Does Chapter 584 want to marry? Zhao Hai stands on the Haven Ship bow, Juno is standing in his side, their although looks like probably in appreciating armored war horse river scenery along the way, but thoughts actually at all not on this. Now some of their also moods look at the scenery, God Race, Demon Race, looks like two huge mountain same pressures on their bodies, presses them not to gasp for breath. They came out already two days of Dwarf Iron Mountain there, two days they have been hurrying along, although said that they have thought coped with the God Race means that however spoke the truth, their at heart like pressing a piece big stone. Some little time Zhao Hai sighs said : present Dwarf Race there starts fully to carry on the war preparations, our Black Wasteland there should also carry on the preparation to be good.” Juno sighed said : „, not only you, we were also same, what a pity, our Hurricane Family domain too xiao, moreover did not have anything to produce, wants to carry on anything to prepare not to have the means.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Grandpa Juno not to need to be worried, so long as you favored Radiant Church were good, these prepared jiao to give me to be good.” Juno sighed said : also only to be able so, this time depended entirely on you, oh, if Billy can convince jing Spirit Race, we and many an ally, otherwise matter troubled.” Zhao Hai nodded, sighs said : I to go to Beastman Race there to try, hopes that can be able the merit, ok, did not say these, did Grandpa Juno, what business you prepare Golden Island there to do?” Juno smiled bitterly said : only to be, our Hurricane Family these years have not done any business, continuously also really don’t know.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to look at this, if you want to send for on Golden Island doing business, I in the supervisors with island will say one, was right, the supervisors on island called Kun, was my wife Laura elder, I will say one with Grandfather Kun, making them arrange to you and ensure made you gain steadily does not compensate.” Juno smiles said : that thank you, our Clan person and not suitable do business, in these xiao generations, sole a little business brains, only then Kristen, when the time comes the Golden Island there matter will have led by her.”

The Zhao Hai secret forced smile, on the face does not have what expression, but nodded said : well, I will arrange, they possibly cannot see me in Golden Island there, my this on there dull how long, will not have any matter all year round, making them look for Grandfather Kun on the line.” Juno has not said anything, but nodded, he knows that Zhao Hai almost guessed correctly them is any meaning, right, Juno Kristen arranges to Golden Island there, simply to not to do business, he for must with Zhao Hai Lian marriage. If Juno the don’t know God Realm matter, possibly will not have such idea, after all their Hurricane Family did not seek not to seek for profit, was not worthwhile marries with Buda Family. However now knew after God Realm matter, he had such idea, from the Zhao Hai mouth, he knew the great strength of Buda Family, now only then draws relationship with Buda Family, will have the advantage to Hurricane Family. Moreover the prediction of Dwarf Race a little, Juno said regarding Billy believes several points, if Dwarf Race prediction real becoming true, that Zhao Hai on equal to is the entire Continent Savior, if were not calling this opportunity draws in relationship with Zhao Hai, he was not Hurricane Family Patriarch. although said that non- yu of Hurricane Family performance not has striven, but any Great Clan impossible true achieving does not have yu not to strive, reason that before Hurricane Family will have such performance, to only protect the status however, in Buddha Empire, Hurricane Family is not the biggest thousand Nian Clan clans, is not the strength strongest thousand Nian Clan clans, but their Clan status, in Buddha Empire, is most is actually so, is the Buddha Empire royal family, to their family, is maintaining certain respect, reason that like this, on will be because Yuan yu of Hurricane Family performance did not have to ask., Such performance, making them win this status however, similarly, equal to side another, has maintained the Hurricane Family interests. However after knowing the God Realm matter, this situation must change, if the God Realm person came, Continent will certainly fall into to piece of big one word, in this case, any status however is no matter uses, only then the strength can decide all certainly. Because of very clear this point, therefore Juno the meeting wants to let Kristen with Zhao Hai Lian marriage, making Kristen go to Golden Island there to do business, this is only first. But Juno the person old person jing character, he already saw Zhao Hai and Laura they several people of sentiments, is adding on Laura long they very attractive, therefore Juno directly has not raised to with Zhao Hai marry, but said that makes Kristen go to Golden Island there to do business, such later Kristen were naturally many with opportunity that Zhao Hai contacted, perhaps will scratch a love xiao fire hua also perhaps. But Zhao Hai said that he often in Golden Island there, did not tell Juno on equal to, your planned me to know, but you feared that did not have no opportunity, Juno naturally could also hear, but he has not actually changed the idea, that feared that was opportunity a little, he must try to be good. Zhao Hai look at Juno type, sighed at heart darkly, lived such long time in Ark Continent, he had also understood the idea of Ark Continent here person, Juno such did is also indisputable, but he has not thought must make the contact with Kristen.

Just as is he tells Juno, his one year could not stay in Golden Island there how long, later wants to contact with Kristen, feared that will be opportunity will not be many. One day later, Zhao Hai they arrived at that pier of Hurricane Family territory finally, reason that so will be quick , because they come back, is the downstream, therefore the ship is quite quick. Zhao Hai is not dull in there, after Juno disembarked, Haven Ship immediately set sail, the non- trans ship walks, Zhao Hai immediately entered in Space, now should promote Laura their level time. To Space, Zhao Hai went to Iron Mountain Fort there first, Green and Merine welcome to Space, then go to Golden Island there, Kun, Stone, called in Blockhead Space, Karen invited Zhao Hai welcome to Space. Green they are perplexed, don’t know Zhao Hai why suddenly them welcome to Space , after waiting for all people to arrive at Space Villa, Zhao Hai first about God Race information that obtained from Dwarf Race that told everyone/Great Clan, also said about Engraved Ark and Radiant Church background the speculation to everyone/Great Clan him. Waited for Zhao Hai saying that Green face shocking look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you meant, Radiant Church was God Realm nong comes out, wants control Ark Continent? But Engraved Ark is Demon Realm nong comes out, to destroy Ark Continent?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, now seems like this, although my don’t know Radiant Church wants control Ark Continent, but what we definitely know is that they certainly have not settled any good intention, when nong was not good to wield army to kick Ark Continent, the slave all races.” Kun sank yin next step: This matter truly is very thorny, what idea do you have?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, obtaining God's Blood, the world Level Up matter also told the people, a Zhao Hai saying ended, Green their immediately happy, this regarding them, has been possible really to be in good good information. Green laughs said : fantastic, finally waited by this day, HaHaHa, my immediately must become 9th level Expert.” Other person also very happy, the appearance that only then Karen does not care about, he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Xiao Hai, is giving me some blueprints, these days my research you give my these blueprints, presently the designs of these machines really very marvelous, there surface although not with Magic Formation, but actually played with the Magic Formation same fruit, I am preparing to use these machines Magic Formation now, so long as succeeds, that can change bright of Continent history.”

Regarding this clear(ly) crazy father-in-law, Zhao Hai also was really don’t know must say any good, others heard that can become 9th level Expert, serious of happy, only then he was not serious, only cared about the blueprint. Laura one hear of Karen said that said : that also not bears father, now did not say that the matter of blueprint, what now says was you can become 9th level Expert, your not happy?” Karen nodded said : becomes 9th level Expert my naturally happy, but with becoming 9th level Expert compares, I give my these blueprints to be interested to Xiao Hai, if can use Magic on these machines, we can manufacture extraordinary thing, for example, we can work as the power with that this machine, manufactures car(riage) that can walk, can use these energy to be the power, manufactures to be able the bright lamp, these thing can change the entire Continent person life condition.” Zhao Hai dull look at Karen, he does not dare xiao to look now own this research crazy father-in-law, Zhao Hai has not thought really that Karen actually will think of these, this was good. Some little time Zhao Hai recovers, he to Karen said : father-in-law, we did not say into the 9th level Expert matter first, so long as you have become 9th level Expert, your life will lengthen, that had more time research these machines, did you say?” Karen one hear of Zhao Hai said that thinks that nodded said : well, that first said this matter, but I, if has become 9th level Expert, you must give me the blueprints.” Zhao Hai helpless nod, what good he was also don’t know must say regarding Karen such performance, said : that he must not bear father-in-law can on the use Blood Pond water, then practice into 9th level Expert now, Grandpa Green, Merine nainai, Grandfather Kun, Blockhead and Stone, can you also wait for two? Wants the line to process oneself on matter on hand, vacates the several days time specially the practice of mén, otherwise Iron Mountain Fort and Golden Island there, left you to meet the has plenty troublesome matter.” bk b