Chapter 567 Dwarf Iron Mountain The ship is walking in the armored war horse river bank, all around often can see three mast freighters or five mast freighters, these on the ship drinking water very much deeply know cargo very heavy that above transports. Now was not far from Dwarf Iron Mountain there pier, believes that these ships with the Dwarf Race merchant ship, but the multi- pass/tests that their on the ship draws are the iron hardware. The people mentioned that Dwarf Race iron hardware, first thinks is the weapon, actually the Dwarf Race iron hardware has plenty type, in various types of daily necessities, all can make the place of iron hardware, Dwarf Race almost manufacture. Moreover Dwarf Race also, not only manufactures iron hardware, they regarding thing of all metals, will manufacture, the gold vessel, the silverware, these thing on Continent are very famous, but most famous their iron hardware. Weapon that Dwarf Race produce comes out, unadorned, but gold vessel that their produce comes out, silverware and so on thing of valuable metal, magnificent serious, can definitely call with the artware, since by has been able to produce jing Spirit Race that the artware is famous, in this aspect also can't compare with Dwarf Race, they regarding the metal, probably inborn has the one type of intuition, the one type of terror intuition. Naturally, Dwarf Race has been hollowing out the places of several Iron Mountain, understand, Iron Mountain in big, there is one day that digs, therefore they also start the recycling now the route, you want to carry on iron hardware merchant with them, sometimes must trade with some metals of abandoning. Therefore these no matter go to the Dwarf Iron Mountain there ship, on the ship that comes out from Dwarf Iron Mountain there, possibly has the metal. Regarding Dwarf Race the custom, Zhao Hai also knows that but Dwarf Race cannot make you take the metal to change them with them merchant, now had some Merchant, special mén did the business of metal recovery with Dwarf Race, can say that the Dwarf Race here show, came compared with Beastman Race, was better. Haven Ship stopping slowly to Dwarf Race pier there, this pier very big, the ship were also many, but Zhao Hai looked, under this pier is stopping ship, almost is the Buddha Empire Noble ship, cannot see the ships of other countries. But Zhao Hai now actually the gang on curious look at pier, this group of people probably is pier Manager, the figures of these people are not tall, about highest also 1.5m, short, only then one meter about three, however their statures very sturdy, the body wears the iron armor, the back of everyone carries a hammer. Sledgehammer that in that Chinese ancient weapon in this hammer Zhao Hai impression that type is not used to fight, this type of hammer looks like you are the hammer that the hammering uses, but is very big, each looks like the hammer has dozens jin (0.5 kg). Iron armor that these Dwarf wear, in adding on hammer, each of them's carrying a heavy load, minimum has about hundred jin (0.5 kg), but looked the appearance that they do not care about muddily, knows their strengths have formidable how. This is Zhao Hai first time sees Dwarf, these Dwarf are growing the brown head, a full beard of face, face is red, probably is drank to be the same. After the ship stops, Zhao Hai walked from on the ship with Juno, immediately had two Dwarf to walk, these two Dwarf arrived around Zhao Hai Juno, bowed to them slightly said : two does business?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, below Buda Family Zhao Hai, these time comes here and Dwarf friend specially does business, I am the first time, my side is Hurricane Family Patriarch.” That Dwarf heard Zhao Hai saying that the person of his side was Hurricane Family Patriarch, immediately turned hostile , originally was Juno Patriarch arrived to Juno respectful gave a salute said :, has been disrespectful, please!

They have not noted self introduction of Zhao Hai probably, complete gave Zhao Hai slightly, Zhao Hai has gawked, then has smiled bitterly. Buda Family now on Continent is also Great Clan that became famous, but these Dwarf actually such to him, only then two possibilities, one type is these Dwarf Race had not heard Zhao Hai name, another one type of is they do not like Zhao Hai. Juno looked at that Dwarf one, calm said : this Mr. Zhao Hai, is Buda Family Patriarch, is the friend of mine.” Very ordinary a few words, that Dwarf has actually gawked, then turns the head look at Zhao Hai, his look actually not very friendly, his look at Zhao Hai said : Buda Family? Is Rosen Empire Buda Family?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, what issue has?” That Dwarf look at Zhao Hai said : our here for a long time did not have Rosen Empire Merchant to come very much, previous that Rosen Empire Merchant, bought for our some mildew Bamboo rice.” Zhao Hai one hear of this Dwarf said that has gawked, then shows a faint smile said : „? Is he Buda Family person?” That Dwarf has not thought that Zhao Hai will ask such, simultaneously his also understand the meaning of Zhao Hai this saying, his suddenly has laughed said : well, I like your such person, Zhao Hai Clan lord, please! Juno in nod of the one side commended, if just Zhao Hai were Rosen Empire Merchant defended, these Dwarf possibly business, but Zhao Hai this asked back that let these Dwarf very delighted exactly. Zhao Hai already present, these Dwarf are different from Beastman Race, Beastman Race is direct, but they do not have Dwarf Race to be intelligent probably, Dwarf Race is also direct, but they possibly contact with Human Race were many, is more intelligent. Zhao Hai they left pier along with that two Dwarf, that two Dwarf immediately called a car(riage), this car(riage) very wide was big, Magic Beast Zhao Hai that pulled a cart has not actually seen, this was one type of looked like the pangolin Magic Beast, however their heads, actually xiao, quickly does not catch up with raging bull. After that two Dwarf invited Zhao Hai they boarded, special mén asked two people they to put up the car(riage) to Zhao Hai, but also told the person of that frame car(riage) their status, was very obvious, they were more respectful to Juno. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, but shows a faint smile, has not said anything, but he comes up from these Dwarf facial expressions is looks, status of Juno in Dwarf Race person heart is very high. Juno sees Zhao Hai to note meeting a train Magic Beast, he then smiles said : these Magic Beast to call Iron Armor Beast, is Dwarf Race unique one type of Magic Beast, is they best partner, these Magic Beast are good at excavating earth, is good at quarrying a mountain, moreover after training, but can also help Dwarf Race discover the iron ore, is the Dwarf Race best assistant, but this Magic Beast also very strange, they impossible teach the clothing/taking by other Human Race or any races, sole can teach to take their, only then Dwarf Race, therefore this Magic Beast also believes by the Dwarf Race person, is Artisan God bestows their gifts.” Zhao Hai nodded, he to does not think that now this was talk nonsense, the Ark Continent here strange matter were too many, perhaps really bright in control all these also perhaps. Iron Armor Beast walks very steady, moreover is not slow, quick Zhao Hai they saw the mountain of distant place, this mountain is different from the Hurricane Family there mountain, on the Hurricane Family there mountain is growing Bamboo rice or the Oil Fruit tree, but on the here mountain steadily is actually being one type of Zhao Hai has not seen the tree.

This tree long very strange, tree trunk very straight, becomes iron oxide black , but is not thick, only then lip thick about, on the top of the tree, is growing some branches, each branch five to six lengthen, on each branch is growing more than ten leaves, these leaf very big, each leaf more than one meter are long, moreover is very thin, looks like looks like a short spear|gun is the same, dark green , the entire tree gives the feeling of person, heaviness, sharpness. A tree to person the one type of sharp feeling, this is will make people very strange unexpectedly, Juno opened said : this tree to call the Iron Spear tree at this time, his branch, the leaf, tree trunk, can make spear shaft/gun barrel, spear shaft/gun barrel that tree trunk makes, the quality is best, but also is heaviest, is heavier than general jing steel spear shaft/gun barrel, but strong xing is full, is the Dwarf Iron Mountain here special product.” Zhao Hai nodded, was happy has gone at heart actually bad, he thought that one these time did not have come in vain, Dwarf Race here unique thing also was really many, even if cannot let Space Level Up, his in hand can also many several types of good thing. Now Zhao Hai anticipated regarding Elven Forest there, Dwarf Race becomes famous with the iron hardware, some of their here these many unique thing, but Elven Forest there becomes famous by various unusual plants, how many unique thing their will there have? This made person anticipate. This Dwarf Iron Mountain very high, is not worse than Iron Ring mountain there silk, has mountain range on this mountain, this mountain range very enormous, is the dong mouth does not only compare Hawk King dongxiao. The Iron Armor Beast car(riage) entered mountain range quickly, enters to mountain range, Zhao Hai stares, the scene in this mountain range was really too big, looking from this mountain range scale, was much bigger than mountain Kou Lake there mountain range. However in this mountain range does not have the water, conversely, this mountain range looks like looks like a incomparably huge ordnance factory, inside can arrive at the blacksmith stove everywhere, some stripped Dwarf is brandishing the iron armor to hit the weapon in there, in entire mountain range is Dingding dāng dāng sound, noisy makes you with sitting in your person speech, must with shouting. In mountain range can see weapons various one after another everywhere, all kinds of full body armor, there are many Dwarf in the there load, but has not actually seen Human Race Merchant. Zhao Hai most feared that such big sound, he felt his head soon has exploded, but before long left mountain range in the Iron Armor Beast car(riage) well, the world one was quiet. Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : was too scary, I, if stays for day in that mountain range, must be killed by shock may not, how these can Dwarf bear?” Juno smiles said : they not to need to receive, you do not have presently, each Dwarf is bringing the ear plug, like this they could not hear these sounds, in that mountain range, Dwarf did not come the jiao class through the sound, they or wrote the character with the hand signal.” Zhao Hai nodded said : originally is this, but is strange, why haven't I seen Human Race Merchant in there?” Juno smiles said : also several xiao mountain range in that mountain range, there mén carries on the merchant place with Human Race Merchant specially, there may be very sober, Human Race Merchant after Dwarf Race finishes talking merchant, in that mountain range will be waiting, installs the goods to them to Dwarf Race, they leave mountain range, not so placed in that mountain range the staying time to grow, feared that will be they will be also insane.” Zhao Hai nodded, has sized up all around one, now they already an exit / to speak from that mountain range, what appears before Zhao sea surface is the continuous mountain, on these mountains is growing the Iron Spear tree, looks like does not have the end to be the same probably. Zhao Hai knows that this is Dwarf Iron Mountain, true Dwarf Iron Mountain, short xiao Iron Mountain area is very big, does not compare Beastman Prairie xiao. Juno look at that continuous mountain said : all people know that here is Dwarf Iron Mountain, but can arrive at here Human Race actually few from that mountain range truly, Dwarf Iron Mountain here only receives the friend, therefore they think that is not the person of friend, most can only enter to just that mountain range.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : these time to be lucky Grandpa Juno, otherwise, we as impossible to come as here.” Juno showed a faint smile said : to be good, sub- should not be polite with me, I was looked that your xiao is not that not good Merchant will lead you to come, otherwise you think that I will lead you to come personally? You must really be that not good Merchant, let alone was you have rescued Kristen, even if were you have rescued our entire Hurricane Family, I am impossible to lead you to come, I with Dwarf Race was a friend, I cannot do matter that did a disservice to the friend.” Zhao Hai nodded, Laura they have not spoken, is only static look at outside scenery , this Juno only led people in several Clan to come, that several people now on following horse carriage, with their also had Xu Wanying and Junichi. Quick, Iron Armor Beast car(riage), entered second mountain range, this mountain range is also very big, has plenty Dwarf is busy in there, but here actually cannot see several types of weapons, mostly is some iron ore. The car(riage) of Iron Mountain beast slowly walks toward mountain range, Zhao Hai felt that toward mountain range , the topography is probably lower, this has a gentle slope to be the same probably. Before long the Iron Armor Beast car(riage) stopped, Juno turns the head to get out to Zhao Hai said :, in walked toward in travels by boat.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, with Laura they from car(riage). Has sized up all around one to outside Zhao Hai, this is very big mountain range, in mountain range has plenty Dwarf, they are rushing for the Iron Armor Beast car(riage), the car(riage) upper garment the iron ore. In mountain range side, pier, is stopping several xiao ships in pier there, these ships are not big, are evidently most can also sit the appearances of several people. That Dwarf of driving a cart also from the vehicle, arrived at Juno, bowed to Juno said : Juno mister, please come with me.” Juno nodded, leading Zhao Hai they to walk toward pier there with that Dwarf. Is also stopping several xiao ships in pier there, that several xiao on the ship, some above think of the iron ore, some on the ship anything do not have, moreover above also lays aside some seats to be used to sit the person. bk b