Chapter 591 icefield Beast King look at Zhao Hai, suddenly said : mister may know, you in gambling, if you bet wrong, your life did not have!” Zhao Hai forced smile said : Your Majesty, hasn't arrived at this time, bet the line? Perhaps, God Race will possibly kill off, if when the time comes collection uneven three Divine Artifact, we are undead also forever become the God Race slaves, I do not want to become a slave.” Beast King knows Zhao Hai said not real, God Race might attack, but when don’t know can be, Zhao Hai definitely does not need to take risk, reason that he will do such, for Beastman Race, for entire Ark Continent. Beast King has stood, look at Zhao Hai this: „The xiong bosom of mister, is broader than Prairie, please receive me to do obeisance.” Said that good held the xiong ritual to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai stood said : Your Majesty to be too polite hastily, does not need so, if the Your Majesty agreement, I over the two days prepared, immediately left North Polar Icefield.” Beast King nodded said : well, asking mister to want the xiao heart, if mister can carry over Beast God Spear from North Polar Icefield, I can comply with mister, certainly sealed mister is Beastman Race Crown Prince, even if were later has changed others, when Beast King, will certainly revere mister is Crown Prince.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : so on thanks a lot Your Majesty, Your Majesty, please arrange Warehouse to me, this time I have brought some iron hardware from Dwarf Race there.” Beast King nodded, shouted that guard, making that guard arrange, Zhao Hai to Beast King gave a salute, turn around followed that guard. After waiting these iron hardware have given Beast King, Zhao Hai also with that guard returned to the place of Beast King work, Beast King also asked Zhao Hai to have a food, this puts Zhao Hai leave. Zhao Hai this time point has achieved, he believes that Billy said to Beast King in the letter serious xing of this matter, by the Beast King ability, will certainly make properly the arrangement. After returned to other shore hua store, Zhao Hai began North Polar Icefield on the preparation, currently in Space anything has, he did not need to prepare anything, therefore has treated one with Ah Tai jiao, Zhao Hai returned to Space to rest. Zhao Hai only stayed in Beast God City for two days, on leave, Beast King had also sent for secret Ling guarding great Tiger Race near North Polar Icefield at this time, the polar bear clan and Hawk King clan, lets they see Zhao Hai time, must entertain Zhao Hai well, he also told them Zhao Hai these time to go to North Polar Icefield to do. In, Beast King had not said that Zhao Hai goes to North Polar Icefield to report Beast God Spear copes with God Race, now this information must block, Beast King told them, Zhao Hai went to North Polar Icefield, was held to look for Beast God Spear by him. Beast King information is earlier than for two days Zhao Hai, when Zhao Hai to the Hawk King mountain, Hawk King received Zhao Hai very warmly. although now they and Zhao Hai cooperation just started, but obtained many advantage, is goes to North Polar Icefield to look for Beast God Spear at the matter that adding on Zhao Hai this time must handle, Hawk King to Zhao Hai was warm, in this enthusiasm is also having a respect.

The Beastman respect hero, did not say first Zhao Hai these time goes to North Polar Icefield to succeed, is only he has this courage, can be called the hero. Zhao Hai is not dull in Hawk King mountain there, has only treated for day, moreover he jiao specially has also treated Hawk King, no matter this time he can come out, he and Beastman Race milk liquor business will not put down, before was what kind, later what, inviting Hawk King does not need to be worried. Hawk King one hear of Zhao Hai said that respected to Zhao Hai, because in his opinion, Zhao Hai this equal to treated the things to do after death in jiao. leave the Hawk King mountain, Zhao Hai directly sat in Blood Hawk carries on the back, entered North Polar Icefield, he does not want to go to great Tiger Race and polar bear clan there, he thinks that now the quick point processes the matter bosom of North Polar Icefield here, is good several other Forbidden Land he to is thinks in these Forbidden Land some any thing. Crossed Hawk King mountain Zhao Hai to receive the hawk, has put out Blood Ghost Staff, then made Blood Ghost Staff turn into a palace V-shaped room, then they invited Laura, several people sat outside in the room look at that Blood Staff turned into the white side carry the icefield. Laura they first time see the change of Blood Ghost Staff, this was really too mysterious, several people somewhat curious looked to size up some blood red , but transparent kind of shape room. This room is not very big, four have more than 40 square meters appearances, passes the blood probably is red yu makes, can see outside all from inside, but there is one layer red , felt that looked like brings the one layer red eyeglasses to be the same. Zhao Hai has not made too high, although that Blood Staff flies he can enter in Space now, through screen look at outside all, but Zhao Hai has not actually done, he wants to have a look at this North Polar Icefield scenery . Outside is the world of ice and snow, but in the room that this Blood Ghost Staff turns into actually very warm, a point cannot feel coldly, Zhao Hai still left the furniture in inside nong, the tea set, their several sits with Laura in this room first successive is drinking sub, at the same time look at outside snowscape. This North Polar Icefield looks like looks like a stretch of deathtrap, does not have except for snow and ice anything, Zhao Hai they enter North Polar Icefield to the present, has not seen life form unexpectedly. This also worthily manner called the icefield, Zhao Hai carefully looked at through monitor all in this icefield, this icefield uppermost was the one layer snow, in the below of snow, was actually ten thousand years of not solid ice, this ice very thick, the snow following direct was friendly the situation of land very few. Some little time Laura sighed that said : here was really too beautiful, but this certainly also was also very cold, I looked that here was impossible to have any business.” Zhao Hai shook the head, points at a piece land said : that not to be been uncertain by the snow is friendly, did you see that land? On the although land seems like any life form does not have probably, words that but you carefully look, now in the surface of that land, there is a piece white thing, that is not the snow, but is one type of life form.” Laura they opened an eye look at Zhao Hai finger of that place, there really had light one layer thing, very thin, even was thinner than the paper, this thing was also white , in the below of snow, looked like looks like the snow is the same, but you, if carefully looked, presently, this thing is not the snow, but was thing of one type of like moss, this unexpectedly was life form. said : that Megan cannot believe day that is this unexpectedly really life form? This, was this too also strange? This is thing survives in this environment? Elder Brother Hai, we get down, receives this thing.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well.” The intention moves, Blood Ghost Staff fell that ground from Space, then since the Zhao Hai intention moved, receives Blood Ghost Staff. This receives Blood Ghost Staff, their equal to stood on North Polar Icefield, their forward flights was not slow, now very deep entered North Polar Icefield, Zhao Hai received Blood Staff, Laura they felt that an cold air/Qi one gave to surround them, this cold air/Qi like the winter cold wind, this cold air/Qi probably was not substance, probably to water same upwelled under toward Zhao Hai their bodies, extrusion that kept they. Must know that Zhao Hai they may be 9th level Expert, body Blood Qi is exuberant, even if did not mention Battle Qi, did not use any Magic equipment, can achieve Cold and Heat Immunity, temperature change of normally, regarding them, simply not any influence. However this North Polar Icefield here is different, the here cold air/Qi, one freezes probably their blood, their thoughts probably must be frozen to be the same. Zhao Hai also present this point, his hand immediately/on horseback moves, Blood Ghost Staff turned into a red transparent cover, one several covers in inside, that cold feeling then vanished. Laura they slow were then panting, Lizzy could not bear hit to tremble said : day that was here too also cold? So to be how cold? But I now 9th level, one had been frozen unexpectedly probably, day that this low temperature, Elder Brother Hai, you determined that thing is really live?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the snow in his front ground one was separated, this snow has several meters thick fully, moreover very hard, Zhao Hai they stand above, probably steps in Stone is the same. After having seen the land that the snow gets down, Zhao Hai then stopped, meets to begin to move, bulk land had been attracted by him, then the Zhao Hai intention moves, several people of returned to Space. Just arrived at Space, Space transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently special life form, this life form can survive under the extremely low temperature, withdraws the ability, Space life form increases the cold resistant ability.” Zhao Hai threw the ground that land afterward, turned the head what kind to Laura their said : „? I have not spoken incorrectly, this thing is really life form.” Laura look at that was lost by Zhao Hai to earth of ground, after that rubble stone falls to the ground, point powder has not fallen, looked that wants to come to be harder than Stone. Do Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : what kind of? Also can have a look?” Laura they could not bear hit to tremble, shook the head, Laura was said : considers as finished, we were staying in Space, making Magic Staff fly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, Magic Staff information from his hand, to be honest, he has not wanted to exit, the snowscape had a look, looked that the time will grow will have been tired. Several people arrived in the living room to sit down, Zhao Hai has put out one bottle of rice wines, to each but actually one cup, after Laura they drank, let out a long breath, this felt that was warmer, that type passed in Cold Qi/cold air then disappearance slowly to Bone probably.

Has put down wine glass, Meg let out a long breath said : „was fearful, is really was too scary, worthily is Continent five Great Forbidden Land this place, even if will be 9th level Expert comes in also to freeze to death, I thought that here will be more fearful than Carrion Swamp there.” Nod of Laura they agree with. Do Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : „? I look also not necessarily, just we were only have not prepared, if we were just prepared, appears such matter, you won't have presently? We do not have the present Diamond Ape clansman corpse to the present, I believe that the person of Diamond Ape clan, penetrated certainly into North Polar Icefield, I want to stop in here first previous some time, making Magic Staff this break situation proving of North Polar Icefield well one can find living Diamond Ape clansman.” Laura knit the brows said : not, Elder Brother Hai, you do not think that Diamond Ape clansman in these sent into exile North Polar Icefield will also be living? Is this possible? These Diamond Ape clansman certainly all are not 9th level Expert, the North Polar Icefield here cold air/Qi, can freeze our these 9th level Expert, can the people of Diamond Ape clan be able to bear?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :not to want xiao to look at any race, the potential of person is infinite, our Human Race lives the body to be inferior to Beastman Race to be strong, but we cannot meet as an equal with Beastman Race now, even Beastman Race also can't compare with our Human Race, our Human Race can achieve this point through own practice, do not say that in Beastman Race once Royal Family, Beastman Race most advocates the strength, in Diamond Ape clan Beastman Race is strongest, they are impossible become Beastman Race Royal Family. Laura thinks that said : that good, looks to look that I also really am think, if the people of these Diamond Ape clans can live, can be any appearance.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, control Blood Staff was flying also to find any life form in North Polar Icefield horizontally, what disappointed Zhao Hai somewhat was, they have not met any living creature in here, besides the moss of that white , did not have any life form, they to was seen by the frozen hard person, but these people died too long time, already by the North Polar Icefield cold wind blowing only remaining several root likely Stone same Bone. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, still control Magic Staff is seeking in the icefield, they in Space, any matter will not delay in any case, sought for on multipurpose time. Used two days, Zhao Hai to look at icefield surrounding all places, had seen the form of polar bear clansman activity, he then took back Blood Staff then to proceed to hurry along. The two days search, Zhao Hai actually anything does not have presently, just like before, besides that moss, in any life form, except for the ice has not been the snow. After two days, Zhao Hai then control Magic Staff flies toward the icefield, he does not believe that there Diamond Ape clansman died certainly, even if were these people of Diamond Ape clan dies certainly, he should also be able to find their corpses to be right, now he does not have presently the massive corpses, some were not quite reasonable. Such search very tasteless, but Zhao Hai is insisting, he believes that could not find the Diamond Ape clan, he also certainly can find other life form, North Polar Icefield here impossible, only then moss such one type of life form, certainly also has other life form. Reason that Zhao Hai will have such confidence , because he sees on Earth, even if in bad environment, will have life form to exist, on North Pole and Antarctic like Earth, is not the life form activities, he believes that North Polar Icefield here also certainly has existence of life form. bk b