Chapter 581 banquet Knocking on knocking on knocking on, three knock the mén sound to transmit, three people with a heavy heart one awakening, Billy looked at room mén, deep voice said : who?” outside én transmits sound speaking sounds: Patriarch, the banquet has prepared, please with Zhao Elder Hai in the past.” Billy has cannot help but patted brain mén, the matter that just they said were too many, was extremely heavy, making three people unconscious this matter forgetting. Billy immediately/on horseback said : was good, I knew, immediately/on horseback in the past, you went first.” the person outside mén complied with turn around to walk. Billy then turns the head to make Dwarf go to your territory to Zhao Hai said : naturally not to be a problem, this matter I will arrange, you looked how many people your there does want?” Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally the more better, does not pass my there, did not have the too much time long irons, after all my there iron was not many, by planting plants and produce give priority to, but arrived at my there, the liquor rou tube sufficed.” Billy laughs said : that not to be a problem, if actually predicted that realizes on your body, comes erratically regarding us meddlesome, you have not forgotten, in that prediction said that perhaps along with Wang Banjia, the ten thousand th hero, I also really can become a big hero.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: You want to work as the hero, what I have not wanted to work as the king of that non- king, real his mother, God Realm these bastards, are all right to look for a matter well, everyone/Great Clan doesn't live well? These bastards.” Zhao Hai normally very much pays attention to own words and deeds, but the matter left now, he also can only then, but this matter is really makes him somewhat choke with rage, could not bear scold several. Billy is actually laughs said : well, scolded well, God Realm these fellows were really not good thing, was good, had not said that walked, we drank, no matter what, the good deed are also many today.” Nod of Zhao Hai not bears, Juno has also smiled, outside three life mén walks, but this Billy has not brought that mountain range that they eat meal, but drew Divine Palace square there. Has gawked to square there Zhao Hai, Divine Palace square there area is very big, more than 10,000 square meters, can xiao, but there actually has chocked up the table now, many Dwarf have sat down, many Dwarf Race woman, are suspending the dish toward the table on.

Looked at this situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but was shocked, this scene he has seen in Beastman Race there, however in here, he has not actually seen, has not thought that Dwarf also had the tradition of holding the big banquet. Zhao Hai presently Laura they already welcome to square here, moreover is sitting in table there, was chatting with several Dwarf Race woman. Billy has not said anything, pulling Zhao Hai sat one to table there that they kept, at this time on the table has displayed the Dwarf Race special dish. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, immediately/on horseback turns the head my here also to have many liquor to Billy said :, takes to give everyone/Great Clan to drink?” Billy laughed said : that to be certainly good, took quickly.” Then he stands, said loudly: Today we hold this banquet, is celebrates my Dwarf Race welcome to Foreign Elder, Zhao Elder Hai today also very happy, he prepared to ask everyone/Great Clan to drink!” The Billy voice falls, in square has resounded the shocking applauding sound, Zhao Hai not polite, shows a faint smile to wield, a bag with milk liquor of beast skin generation of thinking on appears in the square, each bag of milk liquor has been no less than 100 jin (0.5 kg). Zhao Hai has put out about 500 bags to stop, currently the square here Dwarf total has more than 10,000 people, if he takes has been short, feared that insufficiently drinks. After Zhao Hai puts out these milk liquor, has Dwarf Race woman, attains various tables these milk liquor, Zhao Hai look at these Dwarf Race woman, casual that can take up two bags of milk liquor appearance, by smiling bitterly, it seems like that this Dwarf Race strength also is really astonishing that these woman, can take up weapon when necessary becomes the soldiers, a such race, is not really affable. However at this time could not allow him to do to sigh with emotion, the dish has displayed, was responsible for suspending the dish these woman to sit, but actually nobody ate thing, all people raised one's wine cup to, but actually look at Billy helplessly. Billy has stood, has carried wine glass, deep voice said : today regarding our Dwarf Race, is one is worth the happy day, our Dwarf Race nearly 300 years had not invited Foreign Elder, today Mr. Zhao Hai, is willing to become our Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, that is being honored of our Dwarf Race, we respect Zhao Elder Hai one cup together!” All Dwarf Race people have stood, has held up wine glass, said loudly: Respects Zhao Elder Hai!” Zhao Hai has not thought that really will have such situation appears , he also present difference between Dwarf Race and Beastman Race, in Hercules Tauren Clan, this Foreign Crown Prince is in favor with the public, moreover Beastman Race is straightforward, recognized has recognized, respected three glasses of liquor to consider as finished.

But Dwarf Race here, has actually used one please character, they were said one invited Foreign Elder, with other appointments or any words, this did not appear very polite. Zhao Hai carries wine glass deep voice said : „to become Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, is being honored of my Zhao Hai, I am Dwarf Race do certainly good!” Said that lifts the cup, did the liquor in cup! Did not need Billy saying that audiences Dwarf said : did with one voice!” Said that has drunk the liquor in cup. After having done one cup, Billy arrived at one glass of liquor, lifts said : wine glass second glass of liquor, I respect Juno mister, Juno mister is my old friend, these years little have not helped our Dwarf Race, but a best matter that he handles is, brought our Dwarf Race to come Mr. Zhao Hai, to ask for instructions to the Juno mister gratitude, we respected his one cup, Juno mister forever was our Dwarf Race friend!” Audiences Dwarf also arrived at one glass of liquor, said loudly: Respects Juno mister!” Juno also hastily carries wine glass said : Hurricane Family and Dwarf Race forever is being a friend, dry!” Said that in cheered the liquor, these Dwarf also raised one's wine cup does. After having done this glass of liquor, Billy turns the head third glass of liquor you to raise to Zhao Hai said :, later everyone/Great Clan can be optional.” Zhao Hai nodded, carries wine glass said : to thank Juno mister to bring Dwarf Race to come, to thank the Dwarf Race brothers me to give my this opportunity, making me the Dwarf Race elder, in here, Zhao Hai respects everyone/Great Clan one cup!” Said that in cheered the liquor. These Dwarf Race knows this procedure obviously, therefore has not sat down, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that shouted the sound to be good loudly, then also has done the liquor in cup, this sat to eat the dish to drink. Waits for these people to sit down Zhao Hai present, these Dwarf Race woman, have drunk unexpectedly also three glasses of liquor, Dwarf Race here wine glass is not very big, but these three glasses of liquor get into the stomach, almost six and 72 appearances, must know that this is highly the liquor, thing has not eaten, one drinks six and 72, this alcohol capacity is not bad. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but perspiration, this Dwarf Race also really each one is a drunkard, cannot stir up, dish flavor that but Dwarf Race makes to really good. This meal the person has is very happy, many Dwarf that eats drank, after having eaten meal, Zhao Hai their returned to own room.

Has drunk one cup of Spatial Water to room Zhao Hai immediately, now energy in Spatial Water compared with before must, his liquor one solve. Also has drunk one cup of Spatial Water after to Laura each, several people then sat Space Villa, Zhao Hai slowly said that prediction of Dwarf Race. Laura they have not made noise, static listened to Zhao Hai saying that Laura then made noise said : I to think this prediction had the possibility in other words Elder Brother Hai person very much, you looked, the Divine Artifact visualization, Elder Brother Hai has achieved now, jing Spirit Tree dry this returned don’t know, five banned entirely Jie, we have solved Carrion Swamp now, the day fall the disaster god to be worth analyzing well, the average person said the disaster, will say the disaster, the unlucky star, nobody will say that disaster god, but the prediction of Dwarf Race said the disaster god, this was very likely has relationship with God Race, was adding on Elder Brother Hai your analysis., This matter should not mistakenly, what most important is, by Elder Brother Hai your present strength, must untie five Great Forbidden Land, is not the difficult matter, if we have untied five Great Forbidden Land , the matter on that this prediction, has completed most, therefore I think that Elder Brother Hai should be the king of that non- king in the prediction mentioned!” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: I to am hope one are not, is according to the current situation, feared that is I really could not have been inescapable, ok, did not think these, pressed me in any case is prepares, in Dwarf Race here and other days, gives them thing that they wanted, we can returned to Golden Island there, then I want to go to Beastman Race, wants to have a look to see Beastman Race Divine Artifact, here I have made Billy Patriarch relate jing Spirit Race, if can come out these two clans Artifact Spirit also nong of Divine Artifact, what was to live, had. Guaranteed.” Laura nodded said : I also to support Elder Brother Hai such to do, our matches are God Race, but these three Divine Artifact itself have stayed in God Realm there, has certain understanding regarding God Race, has them, if later God Race straight came, we cope, relaxed.” Megan nodded said : „, that is God Race, is not cracks a joke, before these three Divine Artifact, has fought with God Race, has them, our assurances can even bigger some.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, if fixes these three Divine Artifact, our immediately/on horseback goes to other four big ban also to have any good thing in there, if any, we also received must to let Space in time Level Up.” Lizzy knit the brows said : Elder Brother Hai, can this matter tell my father? If made my father know, can better?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the present is also not the time, if told the father-in-law now, may be known by more people very much, if when the time comes Radiant Church moves ahead of time, our troubles were big.” bk b