Chapter 569 four types of liquor Zhao Hai entered that mountain range with Billy and Juno, this is very ordinary mountain range, can look, this mountain range is not used for the person probably, because in this mountain range is suspending a very big desk, behind is also suspending several very big bookshelves. Before leaving mountain range mén not far place, is one piece the place that is used to rest, there is suspending the wooden sand and tea table of one set. Several people arrived at rest area there to sit, Billy look at Zhao Hai, laughed said : „the xiao much, in more than one year, what you did was really good, but if Buda Family now the big reputation, I want to know that what merchant you want to carry on with our Dwarf Race.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : some of our Buda Family anything commodities, I think that Patriarch you should also know, this time I come and Dwarf Race merchant thing am milk liquor.” Zhao Hai knows that majority of different race, they very direct, is much more direct than Human Race, therefore you were needless to say indirectly these useless, had anything to say directly and that's the end. Billy looked at Zhao Hai one, smiles said : „your milk liquor I to drink, but also is really good, comes out with Beastman Race cooperation nong?” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile said : „, milk liquor that but they ferment is incomplete, needs to further process, I from Beastman Race there, receive that ordinary milk liquor that some they ferment, then on milk liquor that processing present Continent sells.” Billy nodded said : „the xiao much, you are very honest, good, said that you need anything.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to have a mao sickness, likes some out of the ordinary thing, Magic Beast is also good, plants is also good, so long as is strange, on Continent rare, I like, therefore I want to trade in Dwarf Race with milk liquor with you these unusual thing, is changing some iron hardware, don’t know can?” Billy knit the brows said : this to arrive is not the issue, but you also know that Magic Beast like Iron Armor Beast, is our Dwarf Race unique, does not mean our Dwarf Race not to other races, but this Iron Armor Beast, if has given other races, they do not have the means to support, these Iron Armor Beast to in hand of other races, will fast dead, but tree like Iron Spear tree, if type to don't the place, the type does not live, why can you?” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to these thing very curious, makes merchant with Beastman Race in the time, is so, in fact in my Clan has Alchemist and one builds up Alchemist, they to these thing, feel very curious, therefore I want these thing.” Billy to has not said anything, actually looks like Beastman Race and Dwarf Race these special Magic Beast or plants, has plenty is not they are not willing to the person, but gives you you too could not use, therefore nobody slowly wanted. Billy nodded said : this not to have issue, what money these thing are also unworthy, if you words, deliver you several not to be a problem, what price your is milk liquor?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : Patriarch not to need to be worried that is only the normal price, we sell how much money on Continent, sold to you are how much money, guarantees a copper coins many in addition.” Billy has gawked, his look at Zhao Hai said : really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Patriarch not to need to suspect, if you go to Beastman Race there to inquire that will know, our Buda Family does business is very fair, we in the Beastman Race there grain price, compare general Merchant to be low, not having the truth to do business with Dwarf Race, instead to opens the high price.” Billy look at Zhao Hai, must from the face of Zhao Hai, those who saw him to say was really or fake, some little time Billy nodded said : „, if were really this, then regarding our Dwarf Race to was the good deed, our Dwarf Race year to year lived in the mountain, the wind in mountain was hard, needs to drink liquor frequently, can ting in the past, if you used milk liquor really with our merchant, then to our Dwarf Race was also the good deed.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : in fact my in hand not to have milk liquor, several nai, happen to please two elders taste today.” Said that Zhao Hai turned the hand, has put out several jars. What in these jars attire is several types of liquor, is ordinary milk liquor, Advanced level milk liquor, the white liquor and beer, Zhao Hai has not come out with Fruit Wine respectively, Fruit Wine this thing obviously is the not suitable Dwarf Race appetite. Before the fact comes up, Zhao Hai has carried on to Dwarf Race had understood that Dwarf Race likes the liquor very much, liquor that but they drink also very has specially, liquor that they drink, many are the one type of Cubed Potato liquor of Buddha Empire here special product, this Cubed Potato, actually looks like sweet potato same thing, but this type of liquor on that sweet potato liquor with Earth is also similar, moreover quite inferior sweet potato liquor of fermenting, this type of liquor except for Dwarf Race, almost nobody is willing to drink . Moreover the number of degree of this type of liquor is not high, with the Zhao Hai this jing system, when the grain liquor that nature is not the means compared with.. Must say that said really words that the Fruit Wine flavor be better than the Cubed Potato liquor, but Dwarf Race actually does not like the Fruit Wine flavor, therefore they rather drink this type of Cubed Potato liquor. Zhao Hai before coming to know these matters, therefore this simply has not taken Fruit Wine, moreover only brought milk liquor and grain liquor. Billy and four bottles of liquor on Juno look at table, these four jars of bottle liquor look like and common, does not have any special place, the liquor three bottles in jar are also transparent, one bottle is black . Zhao Hai turned on that ordinary milk liquor jar said : to Billy and Juno this is ordinary milk liquor, I think that two have drunk, but this milk liquor was also is divided into several, most low grade was these that the Continent last present sells, but this bottle, was level is quite high, two can taste.” The Dwarf Race table person must always have wine glass, this is on Continent all people knows that Zhao Hai was saying while has taken up two wine glass on table, in a milk liquor cup a point, has put in front of them but actually. Billy and Juno not polite, they have taken up wine glass, has drunk liquor, they had have drunk the experience of milk liquor, knows that this type of liquor very fierce, very slow that therefore drinks, has only drunk a xiao mouth.

They drank this liquor really to feel different, on Continent appears that ordinary milk liquor they have drunk, was very tasty, compared with the liquor that but these time took with Zhao Hai, but must miss on, this milk liquor mellow. They put down the cup to nod, Zhao Hai has taken up that Advanced level milk liquor jar, gave them to arrive at a point, taste in time please two people. Juno is good, he had drunk this Advanced level milk liquor before, now drinks to arrive not to feel anything, before Billy, has not actually drunk, after having drunk this Advanced level milk liquor, cannot help but two eyes one bright, he felt that the flavor of this liquor is really good. Then Zhao Hai took up that to think of the rice wine the jar, gave them but actually a point, then said : tastes this bar, this liquor was the liquor that we made newly, was not milk liquor, was not Fruit Wine, fermented with Bamboo rice, two taste.” Juno and Billy stare, Bamboo rice they naturally know, but brews alcohol with Bamboo rice, they also are really first time heard. They have carried cup curiously, has drunk liquor in cup, the rice wine number of degree that Zhao Hai these time makes is not very high, but the rice wine drinks not to have the nai fragrance, is the pure wine fragrance taste, but also has the a little bit sweet taste, the taste is gentle. After they drink drinks, has looked one, saw from the opposite party eye jing is wonderful, they have not thought that with liquor that Bamboo rice makes, the flavor so will be unexpectedly good. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile, has put out the jar of beer, gave them to arrive at a big cup, before the place of he waited to the white liquor and rice wine, but actually a point, only has sufficed one to drink, but this time but actually beer, was actually one but actually half cup, was adding on the beer the bubble, already entire one big cup. Billy and Juno puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai slightly knows said : this type of liquor not to be fierce, drinks to be very mellow, moreover wants drinking of big mouth to be interesting, two taste to look.” Juno and Billy not polite, holds up wine glass, the liquor in cup killing, this liquor just entered their mouths, they are felt first this liquor the flavor is a little strange, but then felt the mellow flavor that ten points difficult described, after they raised one's wine cup swallowed, but also cannot help but mouth. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : this type of liquor on one type of very rare one type of plants with Continent to breed, now this plants only then our Buda Family knows Daoist priest in there, but this liquor later output will be very big.” The Billy look at in hand cup, nodded said : finally this type of liquor is really good, the flavor is very good, now your has plenty type of this type of liquor?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „the output of present this type of liquor is also not very high, now my in hand output highest is milk liquor, if wants several other liquor, needs to wait some time.”

Billy nodded said : that to want milk liquor, wants this ordinary milk liquor, our Dwarf Race needs the liquor quantity very big, you must give me a very just price.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this is not a problem, the liquor of mass, we will have in the price preferential, we can a Dwarf Race wholesale price.” Billy then satisfied nod said : good, that is good, young man, when can you raise one's wine cup send?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : present, how many do you want? My immediately can Fu Huo.” Did Billy stare, looks at said : your Space equipment to be so big?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, is very big, moreover this time I want to come to do business with Dwarf Race, therefore brought many milk liquor, I want to change some iron hardware with Dwarf Race, these iron hardware must transport to Beastman Race there goes.” Billy nodded said : looks like you with Beastman relationship is good, before our Dwarf Race, has dealings in some business with Beastman Race, but that is many year's of matters, afterward because of impediment of Human Race, we and Beastman Race business also broke, has not thought that you did this business.” bk b