Chapter 577 Level Up Before Zhao Hai recalled , a Radiant Church dry matter, presently they probably really have any point to be the same, they suppress different race, suppresses its this religious sect, control Noble, that same seems like not an ordinary church competent matter, but they all have actually done, must say that they are only want such to do, feared that is a little difficult. Any religious sect, although has own objective, but do not forget, regulation is dies, the person is actually lives, but anybody has the dead/die person, without the person of dead/die heart is not the sage is the idiot. Radiant Church from establishing to the present, how many Pontiff don’t know has traded, suppression does different race that they have been all right, suppress other churches? Must know, no matter suppresses different race to suppress other religious sects, the matter that a day or two cannot complete, Radiant Church after many generations, has done such, this little cannot really be justified. But if Radiant Church such does, receives pulling strings of God Rank Expert, that is different, God Rank Expert cannot Lower Realm come personally, like Artisan God such, nong anything Divine Artifact gets down, is the next anything god aim and so on, should, Radiant Church these people defer to doing that in the god aim said. More wants more to think reasonable, but this matter he was unable said to Billy and Juno that first did not say after saying this matter, they can be anything responded, if this information passed on, making the bystander know, that troubled even bigger. At this time Billy and Juno were still saying the Radiant Church matter, but Zhao Hai has actually turned a deaf ear, he wants they to discuss with Laura, with them listens to their opinions the result that oneself guessed correctly. Billy and Juno presently Zhao Hai face is not right, Billy immediately/on horseback care said : Mr. Zhao Hai, your What happened? Zhao Hai one recovered, looked at Billy and Juno, showed a faint smile said : not, was the feeling somewhat is tired, I went back to rest first, had any matter, sent for in my room asking me to be good.” Billy and Juno also think that he just used Space ability to be tired, Billy is said : mister, does that use our Dwarf Race doctor to come you to show?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to use, is only a little tired, yesterday has not had a good sleep in the evening, today uses to drink, has used ability, all feelings are somewhat tired, all right, I went back to rest to be good.” Billy and Juno complied with one, Zhao Hai then turn around to walk hastily, returned to their room, Laura they in the room, Zhao Hai did not move sideways first Space, then immediately/on horseback made Cai'er inform Laura they, making them come back. Laura they have not gone to that actually, but just arrived at Dwarf Race here, they feel very curious, under a leadership of Dwarf Race woman, strolling in all directions.

Zhao Hai sits in Space, calm is thinking Juno and Billy beforehand words, let information of Cai'er these years their acquired about Radiant Church with, carefully looked. They presently Radiant Church these years, not only in amassing money of going all out, in fact, Radiant Church these Bishop, Pontiff, starts to enjoy now, before Radiant Church Pontiff and Bishop, such enjoyment, they had not won over some Noble at that time, money that but they obtain, what are more is used to suppress different race or does other, their Pontiff and Bishop have the following these people, crosses is very impoverished life, there are several, no matter what Pontiff in dying, is the body completely wealth. Radiant Church such procedure, is really some does not gather the common sense, one generation of founders, they possibly are because has a grudge with different race, therefore he suppresses different race, this is feels emotion to be possible original, but one after several other generations of founders, they rather hard times, must suppress different race, this could not be justified. Moreover because their several generations of such do, therefore different race slowly not in appears on Human Race Continent, moreover in a Continent religious sect, by Radiant Church a monopoly of a single clique, although Radiant Church did not have now to be so sight at that time, but is faint, various religious sects already by Radiant Church. In Zhao Hai look at these thing time, Laura they returned to the room, Cai'er immediately they have admitted in Laura Space, several nv enter the villa to see the Zhao Hai front to suspend big bunch of documents, they do not gawk, normally Zhao Hai will not look with these documents, today this is What happened? Laura immediately/on horseback walked, look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what What happened? are you looking for? How to take these documents? Um, is this all the Radiant Church document? What happened? did Radiant Church cause trouble?” Zhao Hai shook the head, waved, please after several people sit down, to Laura said the words that today's Billy they speak, said own suspicion. Laura they are listening to the Zhao Hai words, after listening Zhao Hai said that several people frowned, the possibility that some little time, Laura said : Elder Brother Hai, you guess has, after us, what to do can?” Now Zhao Hai forced smile said : what to do can also, our sole be able to do promotes own strength, now we this information, if passes on, that will make too many people know, if Radiant Church has the relation with God Realm these fellows, presently we their associations dense collecting 1 u, possibly as before will get down in faction God Rank Expert, when the time comes our here strength is good weakly, that with them to, we can suffer a loss.” Laura nodded, suddenly said : right Elder Brother Hai, weren't you receive these God's Blood to go today? Received?” Zhao Hai has tapped the head, smiles bitterly next step: I this matter forgetting, these thing still have been saving in Space his now.” The intention moves, receiving God's Blood and rock let out. Just that thing just release came, Space immediately transmitted prompt speaking sounds: „ Presently massively includes the stronger energy liquid and soil, strengthens the Space ability, the Space soil and water quality further improves, Farming Ground strengthens, the crops mature time is shortened to 100 times, on the background land the crops mature time is shortened to ten times, Spatial Water increases the level energy fluid pond.

The level energy fluid strengthens the Host body, Host level ends the surface promotion, presently Host may use [gold/metal], wooden, the water, the fire, the earth, the crystallization, Space, waits for seven Divergent Technique, Divergent Technique level is Advanced level, the Host potential further promotes. Space Level Up to five ten 2nd level, Host may use ten ordinary background, asking Host to continue to try hard. In Space the Cyborg-type object level promotion, in Space the stone jing spirit kind of object level promotion, the Space animal level promotion, the Space plants level promotion, in Space puts the shèxing iron ore source level promotion. Host appoints Space Manager, Mu'er, Cai'er, the level promotion, Host to use the Ghost Staff level promotion, changes known as Blood Ghost Staff, variable-length, may reduce, may increase, variable xiao, may turn into the liquid attire, decomposable becomes 108 xiao shape throwing knives, but transformation, is fly able. Because of the Space level promotion, Host may choose Magic Garment that Space provides, asking Host to enter the quick choice! ” The prompt sound of this big string one Zhao Hai to nong fainted, waits for the prompt sound complete afterward, Zhao Hai called Mu'er and Cai'er, Cai'er leaves the principle time Zhao Hai to stare, original Cai'er long to had a palm of the hand of person to be big quickly, but currently a head of Cai'er, quickly had a xiao reach of person, obviously raised was more lovable, Mu'er appears Zhao Hai was actually had a scare, the although Mu'er itself good whip, Mu'er actually congealing, he turned into likely palm of the hand that big xiao The whip of person Beast God whip on, Zhao Hai was resembling rub his, existed, like before, was not only phantom. Zhao Hai knows that this is the standard after their Level Up, his is immediately/on horseback to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what level you now?” Cai'er thinks said : my also don’t know, but I if now to Demon Realm Heavenly Demon, feared that was will not defeat, moreover may give to kill him very much!” Zhao Hai said : Heavenly Demon? What existence is that?” Cai'er said : Heavenly Demon is in Demon Realm strongest existence, their strengths were too formidable more than 9th level Expert, in Ark Continent here not that strong existence, but I present, Ark Continent here does not permit that formidable existence appears probably, my main body now in Young Master Space, what outside is only my branch, therefore not by Ark Continent here Law tube.” Zhao Hai understand, the Cai'er present strength, had feared that will not compare God Race to be low, that Heavenly Demon that Cai'er said that possibly is existence of God Race with level. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but ji moved, his can immediately/on horseback to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what level you see me now is?”

Cai'er looked at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, your present equal to is existence of 9th level Expert, but also wants compared with 9th level Expert the strong previous time, has not achieved Heavenly Demon level.” Zhao Hai nodded, has rubbed the Chinese, can achieve 9th level to be good, if has achieved God Rank, feared that is Ark Continent here cannot accommodate him, gave a foot to kick out him. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Mu'er said : Mu'er, you? You now strong? Will be different from Cai'er?” Mu'er has not waited for the speech, said : that Cai'er disdains he, he must wait, he currently also has me so to be strong, but also cannot achieve my present level, but he coped with several 9th level Expert not to have the issue.” Did Zhao Hai nod these 9th level Expert that said : in Space practices? What level are they now?” Cai'er smiles said : their potential not to be good, now although is stronger than a point before, but did not have Mu'er to be strong.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that this relaxed, he also really feared that these 9th level Expert in Space turned into God Rank Expert, that may really be too troublesome. However Zhao Hai also understand, these 9th level Expert after all external, they are not Space existed, moreover Space Level Up, is may first this Host and Space itself, in other life form regarding Space, that must arrange in the future, therefore appears this situation, is not strange. bk b