Chapter 585 Your Majesty is invited Green nodded said : „, the Iron Mountain Fort there matter should arrange, will otherwise possibly leave one word, I look at this, we practiced in turn, mister Blockhead and Stone came, Golden Island there made the Kun good elder brother stare first, after waiting for these two xiao to become 9th level Expert, was letting the Kun old partner/shop assistant practice, was making Blockhead their returned to Iron Mountain Fort here stare at several days, we in practiced, Junichi they practice now.” Green said that several people have not declined, Space Level Up, momentarily has been able to rise 9th level the person in any case now, early two days of late two days do not have no relationship. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that such has decided that I look at this, Grandpa Green, after your returned to Iron Mountain Fort there, selects some absolutely loyal slave, starts to teach them to practice, now Spatial Water can promote the practice, can make their practice us not worry with this method like this did not have Expert to use, the Giant-horn Ox Clan person, selected some people to come Spatial Water also to have doing of promotion from their clan to use regarding their practice, if can, that on fantastic.” Way and Human Race of Beastman Race practice have very big difference, therefore Zhao Hai will say, like Giant-horn Ox Clan, they , to practice, must find good Soul Beast to be good, but now after Zhao Hai Space Level Up, already appears many high level Magic Beast , some high level cow class Magic Beast, even has including Giant-horn raging bull, words that wants Giant-horn Ox Clan to use, believe their level certainly quickly promote. Green nodded said : well, this matter jiao gave me to be good, actually underwent such observation of long time, what person these slaves were, I have known in heart probably, we most elected 100 slaves who brought, can make them practice, now they are commoner, to our Buda Family was loyal and devoted, I looked that a batch elected them.” Zhao Hai nodded said : line, this matter Grandpa Green your look at means that so long as in any case elected the person to be OK, was good, the matter was also similar, everyone/Great Clan had a look at Space recently added ten background, there scenery was very good.” Green they complied with a smile, Zhao Hai then brings these background that people together was looking at to obtain newly, scenery in these background were very good. After having looked at ten background, Zhao Hai they returned to in the villa, then Zhao Hai took out the Blood Pond water, Laura they have drunk, Kun and Green, Merine actually leave Space. Laura their very xiao heart, although has gotten down the Blood Pond water, they like Zhao Hai, Space did not raise to meet to promote 9th level Expert Zhao Hai, they must drink the Blood Pond water, then practiced is good. But this Blood Pond water, energy is very strong, Laura their first time only drank a xiao mouth, felt own whole body Battle Qi agitation, probably was the broken body, but was the same. Laura felt that own skin had been blown the air/Qi probably, is rousing, Battle Qi in within the body soon has given to support the violent him. Laura they do not dare to neglect, immediately presses own Cultivation Method to practice. But Meg such Magician is other one type of felt that these Blood Pond water enter to their within the body, immediately makes a firing line, rushed to their top of the head directly, Meg felt that in own head, the with a bang sound sound, she had one type of immediately to faint the past feeling, but she actually knows how regardless of one cannot faint at this time, otherwise she feared that was forever does not wake. Meg is insisting, maintains is sobering, simultaneously repeatedly defers to itself to practice the jing god law that is digesting this energy diligently. Other people also are almost so, Zhao Hai looked that they have not lived any accident, on feel relieved, he knows that first time drinks this type of water, is most dangerous. Now Laura their expression although are somewhat painful, but generally speaking does not have what to obstruct greatly, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, his slowly left Space, to outside Haven Ship on.

Now Haven Ship in the armored war horse river bank, has not entered the sea, Zhao Hai has not worried, takes a broad view at scenery of look at armored war horse river both banks, this armored war horse river worthily is the Buddha Empire first river, separates in both banks does not transport can see a city or a village, only then the places of some people will have pier, the huge ship xiao ship is continuous, very lively. look at these busy people, Zhao Hai cannot help but also sighed, sometimes, ignorantly was really the one type of luck, these average person anything also don’t know, very fast that but they crossed was happy, possibly they also had this and that worry, but these were part of life, but worry that Zhao Hai faces now, was actually they want not to think Law Image. Before Zhao Hai on Earth, had seen reported that some outside attractive people, their possibly absorb poison, some even committed suicide, Zhao Hai understand, is not what matter could not look on the bright side of thing, must commit suicide, had that tremendous pressure really? After can arrive at Ark Continent here, especially after knowing the God Realm matter, Zhao Hai finally understand what was the pressure. This pressure looks like a mountain same pressure on his body, since he knew after this information, his nerve has been collapsing, Zhao Hai feared when really one cannot collapse, severed. Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighs, looked at people one of both banks envied, Zhao Hai most has thought was actually such life, but such life left him to be getting more and more far now. At this time Haven Ship to big city outside, plan that but Zhao Hai has not stopped, he wants from nearby river channel in the past, he to know directly that crossed this city, about two days, Haven Ship can enter the sea. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, his front river channel there appears an iron lock, this Iron Locks Across the River, blocks Haven Ship unexpectedly obviously. Zhao Hai has gawked, but he has not said anything, but lets these Undead Creature directly, stopped the ship, he has arrived at bow there, the both sides of look at iron lock. The both sides of this iron lock, including on two five mast iron armor battleships, the badges in these two battleships are golden yellow , above is body Heavy Armor Warrior. This badge Zhao Hai knew that this is the Buddha Empire Imperial Family badge, blocks on the surface of the river, unexpectedly is the navy of Buddha Empire straight slaughter! Zhao Hai has gawked, understand opposite party what is this, but he has not worried, he knows that the opposite party blocks him, can look his. Really, Haven Ship just stopped, that two on the ship person's shadows rock, several wear full body armor and Magic Robe people, has appears in on the ship, a sound then transmitted said : opposite ship to be able the Buda Family Patriarch Zhao Hai flagship?” Zhao Hai looked at that two ship one, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, does not know that everybody does block below intent yu what Wei?” That sound then conveys said : to see Mr. Zhao Hai below Buddha Empire Vice Admiral Ironwood, our country Your Majesty has asked mister to go to the imperial capital to see, asking mister to take the trouble.”

Zhao Hai has gawked, then the knitting the brows head, he has to go, but he also knows, if he does not go, that was too cannot the Buddha Empire face, was wicked with Buddha Empire jiao on equal to, thinks that the Zhao Hai successive was nodded said : well, asking the general to lead the way, I harnessed the ship afterward.” The Ironwood voice conveys said : well, I for the mister opening.” Said that iron chain makes a sound continually, slowly received, then a ship turns the head, walks Zhao Hai to drive away in front, Zhao Hai harnesses Haven Ship to follow on the heels. Their here to the Buddha Empire capital city, the cavalry city is not very far, so long as steps onto branch rivers from the Iron Mountain horse, can go to the cavalry city in less than one day. initially constructs iron Knight time, has the reason, Buddha Empire first King, when struggles under Zhan Tian, his Mount, that great variation cavalry, is the soldier in the cavalry city present position, old King to commemorate own Mount newly-built, in there a city, finally establishes the capital city in there, but his Mount, was made by him Venerable the statue, forever standing in cavalry city in biggest square. The cavalry city is near tightly the armored war horse river biggest minute of branch hua river bank, this city water 6 jiao hua very reaches, is only supposes the subcrust current hua river bank pier, 12, first pier minimum can aback more than hundred, but also is that five mast huge ship, is flowing the hua river bank, the ship that but also has plenty xiao pier, these pier people can stop are also many, can say that the cavalry city flows a hua river bank biggest commodity stopover station. Zhao Hai stands on Haven Ship, the look at getting closer and closer cavalry city, a forced smile, this Buddha Empire Empire also really gives him at heart the face, now on Haven Ship, front five mast big ships, following five mast big ships, Haven Ship Rau Rau's control in middle, even if he wants to run not to have the place to run. However Zhao Hai has not cared, Rosen Empire is the Continent first powerful nation, but his present status Rosen Empire emperor's son-in-law, moreover Buda Family Patriarch, he believes that Buddha Empire King does not dare him to be what kind. Three ship stopping slowly to pier there, Undead Creature have put down the springboard, Zhao Hai person on the ship walked, Buddha Empire that two on the ship, has gone down five people, in these five people have three is to put on full body armor Warrior, two are Magician. That five people disembarked, immediately half step welcomed toward Zhao Hai, several people arrived at Zhao sea surface top five step place, walks in a forefront robust man, bows said : Ironwood to see Zhao Hai Clan lord to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai look at this Ironwood, this fellow height crosses two meters absolutely, silver white by full body armor, this full body armor unexpectedly is the iron, looks like very sincere, Zhao Hai felt strange that this fellow is a vice admiral, puts on such thick full body armor, if he falls to the water, but also do't can depart for the deep directly? However Zhao Hai with a smile has seen Ironwood General to Ironwood gave a salute said :, the work general your honorable self, invited Zhao Hai unexpectedly personally, was really the capital crime.” Ironwood quickly said: Does not dare, Your Majesty had decreed, must welcome to Patriarch, Ironwood fluster one word, has the place that anything is disrespectful in the river bank, asking Clan to forgive.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to dare, Ironwood General has not made the mistake anything, hasn't anything forgiven, asking the general to forgive, below wife in the on the ship idle pass/test practice, cannot pay a visit Your Majesty with my together, asking the general to forgive.” Ironwood quickly said: Clan does not need to be polite, since your wife idling pass/test, that cannot disturb, invited Patriarch feel relieved, I can jiao treat, did not make any one embark to disturb.” Zhao Hai grateful hid to Ironwood said : so on General thanks a lot, the general invited, I and others cannot make Your Majesty wait for a long time.”

Ironwood shows a faint smile said : so just right, Patriarch invited.” Said that directs Zhao Hai to walk toward pier outside, this pier obviously is Noble special-purpose, therefore appears very clean, does not have who. Zhao Hai they just left pier, immediately had horse carriage to stop their side, this very stylish, above is also bringing the Royal badge. Zhao Hai knows that such horse carriage is not who can sit, can sit such horse carriage person, minimum is own king level leaves. Really, Ironwood with a smile to Zhao Hai said : mister, this was Your Majesty ride, Your Majesty sends own ride to meet mister unexpectedly, it seems like was really was anxious, mister please board.” Zhao Hai expressed gratitude, on horse carriage, Ironwood also boarded with Zhao Hai, arrangement in this horse carriage, very luxurious, on the chair is spreading thick beast skin, sits is soft above and comfortable, the temperature in car(riage) is moderate, actually does not appear worried, moreover a feeling of vibration does not have, it seems like that this car(riage) also is really not that simple. On this horse carriage also has horse carriage such xiao that Zhao Hai uses several, above also suspends is boiling may thing of sub, after Ironwood boarded, immediately sits the Zhao Hai opposite, several under has put out sub from xiao, boiled to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at Ironwood that thick palm, takes xiao skillful silver to be possible the Asian pot, cannot help but feels somewhat funnily, but the Ironwood movement to is quick, before long a xiao pot may sub boil. This may the flavor of sub very mellow, want compared with may sub that Zhao Hai normally drinks tastily many, Ironwood to Zhao Hai to one cup of sub, this has smiled said : today thanks to mister, I also taste this golden sub, this is in the high-quality goods that on Continent rich cannot buy.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „is also first time drinks this sub below, this flavor also is really good, General, below whether to inquire, Your Majesty must summon me, so-called what?” Ironwood smiles said : this I also real don’t know, but looks at the Your Majesty appearance, probably is very happy, mister big listens, early to spread over Continent, did you arrive at Buddha Empire, how Your Majesty have been able not to see?” Zhao Hai smiles said : unwarranted reputation, when can not anything, not think that I arrived at Buddha Empire one time, has alarmed Your Majesty unexpectedly, this is really embarrassed.” Ironwood smiles said : Buda Family on Continent is also Great Clan, Zhao Hai Clan marriage go- from arriving at Buddha Empire, Your Majesty , if not see, that may be disrespectful, moreover, our Buddha Empire also has plenty business can cooperate with mister, how can Your Majesty not see mister?” bk b