Chapter 564 strange Hurricane Family To Buddha Empire sea region, the Hurricane Family person also removed the bottom relaxed, in Buddha Empire, nobody active has resulted in the Hurricane Family person. Hurricane Family staff was not saying plays, they are good to arrive at the violent because of Buddha Empire staff, because they do not strive for the power, does not seize the advantage many, Buddha Empire Imperial Family depends on to their family, their family also many marries with the imperial state, with other Great Clan relationship also very good, can in Buddha Empire, Hurricane Family be most popular in Clan. However Kristen may not have mood tube these now, their immediately entered in the Buddha Empire first river armored war horse river. This armored war horse river is in the Buddha Empire first river, according to legend Buddha Empire the lord of founding a country, in this riverside, obtained an approval of variation Magic Beast armored war horse, became Mount, this performs good deeds, achievement Buddha Empire great long-term cause, therefore he after becoming Buddha Empire King, changed name to call the armored war horse the river this river, but the old name of this river has not been possible to test. But the Hurricane Family territory, on branch river channel of armored war horse river, there is a mountain side area, that mountain side area does not produce any ore food, the land is not féi is also very fertile, it can be said that in Buddha Empire, a stretch of quite bad territory. However Hurricane Family obtains this stretch of territory already nearly millenniums, they outward have not actually expanded one step, has not looked like anybody to seek the hindrance, with their Clan person, in this mountain side area, the rocks hurled down on the enemy excavates earth, makes the terraced field, in this lands all sorts of Bamboo rice, plants Oil Fruit, plants the green vegetables, a that type has been similar to the extra mundane Haven same life. This looks like in other Noble, is the model of shiftless, but Hurricane Family actually likes such life, they will sell massive Bamboo rice and fruit oil every year, some most common vegetables, are not the Magic vegetables, this lets their first year the crops be inferior to other Great Clan, but their Clan actually satisfaction. But these many years passed by, with Hurricane Family these Great Clan at the same time, either have become on Continent topest Clan, either withered away in the history, but Hurricane Family actually still exists, is still passing own xiao day, making person don’t know say their anything good. But if you think like this their Clan strength is very bad, that has made a mistake, Hurricane Family mister wind attribute, making their Clan Expert numerous, in other Clan there, 7th level or 8th level Expert, that is Advanced level worshipped/Foreign Elder, can practice daily, brocade clothes yu food. Different in Hurricane Family here, perhaps the field is walking an old farmer is 8th level Expert, the man who perhaps on the mountain chops firewood is 7th level xiao Expert, therefore has not dared xiao to look at Hurricane Family in Buddha Empire here any Clan. But the Hurricane Family parental instruction is also based on helping others do well, they in Buddha Empire, has helped big xiao Clan are innumerable, therefore, entire Buddha Empire, had heart of the grateful to Hurricane Family slowly, can say very in Buddha Empire, the Hurricane Family status however. Radiant Church most powerful time, because Hurricane Family does not cooperate, they have also suppressed Hurricane Family, when they want to suppress Hurricane Family, presently is actually not able to start, Hurricane Family has not done business, they biggest business is Bamboo rice and fruit oil, but these thing are the livelihood of the people thing, Radiant Church not good cha, wants to suppress Hurricane Family from other places, Buddha Empire these Noble actually did not agree, finally Radiant Church also can only the knowledge. Zhao Hai their although to Hurricane Family have some understanding, but they after all are not the Buddha Empire people, exists regarding the understanding of Hurricane Family on the paper surface, regarding true status of Hurricane Family in Buddha Empire, they have not known. Walked for three days in the armored war horse river, they entered one to call the branch rivers of ocean hua river, has arrived on ocean hua river the water surface of inside known as ocean hua lake to stop. In the East of ocean hua lake water surface, made of stones pier, there was Hurricane Family special-purpose pier, but this ocean hua lake, was the Hurricane Family territory. Two ships stopped to pier moment, Zhao Hai presently pier there have been standing many people, what lead was wear green Magic Robe old person, this old person Magic Robe was not magnificent and expensive, seems like one type of Magic Robe that on the avenue these Inferior level other Magician often put on, without any special place.

The head of old person entire was white, a wrinkle of face, looks like looks like old Magician that is not successful is the same, but Zhao Hai actually does not dare xiao to look at this old person, on this old person although Magic bo moves not strongly, however the Zhao Hai intuition told him, this old person was Expert. After putting down the springboard, Zhao Hai and Laura they walked from on the ship, Kristen also walked from on the ship, is very obvious, among Kristen informs the matter that old person they have come across, therefore old person can meet her, nature old person also knows the Zhao Hai side. Kristen arrives around old person, to old person gave a salute, old person gentle smiling said : good, comes back safely well, I said that does not make you go, you must go, walk, do not neglect the guest.” Was saying old person while has arrived around Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai bows ritual said : Buda Family Patriarch Zhao Hai Buda to see Old Gentleman to old person.” old person shows a faint smile, „the Juno hurricane has seen Zhao Hai Clan lord to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :.” Zhao Hai flashes body said : Old Gentleman ten thousand may not hastily so, your mister, when my grandfathers were enough, how can salute to me? I don't deserve it.” The Juno old person look at Zhao Hai appearance, showed a faint smile said : Zhao Hai Clan main these time to rescue my grandson nv, had great kindness to our Hurricane Family, when by this ritual.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Old Gentleman to be too polite, I also exactly sew its meeting, make a move help, cannot be regarded any important matter.” Juno old person shows a faint smile, does not have in this topic to make the entanglement, to Zhao Hai said : mister to our Hurricane Family lead(er), we must naturally entertain mister well, mister invited.” old person changed to mister the Zhao Hai Clan main this name, it seems like relationship was also near one step. Zhao Hai also noted certainly change on this name, he also smiles said : Old Gentleman to invite.” Said that several people have gone down pier, is stopping several horse carriage in there, these horse carriage look like very ordinary, point Merchant feared that will be will not sit, but will look at the appearances of Hurricane Family these people, these horse carriage they to were sit are used. Zhao Hai was really is now curious to Hurricane Family these people, he has not really thought that really also had such thousand Nian Clan clans in this world, he cannot help but thinks, if lived in such Clan that would be nice, he has liked the life of this standing aloof from the world, what a pity finally was actually contrary to what expects. After several people got up horse carriage, horse carriage walks toward the Hurricane Family territory, this walks Zhao Hai toward in present, originally the Hurricane Family territory almost is the mountain, has not had the a piece nice flat land, but the road that they pass through, spreads with Stone, is the mountain road. On the Zhao Hai look at mountain the luxuriant rice bamboo and Oil Fruit tree, turn the head to smile said : to Laura steadily here are really being good, is better than our Black Wasteland there.” Laura smiled said : „, their life are really astonishing, I have not thought, on Continent really also has such thousand Nian Clan clans, before had seen the Hurricane Family situation in the material, has not actually thought that the straight solid situation can be this unexpectedly.” Crossed two mountains, horse carriage stopped, Zhao Hai did not have immediately/on horseback to get out, but was in that village outside look at horse carriage to be dull. This village does not have what difference with them in the village that on that two mountains sees, you are typical the village that the mountain person lives , the Stone courtyard wall, the Stone house, in courtyard grow several Fruit tree, the tree sub- are running the dog, but can also hear the pig snort|hum hum, this is a typical xiao mountain village.

However this xiao mountain village can be on unexpectedly Continent the famous thousand Nian Clan clan Hurricane Family Patriarch dwellings, this made Zhao Hai be startled. In this time, people on front several horse carriage were walking, Zhao Hai also one recovered, is leading Laura they from horse carriage, Juno here has also arrived by Zhao Hai horse carriage, smiles said : to Zhao Hai Mr. Zhao Hai, here was the place that I lived , the condition was crude, please should not be offended.” Zhao Hai quickly said: there, here is very good, I like such xiao village very much, Old Gentleman invite.” Juno showed a faint smile, directing Zhao Hai to enter courtyard, Kristen followed behind to walk in them, but other was actually various chapter of each clan. Enters courtyard to see that in courtyard is having an old fu person to feed ji in there, runs like crazy in there in her side also two xiao children. Kristen entered courtyard to run up to nearby the old fu person, was holding old fu person said : nainai, I quite thought you.” Old woman looked at Zhao Hai one, this lowered the head to Kristen said : was good, girl , not the shy joke, asked the guest to enter the room quickly.” Zhao Hai look at this old fu person, he can look, this old fu person was also Expert, level minimum in 7th level about, he has not really thought that 7th level Magician, feared ji in there unexpectedly, moreover she was a thousand Clan Boss mistress. At this time Zhao Hai also entered the room with Juno, this room to is very big, went is a very big living room, inside was placing the wooden chair, with wooden tea table, these thing looked like should with many years, face sank darkly, is passing a sincere feeling. After several people sit down, did Kristen send to sub to them, Juno old person look at Zhao Hai has smiled said : Zhao Hai Clan main not to be familiar with such crude place?” Zhao Hai shook the head, smiles said : not, is familiar with very much, one year ago the place that I live is similar to here, must miss compared with here, place that he he, I live in now, is not better than here many.” The Juno old person look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : my Hurricane Family person millenniums so to cross, has been used to it, this time Zhao Hai Clan lord comes, to do business with Dwarf?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, these time comes to want with Dwarf Race to do some business, is unfamiliar with the people and place, to must trouble Old Gentleman.” Juno Old Gentleman smiles said : Patriarch not to need to be polite, you have rescued Kristen, such great kindness, our unusual grateful, can add on your xiao to be busy, I felt unusual happy.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Old Gentleman not to use such politely, does not need always to hang the benevolence on the mouth, does not need.” Juno Old Gentleman smiled said : well, that did not say that this, this time must ask Zhao Hai Clan main to live in several days in our here, I must arrange, when I arranged, when the time comes Old Man brought Patriarch you to go to Dwarf Iron Mountain personally, believes that Dwarf will give my old man several points of face.” Zhao Hai stares, quickly said: That dares to work Patriarch your honorable self, this was too troublesome.” old person beckoned with the hand, smiles said : not to have relationship, happen to went to Dwarf Race there to see several good friends, Zhao Hai Clan main does not use politely, was right, I have given you to arrange the room, asking Patriarch to rest first, a while I called you to dine.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, leading Laura their turn around to walk.

A their room stares, because Kristen is waiting for them outside the room, when Kristen is not their first time meets that to dress up now, first time sees Kristen time, she is a standard Noble nv child dresses up, wears the long princess skirt, not one word that also handles, but present Kristen, is actually a standard ordinary nv child dresses up, has also made into a braid, looks like looks like nv child same adorable of neighbor. Kristen good squatting body ritual said : Patriarch please come with me to Zhao Hai.” Said that leads Zhao Hai to walk toward a nearby side building. To side building there, Kristen has shoved open mén, Patriarch invites to hand signal said : that Zhao Hai has made invitation, place that here is the grandfather to living that you arrange, the condition is crude, asking Patriarch should not be offended.” Zhao Hai entered the room, this room is not big, is divided into two to enter, the outside is a xiao living room, the inside room is a bedroom, can look, here just had also cleaned, very clean. Zhao Hai turned the head „the Kristen xiao elder sister to be too polite to Kristen said :, here was very good, I liked very much, thanks.” Kristen smiles said : Patriarch to be too polite, you do not shut out well, the Patriarch rest, I do not disturb, had any matter, Patriarch calls one to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded, Kristen turn around has drawn back, she walks, Meg walks, has closed mén, several people are sizing up this room. Laura smiles said : to Zhao Hai Elder Brother Hai, has not thought really that Hurricane Family is inheriting with such pattern unexpectedly, this was really too strange.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, I have not thought that Hurricane Family on Continent, if the big reputation, however their life are actually this, is really the difficult imagination, depending on their strengths, has been resigned to such life unexpectedly, really makes the person admire.” Laura smiles said : „, makes the person admire, but I presently, we are also actually similar to Hurricane Family, our present strengths, feared that was rules a country to be good, aren't we living our life now? What perhaps we pursue is almost lives with them.” bk b