Chapter 580 lays cards on the table Zhao Hai one hear of Billy said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : not to need to be worried, I invited the place that you settled down, was not Golden Island, but was our Buda Family genuine root, in there, only then our Buda Family some people and slaves, have not existed in other people.” Billy and Juno one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then in two people of eyes is jing light flashes, before Juno look at Zhao Hai said : you , did these hundred thousand slaves who buys deliver to there?” Zhao Hai has gawked, then showed a faint smile said : looks like you knew, good, these slaves who before bought delivered to there to go, not only these slaves, the brewery, was located in there with several other Processing Factory.” Billy is not quite possibly clear, but Juno is actually very clear, but the Buda Family business has plenty, is only Haven product has many, the Beastman Race special product, that has plenty thing must undergo the processing. Billy puzzled look at Zhao Hai does said : besides Golden Island there, what fief Buda Family have? Had not heard that in the two years Buda Family has bought fief?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to have no need to buy fief, our Buda Family has that big fief, if didn't need not to be a pity? That big fief is similar to Aksu Empire area.” Billy and Juno stare, then their immediately responded, fief that Zhao Hai said is Black Wasteland there, in this world biggest fief was there, but there was Buda Family. However Billy and people on Juno even entire Continent know Black Wasteland there what's the matter, their puzzled looked at one mutually, said : of Juno xiao heart could Xiao Hai, there not be by Carrion Swamp poisonous mist covering? Also can be occupied by the person?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : any toxin to have solution yao, two did not forget my Magic Staff to come from there? In matter world our Buda Family almost already control Carrion Swamp, before other our Buda Family and Clan to war, make a move 9th level Expert of these beast shapes, are Magic Beast 9th level Expert in Carrion Swamp.” On Juno and Billy shake, their suddenly has remembered that prediction of Dwarf Race, predicted that in has one is five bans entirely Jie!

Now Divine Artifact visualization has realized, but Buda Family control Carrion Swamp there, then has solved Carrion Swamp there secret on equal to, this prediction has come true on equal to one step. They looked at one mutually, saw a shock from the opposite party eye, Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at they, he knows that they can startled shake, but now their response is a little strange. Billy sighed said : Heaven's Will, was really Heaven's Will?” Juno also sighed said : looks like is really this, below must wait for jing Spirit Race there information.” What Zhao Hai puzzled look at their said : What happened? were you saying? How can't I understand?” Billy sighed, said to Zhao Hai the matter of Dwarf Race prediction, the prediction of Dwarf Race was very simple, the meaning from wording can understand that was not difficult to understand, therefore Zhao Hai only listened to deceive understands. His face also changes, at this matter, he knows are more than Juno and Billy that Juno and Billy obviously are don’t know that several clan wars, matter that God Rank Expert and Divine Artifact enter the war, but he actually knows. Billy looks at Zhao Hai face , thinks him because of this prediction, therefore he sighed, then said : now I more and more thought the king of that non- king in the prediction said was you, because the matter on this prediction, you have made soon two.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, sighed, then turned the head look at they, said : that not bore in fact, this predicted my although don’t know, the matter that but I knew are more, I who you knew even also know that the God Realm there matter......” then Zhao Hai with Billy and Juno says the God Race matter that knew from Iron Hammer there. After Zhao Hai said that this to Billy said : these matters, is actually Artifact Spirit tells me, I feared that too many people know, therefore please he do not tell others, your Dwarf Race that Forbidden Land, was the past years injures that God Race actually, blood that he flowed, that was not poisonous, but was energy was too strong, your simply could not bear, this matter I do not want to say that because I suspected that Radiant Church had the relation with the God Rank person, if this matter made too many people know that certain is known by Radiant Church, if when the time comes they know that had the person to know this. secret, may get up with God Realm person alliance very much, immediately/on horseback refuses to accept their people to begin to Continent on, but now the strength on Continent is not much, I worried that the God Race person one, loses is too big, therefore I want to go back these God's Blood belts, research well can one research come out one type of to promote the cultivation level yao medicinal preparation, trains some 9th level Expert to Continent on, this was the God Race person, we also had strength of the fighting, has not actually thought that Dwarf Race really also had a prediction like this, Heaven's Will, this may. What is Heaven's Will!”

Juno and Billy silly is listening to the Zhao Hai words, they have not thought that these many that Zhao Hai can know unexpectedly, and has started to prepare. Some little time Billy sobered, he one has stood, bellows said : „is really Radiant Church, I thought that these soul eggs are are not doing the good deed, originally is really they.” Juno face also very difficult looked that said : I think Xiao Hai this inference possible is very big, the matter that these year of Radiant Church handle, a little cannot really be justified, if really like the Xiao Hai inference, that matter somewhat was dangerous, if God Realm sent out Expert to attack Ark Continent here, that matter somewhat troubled.” Zhao Hai sighed said : also not only, besides Radiant Church, Engraved Ark then pounded one word in behind, this Engraved Ark also don’t know was any organization, probably was mén wants specially Ark Continent to the appearance that destroying has given up, previous God Realm has only sent God Rank Expert, made big one word Ark Continent here, three Grand Divine Artifact have blocked his attack luckily, but now Beastman Race there Divine Artifact also in my don’t know, even if was in the words, Artifact Spirit was also injured, only if were given them to treat, otherwise, simply wielded does not come out to affect., Even if fixed three Divine Artifact, the matter is not quite easy to do, previous God Race after being repelled, knows that Ark Continent here had Divine Artifact, their this time must come, certainly will prepare to cope with these Divine Artifact thing, when the time comes troubled.” Juno and Billy frown, face is not quite attractive, involving of this matter was really too big, what most important was, they have not been able to say this matter. Zhao Hai looked at their said : to be good, I thought that this matter wants unable to find out the means that anything solved now, this, invited Billy Patriarch relation jing Spirit Race as soon as possible, I moved in Beastman Race there whether to see Beast God Spear, if possible, I will have a look to help them give to fix Beast God Spear, when the time comes our assurance also even bigger some, now most important was, this matter cannot pass on absolutely, even if were most own person do not say that this matter on was only restricted in several people in this room to know on the line, Two do look?” Billy and Juno think, presently now besides this means that does not have what good means that they must sigh said : also only to be this, has not thought really that the matter will turn into this appearance unexpectedly.” Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : two not to need to be worried about anything, our Buda Family alchemy technology is very strong, can perhaps use the blood of God Race, nong to come out some yao medicinal preparations, when the time comes multi- nong leaves some 9th level Expert, can perhaps deal with the attack of Heaven Realm.” Billy and Juno have also smiled bitterly, they also know that now also can only such console oneself, suddenly Billy two eyes one bright, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, predicted that in said that five ban entirely Jie, in other words, five Forbidden Land can be broken remove, if mister has the time, might as well go to several other Forbidden Land to go also to be able erratically presently any good thing.” Juno is also two eyes bright turning the head to Zhao Hai said : „, yes, Xiao Hai, you might as well go what good thing, if can really nong, later copes with God Race also having confidence, what good thing even if nong does not arrive, depending on your ability, lives to walk should not to have the issue?”

Zhao Hai is also thinking their words, explore five Great Forbidden Land, he already wants to go, but did not have the time, now knew after this matter, Zhao Hai to wanted to explore five Great Forbidden Land, before explored five Great Forbidden Land, Zhao Hai wants to go to Elven Forest to have a look. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded said : well, later has opportunity I certainly to go, but before that I want to go to Beastman Race there first whether to give to fix their Beast God Spear, Billy Patriarch should better also relate jing Spirit Race, if their Elven Bow, me should better also give to fix Elven Bow, after waiting to complete these, I in explore five Great Forbidden Land not to be late.” Billy nodded said : well, that such settled, I will relate jing Spirit Race as soon as possible \; first, the Elven Bow matter, two are the jing Spirit Tree matters, in predicted that but jing Spirit Tree is dry, if jing Spirit Tree had problems, that represented the pre- article to realize.” Zhao Hai and Juno nodded, three people of somewhat are sad, not because of other, because of God Realm this word, this word belt is representing a legend of biography absolute strength, but they one day, possibly with this legend to, this will make them feel that from the bone a huge strength, that is God Realm, is not other place. bk b