The 565 th Zhangdu is false Laura such Zhao Hai they felt, but also is really that a matter, Zhao Hai is in itself one does not have too many ambition people, if not want to let Space as soon as possible Level Up, they possibly cannot reach today this situation. In this time, in courtyard is broadcasting the voice of speech, Zhao Hai has made Megan open room mén, courtyard of several people in presently toward courtyard in have come in several people, male nv two middle-aged people, in their sides also with two about 20 years young man. Kristen is standing before that male nv two middle-aged people, was acting like a spoiled brat evidently this situation, Zhao Hai knew the status of these two people, did not need to ask, definitely was the Kristen parents. Really, Kristen looked that Zhao Hai they opened mén, immediately/on horseback said to that male nv, the two turned the head to look at a Zhao Hai sea, the immediately/on horseback half step walked, their simultaneously bowed said : to thank Zhao Hai Clan lord to ask xiaonv life to Zhao Hai, please receive me to do obeisance.” Zhao Hai returns salute said : not to be at all hastily this big ritual, sews its meeting exactly.” Was also speaking to the Kristen father here Juno old person walked out to Zhao Hai, he showed a faint smile said : great to come back, asked Zhao Hai Clan main to dine quickly.” Kristen father immediately/on horseback has complied with one, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : in just about to the great hurricane, Patriarch, several madames, please come along with me.” Zhao Hai not polite, bringing Laura their several to walk toward the dining room in great together. The although Kristen family is not a castle, but courtyard xiao of their family, does not have the dining room that mén dines specially, but in their family the decoration of dining room, has fallen far short compared with these Great Clan, the chair of inside dinner table looked like has many years of also being uses, although said that was much better compared with the ordinary commoner family, but compared with these Noble has actually fallen far short. Juno was waiting for Zhao Hai in the dining room they, after inviting Zhao Hai sits down, Juno wife immediately preparing the good meal carries. Saw these meals, Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled, this Hurricane Family was very interesting, they lived in a village that this wanted, the furniture that used was also some ordinary old furniture, but they were used to sweep thing of entertaining a guest person, treated with the country dweller with thing was the same. Now Noble treats to eat meal, generally will choose ten separately systems the good food, the more expensive the better, but the country dweller is different, in the eyes of country dweller, there is ji, has the fish, has rou, this can be the good food, but Hurricane Family suspends on the dish to table today is also this. Laura they first time have such food, feels very curious, Zhao Hai does not have to be curious, conversely, he to feels warm feelings, before he on Earth, such meal has not eaten little.

Juno repetitive urging dish, Zhao Hai also not polite, eats meal while chats with Juno, this meal eats to is very relaxed is comfortable. Zhao Hai this Hurricane Family is very presently good to speak, moreover you spoke to them, did not speak with other Noble likely such, but must think that spoke simply not to need to think to them, you did not need to fear he planned you, moreover he has not probed your meaning, but chatted some daily family activities. After having eaten meal, several people arrived at the living room to sit, the Kristen mother has sent to sub to the people, had Kristen with Kristen nainai their leave, only left behind Juno and great the department in the living room Zhao Hai. Has drunk a sub, Zhao Hai look at Juno said : Old Gentleman, I want to consult, how this time matter do you want to process?” Matter that Zhao Hai said that naturally was Kristen by the attack matter, he wants to ask how Juno must process, if Juno here does not want to move, he did not need immediately to move the Radiant Church person, otherwise when the time comes he said that was Radiant Church person attack Kristen, but Hurricane Family person recognize, he was actually not unpopular everywhere and with everybody. If Hurricane Family wants to cope with Radiant Church, he to can add on busily, passes on this matter, lets the entire Continent person, guards against Radiant Church. Juno one hear of Zhao Hai said that what two eyes jing light flashes said : mister said is Kristen by the attack matter? I am also open about the facts mister, this time matter we such will not consider absolutely as finished, but I think that mister should also understand, now Ocean Waves Dynasty there feared that was already by Radiant Church to control, moreover Radiant Church although was suppressed, however their strengths also, if copes with them now, I feared that caused their ji to counter-attack fiercely, that was not good.” Zhao Hai nodded, he knows what Juno said is real, Juno looks at Zhao Hai to nod, his then said : „, therefore this matter I want to pass on him, making everyone/Great Clan guard against Radiant Church, I think, so long as Continent knew this matter, will certainly find the way to cope with Radiant Church.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this Li Yang to be also good, copes with Radiant Church is not matter in one single day, these time is attacked to pass on with Radiant Church related information Kristen, the people on Continent will certainly dread Radiant Church, whom they later wanted to cope with be more difficult, moreover everyone/Great Clan will also suppress him, soon, Radiant Church will possibly take advantage of a situation.” Juno nodded said : „the present also only to be able such to manage, but Radiant Church our Hurricane Family will not let off his, our Hurricane Family although stands aloof from the world, but that did not express that who can bully us.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Old Gentleman also to know that my Buda Family and Radiant Church already arrived at the irreconcilable situation surface, if Hurricane Family has any need, we are willing to help very much.” Juno laughs said : well, if our Hurricane Family if makes war with Radiant Church really officially, certainly asked Buda Family to help.”

Zhao Hai one hear of Juno said that cannot help but the great happiness, Juno said when regarded the ally them, had a Hurricane Family such ally, to Buda Family absolutely was the good matter. However Zhao Hai also looked, Juno does not want to state clearly with them probably forms an alliance, but he said that Zhao Hai was very happy, no matter what, are many a potential ally to be always good. Then the several days time, Zhao Hai they have lived in the Juno home, Farm person everyday gets up is very early, Zhao Hai their commoner gets up is not late, but actually missed with their together. Moreover this several days time, Zhao Hai understand, the Hurricane Family present performance has not done to give them to look that intentionally, because the Zhao Hai this several days time went to the place of Juno to look personally, in the place of their family type was Bamboo rice, the growing trend is very good, moreover could look, there passed through the jing heart to handle, the villagers in village in their family not far away farm crops, will also greet with Juno, obviously Juno was frequently to here. After looking at several days, Zhao Hai present, although Hurricane Family is one looks like quite loose Clan, their family could not be actually Clan, but is Great Surname, the people in Clan separatedly live alone, but Patriarch still exists, still has very big authority, other people in Clan, every year will also look like some family Lordship jiao taxes, but these money, takes completely, hua on the body of Clan. Compared with other Clan that authority xing very big Patriarch, Hurricane Family Patriarch, what are more has certain rallying point, but is not authority xing. However must say that Hurricane Family has therefore dispersed, you have made a mistake, Hurricane Family person one Faith, that is Wind God, therefore the person heart of their Clan is very uneven, although normally are passing their xiao day, but one but in Clan has any matter, their immediately will unite, even also wants the heart to be uneven than the general thousand Nian Clan clans. Zhao Hai had lived in five days in the Juno family, these five days of daytime times little is staying at home, generally is arrives at all around mountain to have a look at these Bamboo rice and Oil Fruit, chatted with the villagers, in village he actually knew many people. Regarding Zhao Hai such performance, Juno is also very accidental, the Zhao Hai beforehand reputation, Juno has heard, from xiao is playboys, after Clan received the disaster, among his suddenly had the fortuitous encounter, the achievement today's Buda Family. But this, therefore Juno thinks that Zhao Hai not habits and customs in village, he is long from xiao in the big city city, only then outside more than one year of time, but in more than one year time, his majority of time also does business in the city, fights with the person, simply in the experience of village life, his possible custom rural area sunrise not to have done, but sunset the life of rest? Can Zhao Hai be actually used to it, moreover evidently is also very good, this makes Juno very puzzled, those who most make Juno puzzled is Laura they. Laura they are ten Doppelganger shares, Juno also very clear, can say that these woman are the day tender nv, from xiao is similar to the princess same life, but since compares their beforehand living conditions, the condition of the xiao village Hurricane Family is , was really too crude.

However Laura their this several days performance actually very normal, meets under to work, regarding Bamboo rice and Oil Fruit ordinary agriculture crops, they do not have the curious appearance like this, not only does not have the curious appearance, conversely, the growth of their also very clear Bamboo rice and Oil Fruit practices xing, this is makes him somewhat surprised. although being startled Zhao Hai very their performance, but Juno has not actually thought must ask Zhao Hai anything, has not thought must probe the Zhao Hai rumor, this several days he has almost not discussed the Dwarf Race there matter with Zhao Hai, had not asked that any about Buda Family or Radiant Church matter, is only with the Zhao Hai idle talk daily family activity, this arrives is lets Zhao Hai very enjoyable. After in the blink of an eye five days on the past, in that morning Zhao Hai their getting up early, combed the hair and wash the face, go to the dining room to prepare to have the breakfast, the breakfast of rural area was very simple, they also have been very familiar with Juno one now, naturally did not use politely. Juno they already in the dining room, after several people sat down, Juno with a smile to Zhao Hai said : Xiao Hai, you should also tidy up, we leave today, go to Dwarf Iron Mountain.” Zhao Hai has gawked, nodded said : well, actually does not have what to be good to tidy up, we can walk at any time.” To be honest, he a little condition has not thought leave, this xiao village, was really too easy and comfortable, he stayed these five days in here, what was his nearest/recent for more than one year easiest most and comfortable some time, looked like has put down all, took a vacation to be the same well, making him have one type of not to think the feeling of leave. Now, the vacation ended. bk b