Chapter 592 present North Polar Icefield the Zhao Hai imagination is bigger, here area also wants compared with Carrion Swamp on a big way many, Zhao Hai investigated for ten days in this North Polar Icefield, but does not have the too big harvest to the present, they to saw the frozen to death skeleton, but these skeletons actually by the North Polar Icefield here strong winds blowing blood rou does not have, is incomplete Bone, Zhao Hai they do not have the means to look from these Bone are that race person, the simply means have not given them to provide any clue. Now only then Zhao Hai was still insisting everyday stares at the screen to look, why Laura they already should, to be honest, North Polar Icefield here scenery was really too monotonous, the monotonous letting person was crazy. Has one type of in here face , white, has one type of in the here terrain, the draw, in entire North Polar Icefield here, he can only see this different thing, was not having other thing. Zhao Hai looked now this scenery looks has somewhat troubled, he could not stare was looking that he does not want to result in the blood glow card, therefore his although was insisting everyday is staring at the screen, the middle actually has plenty relaxation time. Actually Zhao Hai leave follows leave almost not to have any relationship now, he has Space, can returned to Continent come up at any time, the Continent there business, has not come under any influence, his even everyday must handle some Buda Family matters. The matter that now Buda Family complete being on the track, Zhao Hai has needed to handle personally to are not instead many, Buda Family likely is not other Clan, Patriarch, if releases authority, may seize power, in Buda Family appears this situation, the matter that now Zhao Hai must handle will unable jiao completely generally to Laura they, few that he processes personally. Laura the sentiments of their several people are also very good, moreover they also know Zhao Hai character, therefore Laura they have not been jealous the phenomenon that struggles for favor, making Zhao Hai be free from worry. Actually the here surface also has the Space merit, Space can change a character even idea of person slowly, but all in Space centered on Zhao Hai, therefore he changes character of person , is centered on Zhao Hai. Laura they are this slowly was changed character, they are all are centered on Zhao Hai now, therefore their simply is not jealous, does not strive for the power, all for Zhao Hai. However because of this change, compared with subduing these 9th level Magic Beast comes to be much slower, therefore almost nobody presently this change, even if Zhao Hai not presently. When Zhao Hai they enter to extremely north the wilderness 12 th day, Zhao Hai like in the past, the look at wilderness on that probably ten thousand years of invariable scenery , to be honest, now Zhao Hai really somewhat is tired. In this time, on the suddenly wilderness strange thing, one was attracting the attention of Zhao Hai. That is a piece Stone, the a piece shape installs very strange Stone.

If a piece Stone puts other place strangely not, however actually appears in North Polar Icefield here that strange, then odd things. Zhao Hai look at that Stone, some little time slow god, his immediately/on horseback face excited all attention centralized to that Stone on. The screen also knows that his regard, immediately enlarges that Stone, is enlarging, even has made Zhao Hai see Stone inside thing. When sees thing in Stone, Zhao Hai was actually shocked, he does not have the means not to be shocked, because he saw in Stone unexpectedly resembles xiao [gold/metal] that race same animal, huge ape. the builds of ao [gold/metal] their clan very enormous, besides the xiao [gold/metal], other iron shape xiao, especially these had not passed through Level Up, build even bigger. The ape that however Zhao Hai sees, his build even bigger, this ape look at, the height should ten meters, the body sturdy does not make sense, the body is growing yellow long mao, but he is sealed now in the ice. Zhao Hai look at this ape, actually has taken him to relate with the Diamond Ape clan to together at heart, he knows that the custom of Beastman Race, Beastman Race each race had oneself unique Magic Beast, moreover he also asked Beast King, this Diamond Ape clan also had any special Magic Beast, Beast King also counted on Zhao Hai can ask him to retrieve Beast God Spear, therefore has not hidden the truth from him, he told Zhao Hai, this Diamond Ape clan was in Beastman, one by one did not only have the Mount race, their although did not have Mount, however each of them's side then Diamond Ape as own beast relative, but that Diamond Ape not only super strong, defended. The ability is formidable, this Diamond Ape can live and die together with the people of Diamond Ape clan, Diamond Ape died, that person of Diamond Ape clan cannot live, the people of Diamond Ape clan died, his beast dies cannot live. Because of relationship of this paragenesis, therefore the people and between their of beast relative Diamond Ape clan have the one type of mysterious relation, they can obtain more advantage from their beast relative there, even bigger energy, therefore their fighting strength are the crowns of Beastman Race. Zhao Hai looked at all around, does not have presently the corpse of Diamond Ape clan, this makes Zhao Hai feel odd, normally this Diamond Ape died in here, nearby that this will certainly have a Diamond Ape clansman corpse, now can't see? In Zhao Hai puzzled time, Cai'er suddenly said :Young Master, has thing in the belly of this Diamond Ape. „ Zhao Hai stares, lets situation in the window this Diamond Ape belly on, this looked that Zhao Hai cannot help but was shocked, because in the belly of this Diamond Ape, any internal organs, actually have not been rolling up in his belly a person, Beastman of long ape head. Zhao Hai makes an effort claps the palm of the hand, laughs, he is happy, because he had finally found, entered North Polar Icefield such long time, he first time sees the Diamond Ape clansman corpse, the corpse of so good Diamond Ape clan maintains.

Zhao Hai nong leaves such in sound, has certainly alarmed Laura they, Laura their immediately went into the living room, looked at Zhao Hai, vision image rotation screen. Quick they on the image by screen had also been gawked to nong, then their also immediately responded, each and every one face excited look at Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai micro smile, in the heart moves, on screen suddenly appears white caught in that Diamond Ape corpse Space greatly. Zhao Hai has not put in the Diamond Ape corpse the villa, but has put outside the villa, he led Laura they to arrive at outside. That Diamond Ape corpse was sealed in one group of ice, just like that Diamond Ape clansman in his body, is rolling up the body, his stature originally is spacious, this rolls up, was being iced one, looks like also really looks like a piece Stone. although died, but this Diamond Ape looks like still that fierce, imposing manner is astonishing, obviously he living time, strength how astonishing. Laura they gathered round this Diamond Ape corpse to transfer two, exclamation, because Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature was really too many, therefore Laura they regarding this type of corpse on even already immunity. After transferring two, Laura they gathered the Zhao Hai side, Laura said : have not thought, on Beastman Prairie really also had a such race, looked at this Diamond Ape, compared with xiao [gold/metal] their even more larger, was really fearful.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this is Beastman Race once King, existences of forcing all Beastman, were certainly fearful, was good, first melts him can turn into Undead Creature.” Ends Zhao Hai to move, water sprinkling of their actuate Hot Spring slowly on this pack ice, but Zhao Hai has not actually thought that ice unexpectedly such hard, warm spring water sprinkles above, probably is the water used is the same in the clean glass, that ice does not have. Zhao Hai has gawked, meets to begin to move, Fireball appears in side of that pack ice, is roasting that pack ice, some little time that pack ice had a sign of melting. Zhao Hai release several groups of Fireball, have let roast this pack ice that these groups of Fireball keep, he is also paying simultaneously attention, does not make the fire roast in Diamond Ape to ice.

when a more than two xiao, Zhao Hai completely melted u to leave inside Diamond Ape the ice, Zhao Hai moved, one group of black gas have wrapped up Diamond Ape, this was Zhao Hai Spirit-Trapping Technique, he thinks that can belly this Diamond Ape and Diamond Ape clansman in Diamond Ape turns into Undead Creature. However Zhao Hai was quickly disappointed, that Diamond Ape and his belly sub- in Diamond Ape clansman point response does not have, simply has not turned into Undead Creature. This to was makes Zhao Hai be shocked, this Black Magic was almost effective to all corpses, how to have responded to this Diamond Ape corpse? Zhao Hai puzzled and has used Spirit-Trapping Technique, finally such, a point response did not have. Zhao Hai puzzled has knocked that Diamond Ape corpse with in hand Magic Staff, actually that Xin just the corpse of ape became hard like Stone, was sealed too long time unexpectedly in the ice, already petrify. Thinks that here Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, he received the Diamond Ape corpse, this returned to in the villa, immediately had let out Magic Staff, starts to seek to have a look also to find the Diamond Ape corpse. Before more than ten days he had not found the Diamond Ape clansman trail, this time one presently, actually resembles the violent to be the same, the Diamond Ape clansman corpse was looked one after another, these corpses like Zhao Hai first present, were sealed in the ice, thought of the Diamond Ape clansman corpse with the belly of Diamond Ape, moreover already petrify. In the three days of time of then coming, Zhao Hai altogether present about thousand Diamond Ape clansman corpses, in these corpses has the male to have nv, has always has few, after their deaths , the processing method of corpse is the same, moreover these corpses are become a straight line in have extended toward the icefield. Looked at these corpses the appearances, in Zhao Hai mind cannot help but appears a picture, in Beastman Race the most formidable race, was sent into exile in North Polar Icefield, they were facing the icefield brutal environment, actually obsession, they must retrieve Beastman Race Divine Artifact at heart, therefore they started the journey of this death. Beforehand these days, their don’t know with any method ting, but to the place of Zhao Hai first present Diamond Ape clansman corpse, their ting does not live, person who appears first frozen to death, to preserve these corpses, Diamond Ape clansman has used this special burying way. bk b