Chapter 579 elder Clothes of although Zhao Hai present putting on are the one type of special metal, but a point does not have metal that ice-cold feeling, conversely, this clothes put on also very comfortably, the sleep has the one type of warm feeling, is very good. Zhao Hai wore the clothes to stand two steps, made the clothes change several styles, this stopped, turned into the appearance of beginning, turned the head to Laura their several said : how this clothes?” Nod of Laura their two eyes shines, they also want this kind of clothes, what clothes like this they can want to wear to wear what clothes, was too convenient. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, then turned the head to be good to Cai'er said :, Space now Level Up whether to plant some special spirit herbs?” Cai'er nodded said : is Young Master, has been OK, some can enhance the physical quality, can spirit herbs that helps the person practice be able to plant.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, your look at means that go to some Universal Machine there there anything spirit y first then your look at type, but has only been OK in the Farming Ground here type, was right, like Vajra Fruit special, can have Divergent Technique plants many, these fruits we must remain.” Cai'er has complied with said : good Young Master, your feel relieved, jiao gave me to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be right, moves that ten background that the present I can use, I to am think that what background I can use now.” Cai'er complied with one, immediately has assigned out some Zhao Hai to use to Zhao Hai, very ordinary background, although these background very ordinary, but also had the division of advantage, for example some deserts background, although very beautiful, but Zhao Hai will actually not buy, because such back bought not to be useful. Zhao Hai has elected, selected ten to suit the planter background, these background did not have any specially extraordinary place, but some background were the mountains, some background were Prairie, but also on some background had the mountain and river, in brief was these can very background. Naturally, Zhao Hai also listened to Laura their opinion, Laura they naturally were happy one have elected, ten background have decided before long. After Zhao Hai chose ten background, this turned the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, how these can background use?” Cai'er said : Young Master normally can make me manage, if you want to go to time, so long as said that wants to go to there, can go directly, I with according to the terrains on these background, will breed some suitable Magic Beast and some plants, Young Master do not need to be worried that these ten background are the belt houses, Young Master were also many ten houses, no matter how background trades, Farming Ground is still a piece . Moreover the land that on background Young Master buys, was different from this background land, the land in these background is only the ordinary land, cannot add crops. Growth.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to manage, does not have Level Up before this background is the same? If so, your look at management was good, my feel relieved.” Cai'er complied with one, Zhao Hai had also led Laura they to arrive at that several background there to look at this time respectively, scenery was good, in this time, suddenly Cai'er said : Young Master, Dwarf Race long is sending for looking for you.” Zhao Hai nodded, immediately/on horseback was bringing Laura their returned to the Dwarf Race room, mentioned also strangely, Zhao Hai now is 9th level Expert existed, but his imposing manner has not actually appeared, looked like is still serene.

Moreover Zhao Hai just also knew, oneself now after can let the body crystallization, but can also use Space Divergent Technique to attack the enemy, but his Space Divergent Technique origin is these God's Blood, the explanation that Space gives is, these God's Blood are God Rank Expert, after passing through the Space barrier, remains, when passes through the Space barrier, he received many Space attack, therefore in God's Blood merged some Space energy, can Space withdraw this Space energy, therefore Zhao Hai can also carry on attack with Space Divergent Technique. How however now Zhao Hai also don’t know Space must carry on attack, but this it doesn't matter, Zhao Hai can also use now, the [gold/metal], wood, water, fire and earth, Divergent Technique of five departments carry on attack, the attack strength is not weak. Zhao Hai also made Cai'er try whether to defeat the Crystal bottle of that type of attire xiao Sun, finally Cai'er cannot achieve, as the matter stands Zhao Hai feel relieved, this has represented is being God Rank Expert, was impossible to defeat his Crystal Incarnation body, later was to God Rank Expert, are many method that one type of maintained life. However Zhao Hai does not have to make Laura they take the Space Blood Pond water now, such words although can make Laura they turn into 9th level Expert, but Laura they actually need to move also motionless use the cultivation over ten days to achieve, in Dwarf Race here, obviously is inappropriate. Therefore Zhao Hai has not made Laura they practice, but brought Laura they to come out from Space, then opened outside mén , mén really to stand Dwarf. That Dwarf sees Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback bows said : to ask mister to go to Divine Palace to Zhao Hai, Patriarch invited mister.” Zhao Hai stares, but nodded, walks toward Divine Palace with that Dwarf, walks Zhao Hai while in thinking Billy is wanting to do, just he has been busy looking after Space Level Up Space has anything to change, therefore has not paid attention Billy to make anything, how suddenly asked him to go to Divine Palace. Has gawked to Divine Palace Zhao Hai, Divine Palace there is standing many Dwarf, moreover these Dwarf in Dwarf Race, the status not low appearance, each every were beard hua was probably white, only then Young Master was in the maturity. Zhao Hai under the leadership of that Dwarf Great Hall, but he is these people in puzzled look at Great Hall, these Dwarf may be many, probably in the appearance of congress, his really understand, Dwarf does not hold the congress, looks to do him. However was quick he to arrive around Iron Hammer Divine Artifact, Billy and these Zhao Hai have seen the elder, was standing in there, simultaneously Zhao Hai also noted, these stood Dwarf in Great Hall, used one type of grateful vision look at he. Saw these Dwarf vision Iron Hammer, Zhao Hai has almost guessed correctly what's the matter, it seems like Billy made the Iron Hammer Congealing Form matter tell these people him, said that the status of these people were not certainly ordinary. However Zhao Hai has not said anything, he has arrived at the Billy side, to Billy and these elder gave a salute, Dwarf gave a salute of turn around to Great Hall, these Dwarf that dares to receive the Zhao Hai big ritual, immediately returns a courtesy. Zhao Hai also noted at this time, Laura they stayed in Great Hall outside, Juno has not entered to Great Hall, this made him more curious. After seeing exchanging greetings, Billy turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, your time has helped our Dwarf Race huge busy, therefore we decided after research that asked Mr. Zhao Hai to hold the post of Dwarf Race Foreign Elder especially, asking mister to comply.” Said that Billy bows to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was actually shocked, for a while has not responded, because this matter sound of the wind/rumor does not have beforehand, has not thought that Billy they will make such decision unexpectedly. But Zhao Hai this stares, actually they gave to scare Juno, Juno completely understand Dwarf, their very clear, whom Dwarf Race must ask to hold the post of Foreign Elder, you should better do not decline, that feared that was polite declining does not want, otherwise Dwarf Race thinks that you looked down upon them, feared that was the friends cannot make, if Zhao Hai like treating Human Race with Dwarf Race polite, the matter must go bad.

But reason that Billy does not have the matter to tell Zhao Hai this matter, has the reason, this is the Dwarf Race plan seals the custom of elder, they think , is this can see a person the sincerity, if they told Zhao Hai the matter, that Zhao Hai was prepared, but asked like suddenly that can see Zhao Hai is the sincerity thinks, when Dwarf Race elder. Actually this regulation extremely numerous, but Dwarf Race is thinks that this is very good, therefore this custom maintained, before Dwarf Race, has accepted fate several Foreign Elder, is beforehand point sound of the wind/rumor does not have, therefore today this matter Juno don’t know. Zhao Hai immediately recovered, looks at Billy, suddenly has shown a faint smile said : well, then respectfully might as well obey orders below, held the post of this Foreign Elder.” Presents all people to relax, Billy stands up, Ha Ha knows said : greatly well, that asked mister to mysteriously three to do obeisance, received elder Life Token, you were Dwarf Race long old.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around was doing obeisance three to do obeisance to Iron Hammer, then Billy has put out a piece ancient bronzes Command Token jiao to the hand of Zhao Hai, this Command Token started Zhao Hai to stare, because this Command Token seemed like ancient bronzes , probably very heavy, but to the hand of Zhao Hai, he actually felt light, probably was in hand takes one is not being a piece Command Token, but was piece of feather mao is the same. This Command Token looks like very simple, directly is a command character, the back is actually Iron Hammer, very simple Command Token, but Zhao Hai actually knows, thing that this Command Token represents is not that simple. Foreign Elder, is entire Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, that status feared that will not compare the entire Beastman Race Crown Prince difference, but such status is extraordinary. Zhao Hai accepted that Command Token respectfully, this asked the ceremony of elder to be completed, has the feeling that one type of has not responded Zhao Hai to the present. Looked that Zhao Hai received the elder command, these Dwarf sound shouted: Has seen the elder!” Zhao Hai quickly said: Please get up.” That Dwarf got up, Billy said loudly: Preparation banquet, celebrates my Dwarf Race welcome to Foreign Elder.” Audiences Dwarf immediately/on horseback complied with one, turn around walked, at this time Billy also invited Zhao Hai returned to in the following village, entered that room of his work, presently in the room remaining Billy, Juno and Zhao Hai three people. Three people sit down, Zhao Hai cannot help but is smiling bitterly to Billy said : Patriarch, your suffices suddenly, if I just did refuse to be what kind of?” Billy laughs said : this is our Dwarf Race custom, if just you if has rejected, you are forever impossible become our Dwarf Race friend, that feared that was you helps us not be good in big busy.” Juno some look at Zhao Hai said : of envying you are content, but you now Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, later the advantage has been possible to be many went, I am so good with Billy relationship, does not regard Foreign Elder.” Billy calculation that smiled said : this Foreign Elder matter is not I says, must undergo the agreement of Elder Assembly, moreover must undergo the agreements of following mine superintendents to be good, Zhao Hai has helped we such big busy words, he was impossible such quickly becomes our Dwarf Race Foreign Elder.” Then Billy turned the head to be right to Zhao Hai said :, Zhao Hai, your Human Race was not very modest? Comes across this matter, must decline, why don't you have?”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you to forget, I was Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, this matter I have experienced, naturally knows, if I just declined, possibly is regarded as will look down upon Dwarf Race, therefore I will certainly not decline.” Billy laughed said : originally to experience, HaHaHa, that fantastic, later you may be Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, the liquor in that clan depended on you.” Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly, feeling that some of his how one type of joined a gang of evildoers, has become Foreign Elder, instead to must manage milk liquor of entire short xiao clan. However now he did not worry that now is the Beastman Race there milk liquor output cannot come up, he did not need to be worried, now he has ten background, in these background can raise some Argali and nai cow, later their milk liquor output also met very strong, simply not to need to be worried about anything. Billy smiles said : you not to need to be worried that this milk liquor we are not take something for free, we will trade with the iron hardware, because you were the status of elder, therefore price although of this milk liquor shop impossible to be the same with outside, will lower, but our iron hardware small advantage, will not make you suffer a loss.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, but my manpower on hand is now few, not having means produce to leave that many milk liquor . Moreover the Beastman Race there milk liquor output was also limited, therefore was I wants to put out milk liquor now, impossible one to put out too.” Billy and Juno nodded, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, finally sets firm resolve said : Patriarch, I have a matter to ask you to help.” Billy stares, but immediately/on horseback smiles said : you but now Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, on equal to was the person on one's own side, had any matter to say and that's the end.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to ask some Dwarf Race to settle down to my territory, helping the resident in my territory hit some iron hardware, look at you to be able?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Billy has cannot help but gawked, then frowned said : this to fear that is somewhat difficult, you also know that your territory is Golden Island, the there person many eyes mixed, moreover our Dwarf Race does not like too contacting this to fear that with the person is some difficulties.” bk b