Zhao Hai said that because seed was Zhao Hai provides, when will not use next year, they must plant anything to be optional, Zhao Hai will also take to come out to give seed in Space to sell, these slave can spend money to buy, can use the grain to trade. Stayed for day in Iron Mountain Fort here, next morning Kristen their on the ship send for looking for Zhao Hai, after their ships underwent the simple repair, today prepared. All the way this walks to is very smooth, in has not run into any enemy, in merchant who on the road runs into, but also the has plenty person cleans to shout with them. Has to recognize, Hurricane Family staff very be really good, on the sea has several times they to meet other Clan ships, these ships saw that the Hurricane Family ship has by the attack appearance probably, stopped to visit Kristen, wants to know that was who has used the Hurricane Family person. But these people regarding Zhao Hai manner also very enthusiastic, this arrive are Zhao Hai have not thought that but changes mind thinks why Zhao Hai so was also warm to him on understand these people, because of existence of Golden Island. Golden Island there is on entire Continent the most famous trade harbor, goes to there to be the merchant person, very clear, the there tax is lowest, the commodity price is also cheaper than other places.

What most important is, has plenty Merchant the pirate takes by force, will run up to Golden Island sea region to hide, but these pirate actually nobody dare to move them, this also made these Merchant like with Buda Family hitting merchant. Zhao Hai to these people naturally is also very warm reception, but also meets jiao to trade some xiao gifts, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai know Noble of many other countries. Now Zhao Hai they are Lyon Empire sea region, in Merchant that here comes and goes out is Ocean Waves Dynasty, Buddha Empire Merchant, almost cannot see Aksu Empire Merchant, Rosen Empire Merchant is also not extremely numerous. This is the normal phenomenon, now Aksu Empire strength/Origin Qi damages severely, is living Stage in the training, could not see that Merchant of their country is normal, but Rosen Empire and Lyon Empire relationship is not very good, Rosen Empire Merchant does not come Lyon Empire here to do business, is very normal. In Lyon Empire here, Zhao Hai they to have not met any stop, no matter Hurricane Family or Buda Family are on Continent famous Great Clan, even if Lyon Empire and Rosen Empire relationship is not quite good, with Buddha Empire relationship also can only be general, but Great Clan of they not offending easily like Buda Family and Hurricane Family. Underwent nearly one month of navigation, Zhao Hai they entered Buddha Empire sea region finally, but here was very far from the Hurricane Family territory, they must ride five days of ships to be able finally. bk b