Chapter 593 volcano

although appears deceased person, but the people of Diamond Ape clan have not harmed busily, they proceed, some people who keeps all the way fall dead, but the pride of Beastman Race Royal Family, making the Diamond Ape clan not flinch, they buries own family member, before while then looks like, started the journey of true death. That scene, remembered Zhao Hai to feel to shock, worthily was in Beastman Race the most formidable Diamond Ape clan, had such compelling strength, some such determinations, were too great. Laura they were also shocked, they cannot believe really that a race will really have so big obsession, clearly know dies, moving forward that is still actually duty-bound not to turn back, this jing god was too valuable. Zhao Hai face calm control Magic Staff moving forward, but the corpse of Diamond Ape clan he receives are getting more and more, Zhao Hai did not have to turn into the idea of Undead Creature these corpses now, he wants to bring returned to Prairie to come up the burial these corpses, they belonged to Prairie, should returned to there go, they have qualifications returned to there to go. Ten days, from Zhao Hai presently first corpse Diamond Ape clansman corpse to the present already enough past ten days, but in these ten days, Zhao Hai altogether received the human corpse bodies of more than 10,000 Diamond Ape clans, in the corpses of these Diamond Ape clans, is in the majority by old person and child. Zhao Hai simply does not use other place now, this these Diamond Ape clansman corpses look like the guidepost are the same, making Zhao Hai simply not need to go astray, so long as extended the direction of corpse to walk is OK. One month, Zhao Hai entered toward forward flight for one month, but this month of time, Zhao Hai altogether accepted about five hundred thousand Diamond Ape clansman corpses, this digital not xiao. In Beastman Race a population of large clan is also about 1 million, big War Clan like Tiger Race, the population will be less, is the formidable race, their births are difficult, but conversely, some strength quite bad races, their fertilities actually very astonishing. But before Diamond Ape clan, is Royal Family in Beastman Race, the fertility of their clan is impossible to be too strong, the population of their clan is impossible to be too many, but now Zhao Hai received five hundred thousand corpses, these corpses are in the majority from old person and xiao of child beginning, to the present, almost could not see old person and corpse of xiao child, is some young and vigorous male nv corpses. Must know Zhao Hai now although, when received these corpses to lose a lot of time, but he after all walk to be much quicker than on the icefield the person, like this he has used for one month, it can be imagined the Diamond Ape clan used outside, resulted in how long, but this their simply has not stopped all the way, before walked, arrived to execute, this big will? Zhao Hai does not dare to imagine simply. Zhao Hai is very difficult to imagine, how the people of these Diamond Ape clans are go on living in here, they can penetrate into North Polar Icefield unexpectedly are so deep, obviously tyrannical of their clan.

Also in three days, present distant place of Zhao Hai suddenly from screen has black spots, his immediately/on horseback pulls closer there the screen, this received there, Zhao Hai felt that the jing god shakes, because he presently that unexpectedly is a mountain, a mountain will not have quite strangely what, but will make Zhao Hai feel what will be surprised, on this mountain will be growing the tree unexpectedly? Green tree! This not strange scenery on Continent, but appears is makes Zhao Hai feel that in here being startled extremely, where is here? here is North Polar Icefield, here almost anything does not have besides snow and ice, who can think that really also has a mountain in here, but on mountain also steadily tree. command(er) that Zhao Hai ji moves Magic Staff is flying toward there, but simultaneously he keeps is receiving the corpses of these Diamond Ape clans, the corpse of Diamond Ape clan now he receives, soon had to seven hundred thousand. Because must receive the corpse, when Zhao Hai has used more than two xiao, he arrived at that mountain, simultaneously Zhao Hai also present, nearby this mountain actually did not have the Diamond Ape clansman corpse. This presently lets Zhao Hai excited extremely, he does not think that the people of Diamond Ape clan died certainly, on that mountain had the tree, was representing there heated possibly suits the person to survive, person who the Diamond Ape clan might have the survival very much on that mountain, but this surroundings did not have the corpse, was because these corpse had been given to receive by the people of many survivals. Thinks that here Zhao Hai cannot help but excited, his immediately/on horseback has used on the screen careful look at this mountain, he wants to know that what strength is, can make this sit the mountain to grow to set up unexpectedly in North Polar Icefield such place. Zhao Hai careful looked at this mountain, on the face cannot help but appears the excited expression, because he under the mountain corner/horn of this mountain present a xiao road, obviously was the road that the person cultivated, moreover frequently some people walked evidently. Saw here Zhao Hai cannot help but excited, his immediately/on horseback came out from Space, turned into an appearance of flying shuttle Magic Staff, flew toward the mountain on. He comes out, the obvious feeling, this mountain here temperature ting is high, looks like on Continent the net day same temperature, no wonder the here tree can be long, originally here is very warm. Toward the summit, the temperature is higher . Moreover the trace of person activity is obvious, road that has plenty was repaired, but has not seen a person to present Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai to the halfway up the mountainside, suddenly he was shocked, because he saw a city unexpectedly, city wall that Stone builds, although is not very high, but that is the person builds.

But those who make Zhao Hai ji move, he saw in that city to have the person, Zhao Hai immediately opens monitor to look, in that city really had the person, put on leather armor Diamond Ape clansman. The Zhao Hai flashes body entered Space, with Space screen careful look at this city, this city is not very big, can not live in the type of hundred thousand person probably, the outer wall of city is builds by big stone, less than 20 meters in height, has been thick actually about ten meters, stands on city wall is putting on leather armor Diamond Ape clansman, by the people of each Diamond Ape clan with height over ten meters Vajra Giant Ape, these Vajra Giant Ape or sits or lies, appears honest, but Zhao Hai actually does not suspect their fighting strength. But makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, weapon that these Diamond Ape clansman, uses, unexpectedly is Blockhead, does not have an iron hardware. Their weapon are thick wooden bang, this wooden bang first is not thinner than the arm of Zhao Hai, moreover looks like pitch-dark, but also the flashing gloss knows very strong/sturdy. Those who most make Zhao Hai pay attention, these Diamond Ape clansman people appear very anxious, outside look at that they decide, appearance of being critical situation. This cannot help but makes Zhao Hai feel somewhat strangely, why his understand these Diamond Ape clansman so will not be anxious, on this mountain also has the enemy to be inadequate? Even if there is enemy, should not fear by fighting strength of Diamond Ape clan is right. Zhao Hai also noted the one type of situation, on this city wall actually did not have city mén, all city wall were stubbornly, simply that built has not kept point way out. Zhao Hai puzzled look at such arrangement, even if these Diamond Ape clansman has Giant Ape to carry them to come and go out this Stone City, does not leave a city gate open mén not to be convenient, why do they such do? Zhao Hai carefully looked at that city wall, he presently on that city wall has plenty has fought trace, but that trace also very strange, some looks like probably is wild beast creates, some looks like actually likely is Blade and Sword such weapon creates, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai feel very puzzled. Zhao Hai looked at one toward in the city, this in the city is the made of stone house, is two, below one layer prepares to Giant Ape probably, inside is spreading some hay, on one layer is occupied by the person, inside anything thing has, but mostly is made of stones and wooden. ao in the city to is very lively, the xiao children of many Diamond Ape clan are upon the jump on the street, woman of some Diamond Ape clans are making leather armor, old person is repairing some wooden clubs, looks at the appearance of that wooden club, he obviously is weapon that they use, some children of age are practicing martial arts under the director of Sir, a piece of lively scenery approaches. Zhao Hai looked toward the mountain, presently on this mountain is raising some Magic Beast, these Magic Beast look like Blue Eye Rabbit, but is bigger than Blue Eye Rabbit, quickly had the length pig to be big, this Magic Beast were many, moreover looked that was bred, around them, was used wooden fence to sphere.

In looked toward the mountain on why Zhao Hai understand here will have this to live in the mountain finally, why here will grow tree, because among here many greatly is a volcano, is active volcano, in the crater on summit is braving the steam outward. Because the thermal energy of this volcano has scattered the cold air/Qi, therefore here sets up, these Diamond Ape clansman can survive, it seems like is really the day unceasingly Diamond Ape clan. However Zhao Hai also looked, Diamond Ape clan also strength/Origin Qi damaged severely, entire race now also on the hundred thousand person about, but must be counted including the olds and weak, moreover they run probably also into any hard to deal with enemy in here, otherwise these defend the city wall person not to be anxious. Zhao Hai carefully looked at this mountain one, area of this volcano is very big, has plenty some place people have moved trace, moreover more than one mountain peak, but comprised of 13 mountain peaks, the mountain peak that the Diamond Ape clan occupies is only one of the surrounding, but trace that in mountain peak there few people move. Why Zhao Hai carefully looked at these mountain peak one to move on understand there few people, there was too hot, long plants was some Fire element Magic plants, what most important was, the there volcano was very unstable, two mountain peaks were braving unexpectedly still the black smoke toward outside, appearance that momentarily must spurt. However on that several mountains, is not life form not presently, present some Fire element Magic Beast has been moving in there Zhao Hai, but looks at these Magic Beast appearances, level is not very high, obviously these Magic Beast are not the Diamond Ape clansman primary opponents. After these huge mountain looked, Zhao Hai decided that sees the person of Diamond Ape clan, inquired the specific situation, if they had found Beast God Spear, that naturally was good, if they had not found Beast God Spear, he must go to the icefield to seek. bk b