Chapter 573 God Realm? Outside day slowly black, general Dwarf went home, they and don’t know Billy must make anything, Billy does not think that this matter is known by too many people, therefore he has not told these Dwarf. Zhao Hai has not exited, but is calm dull in the room is waiting for Billy, after waiting for day outside day black completely, Billy got several elders to arrive at the Zhao Hai room. Zhao Hai please several people enter room, Billy respectful both hands have then suspended that to put on the table the xiao hammer, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, Divine Artifact of my clan on jiao give you, please must help.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to make contribution, please several send some people to defend outside, to disturb me, Laura, you help my.” Laura they have complied with one, tidied up thing in table, Space very big a piece place, Billy looked at this appearance, immediately said goodbye, after they and several elders arrived at outside, has not walked away, but stood outside is waiting for Zhao Hai, was very obvious, they prepared to defend outside Zhao Hai room mén tonight. When they, as soon as after exiting, Zhao Hai immediately has taken up that little hammer, their flashes body entered Space with Laura, they just entered Space, Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently weak Spiritual Sense, strengthens Spiritual Sense!” Then Zhao Hai felt own in hand little hammer red light flashes, before long person's shadow appears slowly in the Zhao Hai front. Zhao Hai has gawked, he presently this Space prompt sound with previous Level Up Mu'er time is not quite same, he changed mind one to want also on understand, now Space passed through multiple Level Up, moreover thing that now Level Up uses, has the Magic strength, therefore Space here more and more has looked like a Magic world now Space, this prompt sound naturally also changed. Beforehand Space is a procedure, but now more and more human nature melted, this regarding Zhao Hai to is the good deed, he thinks really Space will turn into any appearance after Level Up. At this time that person's shadow doubting on hammer slowly, had also stemmed from Zhao Hai to anticipate, but in the reason, Artifact Spirit on this hammer is Dwarf. That Dwarf looked at Zhao Hai one, thinks that sound said : you are who? Aren't you Dwarf? Why can awaken me?” Zhao Hai stares, his understand, this Artifact Spirit compared with Mu'er Advanced level, he also know something probably, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : hello, I am the Dwarf Race friend, I can this type be able to make the soul concentrate the solid method, therefore the Dwarf Race person asked me to help to let your visualization.” That Artifact Spirit nodded, in this time, Space is transmitting prompt speaking sounds: Spiritual Sense is not willing to submit to Host, Space surrenders!” As the Space sound falls, one group of white light one that Dwarf Artifact Spirit wrapping up, that Dwarf Artifact Spirit has roared, then did not have the sound, flash of white light information, but that Dwarf respectfully had actually stood in the Zhao Hai front at this time.

Zhao Hai when Space transmits among prompt was shocked, he has not thought that Space can help him surrender this Artifact Spirit unexpectedly, in his time, Space there finished. Zhao Hai look at that respectful standing in there Artifact Spirit, has cannot help but smiled bitterly, if makes the Dwarf Race person know that he has surrendered their Divine Artifact, don’t know they can go all out with him? Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, to that Artifact Spirit said : What is your name? I thought that you do remember many matters probably?” That Artifact Spirit respectful to Zhao Hai said : „, I called Iron Hammer, my Master was Artisan God Home, I was Master send Lower Realm to protect a Dwarf clan.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled look at Iron Hammer said : Lower Realm? What meaning?” Iron Hammer said : Lower Realm refers to the world of human beings, is present Ark Continent, Ark Continent here is only plane, has plenty position in this world, but the place that I come to was called God Realm, tens of thousands years ago, my Master is the soldier and Artisan who in Dwarf Race most leaves , afterward he practiced the god, went to God Realm, to let a Dwarf clan can continue well, he sent Lower Realm me, has given Dwarf Race, became Dwarf Race Divine Artifact, protected Dwarf Race.” Zhao Hai was shocked, he has not thought, in this world unexpectedly really have God Realm, moreover bright existence. Some little time Zhao Hai responded that his look at Iron Hammer said : did have God Realm really? That God Realm has plenty god?” Iron Hammer nodded said : „the element on present Continent already very low, tens of thousands years ago, the element energy high, that time people on Continent practiced very relaxed, 9th level Expert has plenty, crossed 9th level is God Rank Expert, so long as God Rank, has been able among Space Breaker, to go to God Realm suddenly, God Realm there element energy, were too more than Ark Continent here, moreover God Realm there had aboriginal, aboriginal birth of there time had the equivalent to Ark Continent here 5th level Expert strength, after being grown, can achieve the 9th level Expert strength, after the practice on can be above God Rank or God Rank. Expert.” Zhao Hai is listening to the Iron Hammer words, he has not thought really can be this, Iron Hammer then said : beginning, these aboriginal look down upon the person who goes to from Ark Continent, both sides lived the several times war, person who finally Ark Continent here goes, alliance, slowly halted the foot in God Realm, slowly, starts to be related trhough marriage with God Realm aboriginal, finally integrated in these people, but afterward, the god of different race, lived the war with the gods of Human Race, moreover under sending Expert has prepared to kill the different race person to Lower Realm, but wanted from Heaven Realm to Lower Realm is. Difficult, finally they can only use Divine Power, suddenly the Space Breaker next door, sending a god to come on Continent, but my Master they also present the yin stratagem of Human Race god, but by their strengths, was not enough to send, they did not have the means that can only release several weapon get down, making Lower Realm clansman take is coping with that God Rank Expert, I at that time was sent, was sent with my together, had Beast God Spear, Elven Bow, afterward Dwarf Race, Beastman Race, and jing Spirit Race alliance in together, used our these three Divine Artifact, and that. The God Race person has carried on a war, makes into the severe wound that person, returned to God Realm, but our three were also seriously injured, could not go back, separately kept Dwarf Race, jing Spirit Race and Beastman Race in hand, became their Divine Protector.” Zhao Hai Laura they are listening to these, he has not thought that tens of thousands years ago on Continent actually also has lived such matter. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : that five Great Forbidden Land and Demon Realm what's the matter? Do you know?”

Iron Hammer nodded said : to know that five Great Forbidden Land originally are on Continent several big different race main inhabited areas, there has the Magic Formation protection, afterward after God Rank Expert Lower Realm, lived the war with several big different race, several big city cities were destroyed, moreover in war, but also smashed the Space barrier, let Ark Continent here and Demon Realm has been connected, Demon Realm was another position, the there living environment very bad, the Demon Realm person was first present Ark Continent, Ark Continent then environment is also very good, Demon Realm person very greedy, they sent army to invade Ark Continent, Ark Continent On each every race has to alliance, together resist Demon Realm, finally finally hit returned to the Demon Realm person in Demon Realm, but that five cities, because of the destruction of war, without means in using, the Demon Realm person in withdrawal, but also on Space rift of that several city, has carried on the destruction, making the there Space barrier very thin, often had the Magic Beast aura to pass 1 u to come out, finally on main has become five Great Forbidden Land.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Ark Continent and Demon Realm Space barrier is so easy to be broken, God Realm and is the Ark Continent here Space barrier so why difficult to break? Is the God Realm God Race strength is insufficient?” Iron Hammer shook the head said : is not such, each position, has the unique rule, Ark Continent this plane is also same, the Ark Continent here rule is, achieves God Rank Expert, cannot long time stays in this position, God Rank Expert in the time that this position stays impossible six months, moreover position that Ark Continent here cannot only leave, so long as your strength, wanted leave Ark Continent here easy, but wanted in coming back on to be very difficult, therefore wanted from God Realm to Ark Continent here very difficult, was., Also impossible dull too long time, but Demon Realm there is Ark Continent here similar plane, therefore the Space barriers between these two positions want to be thinner, but Demon Realm there also has god 1st level Expert, but they do not have means long time in the Ark Continent here life, therefore in the previous time war, Demon Realm these God Rank Expert do not have appears in Ark Continent here, attacks Ark Continent here, is below some God Rank people, can therefore be hit to go back.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : that as you said, Demon Realm there a little does not look like God Realm and Ark Continent aggregate? If Ark Continent here, cannot let the God Rank Expert dull too long time, why you can also in Ark Continent here?” Iron Hammer said : we are only weapon, is not Expert, we need some people to use, can wield Might, the person strength that uses is stronger, Might that we wield is also bigger, initially we, when with that God Rank Expert battle, is Dwarf Race many 9th level Expert, alliance has the strength to actuate me with that God Rank Expert battle, if only 9th level Expert uses me, my strength simply does not have the means and God Rank Expert contends.” Zhao Hai nodded, now he was understand what's the matter, originally Iron Hammer came from God Realm unexpectedly , did Zhao Hai turn the head look at Iron Hammer said : to be able many to say the God Realm matter to me?” Iron Hammer nodded said : „, Young Master, God Realm there is divided into 13 in a big way is also biggest among central Continent by names, remaining 12 Continent, gather round the central Continent arrangement, is Aries Continent, Taurus Continent, Gemini Continent, Cancer Continent, Leo Continent, Virgo Continent, Libra Continent, Scorpio big è Continent, Capricorn Continent, Aquarius Continent with Pisces Continent, the way and Ark that Continent here the God Realm person practices is respectively different, Ark Continent here practice is Magic and Battle Qi, but God Realm there practice is one type of calls Origin Force energy, this energy compared with Magic The strength and Battle Qi are much more formidable, moreover weapon also very special of God Realm there use, in these weapon has Artifact Spirit, can control remotely attack formidable, Might.” Zhao Hai nodded, is very sad, it seems like Heaven Realm there Ark Continent here formidable were too more, in the future can also don’t know Heaven Realm these people in attack Ark Continent, if they, what to do that can? What most important is, Zhao Hai was still worried, if after some day can go to Heaven Realm, what enemy will run into, is Space can also protect he. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai realized that strength important xing, his immediately/on horseback to Iron Hammer said : Iron Hammer, your initially Continent time, what good thing hasn't left behind?” Iron Hammer nodded said : to have, initially when lives last war with God Rank Expert, the place is present Iron Mountain here, has a place in Iron Mountain here, after there has that God Rank Expert is injured, blood that flows, these blood are best thing, God Rank Expert, each drop of blood is very precious, in that blood contained massive energy, the average person, if has bumped into, immediately will be exploded to the brace by that energy, therefore there now is Dwarf Race Forbidden Land.” Zhao Hai is actually two eyes one bright, if the person will attract that energy to be supported to explode, if Space will attract that energy to be what kind of?

Space here Level Up needs many thing, blood of don’t know that God Rank Expert whether to play does to use, even if cannot play does to use, the blood of God Rank Expert, the income to Space, later also possibly has big using. Moreover among Zhao Hai hear of Iron Hammer such suddenly remembers a matter to come, is the Zhao Wen matter, Zhao Wen initially just entered Space the time, like Zhao Hai said one are becomes 9th level Expert the time said that after he has drunk the one type of red water, turned into 9th level Expert, red water that Zhao Wen drinks, can be the blood of 9th level Expert? However changes mind thinks that Zhao Hai will not think, if Zhao Wen initially will drink really will be the blood of God Rank Expert, feared that was supported already to explode, the person will not have the means to withstand that strength, do not say xiaoxiao Blood-Devouring Mosquito. However Zhao Hai has also thought another one type of is possible, is possibly is the blood of God Rank Expert Zhao Wen drinks, but will be the blood of dilution from now on God Rank Expert, that formidable energy, this had not made Zhao Wen profit. More wants more to think that this possibility is straight, if this that looks like him to think wants , the blood of that God Rank Expert, he must obtain, perhaps when the time comes they can find into the 9th level Expert method. After thinking of here, Zhao Hai turns the head to Iron Hammer said : Iron Hammer, then you must protect Dwarf Race in Dwarf Race here, does not want 1 u to leave, you have pledged allegiance to my appearance, when we did not know, matter about God Realm , try not to tell Dwarf Race, understand?” bk b