Chapter 568 hammer Under the influence of Dwarf, Zhao Hai they got up that to ride the xiao ship of person, that also followed to Dwarf that they drove, another Dwarf mén was responsible for rowing a boat specially. This non- ship this underground river mileage, moving forward fast, Zhao Hai was paying attention very much, on this river channel two sides stone cliff, once for a while can see a Magic lamp, illuminates very brightly entire river channel. In river channel often has to transport ore the xiao ship to pass through, these xiao ships also very fast, but on the ship generally only then Dwarf harnesses the ship. Taking advantage of the light of Magic lamp, Zhao Hai present, by river channel once for a while can see some xiao pier, these pier there are also bringing some xiao ships, these xiao on the ship have some above thinks of some iron ore, some above thinks of the weapon. Zhao Hai has to admire these Dwarf now, they are really fierce, looks at the appearance in this mountain range, feared that was Dwarf has scraped out entire Dwarf Iron Mountain, has become a huge underground city, how many skill can this need? Really fierce. Juno sits in on the ship, has sized up all around one, sighs said : follows one time to come time, does not have much difference, but Magic lamp were many much, before I remembered on this route, use was some flares.” Leads that Dwarf that they are coming to smile said : is Juno mister, these Magic kinds exchanges did not have ten years, our Dwarf Race in the front not far place present a Magic Crystal ore, otherwise could not change these Magic lamps.” Juno nodded said : your luck to be good, can presently the Magic Crystal ore, what? not sell out these Magic Crystal unexpectedly?” That Dwarf shook the head said : not to have, that is a xiao Magic Crystal ore, the reserves is not many, therefore we have not sold Magic Crystal, oneself remained is using.” Juno nodded, when the underground river mileage navigated more than xiao, they stopped in xiao pier there, that Dwarf gets them to come ashore, the there early Iron Armor Beast car(riage) was waiting for them. After several people boarded the Iron Armor Beast car(riage), slowly walked from mountain range, Zhao Hai presently Juno some facial expression ji move, he knows that it seems like must go to the place. Really, comes out from mountain range, appears before them, is a main road, this road very wide, spreads with Stone, the road has extended to mountain range of distant place, in Zhao Hai look at, that mountain range is more like a tunnel, can see another side dong mouth from here dong mouth. Entered mountain range Zhao Hai to know that oneself has made a mistake, in this mountain range was very big, moreover has plenty Dwarf Race woman was in there to be busy.

Zhao Hai looked, some of their correct use tools assemble full body armor, these full body armor have plate armor that rewiring Infantry uses, fish-scale armour, these full body armor do makes, is the components of each and every one, must need bit by bit assembles to use them. Crossed that mountain range, building appears in Zhao Hai in front of them not far away, this is construction a like Divine Palace, very tall and big, is completes by the brown iron ore all over the body, entire Great Hall has more than 20 meters high, is setting up 100 altogether 18 big stone columns outside constructing, this stone column very thick, the diameter of each stone column has almost about five meters. Has a People square in front of this Great Hall, the diameter amounts to about ten thousand meters, spreads with the iron ore in the place, very smooth, Zhao Hai currently in the square has some old person to clean in there. Juno sighed said : here is sacred land in Dwarf Race heart, the Artisan God palace, here originally has the xiao mountain, Dwarf digging has put down that mountain, on Stone with mountain, friendly has become this palace, every year Dwarf Race will have a time collective came the Artisan God palace here worship the time, that scene very magnificent.” The Iron Armor Beast car(riage) stopped on Divine Palace square outside [say / way], Juno turned the head to get out to Zhao Hai said :, Divine Palace square there did not permit the car(riage), we went to Divine Palace there to worship Artisan God first, then can see my these old friends.” Zhao Hai nodded, followed Juno, that guide Dwarf also got out with them, several people have arrived in the Divine Palace square slowly, Zhao Hai has sized up, has many Dwarf to clean in there in the square, look at their appearances, age xiao, the beards of many Dwarf were not probably white. These Dwarf although saw Zhao Hai they, has not actually looked at one, is still busy own matter, Zhao Hai their slowly approached that Great Hall. Great Hall that leaves is nearer more feels grand of this Great Hall, moreover is don’t know the misconception, Zhao Hai felt that in this Great Hall transmits a faint pressure, making him feel very uncomfortable. Quick Zhao Hai they entered Great Hall, very beautiful that in this Great Hall constructs, is carving some attractive relief everywhere. However does not have any Statue on Great Hall, this somewhat stems from Zhao Hai to be unexpected, on entire Great Hall is supplying a hammer. Yes, Zhao Hai has not misread, a hammer of red , with the hammer same hammer that Dwarf Race uses now, but xiao a point, has looked like has several jin (0.5 kg) appearance. This compares to be too pocket-sized the hammer that the hammer and Dwarf Race used, hammer was not long knows that was a single-handed hammer, what made Zhao Hai puzzled was, this has actually given him very tremendous pressure the hammer, this pressure, gave his pressure to be bigger than entire Great Hall, even compared 9th level Expert to give his pressure to be big. Juno looks at Zhao Hai to move also motionless look at that the hammer, cannot help but stares, his understand why Zhao Hai such look at that the hammer, he did not come Dwarf Race here already several hundred times, almost will see that each time the hammer, but he had not actually felt that had any special place the hammer.

Led Zhao Hai that Dwarf also to note the Zhao Hai facial expression, he gawked slightly, then two eyes one bright, but he has not said anything, but arrived at that to stop the hammer surface top ten step place, Juno and Zhao Hai also stopped. Under the leadership of that Dwarf, how many people did obeisance the hammer to how many have done obeisance, then from Great Hall following leave, Great Hall, Juno then to Zhao Hai said : Xiao Hai? Why look at that hammer? Feels very odd?” Zhao Hai actually shook the head said : is not, I was only feel very strong pressure from that the hammer on, even if facing 9th level Expert time, I had not felt that had been to such strong pressure, I felt that had the life the hammer probably, moreover was much more formidable than 9th level Expert.” Zhao Hai just a saying ended, front to that Dwarf that he guides one has turned around, look at Zhao Hai that decides, this arrived at must be shocked to nong Zhao Hai and Juno. That Dwarf looked at Zhao Hai some little time, this has turned around, then proceeds, Zhao Hai and Juno puzzled is looking at one mutually, then proceeds with that Dwarf. Comes out from Great Hall behind, behind is very big mountain range, entered this mountain range Zhao Hai to stare, in this mountain range person also extremely numerous, but these people actually not in the there hammering or work, very obvious can look, this was a Dwarf Race Yamanaka Castle is noisy, here was Dwarf Race living place. The Juno look at Zhao Hai appearance, showed a faint smile said : not to be startled, here was Dwarf Race living place, with the village of our Human Race life, the city was almost a meaning.” Zhao Hai nodded, but he is somewhat surprised look at these short, here has Dwarf Race old person, has Dwarf Race woman, the Dwarf Race xiao child, now they looks like not irascible, these xiao children just as are the ordinary Human Race xiao child same in all directions insane road, but these Dwarf Race woman in there makes some needle and thread to live, while chatted, but these Dwarf Race old person, then sitting in threes and fours chatted in the one side, their front set out the xiao table that Iron Spear wooden was becoming, on the table was suspending the wine pot and wine glass. here does not have what difference with an ordinary Human Race village, just here person long has differently some with Human Race. That guide Dwarf leads Zhao Hai they to enter the village, before having arrived at behind village mountain range mén, stopped, then said : Patriarch outside dong, the Hurricane Family Patriarch Juno hurricane comes to visit.” That Dwarf just said that hears in mountain range to transmit sound speaking sounds that a piece ji moves: What? Did Juno that old fogy come? Quick please come in comes.” Along with the sound, Dwarf appears in the front of people, this Dwarf age has not looked like xiao, the beard hua was white, the height in 1.5m about, this in Dwarf is not Dwarf, stature very sturdy, a pair of big hand, each a finger very thick, above has been covered with the callus, looks like looks like withered branches. This Dwarf Race old person sees Juno, laughs, grasps Juno, effort has patted the back of Juno, laughs said : your this old fogy, I think that you died, has not thought that your suddenly ran, HaHaHa.”

Juno obviously already has been very used to Dwarf Race such greeting way, he has not cared, but instead holds that Dwarf to smile said : your this old fogy, but also is living.” Zhao Hai in the one side, static look at these two old person, they looks like two years of xiao child is the same, chatted in there, but Zhao Hai can actually feel that sincere friendship on their bodies. Some little time their old person was proclaims coldly, Juno then finger of Zhao Hai said : this was Buda Family Patriarch, Zhao Hai Buda, this time I was accompany him to come, his some business want to do with you.” Then Juno turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Xiao Hai, this is Dwarf Race Patriarch, Billy.” Zhao Hai bows said : Zhao Hai to see Patriarch to Billy.” Billy has sized up Zhao Hai several, looked at Zhao Hai behind Laura their eyes, nodded said : „, since comes with Juno, that did not use politely, young man, came in me, several nv children arrived in nearby room to rest.” Zhao Hai had not opposed that turned the head to hint to Laura, Laura they nodded, to Billy gave a salute, this followed that guide Dwarf turn around. bk b