Chapter 583 rises 1st level This is recently, Zhao Hai has cursed at people once again, he feels very angry , the god, the demon, in he has looked in xiao said that these two races forever are oppose, but has set up Continent here to arrive to the side is good, everyone don’t know who did not say that their successive drew out the hand to cope with Human Race to come unexpectedly, but this bad luck egg, unexpectedly may become the lead in this story!! Juno one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but coldly snorted said : good Xiao Hai, you don't fantastic that these God Race Clan think, in these fellows although has plenty goes from our Ark Continent, but Iron Hammer did not say, these fellows, majority of God Realm these aboriginal mixed jiao, could not be the Ark Continent here people now.” Billy coldly snorted said : is these fellows who Ark Continent here exits also not necessarily is any good thing, Xiao Hai, I to am hope that now your quick point becomes God Rank Expert, perhaps at that time our these different race days can also feel better.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he knows what Billy they said is right, these God Rank Expert, simply not Ark Continent this city person, when netg person, do not count on them. Juno looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, sighed said : to consider as finished, did not say that these matters, ate meal, after finishing eating the food, Xiao Hai can receive thing, then our leave.” Does Billy turn the head look at Juno said : what? you also such to worry leave? Isn't keeping several days?” Juno forced smile said : considers as finished, these days the fresh matter are too many, I must go back processing well, were not many remains.” Billy nodded said : that to be also good, now the most important matter the matter about God Race, I do not keep you, eats meal, finished eating the food I to a Xiao Hai letter, when the time comes Xiao Hai can take the letter to look for Beast King, I think that time Beast King should make Xiao Hai see Beast God Spear.” The meaning of Zhao Hai understand Billy, Zhao Hai now status although in Beastman Race heart is not low, because he is Human Race, Beastman Race may not trust him, will make him see Beast God Spear, but if there is a Dwarf Race long letter, is adding on that elder Command Token, can perhaps succeed. Three people in wasting breath, after having eaten meal, three people arrived at outside first, has gawked to outside Zhao Hai, the there ground is suspending more than more than hundred types of thing, including Magic Beast 30, various plants more than 50, dozens all kinds of ores, these ores are not on Continent common these have the ore obviously. That this animal is lives, these plants are also lives, these have Iron Armor Beast and Iron Spear tree, but Iron Armor Beast is xiao Iron Armor Beast, the Iron Spear tree is also only a seedling.

However these are unimportant, more importantly no matter plants or animal, are live, this regarding Zhao Hai was really too important. Zhao Hai does not have the guest air operated, received in ground thing Space, in Space has transmitted a prompt sound, mostly about these animal and plants, but finally about these ores, in Space present doing of these ores has actually used, but these ore several types very special, is very rare, moreover because the quantity were too few, therefore impossible like Pure Iron, immediately can form the mineral lode in Space, prompt that Space gives is, after several years of time, these ore is possible growth slowly, forms these ore in Space the mineral lode.. This is also Space new energy, if before carried on Space ore quantity too xiao, Space simply was impossible to form the mineral lode, now can actually through the growth, the formation mineral lode slowly, this regarding Zhao Hai, be possible really to be good information. But those who most make Zhao Hai unable to think, received these thing Space, Space rose 1st level unexpectedly, this stemmed from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Now by him to the estimate of Space, thing that Space Level Up needs should be many, was impossible only to receive has such selected thing to go on Level Up, this surprised people. However Zhao Hai thinks quickly understand what's the matter, certainly after is previous God's Blood enters Space, Space although rose 3rd level, but has plenty energy has not used up, therefore in adding on these thing, happen to the request of Level Up, this you plays the game, your experience are lots, after Level Up, but also has plenty experience immediately can probably rise to below 1st level, this entered you also to obtain some experiences, the nature has succeeded on Level Up. Zhao Hai does not have to care, although rose 1st level now, but also has two-level, this two-level not so was good to rise, hopes that these time went to Beastman Race that city to be able nong to some good thing. After receiving these thing, Zhao Hai their immediately went to one person of short xiao clan to empty the storehouse, actually said is the storehouse, was quite big mountain range, moreover in this mountain range did not have mén, Dwarf Race here nobody will steal thing, naturally did not need mén. After having looked at that mountain range, the matter was almost has gotten probably also through, arranging Dwarf to go to the Black Wasteland there matter, but also required very long time, this Billy mobilized to be good. After these two matters processed, several people returned to that mountain range of Billy work, after having sat down, Billy turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Xiao Hai, I am giving you to prepare some iron hardware now, you quite carried off, yesterday can prepare, you looked that was when tomorrow was walking?” Zhao Hai thinks that sharply on this day, he did not nod in any case said : well, when that tomorrow, tomorrow in the morning our leave.”

Billy nodded, has arrived at table there, writes the written records to start to write a letter, Zhao Hai knows that this is in giving Beast King writes a letter, Zhao Hai has not been blocking, but in a low voice to Juno said : Juno Patriarch, after tomorrow leave Dwarf Race, I will deliver you to go home first, then immediately rushes to Golden Island, makes the recuperation to go to Beastman Prairie in there slightly, did not go to your there to visit.” Nod said : that Juno understands does not have relationship, the proper business is important, after waiting, is going to my there not to be late on opportunity.” Zhao Hai nodded said : meeting, certainly will have opportunity, but the matter must ask you to help, your family's territory, left Ocean Waves Dynasty is not being very far, there already by Radiant Church to control, had the possibility to teach people very much brightly the genuine den in there, must trouble you to monitor there, what kind of?” Juno smiles said : not to have the issue, this should be, you handled your matter to be good, if Radiant Church there had any information, I will inform Billy, making Billy put Warehouse there that information, like this you can quick know.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, such manages, about God Realm and God Race matter, no one must tell, if this matter passed on, that will certainly cause the stir, does not have the advantage to us harmfully.” Juno nod said : feel relieved, I know in heart, will not say, but the following some time wanted to be laborious you, was right, I want to arrange some people to go to Golden Island there to do business, you looked whether to arrange?” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, does not have the issue, momentarily, I will say one with the island last present supervisors, when the time comes your Clan person arrived in the island, the supervisor told directly you are Hurricane Family, they will give you to arrange.” Juno has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : thank you Xiao Hai.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you to be too polite, but we now ally, our Buda Family den in there, only then you know with Billy Patriarch, my fathers-in-law don’t know, you may probably for my conservative secret.” Juno smiles said : feel relieved, I know how should do, but has not thought that the Black Wasteland there toxic gas is your nong comes out unexpectedly, moreover that toxic gas can kill by poison 9th level Expert unexpectedly, fierce, no wonder nobody can presently your Clan den, the den place there, naturally nobody can present.” Zhao Hai smiled said : not to have the means that before our Buda Family was too weak, if made people present the Black Wasteland there matter, perhaps directly there swallowing, the although Buda Family strength has sufficed now, but I do not want to be too free, on Continent the greedy person were too many, if I said the Buda Family situation, I feared that some people will get up greedily, when the time comes these fellows did not decide target on Radiant Church, instead to was runs to cope with my on to be troublesome.”

Juno has smiled bitterly, he knows that Zhao Hai these words are not crack a joke, now the God Realm matter cannot say, if Zhao Hai has occupied Black Wasteland their family, but the matter that Black Wasteland there can plant said that certainly will cause the stir on Continent, but the final result is, will have the innumerable eyes to stare at Buda Family. Black Wasteland there area was too big, the there land were too many, is only these lands is a big wealth, will cause the innumerable greedy vision. Now reason that the person on Continent will suppress Radiant Church like this , because Radiant Church threatened their rule, posed a threat to their interests, if on Continent suddenly appears bulk féirou, these people possibly will not pay attention to Radiant Church now, instead will pay attention to Buda Family. They were saying, the Billy there letter has written, he with cannot the paper wrote, Iron Armor Beast beast skin that but uses, Iron Armor Beast leather armor also manufactures the full body armor good material, Iron Armor Beast regarding Dwarf Race, looks like Beastman Race Argali is the same, is they obligato thing. Billy has regarded letter paper beast skin to curl this, then has blocked with, jiao has given Zhao Hai said : Xiao Hai, you take this letter to look for Beast King, he noticed that the above badge should know this is our Dwarf Race to his letter, I told him in the letter you can let the Divine Artifact Artifact Spirit extensive matter, believes after he read the letter, should agree.” Zhao Hai received the letter, nodded said : well, I think that he will also agree, I with their relationship am good, should not have the issue.” bk b