Chapter 590 sees Beast King Stayed for day in Hercules Tauren Clan, evening's time, Zhao Hai also Zhao Hai and Yale welcome to Space, having let them try good bull shape Magic Beast to suit into Hercules Tauren Clan Mount, that type suits sits Hercules Tauren Clan Soul Beast. Tries finally, Zhao Hai they get the answer that has made them not smile, most suits Hercules Tauren Clan Soul Beast unexpectedly is Stone Furen, most suits their Mount is Earth Cow, it seems like that the beforehand Hercules Tauren Clan ancestor has not elected wrong. Stoneskin Cow and Earth Cow that level however Hercules Tauren Clan uses now is not high, Stoneskin Cow is only 9th level Magic Beast, but Earth Cow is 5th level Magic Beast. But in Zhao Hai Space also has Stoneskin Cow and Earth Cow, Stoneskin Cow in his Space turned into 8th level , but Earth Cow also turned into 7th level, compared with high two level that Hercules Tauren Clan uses now. Does not want xiao to look at these two level, Magic Beast is different from humanity, humanity, so long as has practice innate skill, can practice, finally may become 8th level is 9th level Expert, but Magic Beast they will have inborn borderline, time that for example 6th level Magic Beast Stoneskin Cow, he will live, possibly only then one, two-level strength, but if they will not have what fortuitous encounter, feared that was this also can only be for a lifetime 6th level, impossible in rising to higher level. Therefore the promotion of these two level, regarding Magic Beast are very important, but method of Beastman Race practice, with these Magic Beast some inseparable relationship, therefore this Stoneskin Cow and promotion of Earth Cow these two level, regarding Hercules Tauren Clan, are very heavy want. If beforehand Hercules Tauren Clan, fighting strength in Beastman Race can list as Expert, if now has used in Space Stoneskin Cow and Earth Cow, fighting strength of that Hercules Tauren Clan in entire Beastman Race, can stand in line absolutely top ten. top ten this is the extraordinary matter, must know entire Beastman Race, the race more than a lot, but big War Clan on the no less than hundred numbers, later dares to annoy Hercules Tauren Clan person few on Prairie. Finally Zhao Hai has left behind 1000 Stoneskin Cow and 1000 Earth Cow to Wales, has carried also off 2000 Stoneskin Cow and two Ox-head Earth Cow in Hercules Tauren Clan here, these Earth Cow are Zhao Hai must be used with Buddha Empire merchant a batch Magic Beast, simultaneously Zhao Hai also gave Wales to leave behind some Dwarf Race iron hardware, this set out Beast God City. From Space there to the Beast God City outside day midheaven, then came out directly, sits Blood Hawk, fell outside Beast God City, Ah Tai was waiting for him in there. Ah Tai sees Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback goes forward to bow to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you came, please board quickly.” Zhao Hai look at Ah Tai, shows a faint smile said : Ah Tai, in recent time you were laborious, now is the business what kind of?” Ah Tai smiles said : well, the nearest/recent business is very good, after we and Beastman Race cooperate, these Beastman Race no matter buy any thing, found us, now we are in Beastman Race most popular Merchant.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : well, that is good, Ah Tai you were also laborious, does business with these Beastman, is not relaxed, but has remembered, so long as does not compensate too, eats the point to owe nothing.” Ah Tai smiles said : Young Master on feel relieved, I know how should do, all right, you do not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai nodded, on horse carriage, entered Beast God City, to other shore hua store there, Zhao Hai felt other shore hua store here before had any is different. Before the other shore hua store here although business was also good, but so will not be good, Zhao Hai from the other shore hua store mén road ahead, in has plenty Beastman on the present tent, has been looking at thing in the store. Moreover Zhao Hai present, these Beastman their manner also very enthusiastic to Ah Da and Ah Er, before this is, impossible appears . The Ah Tai sister-in-law welcomed in Zhao Hai the following room, asking Zhao Hai to sit down, immediately prepared the nai tea, Zhao Hai smiles said : „the Ah Tai sister-in-law, did not need to be busy, this time I came to have the matter, you rested a while, I saw Beast King Your Majesty, having the matter must discuss with Your Majesty.” Ah Tai has complied with one, was actually respected to Zhao Hai at heart, these in Merchant of Prairie here business, could not see Beast King one time for a lifetime, but Zhao Hai was to say now sees sees, this was really too great. Zhao Hai has drunk one cup of nai tea in the tent, on leave the tent, has been driven by Ah Tai, delivers Zhao Hai to go to Beast Palace, to Beast Palace mén outside, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback went to the tent of that registration, in the tent that many people. However these people are not previous Zhao Hai came time that several, but these people are actually knew that comes in Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, that several people of immediately have stood, comes to Zhao Hai said :, but Mr. Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai stares, but his immediately/on horseback smiles said : Zhao Hai, has the matter to request to see Beast King Your Majesty below, please several circular.” That several Beastman show a faint smile said : mister please first to rest in here, our immediately gives you to notify, Your Majesty invited mister many days.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to make Your Majesty wait for a long time unexpectedly, below is not, invited circular.” That several people have complied with one, Tiger clansman turn around entered Beast Palace. Before long that person came back, making Zhao Hai go, in Zhao Hai before going, also in the person to account number, everyone has delivered one bottle of liquor.

That Tiger clansman was leading Zhao Hai to the place of Beast King work, was invited by the Beast King guard, Beast King was waiting for Zhao Hai evidently, now he is standing in rest area there, Zhao Hai goes forward to salute upon meeting hastily, Beast King look at Zhao Hai smiles said : these days I to wait for mister, mister came finally, does not know that what good information mister did have to me brings?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to have good information to tell Your Majesty, I have contacted with Dwarf Race, and achieved with milk liquor and Dwarf Race has cooperated intent, they agreed that sold to me the iron hardware, but these iron hardware I prepared to deliver to Beastman Race here.” Beast King laughs heartily said : well, fantastic, mister really helped our Beastman Race busy, mister please sit down quickly, said to my detailed.” After Zhao Hai sits down, look at Beast King said : Your Majesty, this time I go to Dwarf Race there not only has made the business with them, but also obtained another status in there.” Said that Zhao Hai turns, in his hand were many a piece Iron Token. Sees this Iron Token, in the Beast King eye jing light flashes, after receiving this Iron Token, carefully looked, nodded said : Dwarf Race Foreign Elder Command Token, has not thought that mister now is Dwarf Race Foreign Elder, great, is really great.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Your Majesty to overpraise, these time helped Dwarf Race xiao be busy, the Dwarf Race person stemmed from grateful, asked me to make their Foreign Elder, was right, the Dwarf Race long also letter made my jiao give Your Majesty.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out the Billy letter, has given Beast King. Beast King received the letter to look at the above fire to seal, this nodded, opened that beast skin letter, carefully looked, the look at look at Beast King eye cannot help but onamot, then the pupil fiercely has contracted, carefully looked. Some little time Beast King read letter, but Zhao Hai ten have paid attention to the Beast King expression, Beast King expression although has not changed, but the slight change of his eye, made Zhao Hai note. After Beast King has put down the letter, what turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Billy Patriarch to say was real? Can make me have a look at your whip?” Zhao Hai nodded, entangling the whip on waist solved, then called Mu'er, asking Mu'er to see the ritual to Beast King, this received Mu'er. Beast King unemotionally asked Mu'er several issues, this nodded, asking Zhao Hai to receive the whip, this turns the head to go to his guard said :, defends before mén, do not make anybody come, if some people request to see, said that I do not have the time.” That guard to Beast King gave a salute, before keeping silent turn around has arrived at mén. look at that guard left room, Beast King then turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : mister, in the letter says real? Has existence of God Race really?” Zhao Hai said : Your Majesty, this naturally is straight, this is Dwarf Race Divine Artifact Artifact Spirit tells me personally, if Your Majesty believes that I, can make me pay a visit Beast God Spear, I ensure can let inside Artifact Spirit visualization, when the time comes Your Majesty asks that personally knew.” Zhao Hai although already knows information that Beast God Spear loses, but he does not want to make Beast King know that he knew, because this matter must strictly keep secret, if makes Beast King know that he knows information that Beast God Spear loses, possibly knows he told others this matter, that Beast King possibly will not believe him.

Beast King has smiled bitterly next step: My Beastman Race Divine Artifact lost before 5000, mister has exceedingly high ability, was impossible to make me see Artifact Spirit.” Zhao Hai did said : lose in great surprise? Is this possible? Loses?” Beast King has smiled bitterly next step: „Before 5000, our Beastman Race Patriarch of Royal Family Diamond Ape clan, is leading Ten Thousand-Man Team, is bringing Beast God Spear, wants to go to conquer North Polar Icefield, finished going to not instead, finally the entire Diamond Ape clan is sent into exile North Polar Icefield, Beast God Spear should be loses in North Polar Icefield.” To Wales said that some little time Zhao Hai said : originally is this, Your Majesty, has a request below, I want to enter North Polar Icefield to seek for Beast God Spear.” Beast King one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but slightly stares, then face changes said : not to be good, is not absolutely good, mister, North Polar Icefield there was too dangerous, you cannot go, just Billy Patriarch had raised with me in living, after mister possibly is, our Ark Continent liberator, you cannot go.” Obviously Beast King very settles on regarding the Billy words, this is also related with the Dwarf Race characteristics, Dwarf Race never said hurriedly, they most hated to say the hurried person, therefore they became famous on Continent honestly. Zhao Hai forced smile said : Your Majesty, this does not have the matter of means that I think that Billy Patriarch should the God Race matter talk clearly with Your Majesty, if cannot be uneven the Divine Artifact collections of three large clans, we feared that has resulted in God Race very much formidabe, if prediction of Dwarf Race real, I should be able safe comes out from North Polar Icefield.” bk b