Chapter 575 Forbidden Land After several people arrived at the dining room, Zhao Hai presently today in dining room although also this people, but did not have the yesterday person that many, moreover in the yesterday dining room can also see several young Dwarf, today in the dining room sits actually is some old Dwarf. After Billy introduced that Zhao Hai knows, these old Dwarf are the elder in Dwarf Race, Zhao Hai neglects, immediately/on horseback salutes upon meeting to these elders. That several elders also to Zhao Hai very polite, today Zhao Hai, Billy, Juno, sat one table with that several elders, but Laura did not sit one table to several age xiao Dwarf Race woman. look at Dwarf Race has such custom, asking the guest to eat meal, if the guest had the family member, they must send the family member to accompany, such custom, Zhao Hai to was liking. Several people sits down to eat meal, looks like Zhao Hai that several Dwarf elders keep urges to drink, Zhao Hai does not want to drink, this early in the morning drinking, is uncomfortable on this day, but could not support Dwarf is really too warm, finally was filled several glasses of liquor. Juno look at Zhao Hai has been together with that several Dwarf elders, although said that Zhao Hai has helped Dwarf Race busy, however among the Zhao Hai facial expressions does not have any change, to these Dwarf elder still very respectful, resembles the beforehand matter not to live completely has been same. This to was made Juno settles on Zhao Hai, currently the person on Continent, little has like Zhao Hai, must know that Dwarf Race in the Human Race eye that was different race, therefore has helped the Dwarf Race busy person, all was going all out wants to fish the advantage from Dwarf Race here, moreover Human Race also ordinary somewhat looked down upon the meaning of Dwarf Race, therefore general Human Race, if had the graciousness to Dwarf Race, that certain not likely Zhao Hai, performance calm such. After finishing eating the food, Zhao Hai did not have immediately/on horseback to go to Dwarf Race Forbidden Land there with Billy, but was returned to the room, immediately/on horseback has drunk one cup of Spatial Water, solved sobering up, this came out from in the room. Billy and Juno are sitting in that mountain range of Billy work now, had Dwarf to lead Zhao Hai to go to that mountain range, they were chatting Zhao Hai to come, they have stood. Zhao Hai asked them to sit down hastily, this forced smile said : was open about the facts two, my alcohol capacity also was really the limited person, just these drank me, therefore has to go to the room to drink the point to sober up yao.” Sobered up on yao Continent already to have, was mén prepares to some Noble specially, treating with courtesy of Noble normally are many, had to treat with courtesy naturally unavoidably must drink, the liquor drank is also very uncomfortable, therefore had to build up Alchemist nong to leave this to sober up y this thing on Continent is not extraordinary thing.

Billy does not care, but shows a faint smile said : not anything, our Dwarf Race was used to it, he he, mister, we went to Forbidden Land.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, now goes?” Billy nodded, has stood, Juno has also stood, it seems like he must to not oppose with Zhao Hai that looks at Juno face , Billy feared that was told him the matter, Zhao Hai to had not thought that Billy such did to have anything not to be good, Juno was the person who can trust, moreover he to this matter very clear, you did not tell him, he can also pass clues detect to come out, might as well told him, avoid gave Juno one type of not to trust his feeling. Billy is leading Zhao Hai they, in that mountain range that since they live in walked out, then entered another to have underground river mountain range, sat embarks, walked toward Iron Mountain. This Dwarf Iron Mountain is really not general big, but well in Dwarf Race also very intelligent, they after present current capacity very big underground river, uses, this underground river diverging, turned into almost to cover an entire Dwarf Iron Mountain underground river net, has become entire Dwarf Race important loses the line, therefore they go on a journey to now are very convenient. ao ship is quick, more than when two xiao , the xiao ship stopped in pier there, this pier xiao heart , was also not busy like other pier, entire pier here simply did not have the ship, after Billy disembarked, but also makes Dwarf in here wait, they then mountain range that was at from that pier walked. mountain range also xiao that very this pier is, is Zhao Hai has seen most xiao Dwarf mountain range, it seems like here was Forbidden Land, otherwise Dwarf cannot such xiao heart. The Zhao Hai present to matching clothing/taking these Dwarf, on the Dwarf Iron Mountain here map that the present in his Space was left over, Zhao Hai felt uncommon location of Dwarf Race. How many years in Dwarf Iron Mountain here Dwarf Race don’t know lived, entire Dwarf Iron Mountain here has become a underground world, underground waterway was the same like the spider web, preparation of soil all Dwarf Iron Mountain linked in together, can this need the big project? But Dwarf has actually achieved, this is really very great. Three people come out from mountain range, sees outside mountain range is not a big canyon, however in this dong here, actually by Dwarf Race with made of wood a railing, dong mouth here sphering, not to have wanted to allow the person to enter to the canyon in evidently. Zhao Hai looked at one toward the canyon, this canyon is not really big, the side about thousand square meters, in the middle of this canyon, had several square meters small pool, but the water in this small pool is actually blood red , moreover in this canyon, not long any plants, Stone in entire canyon was given by this water probably incarnadine generally.

No matter Zhao Hai or Juno, from that pool, even in entire mountain valley felt that a very formidable pressure, Zhao Hai thought that this pressure, facing Iron Hammer time is more formidable. Billy stands in mountain range mouth there, look at mountain range, sighed said : when this mountain range don’t know to start to exist, our Dwarf has dug up this mountain range in any case time, this mountain range existed, reason that we here listing as Forbidden Land, was because in this mountain valley, besides that pool, even if these red Stone, so long as were the person has bumped into, met suddenly Qi to perish, our also research here what's the matter, but anything did not have research to come out finally.” After ending, Billy turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, then looked your, spoke this saying, in this mountain valley nearby xiao mountain, we has almost dug, here had output extremely high matter iron ore, enough our Dwarf Race hundred years, because of existence of this mountain valley, we actually does not dare to mine here, oh.” Zhao Hai to has gawked, he has not thought that the blood of that God Rank Expert will really have such big energy, that Stone cannot touch unexpectedly, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : good, was good I to be good.” Ended Zhao Hai to open wooden fence mén, walked toward mountain valley, Billy also followed on the heels, walked while said : mister, so long as these Stone did not need the hand to touch has been OK, but that water was actually not good, even if were you brings the glove to touch that water, met suddenly body to perish, asking mister to want the xiao heart.” Zhao Hai nodded, he has stood valley there, all around looked, position that he stands now, looks like a cut-off rule is the same, is proceeding one step, is these by incarnadine Stone, but here that he stands, does not have. Zhao Hai take deep breaths, the intention moves, his front piece of mountain valley land one completely was received in Space including Stone, probably was used huge giving birth, gave to poach with Stone the here land was the same, one dug to enter one meter depth. This is because this mountain valley is almost constituted by the iron ore completely, otherwise this digging is deeper, after Zhao Hai looks had been dug, the mountain valley ground that 1 u comes out, could not see by incarnadine Stone, this satisfied nod. But Billy and Juno are actually surprised look at Zhao Hai, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai will really have this few tricks, they see the oversized world, one has thought one type of result, that is Space Divergent Technique! Divergent Technique on Continent first Qi Baiguai, but there is one type of Divergent Technique most to make person difficult ponder over, is Space Divergent Technique, not only because of few of this Divergent Technique appears , because and this Divergent Technique was too strangely was really changeable, simply is unable research. Shares the honor with Space Divergent Technique, feared that was Space Magic, Space Magic although had systematic study method, but there is a Space Magic innate skill person is actually very few, therefore on Continent, Space Magic and Space Divergent Technique was the same, very mysterious.

But Zhao Hai this method, obviously is Space Divergent Technique, because Space Magic before the use, must read Incantation to be good, even if 8th level Space Magician, before use, must read Incantation. Billy and Juno looked at one mutually, saw the shock from the opposite party eye, Zhao Hai had not actually paid attention to them, actually had the skill one to install entire mountain valley to Space, however for not expose, therefore he was only strong oneself front several distance. After installing here, Zhao Hai proceeded several steps, was waving, received the a piece mountain valley land and mountain wall, then, was proceeding, was receiving...... After first even/including Guo dozen times, Zhao Hai has arrived by that small pool finally, Zhao Hai looked at one toward there pool, this pool is not big, moreover seems like not deep, but actually gives people the one type of inexplicable pressure, Zhao Hai deeply has directed the tone, meets to begin to wield, Space rift appears , that pool, together with inside receiving, one has attracted together, Zhao Hai this special mén has aimed at this pool, this pool inside land one under on was dug more than 2 meters, in like this, Zhao Hai the ore under pool is thick presently. The ore of red , has been using Space to dig in him, these time controls one meter, this could not see by incarnadine Stone. Then Zhao Hai like formerly, the ground and valley wall in mountain valley received in Space, this mountain valley xia does not add on the mountain valley valley wall, thing that Zhao Hai must receive also really much, when has used more than two xiao, Zhao Hai has cleaned up entire mountain valley, cannot be seeing a piece, by incarnadine Stone. bk b