Chapter 574 forever friend Iron Hammer complied with said : is, Young Master, my understand.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to protect Dwarf Race attentively, do not let them presently any flaw, my here you do not need to manage, treats as did not know that I have been OK, you said to the short xiao clan that you are their gods have used weapon, is protects Dwarf Race, God Race there do not raise, understand?” Iron Hammer nod said : is, Young Master, invited Young Master feel relieved, my one word will not say.” Zhao Hai nodded, has put out the whip, release Mu'er, to Mu'er said : that good, we rest, Mu'er, is helping Iron Hammer in here staying a while, told him the Space matter.” Mu'er has complied with one, Zhao Hai and Laura they then enters the Space rest, Zhao Hai had not feared that Iron Hammer said the Space here matter, he had been subdued by Space, naturally absolutely will obey him, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried. A night did not have the words, Zhao Hai they have rested in Space well for night, but Billy they have not actually rested, a each and every one face anxious was defending outside Zhao Hai mountain range, not having clearly know some people not to come at this time, but they feared that can have the accident, this time matter regarding them, was really too important. Next morning, Zhao Hai they get up after washing, this appears in in the room, has supposed after the in the room platoon restored one next, Zhao Hai then opens room mén, Billy they looked that room mén opened, immediately/on horseback face anxious look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, both hands are holding Iron Hammer, smiles said : good fortune not to fail in one's mission to Billy, asking Patriarch to have a look.” Billy both hands shivered were receiving Iron Hammer, bowed to Zhao Hai said : mister great kindness, my Dwarf Race did not have the tooth to be unforgettable, asking mister to rest first, we went to the Divine Artifact homing.” Zhao Hai nodded, bows to Billy, turn around went to the room. Billy both hands are holding Iron Hammer, above with several elders, returned to of half step in Divine Palace, has put the god to put up Iron Hammer, then assigns other people to exit, only kept him with several elders, Billy has then done obeisance said : to ask Sir Artifact Spirit to come to Iron Hammer!” His voice just fell, Iron Hammer slowly reappeared little hammer from that look at Billy that Billy their facial expression ji moves, Iron Hammer favors Billy said : Dwarf Race to be long, these year of Dwarf Race fresh matters I know, but suffers from not being able to come, now I said that listens to my origin with you, I am Artisan God Home's special-purpose weapon, tens of thousands years of former artisan ascend, fears a Dwarf clan to have difficult, keeps me to protect a Dwarf clan especially, however in a war, I am seriously injured, can only recuperate in the hammer, cannot come to come out, this. One time was lucky that has the person of high skill to assist, can come, the matter that but I must handle protects a Dwarf clan, do not say the matter that I can come.”

Reason that Iron Hammer dares saying that is because tens of thousands years ago that time God Rank Expert descend war, various countries' historical part vanished, without recording, when therefore Dwarf Race also don’t know Iron Hammer is appears in the clan, the Dwarf Race posterity only knows that Iron Hammer is their Divine Protector, therefore Iron Hammer said that such Billy they will not ask his matter about the God Realm. Now is he now tells Billy them, he came from God Realm, but he does not want to say that the God Realm matter, Billy they may I ask, because Iron Hammer is their Divine Artifact, they treat Iron Hammer look like to their god same respect, that dares to closely examine anything. Billy they complied with the sound hastily respectfully are, Iron Hammer said : I with Mr. Zhao Hai communicate, this time he have then helped my busy, I gave him a gift, was Iron Mountain Forbidden Land there thing, turned over to Mr. Zhao Hai.” Billy stares, the Iron Mountain Forbidden Land there matter he naturally is knows that in Iron Mountain Forbidden Land there, red pool, there surface water, smell of blood, so long as has bumped into that water person, will explode the body to perish, therefore there already was listed as Forbidden Land, how will Sir Artifact Spirit want to give Zhao Hai there thing? Iron Hammer looked at Billy said : that thing to be useless to our Dwarf Race, but to Mr. Zhao Hai was actually some uses, therefore I gave Mr. Zhao Hai, Mr. Zhao Hai needed some special Magic Beast and plants, later our Dwarf Race must help him seek fully, this was the report reaches his benevolence.” Billy that dares to say other, has complied with one hastily, but he thinks that this report cannot reach the Zhao Hai benevolence, he had decided that later Zhao Hai was the Dwarf Race genuine friend. Iron Hammer after Billy said these, on deep voice said : was good, matter these many, you were Dwarf Race are long, so long as Dwarf Race did not have the disaster, I will not dare, you from going.” Said personal appearance sinking slowly to the xiao hammer. Billy they have done obeisance doing obeisance to Iron Hammer, this turn around leave, although their present very happy, but they also know that this matter less people know are better, if too many people knew, to Dwarf Race, not necessarily is the good deed. Billy their returned to the room of Billy work, Billy has treated to that several elder jiao, this matter cannot say absolutely that these elders naturally also know nod that important xing of matter, enforces. After ending this matter, Billy sits in there, look at several long Old Daoist: This time Sir Divine Artifact can come, has been lucky Mr. Zhao Hai, but I think that this matter cannot make others know, otherwise does not have the advantage to Mr. Zhao Hai, moreover a while I will send for conveying a message, Mr. Zhao Hai is our Dwarf Race genuine friend, after letting these xiao, to the mister respect point, everyone/Great Clan has the opinion?” That several elders shook the head, their can have any opinion, this Zhao Hai has helped they such big busy, they had already regarded the genuine friend Zhao Hai.

Billy looked that several people do not have the opinion, this said : good, that a while my person passes on this information, was right, informs these xiao one, collected some Magic Beast and plants as far as possible, mister has helped our such big busy, this matter we must handle to mister.” That several elders complied with one, turn around walked, Billy also reorganized own clothes, this walked toward the Zhao Hai room, to Zhao Hai mountain range outside, Billy somewhat hesitated, he thinks that yesterday Zhao Hai was certainly exhausted in the evening, now is possibly resting, his don’t know disturbed Zhao Hai to be appropriate at this time. In this time, Zhao Hai room mén one was opening, Zhao Hai from inside walked out, smiles said : Billy Patriarch to come to Billy, please come in.” Billy to Zhao Hai gave a salute, this entered the Zhao Hai room, entered the Zhao Hai room, Billy to Zhao Hai good a big ritual, Zhao Hai hastily held said : Billy Patriarch to be too polite him, does not need so.” Billy grateful look at Zhao Hai said : these time is lucky to have the mister help, otherwise Sir Artifact Spirit cannot demobilize, my Dwarf clan forever grateful mister!” After Zhao Hai invited Billy sat down, this smiles said : Patriarch to be serious, I also happen to had this ability, can add on the gang, I naturally must help, Patriarch was not necessary so, Dwarf Race regarded the friend me, I naturally also regarded the friend Dwarf Race, helped friend busy, could not be regarded anything.” look at Zhao Hai said : that Billy feels mister suffices the friend, invited mister feel relieved, after Buda Family, was our Dwarf Race forever friend, mister invited, we dined, after having dined, we brought mister to go to Dwarf Race Forbidden Land, Sir Artifact Spirit told us, he gave mister thing in Forbidden Land.” Zhao Hai nodded, embarrassed said : made Patriarch be laughed, in my family had builds up Alchemist, regarding these thing very curious, but my in hand happen to had Space equipment, can install that thing, Sir Artifact Spirit also said that thing kept short clan here not to be useful, I was thick the facial skin must come.” Billy smiles said : mister do not say, Forbidden Land there Blood Pond, don’t know is any poison, the person who so long as bumps into, will explode the body to perish, keeps our here instead to is a disaster, mister must go, equal to is helps us except for an evil, our happy also without enough time, is only as the matter stands, was unfair to mister, later mister had anything to have a need for our Dwarf Race place, by all means in a moment was.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to have Patriarch these words to be good, Zhao Hai grateful is endless.” Billy laughed said : mister with me should not be polite, walked, mister, we dined, after having eaten meal, go to Blood Pond there, I have made following these xiao give mister to collect Magic Beast and plants, believes that soon can deliver to mister here to come, this was our little regards.”

Zhao Hai also knows, if were declining or must pay money at this time, that looked on as an outsider, Billy possibly happy, this is not different race and Human Race different places, therefore Zhao Hai has not declined, but smiles said : that to thank Patriarch.” Billy looked at Zhao Hai to receive these thing, immediately/on horseback happy said : mister was too polite, walked, we ate meal.” Said that pulling Zhao Hai outward walks. Laura they also with their walked out, they also met Juno on the road, Billy have also sent for inviting Juno, although his jiao to Zhao Hai this new friend, but the old friend of dozens years of jiao sentiment like Juno, he naturally will not forget. Juno looks at the Billy appearance, knows the matter that yesterday they said that has completed, Juno cannot help but surprisedly looked at Zhao Hai one, he thought that now Zhao Hai was really more and more mysterious, simultaneously Juno also set firm resolve, must do well relationship with Zhao Hai, because not only he has rescued Kristen, but also because of his strength. Hurricane Family strength is very strong, reason that but they are so popular , because they help others do well, almost does not offend who, with other Buddha Empire and Empire Noble, is maintaining good relationship, this is the basis that Hurricane Family settles down and gets on with life. But Zhao Hai this Buda Family emerging Patriarch, now the crest of wave on Continent is it can be said that unmatched, the absolute powerful, to such person, Juno naturally will not offend. bk b