Chapter 566 frightens Stands in the Haven Ship deck, the Juno facial expression appears calm, Zhao Hai stands in his side, they are navigating now in the armored war horse river bank. Hurricane Family that five mast iron armor ships, received some damages in the fight, now is repairing, therefore this time they come out, what sits is Zhao Hai Haven Ship. The armored war horse river, is used to put on the entire Buddha Empire river, the river breadth expands, the water is also very deep, is in Buddha Empire the important jiao lifeline. But this armored war horse may end place, leaves Dwarf Iron Mountain not to be far, jiao is very convenient, Zhao Hai they now on rushing to the Dwarf Iron Mountain road. Came out already for four days from the Hurricane Family territory, in having about three days, they can arrive to the Dwarf Iron Mountain not far place. By Juno look at river scenery , sighed said : many years not to have the leave territory lightly, don’t know these old partner/shop assistant how, Xiao Hai, this time you must do business with Dwarf Race, I can only be responsible for introducing you to them, must know that Dwarf Race these fellows were very tenacious, if they do not want to do business with you, who said no matter also used, was right, do you want to do business with them?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Dwarf Race, naturally was the iron hardware were most, I want to do the iron hardware business with Dwarf Race, did with the liquor.” Juno stares, then laughs said : good xiao, your this idea is good, these fellow people are the nice wine like the life, if you do business with them with the nice wine, they will certainly agree that was right, what liquor? Is that milk liquor?” Now Zhao Hai the Haven milk liquor, on Continent, but selling well, therefore Juno also knows. Zhao Hai smiles said : almost, has compared with that type of milk liquor better liquor.” Juno smiles said :that to be good, does business with Dwarf Race, has not received compared with the liquor they welcome, that milk liquor I have also drunk, good, the flavor is very good, especially that specially-made Top Grade milk liquor, the flavor is very good. „ Specially-made Top Grade milk liquor that Juno said that actually with that milk liquor that cow nai ferments, because cow nai is much mellower than Argali nai, the liquor flavor that therefore makes is also better, naturally, any specially-made, Top Grade, these are used to fool these Noble, if you such do not do, could not demonstrate the difference of this milk liquor with ordinary milk liquor.

Zhao Hai smiles said : Grandpa Juno, if likes, I delivered was good to you, in any case was my produce, no big deal.” Juno smiles said : well, after going back, remains to me, has drunk your liquor, was drinking other liquor not to have what flavor, wanted me saying that your xiao really will enjoy this ship to make you give to change, was living in comfortably also compared with me.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I not to think that your there lives comfortably, does not have that oversensitive matter, that looks like me, daily is upon the jump, tired.” Juno ridicules said : to be short in my this attire, this smelly xiao, in front of my such old man person seeks vengeance anything, was good, did not say these, Dwarf Race was easy getting along with actually, but a little, you cannot deceive them, if you dare to deceive them, they will certainly not let off your.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, this I know that I hit jiao to say with Beastman Race, I understands their character.” Juno smiles said : well, you can want to be good, were right, has remembered, with Dwarf Race you can optional cracking a joke, even teased them with their heights, they will not be angry, but if you said their iron hardware did was not good, cannot say that not to be good, their immediately will get angry with you.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I have remembered, my one word speech, these iron hardware will not want merchant actually majority to Beastman Race, I all do not want weapon, one word will not come.” Juno nodded, reason that he just will remind Zhao Hai this point, is feared that Zhao Hai with Dwarf Race does business, to undercut the price, intentionally said the Dwarf Race iron hardware is not good, that may offend thoroughly Dwarf Race. However Juno to was to Zhao Hai said that these iron hardware with Beastman Race merchant, he to felt very curious majority, these milk liquor that Zhao Hai manufactured, the discerning people looks, that was certainly related with Beastman Race, but made people feel what was strange, these milk liquor that Zhao Hai made, milk liquor that but manufacture compared with Beastman Race was much better, this was the incomprehensible place. Juno look at Zhao Hai said : „are you good with Beastman Race relationship?” Zhao Hai smiles said : good, with Tauren Clan, Dog Clan, is mainly good with Black Bear Clan relationship, currently also has dealings in some business with Hawk Clan, other races to do not have to contact too much.”

Juno nodded, look at Zhao Hai said : of turning the head faint smile Radiant Church these time has come a big cropper in Aksu Empire there, won't this matter have relationship with you?” Zhao Hai stares, then shook the head said : not to have, Radiant Church at the Aksu Empire there matter, I have received sound of the wind/rumor in Beastman Prairie there, the specific matter I and don’t know, you also know that I with Radiant Church relationship in that pendulum, they am making how possibly me know these matters, my under the hand/subordinate scout does not have possessing marvelous abilities that the Aksu Empire there matter, what means regarding Radiant Church, I think that you also know, they will make the person who does not trust know the matter of Item body?” Juno nodded, he to has believed the Zhao Hai words, Radiant Church very attaches certainly great importance to the Aksu Empire there matter, will otherwise not send out Red-clothes Archbishop to manage, but finally defeat actually is really a little bewildered, probably Radiant Church each chess, was known by Beastman, therefore one suffered a loss. On this matter Continent does not have nobody to suspect, however speaks the truth, suspected Zhao Hai are really not many, the people on Continent are clear, Zhao Hai has a grudge with Radiant Church, Radiant Church naturally also knows that in that case, Radiant Church possibly is how unexpected Zhao Hai. said it, Buda Family after is emerging Clan, their inside story are insufficient, moreover Zhao Hai had already had a falling out with Aksu Empire, in Aksu Empire there almost did not have existence of what influence, although saying that he and Ikisa Family and Purcell Family relationship was good, but do not forget, Ikisa Family before Beastman Race began, already leave Aksu Empire, but Purcell Duchy was actually early by Radiant Church sacrificing, their simply could not add on Zhao Hai anything busy. Therefore in this case, Zhao Hai simply is impossible to obtain the specific planning for action of Radiant Church, therefore after the Aksu Empire there two clan wars, although Radiant Church to feel how they lose not bright marvelous, what however sounds queer, the person on entire Continent, nobody suspected in unexpectedly this matter will have the Zhao Hai shadow to exist. Radiant Church when summary failure lesson, continuously in own interior left in jian, has not actually suspected Zhao Hai, in their opinion, Buda Family fighting strength is possibly very strong, but must speak of searches information, they fell far short. The people on Continent are forever impossible to think that has Space such mysterious thing to exist, they infer according to the Continent normal mode, the result of obtaining naturally was so. However today Juno asks this, Zhao Hai was startled cold sweat, but early was prepared in him well, thinks that excuse, he did not prepare to make others know that this matter, he used Beastman to tidy up Radiant Church matter less people to know that was better. Human Race on Continent although very repugnant Radiant Church, however wants to come in these people now, how Radiant Church in dislikes that is also the Human Race person on one's own side, but is different from Beastman Race, if makes them know that Zhao Hai forms a partnership to cope with Radiant Church with Beastman Race, feared that will be Zhao Hai immediately becomes the entire Human Race public enemy. Is good because of Beastman Race also knows Zhao Hai help also few, they only know that had a mysterious person to help them, after all Zhao Hai went to Beastman large camp time, changed the appearance.

But if this matter suspects, possibly the person on Continent, will suspect Engraved Ark this organization, after all this organization too mysterious, moreover by subverting Ark Continent exists, such matter they can do. Juno also spoke thoughtlessly to ask that toward has not gone at heart, now he knows that Zhao Hai used Beastman Race to cope with Radiant Church, he will not say anything, after all Beastman Race truly must attack Aksu Empire, this matter also truly was Radiant Church annoys. Is adding on the Radiant Church person to cope with Kristen unexpectedly, this is Juno is unsupportable, the Juno child are many, son that he most settles on is the Kristen father, the great future must take over the position of Hurricane Family Patriarch, but Kristen is grandson nv that Juno most likes, therefore Radiant Church this time must move Kristen, has bumped into the Juno bottom line. Hurricane Family is good-hearted person Clan, but this did not express that this matter they can also endure, at matter Hurricane Family early, reason that can in their territory coming to a stop foot, that is also a fist foot hits, do not look now like the good-hearted person, if their Clan true moves, does not compare any thousand Nian Clan clans to be bad, even if in fund, they do not compare any thousand Nian Clan clans to be bad, but their Clan ancestor teaches on is so, therefore their Clan person will be maintaining such life condition. Before Juno, said now does not cope with Radiant Church time, actually this several days took an action, Buddha Empire in several bright churches, had sent for giving to select by him unexpectedly, all Radiant Church people have not let off. Good person equal to does not have the temperament, others hit your left face, you also collect to make the person hit the right face, that did not explain that you have the demeanor, can only explain that you are inexpensive. Reason that Juno will say with Zhao Hai that these days does not want to move Radiant Church, does not want to make Zhao Hai know, hatred of his very clear Zhao Hai to Radiant Church, if he said that he must cope with Radiant Church, Zhao Hai will certainly help, the matter may be when the time comes busy in a big way, now the show of matter also in his control. bk b