Chapter 587 Magic Beast business Zhao Hai smiles said : hastily there, Your Majesty thinks highly in, but is my Buda Family does business justice, Beastman can cooperate with us.” Buddha Sovereign shows a faint smile said : mister not to need to be modest, these time asked mister to come, actually also had a village business to with mister discuss.” Zhao Hai stares, immediately/on horseback smiles said : Your Majesty to say!” Buddha Sovereign deep voice said : my Buddha Empire builds up by the cavalry, the cavalry able to move unhindered, uninhabited can the enemy, original our country have the place of own Magic Beast cultivation, Magic Beast that but nearest/recent these years, our country has raised, is actually somewhat physically weak . Moreover the personal appearance has the xiao type of more and more, this regarding us, absolutely is the important matter, therefore this time I want to ask mister to go to Beastman Prairie there, buys some Magic Beast, does not know that mister can agree?” Zhao Hai stares, but his immediately thinks that Buddha Empire builds up by Cavalry, they naturally have their Magic Beast bed, but possibly is because regarding planting beast the protection is disadvantageous, therefore lets them as Mount Magic Beast more and more xiao now, in other words, degenerated, this regarding one by the Cavalry give priority to country, the attack is fatal, but now Merchant almost nobody on Continent dares to go to Beastman Prairie there to do business, only then his Buda Family is doing, therefore Buddha Sovereign wants to ask him to buy some Magic Beast, this is also normal. Zhao Hai thinks that said : actually does not know what Magic Beast Your Majesty does want to buy? In Beastman Race, many races, many special Magic Beast, but these Magic Beast, they look at very strict, easily not make a move, if only Magic Beast of common nationality, to can think means nong to come, but if these War Clan, especially big War Clan Magic Beast, was actually some hard to deal with, below feared that did not have that ability.” Buddha Sovereign not, because Zhao Hai said that feels the vitality, instead to is nodded said : mister is really a solid person, this King is also open about the facts mister, Magic Beast that this time we buy mainly by horse and cow give priority to, does not know that mister can have the means?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : does not dare to hide the truth from Your Majesty, relationship in Tauren Clan below and Beastman Race to is good, what if Your Majesty buys is bull shape Magic Beast, below can guarantee that certainly can buy, but horse Clan Magic Beast, is actually some difficulties, always does not have no dealings below with horse's head Human Race, really does not dare to comply with Your Majesty.” Buddha Sovereign nodded said : mister saying that I to was feel relieved, asking mister to help me buy about some 5th level bull shape Magic Beast first, getting better and better, horse shape Magic Beast mister can also buy, was getting better and better, can buy, I thanked mister again, could not buy, my not strange mister.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, has Your Majesty these words, I also on feel relieved, invited Your Majesty feel relieved, bull shape Magic Beast I can guarantee that meets Your Majesty to buy, horse shape I also can only be give a try.” Buddha Sovereign held up wine glass said : so to ask mister to take the trouble much, invited mister feel relieved, in price, this King will not treat unjustly mister.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Majesty to be too polite, my originally is a businessman, Your Majesty can give me to do a such big business, is to my trust, invited Your Majesty feel relieved, will surely give a Your Majesty most preferential price below.”

Buddha Sovereign laughs said : well, mister is refreshed, listening to mister to speak, really likely is not a businessman, these businessmen in doing business, are calculating, cannot compare mister to be so refreshed.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Majesty to have not to know that does business with Beastman Race, most cannot be calculating, otherwise Beastman will not like, I and Beastman Race do business, many are the price concession, the quality is also good, very big side, therefore Beastman Race is willing to do business with me.” Buddha Sovereign smiles said : mister to see through, on this Continent Beastman Race with the person who did business were many, understand that such but can think like mister did not have many, they wished one could to snatch Beastman all thing to be good, don’t know, instead to was lets Beastman to their dislike.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, moreover now Beastman Race just after war, therefore nobody dares to go to Beastman Race there to do business, exploited loopholes below, he he, if before, I cannot guarantee that can come Magic Beast nong that Your Majesty wants, the present to had two points to grasp.” Buddha Sovereign laughs heartily said : „the mister real wise , the person of pansophy, disdains in using some xiao is intelligent, the mister light is the person of pansophy.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to work as not to the praise of Your Majesty, just below is Merchant, Merchant must do the business, sometimes only sees the present small xiao advantage, actually cannot be good Merchant.” The even bigger sound that Buddha Sovereign smiles, carried wine glass to come said : to talk with mister, truly was out of the ordinary, this King to was the hope can on jiao Mr. Zhao Hai this kind of friend.” Zhao Hai carries wine glass said : not to dare hastily, under Your Majesty bows and scrapes jiao, is being honored of Zhao Hai, later has any matter, asking Your Majesty to tell freely was.” Buddha Sovereign shows a faint smile, carries wine glass to come, has had a drink together one cup to Zhao Hai. But before them, words that spoke, the sound is not loud, therefore under these Noble have not heard many, but they noticed that Zhao Hai and King they are merry, has a drink together repeatedly, this has made them be startled. Some knows that the person of inside story, why is actually balls white King looks for Zhao Hai to come, presently their appearances, they know that the matter possibly became. The Buddha Empire riding beast has an accident, this influence, not only King this, these Great Noble also was very affected, therefore they also hope that Zhao Hai this business can make, this can solve to go to their extra worries. After the banquet ended this, Zhao Hai said goodbye Buddha Sovereign, Sovereign makes Ironwood arrange him to go to the embassy to rest, tomorrow is starting on a journey, Zhao Hai to had not opposed that he presently Laura they now awoke, he also wants to have a look at Laura they to rest how.

This embassy generally the place that the envoy to foreign country lives, inside interior decoration very attractive, moreover some year to year people clean, Zhao Hai although is not the envoy, but his present status, does not have Noble that anything gets to know each other well in Buddha Empire here, whom goes to live is inappropriate, lives is just right in the embassy. To the embassy, entered room, wielded draws back shinv, Zhao Hai immediately entered Space, they have practiced to Space Villa Laura, now is chatting anything in there. Looked at Zhao Hai to walk, Laura their immediately/on horseback welcomed, Laura open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, after we drink that water, the body left many dirty thing, but now is actually only 8th level , has not arrived at 9th level, what's all this about?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to have relationship, that suspends the nong body toxin process, does not have anything at the worst, you are drinking some Spatial Water, then the practice and that's the end, quick can arrive at 9th level, if thought that now is not quite comfortable, do not worry, takes your time.” Was saying Zhao Hai while careful is sizing up Laura they, he presently Laura they several skins became compare were more delicate, will look like touches appear out of the water(water outlet) to be the same probably gently. Zhao Hai knows that this is reason that because they arrange toxin in body, now their should be healthier. Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but nodded said : body to not to have anything not to be uncomfortable, but the feeling somewhat feels weak, I looked or rest a evening, tomorrow am practicing.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, early practices in any case late practices is the same, has not managed the department, Blockhead their situations how?” Laura smiles said : also similarly, now in following Hot Spring, is accompanying the father to take a bath.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, good, you rest first, a while they come out, I said one to them, making them also rest, tomorrow is not late in the practice.” Laura they complied with one, turn around returned to the room to rest. A Zhao Hai person sat a while in the living room, Blockhead they came out, Karen also with them in together, their each and every one looked like is also the appearance Fei Yang/flying upwards appearance, obviously that Blood Pond water, for them, was very useful. After Zhao Hai please several people sit down, this turns the head to Karen said : father-in-law, I just listened to Laura saying that now you will possibly feel somewhat feel weak, that do not worry to practice, first rests a evening, tomorrow is practicing, this can arrive at 9th level, do you look?”

Karen nodded said : also well, let alone, just must practice, I also really feel very tired, is practicing on tomorrow.” Zhao Hai turns the head to Blockhead their said : you is also, first goes to rest well one in the evening, tomorrow in the practice, this matter is anxiously, left was when the time comes good to nong own body, but must govern, that lost a lot of time.” Blockhead they have complied with one, turn around returned to the room, but Zhao Hai called Cai'er, to Cai'er said : Cai'er, you calculated, now in Space 5th level bull shape Magic Beast has many, that type suited the Buddha Empire use.” Cai'er said : Young Master, didn't you prepare Beastman Race there to buy Magic Beast? Can sell to Buddha Empire with Magic Beast that our Space produces?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I to ask that this business gives Big Brother them to do finally, but you should also know that Beastman Prairie there Magic Beast, was very difficult to live to Human Race there, therefore I think, if the incorrect words, buy some Magic Beast from Big Brother there, then raises in Space, in sold to Buddha Empire Magic Beast in Space, we also gained a price difference to result.” Zhao Hai very clear, this time Magic Beast business is a big business, his although are capable of doing, but if he has done, that Wales they could not do, but if this time business has made, regarding Wales them, was very important, Hercules Tauren Clan just experienced one time to revolt one word, strength/Origin Qi damages severely, if this time business has succeeded, to their help was very big. Cai'er nodded, has calculated next step: Young Master feel relieved, in Space about 5th level bull shape Magic Beast may be many now, but these bull shape Magic Beast, are raging bull variation comes out, feared that was looked very much easily.” bk b