Backstage of Chapter 582 Engraved Ark Lizzy nodded, she knows what Zhao Hai said is real, from ancient to present, any Emperor does not have true secret to exist, therefore now do not tell King is good. Zhao Hai sighed said : this matter now looks like also only like this, this, we first returns to iron fort now, making Grandpa Green and Merine nainai first 9th level Expert, after we went back, in making Grandfather Kun 9th level Expert, Blockhead and Stone, after Junichi and Wanying/Ten-thousand Shadow also we went back, was saying.” Laura also nodded said : this matter not to worry, Space Level Up with, us momentarily has been able nong to leave large quantities of 9th level Expert in any case now, right Elder Brother Hai, you should go to Universal Machine there now Space Level Up Universal Machine there whether to make to achieve the God Rank yao medicinal preparation, can therefore the words, isn't that to us, the big good deed?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought of this point, his immediately/on horseback said : yesterday I made Cai'er do, let her look at type, don’t know how, Cai'er?” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, Cai'er on appears in the Zhao Hai front, has shown a faint smile said : to Zhao Hai Young Master feel relieved, now Farming Ground there I have planted, in Universal Machine has to become God Rank Expert medication, but some yao we could not have planted now, when level liter to five ten 5th level about times, these yao materials can all plant, now Young Master you five ten 2nd level, the yao assortment that therefore I only medication on, now can plant, Young Master did not need to be worried.” One hear of Cai'er said that Zhao Hai then nodded, then laughs said : good Cai'er, had you, I was am free from worry.” Cai'er smiles said : to thank the thanks Young Master quart saying that Young Master, I can eat thing now, you will bring to me next time delicious some.” Zhao Hai laughs said : not to have the issue, what you want to eat saying that was good, Young Master I can also treat unjustly you, isn't your main body plants? Doesn't need to eat thing?” Cai'er smiles said : others to be greedy, although does not need to eat thing, but why can eat does not eat, you said Young Master.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, under feel relieved, I, certainly will bring next time to eat to you, was right, in Warehouse probably also many delicious, when you the first between-meal snack ate.” Said that Zhao Hai moves, took to give Cai'er some snacks in Warehouse. Cai'er although is Space Manager, but these thing in Warehouse, if no order of Zhao Hai, she does not have the authority to move. Saw that these do not eat, Cai'er like the child, cheered to throw, has eaten greatly, Laura they have also smiled, they also liking Cai'er. Looks happy that Cai'er eats, Zhao Hai also happy, he was not managing Cai'er, turns the head to smile said : to Laura „the present looks like, we must make the Space liter to five ten 5th level as soon as possible good, otherwise we did not have the means and a God Race war.” Laura relaxed said : this also ting to be actually good, I want to go to jing Spirit Race there, went to Space almost to be able in several Great Forbidden Land there Level Up?”

Zhao Hai has actually smiled bitterly, he does not think that smooth, must know that Space is upward, Level Up is difficult, now Space arrived at five ten 2nd level, thinks that rises to five ten 5th level, the difficulty is not small. This time he God Rank Expert blood nong to Space, Space rose 3rd level, next does time make on him there go to the blood of nong God Rank Expert? However currently finally has target, no matter what, this was the good deed, Zhao Hai also has also smiled bitterly, turned the head their said : we to go to other background there to have a look to Laura, there we have not looked in any case now.” Laura they also selected, they also want to go to that several Space background to have a look at the scenery, nearest/recent their pressures were very big, happen to the need well relaxed the scenery, well relaxed just right. Especially now knew God Realm matter, they felt that the pressure is very big, the nerve one collapsed, now needs to relax the time well. Several people have played playing in that several background there well, relaxed, then found a background room to go in casually the rest, these rooms may be very good, moreover inside arrangement also modernization, to was makes Zhao Hai they save many hearts. Next morning, Zhao Hai they appears in mountain range that in Billy has prepared to them, then came out from mountain range, he just came out, saw a Dwarf front surface to walk, that Dwarf immediately/on horseback bowed to Zhao Hai said : elder, Patriarch makes you go to the dining room to dine.” Zhao Hai nodded to smile said : thank you.” That Dwarf smiled, turn around walked, looks like somewhat shy, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, leading Laura they to go to the dining room. Sat to dining room Billy and Juno in there, besides them, in the dining room actually did not have other people. Zhao Hai has not cared, sat together with Billy and Juno, Laura they sat another a table there, immediately had Dwarf Race woman to provide the meal. Zhao Hai sits down, does Juno smile said : what kind of? Knew the Dwarf Race alcohol capacity? Is yesterday good?” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly next step: Fortunately, not only I, Laura they drank, went back to rest, sobered up yao with enough time not to drink continually.” Billy and Juno he he chuckle, Billy turned the head yesterday to have many Dwarf to Zhao Hai said :, has sent their acquired Magic Beast and plants, but also has sent some quite special ore, hopes that these thing can be useful to you, outside these thing I made them pile to arrive, waited a while you to take away was good, took these thing, do you want to walk?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, after these thing receive, I want leave here, I must go to Beastman Prairie there to hope that this time can see Beast God Spear, right Patriarch, in your here, keeps Warehouse to me, I can each month deliver a batch milk liquor to come, the quantity I do not say now certainly, will not be less than 1 million jin (0.5 kg) in any case, when the time comes I want any iron hardware, will write the letter, sends along with milk liquor together, you in put in Warehouse to be good these iron hardware, I possibly for sometime did not have the means to come.”

Billy nodded said : well, this does not have the issue, I will keep big Warehouse to you, when the time comes in you put thing were good, other I did not say that you carefully.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved, all right, I want whether after a period of time to use the blood of that God Race person, making one type of can make 9th level Expert promote to y that the god rises, if, even if were God Race came, we did not need to fear them.” Billy knit the brows said : this to fear that is not easy? Moreover to one, but on after Continent some people arrived at God Rank, immediately must go to God Realm, will otherwise receive Divine Retribution, if real appears God Rank Expert, he has also resulted, cannot add on the meeting busily.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this point I also to know, but was God Rank Expert, can nong leave several 9th level Expert, 9th level Expert were more, we were safe, do not forget, previous time with the God Race war, to the present after tens of thousands years, in these tens of thousands years, Magic on Continent compared with had not progressed many, but I think that God Race there will possibly have certain progress, nong was not good they to think of the means possibly, how to open the Space barrier, if they directed army to attack, our on the ship weapon and Magician simply was not a match..” Billy sighed said : „, not only God Race, Demon Race, my also extremely worried, God Race these fellows a short time feared that cannot come, must otherwise they already not come, but Demon Race there Clan these years did not have appears , but some people suspected that five Great Forbidden Land there had relationship with Magic Beast, if you investigated five Great Forbidden Land, must have a look at there to be related with Demon Race, was right, weren't you had looked at Carrion Swamp there? there what situation?” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, there is good, nothing, listening to Artifact Spirit saying that there was the former and God Race War Clan, afterward because of the God Race war, the there Space barrier breaking, to has drawn instead out Demon Race, but one had been blocked in there, has been all right, you did not need to be worried.” Juno connection said : was right, you said that what Engraved Ark can be concerned with Demon Race? They like God Race, God Race do not want to rule Ark Continent here, but that what Engraved Ark organization, wants to destroy entire Ark Continent unexpectedly, is this probably the Demon Race characteristics?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought this point, but has to think by Juno such Zhao Hai now well, that Engraved Ark organization, obvious by destroying Continent, destroys completely on Continent all races is the point, but now looks like, this obviously on a little Demon Race style. God Race and Magic Beast are different, God Race although and different race god jiao war, but they will decide target generally on different race, they must control Human Race, because of Human Race, if some people can to become Shen, increase the strength on equivalent to to them, God Race possibly wants to breed Human Race in Ark Continent here, regards their manpower resources places Human Race here. But Demon Race is different, what Demon Race wants is the Ark Continent here land, listening to Cai'er saying that the Demon Race there living environment was very bad, what they drooled was the Ark Continent here land, on the person regarding land, they did not have the interest, therefore God Race wants to extinguish different race, extinguished other religious sects, but Demon Race actually wants to extinguish all races. Juno looked that Zhao Hai quite a while has not spoken, knows that Zhao Hai definitely also knows some of their don’t know matters, Juno and Billy have not disturbed Zhao Hai, is only static look at he. Some little time Zhao Hai has thought through this point, he believes that perhaps Engraved Ark this organization really has relationship with Demon Race, if is really such, now the trouble of Ark Continent here were also many. Looks at Zhao Hai to recover, Billy immediately/on horseback said : what has What happened? thought of?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : has thought some thing, that Engraved Ark organization feared has relationship with Magic Beast, I when investigation carrion moor, from inside present some ancient books, on that some lies in the Demon Race matter, when Demon Race invasion, the people know that has existence of Demon Race, Demon Race also knows has existence of Ark Continent, Demon Realm there that but Demon Race survives, living environment very bad, Ark Continent here regarding them, looks like Heaven is the same, wish that therefore they went all out survives in Ark Continent here, regarding them, they must is Ark Continent The here land, regarding Ark Continent here each every race, their interest does not have, therefore they might send for destroying Ark Continent here all races, this with the style of Engraved Ark very, therefore I guess that the Engraved Ark organization, really may perhaps have relationship with Demon Race.”

Juno and Billy one hear of Zhao Hai said that face becomes ten is difficult to smile, Juno just mentioned Engraved Ark, actually did not suspect that really Engraved Ark can have relationship with Magic Beast, this is only one type of is possible, moreover one type of smallest possibility, but after Zhao Hai him thought so that this possible one increased. Billy knit the brows said : that not to be right, if Engraved Ark has relationship with Demon Race, they will help Demon Race? Must know that on Continent all races are hate to the marrow of the bones to Demon Race.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Do not forget the person to be greedy, some people for their ambition, what matter can do, moreover Magic Beast can also like Radiant Church, what religious meeting nong leave, religious thing to the person the brainwashing is very thorough, if Demon Race also does use this move? That Engraved Ark appears does not have what well strange.” Juno face was uglier, others don’t know, he is very clear, the Radiant Church person most is good at to give the person to brainwash, they have also eaten many owing in this aspect, if Radiant Church not with religious brainwashing this move, their impossible show the rapidness of such, if Engraved Ark is Demon Race nong comes out, also comes control through the religion, of that Zhao Hai suspicion possible is exists completely. Billy also nodded said : this Demon Race hideaway is deeper than Radiant Church, it seems like that this Demon Race is more fearful than Radiant Church.” Zhao Hai actually shook the head said :not necessarily, reason that Radiant Church such will quickly come out on expose, completely is because their several times moved by me is destroyed, reason that but they because of such open and aboveboard, can a better show, Engraved Ark this organization, they not by the person present, certainly because of member too few reasons, if said that was Radiant Church threat even bigger some. Juno coldly snorted said : „, no matter that is not easy to deal with, if Radiant Church this time matter were not destroyed by Little Hai, now they had made a name, Engraved Ark has actually hidden in the hidden place, this is Poison Snake, perhaps when will nip your one, we must guard carefully are good.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : „is really the satire, one is a god, one is the demon, they should be right, now they actually must collaborate to cope with us!” bk b