Chapter 588 series rises 9th level Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that cannot help but the knitting the brows head, he knows the meaning of Cai'er, this Space Level Up, in these Magic Beast also Level Up including Space, therefore most common raging bull also turned into 5th level Magic Beast, but this raging bull appearance does not have what change. On Continent, raging bull is one type of most common Magic Beast, if he took raging bull to sell to Buddha Empire, certainly will be recognized the first eyes, even if the raging bull strength showed finally he was 5th level, feared that will arouse also suspicion, that was not good. Zhao Hai thinks said : „the present only to be able, if really the incorrect words, Big Brother their Magic Beast nong to Space, making them drink to select Spatial Water to improve the physique, hopes that they do not arrive at Human Race here dead, otherwise, can only come merchant with Space Magic Beast.” Cai'er has not made noise, Space after Level Up, too Inferior level Magic Beast, that has not feared is in Space that most common ji and rabbit turned into 4th level Magic Beast, wants to discover in Inferior level Magic Beast, almost did not have. Others are too feeble-minded for Magic Beast level worriedly, in Zhao Hai Space does not have low level Magic Beast, this makes his starting matter come, is somewhat inconvenient. Now these Magic Beast in Space, after can only process, in taking to have sold, otherwise, if lets these person of present, most Inferior level Blue Eye Rabbit that Zhao Hai here produces really has the 4th level Magic Beast strength, that entire Continent person thinks that Zhao Hai in hand has one type of to promote the Magic Beast level method, 6 on will pay attention to Radiant Church to big time on nobody, look at Zhao Hai that all people can be jealous. Zhao Hai does not want to annoy such matter, although he currently has the conquer Continent strength, however God Race Demon Race actually like is two huge mountain in his front, he knows horizontally, if the present begins, Radiant Church there feared that will be immediately will move, to fear this situation appears , he certainly cannot 1 u leave too my flaw now. Before the Radiant Church several times matter, was given the destruction by him, believes that now the Radiant Church person, paid attention to him, if he left any flaw in 1 u, that Radiant Church definitely knows. Radiant Church has managed these many years on Continent, although now by various Continent Great Clan pressures, but they, if hides some manpower to come, only pries the information, definitely has the hand, therefore Zhao Hai does not dare to treat it lightly. Now Zhao Hai can only how, when Beastman Race there Wales said that if Wales there has appropriate Magic Beast, that Zhao Hai to can not need to be worried about anything. Next morning, Zhao Hai sits Haven Ship leave, Buddha Sovereign sent out the battleship to escort Zhao Hai to deliver to the sea Zhao Hai specially, this returned, such courteous reception, was the diplomatic envoy of any country's has not obtained, this also made Buddha Empire these Noble feel being startled. Buddha Sovereign such does \; first, because he really needs Zhao Hai to come Magic Beast from Beastman Race there nong now, two are because he looks at Zhao Hai pleasing to the eyes. Buddha Sovereign and many Merchant have the contact, these Merchant are the status very high, but their temperament, Buddha Sovereign actually does not like, but Zhao Hai is different, Zhao Hai looks like simply likely is not Merchant, his temperament likely is not Merchant, therefore Buddha Sovereign was treats sb. With special favor to Zhao Hai. King, does not have the genuine friend, but Buddha Sovereign this person is a little special, he before was not the most appropriate candidate of throne, at that time he was only Eighth Prince, and has given people the one type of foolhardy impression, when other Prince struggled for the throne life and death, he actually ran up to the armed forces experimental to practice. However no one has thought that several Prince battle looks in the old King eye, actually that dazzling, finally old King found an excuse, has tidied up that several Prince, but in armed forces experimental red Eighth Prince calling, has passed to him the throne.

Buddha Sovereign do not have to think one will obtain that imperial throne, he also thinks that his character is inappropriate, his character was too straight, but he sat this position, can only sitting well. Buddha Sovereign is also not a fool, reason that he does not struggle the throne with that several brothers , because he does not like killing one another, now he made this position, naturally cannot let person optional one word. These know that his character Great Noble also thinks his meeting also don’t know, wants to suppress him, has not actually thought that Buddha Sovereign in the armed forces to gain experience, in military officer relationship with armed forces is very good, when these Great Noble restless yu move, suddenly army threatens the border, Buddha Sovereign with own strength, one sought these Great Noble yin destroying. Broken by the strength, Buddha Sovereign one own authority receiving, these Great Noble in has not dared xiao to look at this King. However after having become King, Buddha Sovereign is not joyful, he was used to it in the armed forces, everyone/Great Clan was on intimate terms in together, was the present to the imperial palace , everyone actually must against, all people be your official, in does not dare to be on intimate terms into the friend with you, this made him feel very lonely. But with Zhao Hai chatted, he feels and Zhao Hai completely right temperament, therefore he said that wants to make friend such words with Zhao Hai, moreover this saying he did not say at will, he wants to regard the friend Zhao Hai, therefore he will send for escorting Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also don’t know these, he is not King, he does not have the means to understand the King mood, when he only this is Buddha Sovereign to attaching great importance to that his these time moves, has not placed in the heart. After the Haven Ship leave cavalry city, he has treated with on the ship Undead Creature jiao, then entered Space, Laura they started to practice now, Zhao Hai wants to have a look at them to practice 9th level today. Zhao Hai to Space in time, Laura they have been practicing, Zhao Hai looked at Laura their, her anything special response, the yesterday such somewhat painful expression had not had, Zhao Hai then feel relieved. However Zhao Hai has not thought that Laura their this practice has used such long time unexpectedly, enough in one day night of time, Laura they waking up one after another, but now they all are 9th level Expert, but in them strongest is Xu Wanying, not only Xu Wanying now 9th level Expert, is Divergent Warlock , his all Doppelganger arrived at 9th level now, therefore in these people his strength is strongest. But in these people most formidabe fearing is also not Xu Wanying, but is Junichi, Junichi this Dead-soldier, now became 9th level Expert, he adds on his dark body skill, can talk into trump card Assassin. Blockhead and Stone strength is not weak, is adding on their mind connection, if they collaborate to oppose the enemy, general 9th level Expert simply is not a match. But Laura they now were also 9th level Expert, even if was not several people to 9th level Expert was not existence of that setting the base, after all God's Blood this thing energy was very strong. In several people sole became to oneself is Karen that 9th level Expert and did not care, Karen after becoming 9th level Expert, not extremely in happy, but left Space directly, went to research his Magic Formation.

Zhao Hai does not have the means regarding his such character, can only go along with him, but he not to the Karen new blueprint, but after lets Karen returned to Iron Mountain Fort there, first experiments Magic Formation that his present research leaves, if really effective, he is giving the Karen blueprint. Karen to has not cared, Zhao Hai gave his these blueprints before, he did not have complete research to pass, therefore looked after one successfully became 9th level Expert, immediately returned to Iron Mountain Fort there then own research. After waiting for all person Level Up to become 9th level Expert, Zhao Hai immediately put returned to Blockhead and Stone Golden Island there, traded in Kun Space, then asked Kun to drink Spatial Water, immediately/on horseback has carried on the practice. But those who make Zhao Hai not think, process of Kun practice they are smoother than Laura, Kun has drunk Spatial Water, rose 9th level, although his body has also discharged many toxin, however practice actually compared with Laura they quickly. Changes mind thinks that Zhao Hai on understand, Kun is practices 8th level , can say, so long as had the chance, he can become 9th level Expert, but Laura they, are the thing liter in relying on Space 8th level , they have lacked that to gain experience, therefore the talent of practice so will be slow. After Kun practices, immediately returned to Golden Island, then Blockhead and Stone went to Iron Mountain Fort there, traded in Green and Merine Space, Green and Merine were also practice 8th level , they rose to 9th level also very smooth, to was the useless Zhao Hai anything heart. But their leave time, Zhao Hai has given their many Spatial Water, these Spatial Water carry on the practice to these slaves, that 100 earliest with the Zhao Hai slave, now all are commoner, their all are Buda Family give, is loyal and devoted regarding Buda Family, therefore Zhao Hai also prepares to them enjoys. Regarding their under the hand/subordinate, Zhao Hai stingy, this 100 personally so were always disloyal regarding Buda Family, making them promote cultivation level to be normal, later perhaps useful until their times. When Green they practice, Haven Ship also arrived in the sea, Buddha Empire ship also leave, Zhao Hai naturally did not need everyday to come in on the ship, went to Beastman Race there from Space there directly, he went to the Beastman Prairie first station comfortably is the Hercules Tauren Clan tribe. To Hercules Tauren Clan time, Zhao Hai is remaining the hawk, he does not want on Continent to know that he has become 9th level Expert, the card in a hand must remain to be finally useful. Now the Hercules Tauren Clan day very much feels better, has the provisions support of Zhao Hai, in adding on, when with the Human Race war, they do not have what loss, now slowly is restoring strength/Origin Qi. Zhao Hai these time is only leading the Xu Wanying obliging 1 or 2 person, he has been used to them to follow side him, their present although were 9th level Expert, but other people very clear Zhao Hai strength, therefore was more loyal than before to Zhao Hai. Three Blood Hawk declines from sky to Hercules Tauren Clan encampment the time, immediately by the Hercules Tauren Clan person present, all knew that Zhao Hai immediately has encircled, Zhao Hai has given their some gifts, ridiculed these fellows expelling. Now he in Hercules Tauren Clan here like in his family, Hercules Tauren Clan these people also has regarded one of them him, therefore Zhao Hai is ridiculed in here by the heart, very relaxing.

Wales they in big tent, Zhao Hai have not been choosing a person the notification, entered big tent directly, Wales has been handling any matter, Yale also in big tent, but has not seen mén Dhesse. Wales hears outside sound to know that Zhao Hai came, he just about to exits to greet Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai entered big tent, that Wales laughs grasped Zhao Hai said : brothers, did you have the time to come? Thought Elder Brother I?” Returning that Zhao Hai makes an effort has hugged, they then let loose, after Zhao Hai sits down, first has drunk one cup of hot nai tea, this to Wales said : Wales Big Brother, this time I comes, but comes for the business.” Wales said : business? What business? Also discussed any business with me, wanted anything, you took away and that's the end.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this, if my matter, I will be naturally impolite, but these time is not my matter, is Buddha Empire, they want to ask me to come up to Prairie, buys some Magic Beast to go back for them.” Wales stares, then what Magic Beast knit the brows said : they to buy? Evidently is not Argali, otherwise you will not discuss with me that said that what these fellows do want?” Zhao Hai smiles said : Big Brother you also to know that Buddha Empire builds up by Cavalry, especially their Heavy Armor Cavalry, dominate world, even if with the Beastman cavalry to, will not eat big owing, the riding beast that but nearest/recent they presently they train, lived the phenomenon of degeneration, this fighting strength effect on their country is very big, therefore they want to ask me to come Prairie here, buys some 4th level or 5th level bull shape and horse shape Magic Beast goes back, gives their Cavalry, when Mount.” Wales knit the brows said : brothers, this matter can you comply? These Human Race are stronger, to our Beastman Race is disadvantageous, I cannot sell to them Magic Beast.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Big Brother, you want to be too many, their strengths were, but do not forget, they were Buddha Empire, was away from three Empire with Beastman Race, even if were they want with Beastman to, was impossible, moreover Big Brother you have forgotten, but in Buddha Empire existence of race, but this race in hand thing, you lacked.” Wales stares, then looked at Yale one, looked at Wales one that Yale also two eyes shone, then they turned the head look at Zhao Hai, simultaneously said : Dwarf Race!” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, Big Brother, is Dwarf Race, this time I go to Dwarf Race, was held by Beast King Your Majesty, goes to Dwarf Race there is Beastman Race buys some iron hardware, but you also know, Dwarf Race after all in Buddha Empire, if we, when carries on merchant with Dwarf Race, Buddha Empire prevents in the one side, the matter will be very troublesome.” bk b