Divine Artifact that Chapter 589 loses Zhao Hai said that also has the truth, Buddha Empire has settled on regarding the Dwarf Race iron hardware, if Zhao Hai thinks massive will arrive at the iron hardware from Dwarf Race there, Buddha Empire definitely knows. although Zhao Hai has Space, can not need to be able through Buddha Empire massive from Dwarf Race there nong to iron hardware, but do not forget, later the Buddha Empire also person has certainly Merchant to come Beastman Prairie to do business, but Buddha Empire Merchant, regarding the Dwarf Race iron hardware, is very familiar with, one, but by these person of present, the Beastman massive use Dwarf Race iron hardware, they certainly will be found the way to know that Dwarf Race buys Beastman Prairie the iron hardware through whom, if at that time, Zhao Hai cannot help Buddha Empire nong to Magic Beast, that Buddha Empire will take the action certainly. If Buddha Empire broke all with Dwarf Race merchant, comes bi Dwarf Race not to permit with Zhao Hai merchant in this way, then on very troublesome, even if Zhao Hai can support Dwarf Race, making Dwarf Race anything not lack, but Dwarf Race after is the life in Buddha Empire, if were really anxious Buddha Empire bi, moved the war, that is not good. Zhao Hai now besides is Hercules Tauren Clan Foreign Crown Prince, is Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, in this case, he cannot consider only Beastman Race no matter, but Dwarf Race, that is not the Zhao Hai style, therefore he must facilitate Beastman Race and Buddha Empire the merchant, like this he from Dwarf Race nong Magic Beast of there on toward Beastman Prairie, will be much more relaxed. Wales one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but the knitting the brows head, in this time, Yale said : clan lord, I am looking at right that Xiao Hai said that we sold to Buddha Empire not to have anything Magic Beast, after all Buddha Empire so is far from us, our Beastman Race lives the war with Human Race, most will also live the direct fight with Aksu Empire, Rosen Empire will possibly add on some busily, but they also can only help through the navy, but Buddha Empire, almost will be impossible with our direct jiao, they were far from us too, will be on the sea must, for a long time, therefore simply will not need to be worried about them., But we now actually lacking iron hardware, if uses Magic Beast, changes some iron hardware, our Tauren Clan fighting strength will be promoted, in did not need the load to be bullied.” Wales very attaches great importance to Zhao Hai and Yale words, but he complete believes Zhao Hai and Yale, therefore one hear of Yale said now that Wales also nodded said : well, that this merchant I complied, Xiao Hai, you may probably give me some nong Dwarf Race iron hardware.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : this time I to bring some Dwarf Race iron hardware, but was not many, moreover I must remain to Beast King Your Majesty, therefore cannot leave behind many to you, after , when with Dwarf Race merchant, surely gave you to keep some iron hardware, your feel relieved.” Wales knows that Zhao Hai considers certainly for Tauren Clan, was not saying anything, but nodded said : well, that this matter on jiao give you, the Magic Beast matter you do not need to be worried, no matter bull shape Magic Beast or horse shape Magic Beast, I can nong come to you, your feel relieved gave me to be good this matter jiao.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that this matter on jiao to Big Brother, Big Brother, the matter that then I must say, relationship is significant, do not say that Yale Grandmaster, you are also same.” They looked that the Zhao Hai facial expression is so serious, knows that certainly is the important matter, nodded hastily, Zhao Hai was makes Wales expel the big tent surrounding person, this said to Wales God Race and Radiant Church matter.

Wales and Yale hear the face number to change, they have not thought that the matter will turn into this appearance unexpectedly, in the here surface however will involve God Race, if this is really the case, that matter may have in a big way troubled. When continuously Zhao Hai said that Wales turned the head to say Xiao Hai your this time to Zhao Hai forced smile said :, to have a look at the Beast King spear|gun? Can look repair inside Artifact Spirit?” Zhao Hai nodded said : right, for this matter, this matter relationship is significant, therefore a while I must hurry to Beast King there, seeks an interview Beast God Spear.” Wales and looking at each other of Yale forced smile, Wales said : Xiao Hai, had then feared that was this time you wants disappointedly, our Beastman Race Beast God Spear, lost.” Zhao Hai stares, then in great surprise did said : lose? How possible? Is that Beastman Race Divine Artifact? How to lose? When loses?” Wales and Yale have smiled bitterly next step: Matter lives more than 5000 years ago, in our clan in history has the record, the Beast King person wants conquer North Polar Icefield, therefore he is bringing jing sharp ten thousand people of xiao teams, simultaneously is bringing Beast God Spear, went to North Polar Icefield, in also has.” „Before 5000?” Zhao Hai has called out in alarm one, he has not thought really that Beastman Race Divine Artifact lost before 5000 unexpectedly, moreover loses in North Polar Icefield. Before Yale sighs said : our Beastman Race 5000, our Beastman Race Beast King is not they holds the post by the lion tiger, but by fighting strength strongest the Diamond Ape clan in Beastman Race held the post at that time, bringing Beast God Spear to enter North Polar Icefield, is Patriarch of Diamond Ape clan, since the Diamond Ape clan lost Beast God Spear, sending into exile went to North Polar Icefield by our Beastman clan, only if they bring back Beast God Spear, otherwise forever can not return to Beastman Prairie, now is also the don’t know Diamond Ape clan still exists, because also the Diamond Ape clan was sent into exile, therefore our Beastman now will hold the post by Lion Race and Tiger Race in turn. A Beast King duty.” Zhao Hai also real don’t know Beastman Race really also has such a phase of history, he cannot help but knit the brows said : looks like I must go to North Polar Icefield.” Wales one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but face changes, said loudly: What? Xiao Hai, do you want to go to North Polar Icefield? It is not good, was too dangerous, you cannot go.”

Zhao Hai also knows that Wales is the care of sincerity he, therefore he shows a faint smile said : Wales Big Brother, the Yale elder, waits for me to lead you to go to a place, one no matter will live anything, should not be surprised.” Wales and Yale looked at one mutually, was nodding to Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai intention moves, brought in Wales and Yale Space. Space is he biggest secret, except for he completely trustworthy person, he will not lead him to come to Space, but Ersi and Yale, through such contact of long time, Zhao Hai entirely have believed them, is adding on for the important matter, he brought Wales to enter Space. After Space, Zhao Hai on detailed said to Wales and Yale the Space ability, then also led them to look at Farming Ground, Bread Tree and in these Magic Beast that in Space raised. Finally three people arrived in the Space villa, saw Laura they, Laura they have prepared eating of table now, after Zhao Hai invited they sat down, carries wine glass to Wales and Yale said : Wales Big Brother, the Yale elder, I have been hiding the truth from your this matters, this was my is not right, my here looked like you to accompany the ritual.” Wales originally is not the person of xiao air/Qi, is adding on him also to know that here means anything regarding Zhao Hai, therefore he has not been angry, instead to is laughs said : original brothers you also to have a such good place, good, fantastic, later Elder Brother my foodgrain did not worry that brothers this speaks that words, I how because this matter will be mad your, come, drank.” Zhao Hai laughs, has drunk one cup with Yale, then Zhao Hai turns the head to Wales said : Big Brother, Magic Beast in my this Space you also saw, even if most common Magic Beast, is the strength is uncommon, I look at Big Brother to be inferior to this, I these high level bull shape Magic Beast in Space give you you to have a look at that type to suit make your Mount, these suit make Soul Beast, when the time comes you have traded Mount and Soul Beast of your clan, definitely fighting strength increases, do you look what kind of?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Wales cannot help but stares, then immediately/on horseback laughs said : good brothers, your this idea is really fantastic, good, I go back to try, but we must a bit faster exit to be good, otherwise these xiao should make, they already want to wait to invite you.” Zhao Hai one hear of Wales said that immediately/on horseback looked at monitor, outside Wales golden big tent has prepared now much delicious, these Hercules Tauren Clan people, although don’t know they were discussing anything, actually already delicious took, was waiting for Zhao Hai that oneself prepared they. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : good, that exited to eat, walked, we exited, cannot make these brothers and others too long, exited these thing also belts, lets everyone/Great Clan lively well.”

Wales laughs said : well, but sister-in-law time cannot exit, will otherwise cause the suspicion of person, but the sister-in-law does not need to be worried that I will give roasting good rou to Xiao Hai, making him deliver to here.” Laura and Wales they were familiar, have been adding on Beastman open character, therefore they often cracking a joke, Laura they were also also used. Laura smiles said : well that we were waiting in here.” The Wales three people laugh, walked out from Space, directly to big tent outside. Zhao Hai told Wales, why Space Level Up, therefore Wales was not worried that now Zhao Hai went to North Polar Icefield to go, he also really hopes that Zhao Hai can come back the Beast God Spear belt. If Zhao Hai comes back the Beast God Spear belt, has two advantage to them, one will be in Beastman Race will again have the Divine Artifact protection, another will be Zhao Hai will be higher in the Beastman Race status, will have the advantage to the future Zhao Hai conduct. Three people arrived at outside, really these Hercules Tauren Clan person immediately welcomed, many people greeted with Zhao Hai with a smile, they to Zhao Hai were liking of sincerity, because this Crown Prince not only helped their pass through saddest some time, but also let Hercules Tauren Clan, became on entire Beastman Prairie lived one of the best races. bk b