Chapter 576 suspected After Zhao Hai completes these, relaxed, although he has not heard in Space to transmit the prompt sound, but Zhao Hai knows that this is these thing that because he receives also reason in Warehouse, so long as he puts in these thing Space, should be able to hear the prompt sound. However Zhao Hai did not prepare at this time, took these thing, if when the time comes in Space transmitted one pile of prompt sounds, that was also enough noisy, he prepared, when they arrived in Space in the evening, these thing release. Zhao Hai turn around actually had a scare, Billy and Juno does not leave in his, that facial expression saw probably the monster is the same, Zhao Hai one recovers, smiled bitterly said : two to guess correctly to them?” Billy and nod of Juno simultaneously, Zhao Hai smiles bitterly next step: Two knew, I did not fear that two knew, this is Space Divergent Technique, but my Space Divergent Technique has some strange, my Space Divergent Technique any attack strength, they only cannot being used like Space equipment install some thing, therefore I had not told anybody.” Billy and Juno nodded, the Zhao Hai words they to do not have extremely in the suspicion, he only knows that must speak of attack kind of class Divergent Technique, that certain right and wrong Space Divergent Technique not has been, if Zhao Hai straight can carry on to attack the enemy with Space Divergent Technique, the Zhao Hai attack strength almost can contend with 9th level Expert, his fame feared that is will be much bigger than the present. However Billy and Juno also know, does not remove Zhao Hai with Space Divergent Technique to carry on attack, he said plan that wants to leave room for maneuver, but this regarding them, does not have no relationship, they now are the Zhao Hai friend, the Zhao Hai strength the stronger the better. Billy laughs said : mister feel relieved, today mister for us except for this big trouble, we naturally will be is the mister security, as for this old fogy, mister you will not need to be worried that this old fogy will be a person experienced jing character, naturally knows that anything should say the meeting should not say, regarding him, there is your such friend, may compared with having your such enemy much better, mister has helped us be busy today, after mister will clean up here will be clean, we on can hit to dig a that iron ore.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, regarding Dwarf Race, making them have the mineral lode that can unearth, this is more important than anything, this is rigid of Dwarf this clan. Juno has smiled bitterly, Billy added that other people experienced jing, the proportion cannot miss that to go actually, is a person old person jing character, any race, their Patriarch will not be the simple characters, that feared that will be pure different race is also same, not so their race feared that was already given to annex. Three people well have inspected in this mountain valley, not in presently by incarnadine Stone, this leave mountain valley, leave mountain valley time, the smiling face on Billy face has not broken, Zhao Hai these time was helps him solve scourge. Three people of returned to in Billy that office, after having sat down, Billy turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, puts out a good bar, but today the happy day, we must drink two cups.” Juno laughs said : your this old drunkard, wants to drink speaks frankly, you think that Mr. Zhao Hai will also care about your liquor to be inadequate, right this matter, I to was think, mister, your Space big? How I saw that you haven't packed probably have been same?”

Zhao Hai forced smile said : you also really said right, my Space big, I also real don’t know, I only know that in this Space can install many thing, moreover can carry on some directional the Transmission functions, was not having other any function.” Juno and Billy said : directional Transmission? You were said that your Space can carry on directional Transmission?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, but is very difficult, must do many preparatory work in advance, now I must carry on the directional Transmission words, can only go to Golden Island there person Transmission, other places are not good.” Reason that Zhao Hai will say this , because he knows, later must use the Transmission place many, therefore made the person know did not have anything. Even if were Zhao Hai were very simple, Juno that this Transmission function said felt that envying, he smiled bitterly said : no wonder mister to bring that many thing, moreover mysteriously appeared and disappeared, originally was for this reason, mister had this ability, Buda Family has thought that did not reach also strangely.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : does not have the means that Buda Family has a weak foundation, initially Buda put matching Black Wasteland there by the Aksu Empire person, but simultaneously all valuable thing of my Butler in Buda Family, turned into the grain and daily necessities, equipment took root in Black Wasteland Iron Mountain there, at that time I still in fainting mi, after I woke, presently our then situations, took root not to have anything in Iron Mountain there not well, Hurricane Family was likely same, Bamboo rice and Oil Fruit tree, can cope to earn a living.” Juno and Billy know that the Buda Family initially situation, one hear of Zhao Hai said now, can imagine obtains, initially their difficulties. Zhao Hai then sighed said : who knew Black Wasteland there, because was too near to Carrion Swamp, often will live big xiaoxiao beast chao, ran Magic Beast from Carrion Swamp and Undead Creature that when can be ran up to Black Wasteland to come up restless, like this we naturally did not have the means to plant any thing, had leave Black Wasteland.” Juno and Billy have also heard regarding Black Wasteland there, has not gone, Dwarf Race already leave Black Wasteland, therefore did not know about there. Zhao Hai then said : luckily our leave morning, otherwise, feared that must die in there, who can want to obtain, the person who Black Wasteland there afterward unexpectedly also by Carrion Swamp poisonous mist covering, going in cannot live.” Speaks of sighing that here Zhao Hai puts on airs, this then said : fortunately, day unceasingly my Buda Family, I, when the Black Soil uncultivated land, wants to pass dead, has not actually thought that after entering to Carrion Swamp, obtained this Magic Staff, not only the toxin of water of my nihility solving, meanwhile can use Black Magic, but can also have this Space Divergent Technique, although Space Divergent Technique cannot attack, but Black Magic actually, in coordinating this Magic Staff, I can nong innumerable Undead Creature, therefore I on moved on Continent by the Dark Magician status.” The remaining matters, Juno and Billy almost knew, they know regarding the Buda Family family history , because of this, therefore they to Zhao Hai admiring. Zhao Hai although had not said that helping his these 9th level Expert come out from there, they had not asked that he knows these 9th level Expert are the Buda Family cards in a hand, nobody will shine easily, Zhao Hai says these to them today, has given them very much the face.

Juno coldly snorted said : Aksu Empire, is a fool, now now by Radiant Church to nong, the original Continent second powerful nation, actually turned into setting the base existed, gets what one deserves they to have today.” Billy coldly snorted said : Radiant Church these Lunatic, think really one were the spokesman of god, any matter wants to manage, wants to manage our Dwarf Race matter unexpectedly, their simply don’t know, Sir Divine Artifact regarding the Dwarf Race person, had the relation of one type of very special, wants to send spy toward our Dwarf Race, really live is impatient.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : „, not only Dwarf Race, Beastman Race there also has, the winter of last year time, I do business with Beastman on Beastman Prairie, I knew in there Hercules Tauren Clan current Patriarch Wales, I just knew with Wales, he receives information, Hercules Tauren Clan Crown Prince, dispatches troops into battle to plot a rebellion, old Patriarch killing, but Wales can struggle existence of throne with Crown Prince, he actually outside travelled for pleasure at that time, when he receives information time, anything late, who can think that the people of Bull clan were calling Crown Prince unprepared recording, hires oneself insincerely, then plotted a rebellion, has killed Crown Prince, but also almost extinguished. Hercules Tauren Clan, Hercules Tauren Clan did not have means finally, ran away with their jiao good Dog Clan domain, was calm and steady.” On the matter regarding Prairie, Juno and Billy are don’t know, they and Beastman Race do not have what communication, the grain and fruit oil that Juno produces, has given majority of Dwarf Race, therefore they have not made merchant with Beastman, regarding the Beastman Prairie there fresh matter their point also don’t know. Not only they, even if other with Human Race Merchant that Beastman does business, regarding Hercules Tauren Clan there fresh matter don’t know, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that matter about Beastman Prairie there, they were vertical the ear. Zhao Hai then said : when afterward Wales received information, the people of Bull clan have sent for in chasing down him, my in hand at that time many grain, therefore I arrived at the Dog Clan domain with Wales, with my grain, helping them invite the reinforcement from Dog Clan there, when the winter world snow, has carried on counter-attack to the Bull clan, destroyed completely Bull to put at one fell swoop, has recaptured the position of Tauren Clan Royal Family, because stemming from me to helping their grateful, therefore I and Wales entered in Beastman Beheading Blood Oath, became Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince.” Why they can become Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince to Zhao Hai, but also is so good with Beastman Race relationship, but feels odd, now Zhao Hai they understand this is why, no wonder Zhao Hai so is so good with Beastman Race relationship, because he achieved. But Billy is actually look at Zhao Hai said : Beheading Blood Oath, have you carried on Beheading Blood Oath with Beastman Race really?” Zhao Hai nodded. What is Juno actually puzzled look at Billy said : is Beheading Blood Oath? How does this pledge sound bloody?” Billy forced smile said : Beheading Blood Oath is the pledge that Beastman Race most settles on, even if will be two Beastman will not use Beheading Blood Oath easily, so long as because has used the Beheading Blood Oath two people, this for a lifetime will be brothers, if that wants to betray his Brother Beheading Blood Oath, certainly will be punished by Beast God, this will not be the pledge of joking, used not to be impossible to betray.” Juno one hear of Billy said that instead to relaxed, he now before Zhao Hai he who said in the Beastman Race there status, to entirely believed. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, nodded said : well, is this Beheading Blood Oath, because there is a Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince status, I can know with that many Beastman Race, moreover draws in relationship, finally Beast King will agree that cooperates the milk liquor business with me.”

Juno sighed easy that said : you said that but did truly actually difficultly, could look from you and Beastman Race cooperation, you did not have a point to look down upon the meaning of Beastman, was because of this, therefore these Beastman Race are willing to accept you, but Continent Merchant on these Human Race, everyday is only thinking from Beastman Race there nong to more advantage, Beastman Race was not a fool, won't they be able to look? In this case, they believe that these Merchant are the strange events.” Billy sighed said : actually our situation to be also similar to Beastman Race, these thing that but we produced, Human Race need, these Human Race Merchant, when cooperated with us, was not going all out wants to obtain the advantage from our here, squeezing of going all out we, therefore these years, our Dwarf Race friend were not many, except for old partner/shop assistant you, was Mr. Zhao Hai.” Juno coldly snorted said : actually the cause of this matter, because of Radiant Church, I remembers the beginning, the people had not thought that different race has anything not to be good, the special Dwarf Race blacksmith, on Continent is very popular, some Dwarf the big city city on Continent, will also open their blacksmith's shop, business very good, moreover Beastman will also run up to Continent to come up, when mercenary, forms a team to hunt and kill Magic Beast with Human Race together.” Zhao Hai somewhat surprised look at Juno, he also real don’t know this matter. Billah connection said : „, but when don’t know from starts, the Radiant Church person starts to publicize, said that different race is the low grade nationality, does not wear with Human Race lives in together, moreover their Priest, never give different race wound treatment, said that is to blaspheming of Radiant God, this, increasing number of people slowly think that different race is low grade, does not wear with them sits in together, afterward simply started to drive away different race, Beastman in does not go to Continent to be swindled mercenary, our Dwarf did not exit to open the blacksmith's shop.” Zhao Hai one hear of Billy and Juno said that actually slightly stares, then face changes, his immediately has thought yesterday the Iron Hammer words, in Heaven Realm, Human Race these gods, with a different race life over war, how many different race want to send for Lower Realm extinguishing in the evening, but Radiant Church such does, can obtain hint of Heaven Realm that Human Race god? If is really such, that matter may be complex. However Zhao Hai has not said own suspicion, he has related these matters toward together in the head, he presently among these matters, is very likely has the connection, if made him guess right, existence of that Radiant Church, had very major problem . Moreover the Radiant Church backstage, possible was very strong! bk b