Chapter 570 predicted Zhao Hai also really don’t know this matter, before originally Dwarf Race and Beastman Race, has business dealings, Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have anything, is actually I am just good with Beastman Race relationship, previous time goes to Beastman Race time, méng Beast King Your Majesty thought highly, asking me to have a food, I complied saying that must come Dwarf Race here, must help him buy some iron hardware to go back, therefore came back after Beastman Race there, I came.” Ten points calm that Zhao Hai this saying said that but hears Juno not to be different from the ear of Billy, Juno and Billy very clear Beastman Race and Human Race relationship, they are very clear, do not look Human Race that Beastman Race there does business are many, but there are popular can see Beast King, is actually few. What most important is, listens to Zhao Hai this saying the meaning, he after two clan wars, went to Beastman Race, in that case, Beast King can also see him, but can also ask him to eat meal? This fully explained status of Zhao Hai in Beastman heart. Juno look at Zhao Hai said : Xiao Hai, have you eaten meal with Beast King really?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be natural, this matter I could not mean that lay, before long, I want Human Race Merchant to go to Beastman Prairie to do business, when the time comes they will know this matter, reason that I can with the Beastman Race cooperation milk liquor business, Beast King help, was lucky that he held the book to pass on world, these Beastman Race believed me.” Juno and Billy surprised does said : hold the book to pass on world?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, holds the book to pass on world, Beastman Race there such calls probably, What happened? I asked Beast King to help, he had not said that anything complied.” Juno and Billy look at Zhao Hai, some little time Billy said : xiao, your real don’t know Beastman Race what holds the book to pass on world to represent?” Zhao Hai has gawked next step: What can represent? Not like the Human Race notice?” Juno has smiled bitterly next step: Your xiao anything does not gawk, why the real don’t know Beastman Race person such helps you, Beastman Race holds the book to pass on world, can not use easily, only if the important matter, otherwise they will not use to hold the book to pass on world this way.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to do the milk liquor business, is the important matter, moreover in order to as soon as possible receives Beastman Race in hand milk liquor, I also cooperate with the Hawk Clan person, making them help me receive on another's behalf milk liquor, must otherwise, my business not be impossible such quickly to do.” Juno knit the brows said : this not to be right, will Beastman Race such believe why you? Doesn't this have the reason? Beastman Race has guarded to Human Race , will they such help why you?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I besides is Merchant, is Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, moreover my in hand also has Dog Clan and Black Bear Clan Friendship flag, therefore they such believe me.” Juno not understand what's the matter, puzzled said : Friendship flag? What thing is Friendship flag?” Billy actually compared with Juno knows that his face shocking look at Zhao Hai said : you did obtain Beastman Race Friendship flag really? How is this possible?” Juno puzzled said : „is What happened? what Friendship flag?”

Billy forced smile said : „the Beastman Race flag is divided into many types, now puts in these people who on Beastman Prairie does business, their although also obtained Beastman Race War flag, what that War flag is actually not representing, but Friendship flag is different, so long as some people have attained Beastman Race Friendship flag, represented him to obtain the Beastman friendship, was the Beastman Race genuine friend, but Beastman Race can at any time gave the friend own life and death jiao, you said that this Friendship flag was important? Right, you added that you are Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince? What's all this about?” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to help Hercules Tauren Clan some busily, with present Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch is the Beheading Blood Oath brothers, therefore now has become their Foreign Crown Prince.” Billy forced smile said : your xiao luck also really good, no wonder Beast King is willing to see you, but can also hold the book passes on world helps you, milk liquor this business affects significantly regarding Beastman Race, if Beastman is not the absolute trust you, feared that will be they will not agree will do this business with you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I and Beastman Race does business, continuously justice, grain price compared with general Human Race Merchant low minimum half, therefore I and Beastman Race relationship very good.” Billy nodded said : now I to believe the words that you spoke, it seems like you to also real, I who we said hope that you and our Dwarf Race did business, can achieve to Beastman Race such.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, I will.” Billy smiles said : hope, was good, how many milk liquor your does time bring? We want may be many.” Zhao Hai smiles said : you saying that you want many, but my milk liquor are many, I feared that you could not want.” Billy laughs said : young man, should not be too full, does not want xiao that the words said to look, that milk liquor that our Dwarf Race has drunk before reached an agreement I took 10 million jin (0.5 kg).” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he has not thought that really Dwarf Race can want these many, the beforehand words said also really somewhat full, but it doesn't matter, now in his Space is also also saving about 1 million jin (0.5 kg) milk liquor, he made Patriarch be laughed at to Billy said :, I have not thought that really you one wanted these many, I presently in hand has about the milk liquor 1 million jin (0.5 kg), remaining I can one after the other gave you to send, did you look?” Billy laughs said : well, the 1 million jin (0.5 kg) was enough, good, thing that but you want, must wait for several days I to you, this several days you first stay in here, I also with Juno well poly, tomorrow I will make you lead you to transfer the extension everywhere, you settled on anything, said one to that person, when the time comes I give you to prepare.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that immediately/on horseback happy said : good, that fantastic, thanked Patriarch.” Billy beckoned with the hand said : not to use politely, you rest first, a while I make the person prepare the supper, prepared me to send for calling you.” Ends to mountain range outside said loudly: Comes the person!” His voice just fell, Dwarf walked from outside, bows to Billy. Billy nodded said : to lead Mr. Zhao Hai and his wife rests, prepares a good room to them, he is our Dwarf Race friend, cannot neglect.” That Dwarf has complied with one, directing Zhao Hai to exit. Looked at Zhao Hai to exit, Billy then turned the head to Juno said : well, old partner/shop assistant, this time you have brought an honored person that to me, Buddha Empire these years have been pressing our Dwarf Race, if we can do the business with Zhao Hai, that did not need to fear the Buddha Empire person.”

Juno forced smile said : I have not thought that can be this, has not thought that his so many status, it seems like that this Buda Family can rise in short more than one year, is not accidentally that.” Billy laughed said : I to say old partner/shop assistant, you had not said why you transferred xing, such helped this xiao? What relationship is he with you? I remember that Buda Family with your Hurricane Family, doesn't have no relationship probably?” Juno he he chuckle said : you also really said right, our Hurricane Family before Buda Family did not have no relationship, but currently has relationship, you possibly returned don’t know, previous some time, Kristen that xiao girl did business to Rosen Empire, comes back by the Radiant Church person to attack, the words that Zhao Hai by chance passed by, Kristen that xiao girl ended.” Billy stares, then two two eyes cold said : Radiant Church? Also is Radiant Church? Do they dare to begin to Kristen unexpectedly? No wonder this several days heard that in the Buddha Empire several Radiant Church churches had been selected, is you do?” Juno coldly snorted said : our Hurricane Family temperament is good, but does not represent our temperament not to have, Radiant Church dares such to begin, if we do not hit back, our Hurricane Family was no one can bully, later did not use on Continent takes a walk.” Billy laughs said : well, good, knew that your such long time, most has raised the air/Qi on these words, no wonder the previous time is not Kristen that girl comes our here to take the goods, you sent Rosen Empire to go him unexpectedly, your feel relieved, that distance was not near.” Juno forced smile said : that is I sends, is she must with, she has not had an accident fortunately, if she had an accident, that don’t know will be really what kind.” Billy coldly snorted said : Radiant Church the potential micro, unexpectedly also has dared to have these xiao movements now, I looked that should teach to them, snort|hum, these soul eggs , want the idea of our Dwarf Race before unexpectedly, was given to hit by us.” Juno said : „has Radiant Church also had your idea? My don’t know? On Continent has not spread information.” Billy sneered said : their don’t know to look for several Dwarf to come from there, thinks that soul entered our Dwarf Race, then did missionary work, when went to the Divine Palace worship, in Artisan God hammer by palace present, was given exterminate by us at the scene, afterward from their bodies presently they unexpectedly is the Radiant Church person.” Juno does said : really have such matter? I also think that in your Great Hall supplies am only an ordinary hammer, will that hammer really have such doing to use?” Billy looked at Juno one, coldly snorted said : I had already told you, that was Divine Artifact, you have not believed that snort|hum.” Was saying, a Dwarf sound conveys said : from outside Patriarch, I have the matter screen report.” Billy said : comes.” Before to Zhao Hai, when that person of guide walked, he looked at Juno one, Billy had knit the brows said : Ian that what matter? Then, Juno is our Dwarf Race friend, our Dwarf Race will not conceal anything to the friend.” Ian immediately/on horseback said : is, is unfair to Juno mister.” Was saying while salutes to Juno, Juno beckoned with the hand, Ian then turns the head to Billy said : Patriarch, the matter about Zhao Hai, today Zhao Hai and Juno mister goes to Divine Palace to pay respect to Divine Artifact the time, he said from Divine Artifact felt the pressure, he felt that Divine Artifact was lives, wanted fearful existence compared with 9th level Expert.”

These words Juno also heard Zhao Hai saying that but he toward has not gone at heart, but Billy one hear of Ian said that was actually the face big change, one has stood, look at He/She An Dao: Really? Did he say really?” Ian nodded said : is Patriarch, did not believe you to ask Juno mister, Juno mister also hears.” Billy turns the head look at Juno, Juno do not understand Ian why such tense these words, but he also knows that certainly is not the xiao matter, therefore he nodded said : Zhao Hai truly saying that I also think that he is cracks a joke, just listened to you saying that was Divine Artifact is helping you present the rebel, I to believe the Zhao Hai words now.” One that Billy throws sat on the chair, forced smile said : „, if simply were so good, has not thought that on this day came unexpectedly.” Juno puzzled look at Billy said : „isn't What happened? a few words?” Billy beckoned with the hand, making Ian exit first, his then said : this is not a few words so is then simple, you had seen before Divine Artifact are innumerable, but do you have to feel the Divine Artifact differences?” Juno shook the head said : to never have, or I will not say that was not Divine Artifact, because What happened? Zhao Hai felt Divine Artifact different?” Billy nodded said : truly because of this, in our Dwarf Race the legend, has been related with Divine Artifact, before you said not wrong, Divine Artifact in other clansman eyes, is only an ordinary hammer, only then our Dwarf Race can see his difference, but our Dwarf Race that legend, is actually a prediction, meaning in other words, if beyond clansman can presently the Divine Artifact differences, that on Continent on probably have the catastrophe to live, but that presently outside clansman of Divine Artifact difference, on are on Continent all races. Liberators, the king of right and wrong king.” Juno look at Billy, he really has not managed Law Idol to believe the Billy words, Billy look at his appearance, forced smile said : this matter besides our Dwarf Race, other races have not known that the full text of prediction is, ‚the Divine Artifact visualization, jing Spirit Tree is dry, five ban entirely Jie, the day falls the disaster god, the king of non- king, the heart of salvation, along with Wang Banjia, ten thousand th hero.’ These words meaning in other words, when beyond clansman present Divine Artifact differences, when jing Spirit Race there the tree of life starts to wither, on Continent five Great Forbidden Land untied, will have big disaster descend to Continent on, but presently the Divine Artifact different people, are the kings of non- king, he can in the salvation all people, our Dwarf Race probably follow him, helping him save on entire Continent all races.” Juno shocking look at Billy said : Divine Artifact visualization? jing is Spirit Tree dry? Do five ban entirely Jie? Will have such matter really? Can be Zhao Hai one word says? You and jing Spirit Race has contact, what situation presently jing Spirit Race does the tree of life live?” Billy shook the head said : „the present not to have, but this prediction was not one word said that you must know, these words along with Divine Artifact together appears in the clan, in our Dwarf Race clan in the calendar almanac, the opening were these words, I do not think that was one word writes.” Juno does not speak, he knows that Dwarf Race history is longer than their Hurricane Family, although Dwarf Race has moved several times, however in their clans underwent, but has not broken, was in the clan in the experience records, that should not be one word writes. bk b