Chapter 586 Great Hall banquet Regarding the Ironwood words, Zhao Hai to has believed several, now on Continent whose don’t know Buda Family good thing to be many, now Buda Family by however became on Continent most famous Merchant Clan. Must say that beforehand Buda Family did not have such strength, since Markey Family merges into Buda Family, Buda Family had such strength. Markey Family originally is one of the big Merchant Clan on Continent knowing how things stand, their in hand control various factories and types of personal connections, are very enormous, although Markey Family has contracted own business scope now, changed own operation concept, but this change, made Markey Family more popular. Before Markey Family, did business extremely in overbearing, although worked with countless people, but these people not necessarily really will actually like Markey Family, was only the Markey Family potential is big, moreover can bring the advantage to them, therefore these talented people will cooperate with Markey Family. But present Markey Family does business is actually justice, as the matter stands naturally popular, although their business has contracted now, money that but the relying on Haven commodity and this operation concept, everyday makes is also not originally few many. In adding on currently Buda Family has Golden Island this absolute trade harbor, naturally is on Continent each clan wants to win over, because Golden Island geographical position very special, now has almost become the seaborne commerce stopover station, very lively, therefore each clan wants to go to the island to do business. However now Golden Island passes the beginning most difficult time, has now wanted to go to the island to do business, you must some mén roads be good, otherwise also really very difficult to base on the island. Reason that has this situation , because the Buda Family formidable military force supports in the back, Buda Family these years did many world-shaking important matters, 9th level Expert have shone more than one, have been adding on Zhao Hai this Dark Magician, their military strength, were more than a xiao duchy, in this case, that some people are willing to annoy them. Now status of Buda Family on Continent very high, looks like big Empire will not provoke like Buddha Empire easily. Because had these energy, therefore Zhao Hai thinks what Ironwood said is the strength, perhaps this Buddha Empire really wants to do any business with him. They chatted, horse carriage arrived in the imperial palace in cavalry city, horse carriage has not undergone questioning, entered Outer City of imperial palace directly, then two talented people got out, walk walk toward the imperial palace. At this time day micro was black, in imperial palace early shone the Magic lamp, entire imperial palace according to like daytime, Zhao Hai Ironwood under a court eunuch's leadership, to Inner City of imperial palace. The Buddha Empire imperial palace, looked like with Rosen Empire cannot miss many, in the ground with Stone of one type of pale spread, under the Magic lamp of white , was flashing Aomori woods radiance.

An all around tree is not many, is not big, this is also characteristics in imperial palace, in the imperial palace can plant some trees, but these trees must undergo the trim, cannot grow up absolutely, otherwise may become the Assassin hiding place. After that court eunuch's leadership, before three people arrived at Great Hall in imperial palace, before arrives at this Great Hall, Zhao Hai stares, because has heard sound of the intermittent clamoring from this Great Hall, this lets Zhao Hai is very curious, where this is, does who dare such loud clamoring in the imperial palace? Quick they arrived at that Great Hall front, Great Hall front have been standing two court eunuches came to Zhao Hai and Ironwood, immediately/on horseback said loudly: General Ironwood, Zhao Hai Clan clan!” The voice of this court eunuch somewhat high-pitched and fine, but actually very resounding, some Great Hall of clamoring, heard this sound, among suddenly peaceful, then has transmitted sound speaking sounds of court eunuch on hearing in: Asked Zhao Hai Clan lord, Ironwood General to enter the palace!” Zhao Hai and Ironwood then entered Great Hall, this enters Great Hall, Zhao Hai stares, now the person in Great Hall are many, on Great Hall is putting many xiao several, each xiao several behind sits two people, looks at the appearance of these people, should be Buddha Empire Great Noble, in their front xiao several on, is suspending a fruit tray and a silver wine pot, two wine glass. Participates in the Zhao Hai this situation of imperial palace banquet to know that here is holding a banquet, no wonder in just heard hears sound of the intermittent clamoring. Zhao Hai looked at presently in Great Hall to suppose high platform toward Great Hall, this high had about one meter high, on the stage was putting a dragon chair, the gold hit the system all over the body, above has also inlaid some gemstone, very beautiful. Sits a person on the dragon chair, this person seems like not old, is only about 40 years old, but the stature level is big, looks like in Zhao Hai, feared that had about two meters, could not miss many with Ironwood, although wore the imperial robe, but that spacious imperial robe, actually could not cover his myo- rou. On this person of face the skin becomes ancient bronzes , the light one bright is probably same in the reflection, beard of face, although handles very neat, but actually gives people one type of like the feeling of lion same overwhelming power, Zhao Hai believes that this person has certainly practiced any different Battle Qi, meets appears this result. Zhao Hai knows that this person certainly was Buddha Empire King, Ironwood went forward one step, was bowing to salute said : Ironwood to see Your Majesty to that person, Your Majesty Wan Word!” That person nodded said : to straighten up after bowing or performing the kowtow, puts to sit.” Ironwood deep voice said : thanked Your Majesty.” Then sets out, several on walks toward xiao of nearby one person, sat in there. Zhao Hai also went forward at this time one step, bows to salute said : Zhao Hai Buda to pay a visit Your Majesty to that person, Your Majesty completely secure!”

Buddha Sovereign look at Zhao Hai, he he chuckle said : Mr. Zhao Hai does not need to be overly courteous, mister can come our Buddha Empire, is really being honored of our Buddha Empire.” Zhao Hai has stood the body, is showing a faint smile said : Zhao Hai originally to do some xiao business to Buddha King, actually does not want also to alarm Your Majesty, the Zhao Hai capital crime.” Buddha Sovereign beckoned with the hand said : mister saying that the there words come, mister with my Buddha Empire, is an honored guest, comes the person, supposes one in my side, asking mister to take a seat.” immediately had the court eunuch to comply with one, then xiao heart lifted up a xiao several chair to put in Buddha Sovereign vacancy. This xiao several were certainly inferior that the Buddha Empire dragon chair is so high, but can sit side Buddha Sovereign, this itself explained his status. Zhao Hai expressed gratitude, this xiao heart has arrived at that xiao stage, sat xiao several on, had the court eunuch to display the fruit tray wine pot, at this time Buddha Sovereign beckoned with the hand said : to operate the seat.” immediately has palace nv to file, ate to suspend xiao various types several on, xiao several behind also stood palace nv to be responsible for the liquor in there. After waiting for the food and wine to suspend, Buddha Sovereign then holds up wine glass said : today's Mr. Zhao Hai to arrive, is my Buddha Empire Xing glory, your family respect mister one cup!” Buddha Empire audiences Noble immediately/on horseback holds up wine glass said : to respect mister!” Zhao Hai quickly said: Does not dare, Zhao Hai thanked Your Majesty to propose a toast!” Said that has drunk the liquor in cup, this liquor is Fruit Wine, the flavor is good. Buddha Sovereign also raised one's wine cup has drunk, this deep voice said : your family as one likes!” Said that then turns the head to smile said : to Zhao Hai mister, come, I am respecting your one cup.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, holds up wine glass said : to thank Your Majesty.” Said that they have had a drink together one cup. After having drunk this glass of liquor, Buddha Sovereign then said : does not know mister this time, with which family business?” Zhao Hai dark said : came at heart.” He knows that Buddha Sovereign will ask this matter, Buddha Sovereign should already know actually he went to Dwarf Iron Mountain, such asked that makes catalyst/introduction. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback answered said : to return to the Your Majesty words, these time came to do business with Dwarf Race below, Dwarf Race nice wine, what happen to did below was the business of liquor, therefore before specially, came to see.”

Buddha Empire vision flashes said : oh, does not know that mister this line can be smooth?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be smooth, but just did business with Dwarf Race, the merchant quantity is not big, but changes some ordinary iron hardware.” Buddha Sovereign smiles said : mister these iron hardware, if attains Rosen Empire, can buy a high price, this King congratulated mister in here.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Majesty to misunderstand, I change these iron hardware, was already some people set, was actually Rosen Empire, Rosen Empire there did not lack the iron hardware, these iron hardware although were Dwarf Race produces, but extremely in ordinary, was adding on the transport expense, if these iron hardware attained Rosen Empire to go, feared that could not sell any price.” Buddha Sovereign to has gawked next step: Oh, mister does not attain Rosen Empire to sell, does this iron hardware have other destination to be inadequate?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, Your Majesty also heard, has some business dealings below with Beastman Race, but Beastman Race there actually most lacks the iron hardware, these iron hardware actually must attain Beastman Race there to go, moreover in business of drinking, has cooperation relationship with Beastman Race, Beastman Race proposed, if finds out them to make the liquor the business, must trade with the iron hardware, then does not have the means below, ran up to Dwarf Race here to change some iron hardware to go back.” Buddha Sovereign nodded said : originally is Beastman Race, mister to is the mén road is very broad, can do to live with Beastman Race unexpectedly, great.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to do business with Beastman Race below , is the time is not long, but helped tribe xiao be busy, can therefore in dealings with some Beastman Race business, because of the past war, Beastman Race there not lack the grain now, but lacked some iron hardware, originally with the business that the grain can make, now can only trade with the iron hardware, this came, the transport expense to increase not much, the cost also enhanced much, in adding on us and Beastman Race has signed the good even agreement, spoke the truth, how many this jiao cannot gain on, on was exempts maintains strongly..” Buddha Sovereign is actually shows a faint smile said : „, mister and Beastman Race relationship to was really good, after the war, Merchant uninhabited on Continent dares to go to do business with Beastman, mister actually went, moreover Beastman also buying the iron hardware such big business has given mister, obviously they to mister trust that.” bk b