Chapter 571 whip Human Race although now very formidable, is much more formidable than general different race, but Human Race has lived several times internal strife, many historic information, in these internal strife slowly vanished. But like Dwarf Race such different race actually not, their internal very united, therefore their interior will have one to record the history book of Dwarf Race show, can say their such history books, after the Human Race history book complete, therefore Juno does not dare xiao to look at thing that in this history book records. Juno frowns said : „, but present jing Spirit Race there the tree of life has not lived the accident, moreover five Great Forbidden Land on Continent had not resulted in to break, I do not think that like in your book records?” Billy smiles bitterly next step: I also hope am not, otherwise, that is really one huge troubled.” Juno sighed Pin Qi, was not saying anything, he also knows that now said anything was useless, can only look at later unfolding, if jing Spirit Race there the tree of life had problems, that this prediction might very much real. Juno look at Billy said : how does this several days person prepare to arrange Zhao Hai?” Does Billy he he smile said : to ask his me not to mean in all directions? although Zhao Hai possible present Divine Artifact differences, but had not confirmed now that we are naturally impossible to follow him.” Juno look at Billy said : if confirmed really the tree of jing spirit life had problems, you really do prepare to follow him to be inadequate?” In the Billy eye 1 u leaves firm radiance, forcibly nod said : good, if confirmed really the prediction is correct, our Dwarf clan, will certainly be following.” Juno smiled bitterly shaking the head, although he with Billy is being an old friend, however in this regard, his real do not understand Billy, because of a prediction, a Dwarf clan unexpectedly must follow Zhao Hai, this in his opinion, was really too the child's play. Zhao Hai actually don’t know these, he with Laura they, was received mountain range mén, én asked him to go after before by Dwarf, that Dwarf stands in the dongmén mouth to Zhao Hai said : mister, has any need, can tell me that you can also stroll everywhere, does not have relationship.” Zhao Hai nodded, expressed gratitude to that Dwarf, this entered mountain range, enters mountain range Zhao Hai to stare, he has not thought in this mountain range interior decoration is so good.

In entire mountain range no matter the wall or the ground, have spread out the plank, making you unable to see a mountain range appearance, the style of entire room also designed more suitable Human Race housing, inside thing, prepares according to that daily necessities that Human Race uses, very careful. Laura their look at, they have not thought that in all directions can be this, this mountain range was separated three rooms, a living room, two bedrooms, because of plank interior decoration, therefore looks like ancient Gu Xiang. Because in mountain range, cannot see Sun, therefore the day hua board upper garment of room several Magic lamps, this Magic lamp very good, light very gentle, is not dazzling. Laura they looked in all directions, this returned to the living room, Laura has smiled said : here to be possible really to be to Zhao Hai good, compared with Beastman Race there much better, it seems like that the Dwarf Race day felt better compared with Beastman Race.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be natural, Buddha Empire does not dare too to suppress Dwarf Race, Dwarf Race produce thing, regarding them, the use was too big . Moreover the Dwarf Race income is certainly higher than Beastman Race, the time that they and Human Race contact is also long, opportunity are also more, completeness that such can therefore prepare.” Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, I thought that these Dwarf ting are good to speak, but also enables us to be able strolling in all directions, we feared that is on here dull several days, when did you say us to be able through Dwarf and in the jing Spirit Race contact?” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly was shaking the head said : this not saying that first wins the trust of Dwarf Race, this, tomorrow we deliver to Dwarf Race milk liquor, under a batch milk liquor must arrive in any case, sufficed on Continent to use, has not thought really that Dwarf Race actually all of a sudden wanted that many milk liquor.” Laura smiles said : you to be busy, the short xiao clan is also a race, their population do not have Beastman Race to be many, but compares to Human Race Empire to come, feared that will be will not be short to that goes, will be adding on Dwarf each and every one to bite the liquor like the life, they will not be many prepare to select the milk liquor line.” Zhao Hai nodded said : looks like I must prepare some machines, letting Grandpa Green a bit faster comes out the rice wine and beer produce, I looked that Dwarf Race likes the beer probably.” Laura puzzled said : „? Really strange, their tastes are really strange enough, is preparing some machines also should be, some produce scale xia of our liquor field adds on now also wants other produce thing, the manpower is somewhat insufficient, but after a period of time, these slaves cultivated the place, will have the massive manpower.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to think that Lin Li/everywhere should also soon send the second group of slaves, so long as these slave join, our manpower were also sufficient.” Laura nodded, smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, why don't you need these Undead Creature to go to liquor field there to be busy? Such words didn't we have the massive manpower?”

Zhao Hai forced smile said : considers as finished, wait, our in hand Undead Creature are too many, but must establish Clan, only depends on these Undead Creature are incorrect, but these slaves just arrived at Black Wasteland there, the mood is not steady, if makes they existing large quantities of Undead Creature work in there, I feared that scares them.” In this time, is transmitting one to knock the mén sound, Meg immediately/on horseback opened outside mén , mén to stand in the past Dwarf, what that Dwarf én is Meg, stares slightly, sweeps immediately/on horseback said : „to pass on to Mr. Zhao Hai, Patriarch asks him to dine.” Zhao Hai also walked out, he shows a faint smile to that Dwarf said : well, please.” Said that went out of the room with that Dwarf. Several people under the leadership of that Dwarf, to mountain range, entered mountain range Zhao Hai to stare, this mountain range is very big, inside is setting out several tables, besides Billy and Juno their table, several table there also sits some Dwarf, has the male to have nv. Billy looked at Zhao Hai to come, immediately/on horseback greeted Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, invited this even/including to come, several madames welcome to that table.” Said that has referred to nearby that table, that table is almost Dwarf Race woman, several empty space, it seems like are specially mén they remains to Laura. Laura they are also the people of seeing the world, naturally has not wasted breath, after Billy expressed gratitude, takes a seat that table there, but Zhao Hai sat Billy their here. Zhao Hai just under the meeting, had Dwarf Race woman to carry food to deliver, Zhao Hai also paid attention to these Dwarf Race woman, these Dwarf Race woman are not tall, be only one meter three arrive at about the 1.4m appearance, but the stature is very good, xiao is skillful, skin micro black, but a person skill is vigorous, to person one type of very healthy feeling. Zhao Hai looked at meal on the table, is very good, has rou and dish, some above vegetables are Zhao Hai had not known that it seems like it is Dwarf Race here unique Magic Beast. Billy to Zhao Hai but actually some liquor, this liquor timing Zhao Hai milk liquor, since milk liquor appears on Continent, Dwarf Race has bought many milk liquor, entertains the person like Zhao Hai, naturally cannot use the Cubed Potato liquor. After pouring the nice wine, Billy was holding up wine glass said : I to represent Dwarf Race to Zhao Hai, welcome the arrival of Mr. Zhao Hai, after the hope, can the cooperation be happy with mister.” Zhao Hai also raises glass, smiles said : certain little while.” Three people have drunk up the liquor in cup, Billy immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : how Mr. Zhao Hai tastes the dish flavor that our Dwarf Race makes.” Zhao Hai not polite, has taken up the knife and fork, tries the dish on table, meal that let alone, Dwarf Race makes, the flavor is very good, Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded said : well, the flavor is very good , compared with the meal that Human Race makes, there is a different flavor, is very delicious.”

Billy laughs said : to like well, eats, right Mr. Zhao Hai, I listened to the person saying that when you saw Divine Artifact in our Divine Palace, said that Divine Artifact wasn't ordinary? I can ask when you do see that Divine Artifact feeling?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really Billy will ask this, but he also knows that this matter is impossible to conceal the truth, because this matter, not only Juno knows that also knows to that Dwarf that he shows the way, therefore he has not been concealing the truth, but nodded said : naturally not to have the issue.” Then did Zhao Hai wrinkle under brow said : to say? First sees that the hammer, felt that probably is very ordinary, is I, when sees that hammer, felt that a pressure, one next minute formidable pressure, exactly said is, I felt that in Divine Palace square there has a pressure, I have thought is Great Hall to my pressure, when sees that the hammer, I know that pressure is not Great Hall gives me, but is that the hammer, I felt that hammer is lives probably, moreover is Expert, even is much more formidable than 9th level Expert..” Ends Zhao Hai to put out a hand, entangling the Mu'er whip on own waist solved, handed in front of Billy said : this whip is my Big Brother, Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch gives to me, called the Beast King whip, this whip was very fierce weapon, I did not use Magic and Battle Qi, only used this whip, can fight with 9th level Expert, but that on your Great Hall the hammer, felt in me that was much more formidable than this root whip.” The Billy look at Zhao Hai in hand whip has gawked, then his face big face received the Zhao Hai in hand whip, this whip he has not seen, but he feeling from this whip had not actually realized a pressure, this pressure although their clan Divine Artifact is not big, but actually also really exists. Not only Billy, Juno also look at that whip, he also felt that from that whip that pressure, he felt that is not a whip, but is a high living creature, 9th level Expert. bk b