Chapter 572 asked you to help weapon, actually like this will feel to the person that this lets Juno being startled very, he has not come across such matter. But Billy was actually the look at whip, two eyes shines, looked some little time, he gave Zhao Hai whip jiao, then pulled down sound speaking sounds: Taking the liberty asked that mister, this whip whether has Artifact Spirit?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that Billy actually knows Artifact Spirit, but he has not been hiding the truth from Billy, therefore his nod said : of gently has.” Billy ji moved, he one has stood, pulling Zhao Hai outward walks, walks while told that said : delivers to my in the room the meal, I had the matter to say to Mr. Zhao Hai that old partner/shop assistant, you were also quick.” Juno naturally also followed Zhao Hai and Billy, he wants to know that really they must discuss any matter, Laura they also puzzled look at Zhao Hai they, but they have not moved. Three people quick arrived at the Billy room, this time is Billy own room, is not the place of that work, the Billy room is a Dwarf room of standard, the room is not very big, a living room, a bedroom, in side of living room, a xiao leaning room, it seems like it is the place that is used to wash. Three people just entered the living room, Billy immediately/on horseback turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : Artifact Spirit of mister this whip, can the visualization?” Zhao Hai gawked, Mu'er has been able the visualization, but he has not made Mu'er presently cross the shape before the bystander, but looked at the Billy appearance, obviously was an expert, he knew Artifact Spirit, but also knew Artifact Spirit to be able the visualization. After having measured one next, Zhao Hai decided that told Billy this matter, Billy after knowing the Artifact Spirit matter, immediately drew the room him, will obviously not tell too many people this matter, but Juno, Zhao Hai believes that Juno one word will not say in all directions. Zhao Hai nodded said : „.” Billy facial expression ji moved, the hua white beard shakes in one word, his can immediately/on horseback invite mister to Zhao Hai said :, calling Artifact Spirit to come out to see?” His sound somewhat or got out of tune. Zhao Hai understand Billy why such ji does not move, but he knows that this matter wants to Billy certain very heavy, therefore he nodded said : well.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out the whip, said : Mu'er, comes out in a soft voice.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, Mu'er personal appearance on slowly reappeared from the whip, an appearance of xiao boy, after he comes out, bows to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you called me.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : this is Dwarf Race Patriarch Billy, this is Hurricane Family Patriarch, Juno, sees two their two.” Mu'er turned the head to look at Billy and Juno, slightly Mu'er to their raising slightly said : has seen two.” Billy and Juno look at Mu'er, Juno has not seen, but Billy is startled, he has not thought that Mu'er unexpectedly so intelligent, can unexpectedly like the person talked with him, this was out of his anticipation. In the Dwarf Race clan undergoes to have the record to Artifact Spirit, but in the book said that Artifact Spirit has some Spiritual Wisdom, can listen to the Master words, but impossible to be so intelligent, therefore the performance of Mu'er, making the person of Billy this knowing the business be also surprised. Some little time Billy recovers, Eldest Child that face shocking look at Mu'er, the mouth opens, could not speak completely. But Juno is shocking look at Mu'er, he has not thought really that a whip in can speak with oneself unexpectedly, he has not heard such matter. Zhao Hai look at Billy, showed a faint smile said : Billy Patriarch, Artifact Spirit you also saw, what matter had?” In this time, outside mén is transmitting to knock sound mén, Zhao Hai immediately received Mu'er, Billy and Juno also recover, Billy immediately/on horseback said : comes.” én was hit some Dwarf Race nv children, has delivered Zhao Hai their tableware and meals, then bows to three people, this exited. Exited to that several nv children, Billy true recovering, after inviting Juno and Zhao Hai sat down, Billy first to oneself arrives at one glass of liquor to drink, then turned the head to Zhao Hai said : your this Artifact Spirit was you obtain the whip the time has?” Zhao Hai nodded said : truly is I obtains has, but he cannot at that time the visualization, so is not intelligent, afterward I had used Secret Technique, he visualization, moreover becomes such intelligent.” Billy one hear of Zhao Hai said that wine glass that lifts, Bang one fell the ground, look at Zhao Hai said : that then a face cannot believe you, you said that this Artifact Spirit is you uses Secret Technique to turn into now this appearance?” Zhao Hai nodded said : truly is so, initially he is not this appearance, is only a little slight spirit xing, I use Secret Technique, Mu'er to turn into the present appearance.”

Billy has stood, transferred two on the ground, does this turn the head don’t know to ask mister to Zhao Hai said : to help busy?” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled said : Patriarch has the words to say.” Billy sat, look at Zhao Hai said : mister also sees my clan Divine Artifact uncommon place, I suspected that Divine Artifact of my clan also has Artifact Spirit, but although Divine Artifact can carry on communicate with us now, but can only make some simplest communicate, I want to ask mister to use Secret Technique, became my clan Divine Artifact Artifact Spirit like just Artifact Spirit of that whip, can don’t know?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that Billy will even propose a such request, he thinks that said : my also don’t know can complete, I can only say that I can give a try, if not successful, invited Patriarch do not blame me.” Billy happy said : is not strange, is not strange, that can blame mister you, invited mister feel relieved, when can mister carry on?” Zhao Hai smiles said : tonight, tonight you bring Divine Artifact to my dwelling, to disturb, if tomorrow I have succeeded in the morning, that has succeeded, if not successful, gives me not to be impossible to succeed in the much time.” Billy happy said : good, invited mister feel relieved, my immediately/on horseback prepared.” Said no matter also they, turn around outward walk. Exited to Billy, Juno then turns the head to smile said : to Zhao Hai Xiao Hai, you also are really good, is willing to help Dwarf Race such busy unexpectedly, what thing but this is Artifact Spirit?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this Artifact Spirit is actually the one type of unique spirit body, looks like Lich that Dark Magician summoned is the same, Lich was the soul of person, because the resentment read or other any reasons forms, but Artifact Spirit, it was itself level very good weapon, after passing through long years, slowly has produced spirit xing, finally turned into a spirit body, but this spirit body cannot and weapon itself separates, looked like the soul of person cannot the leave body be the same, I had the one type of means that can by this spirit body great strength., Mu'er is such appears .” Juno nodded, a Zhao Hai such saying his understand, was not thinking that Artifact Spirit had terror how, they also said that the matter in this aspect, drank to eat the dish in there. But Billy had actually increased workload at this time, he uses quickly invited Dwarf Race several elders, then said the Mu'er matter to that several elders, said his plan. Billy such that several elder also ji moved, Divine Artifact regarding Dwarf Race was really too important, if can make Artifact Spirit in Divine Artifact come, then regarding Dwarf Race, was really too important. That several elder immediately agreed Billy words, they believe that Billy will not deceive them at this matter, Billy looked at several elders simultaneously, immediately sent for defending Great Hall, he and several elder immediately bathed to change clothes, then prepared to come out Divine Artifact, in jiao to the hand of Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he after Juno has eaten meal on returned to his room, at this time Laura they came back, Laura looked at Zhao Hai to come back, immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai? What matter does Dwarf Race long look for your? I looked that probably is ting worries.” Zhao Hai nodded to smile said : well in the hammer that in Divine Palace sees, is Dwarf Race Divine Artifact, then the hammer has also produced Artifact Spirit, looks like Mu'er is the same, but that Artifact Spirit is very weak, Dwarf Race wants to make me Artifact Spirit in hammer them steadily is the same with Mu'er, I comply to help them try.” Laura nodded said : originally because of this, how Elder Brother Hai? Has confidence?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : my also don’t know, Space, if that Divine Artifact has Artifact Spirit, I think that Space should be able to improve him, if we have helped Dwarf Race this busy , after I think, Dwarf Race certainly us, when the becoming true friend, when the time comes we go to the jing Spirit Race there matter, possibly had the whereabouts.” Megan smiles said : that fantastic, I want really earlier goes to jing Spirit Race there to hear jing spirit each and every one long delicate and pretty extraordinary, moreover they are the natural artists, what wants to have a look is really.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, will have opportunity, I think that Dwarf Race started to get ready now, in the evening they can look my, I told them, tonight does not make the person disturb us, he he, cannot appear too easy is not.” Lizzy actually frowns said : Elder Brother Hai, this matter Juno does mister know?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to know, all right, don't worry, he knew, one word will not say that he is so good with Dwarf Race relationship, if said the Mu'er matter, must say the Dwarf Race Divine Artifact matter, then offended Dwarf Race on equal to, I think he such will not do, even if the bystander knew the Mu'er matter can be what kind, our Buda Family present strength, did not fear that they said this said that.” Laura nodded right that said : Elder Brother Hai said that compares matter that must be worried about, can help Dwarf Race, letting them us, when becoming true friend, important, I support Elder Brother Hai such to do.” Lizzy also nodded, right that Zhao Hai said that now was to let the bystander knew the Mu'er matter, how many people also there are to dare to have the idea of Buda Family? The Buda Family reputation hits, has feared anyone. bk b