Chapter 594 i moves The Zhao Hai flashes body left Space, then release Alien, sat Alien within the body, then makes Alien slowly crawls toward the mountain on. Quick Alien on slowly approached the Diamond Ape clan to construct that city that response of Zhao Hai person's in Alien within the body careful look at that city, Alien just appears in halfway up the mountainside, in person by city present, these Beastman immediately in city moved, these Giant Ape have also stood, at any time the standing by the appearance. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but stares, but his immediately made Alien stop, then loudly stood in Alien within the body, said loudly: „The Beastman Race brothers, should not be anxious, I am not an unprincipled person, does not come attack you.” Zhao Hai was saying while is paying attention to these Beastman on city wall, his words just an exit / to speak, he presently these Beastman one was shocked, then person look at each other in dismay, probably for a while cannot get back one's composure. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, general knew the ideas of these Diamond Ape clansman, they pass in 5000 in this place life, in 5000, will not be a small digit, these in 5000, they have not contacted with outside world, otherwise Beastman Race there information will not have obtained, now some suddenly people speak, they cannot certainly respond. However Zhao Hai just this was also not one word shouted that he wants to have a look at the person on city wall is anything responded, thus judged, attack they were the person or Magic Beast, now looks like, attack their was very likely Magic Beast. Is thinking these Zhao Hai while from Alien within the body walked out, he that appearance, Magic Robe, in hand is also taking Magic Staff now, he one came out to receive Alien from Alien within the body. Zhao Hai this comes out, these Beastman on city wall one seethed with excitement, Beastman that on Zhao Hai look at city wall these one word ran, cannot help but showed a faint smile, he can imagine these people now is any mood. He has not worried, but calm has arrived to a city wall dozens meters place, enabling the person on city wall to see him clearly. Zhao Hai look at city wall, on city wall appears old Diamond Ape clan Beastman, Beastman of this Diamond Ape clan has stood on city wall before long, look at stands Zhao Hai under city, the whole body that ji moves is shaking. Diamond Ape clansman of Zhao Hai to city good held xiong ritual said : „the Beastman Race brothers hello, I called Zhao Hai, came from Beastman Prairie.” That old Diamond Ape clansman face upwarding long and loud cry on city wall suddenly, then wept with grief said : „in 5000, day unceasingly my Diamond Ape clan.” Said that his immediately/on horseback turns the head mister to wait a bit to Zhao Hai said :, my immediately/on horseback sends for meeting you.” His immediately/on horseback has let a soldier of Diamond Ape clan, bringing his Diamond Ape to crawl from city wall, has arrived at Zhao Hai nearby. Good Diamond Ape clansman to have more than 2 meters to be high fully, look at Zhao Hai that about three meters high, his face ji moves now, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to him, good held xiong ritual said : Zhao Hai to see this Brother Beastman Race.” That Diamond Ape clansman one responded that his immediately/on horseback good held xiong ritual said : to Zhao Hai „the Human Race brothers, did you come up from Beastman Prairie really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „.”

Can said : that Diamond Ape clansman immediately/on horseback ji moves what appearance invite mister with my Beastman Prairie is?” Zhao Hai has gawked, but his immediately has thought that these Diamond Ape clansman survived in 5000 in here, they don’t know is many generation of Diamond Ape clansman, they are certainly impossible to see Prairie, possibly in their opinion, Prairie only exists in the legend, that is the most beautiful place, is their roots. Zhao Hai was replying that listens to old Diamond Ape clansman on city wall to roar said : slightly six, your this smelly does youngster do? Has not asked mister to come in quickly.” Six sub- one hear of old person said that his embarrassed flexure scratching the head, was unfair to mister to Zhao Hai said :, my ji moved the proper business has forgotten, mister please sit down to the shoulders of six kids on, six kids will lead you to enter a city.” Was saying slightly six sub- while refers to his side has been standing that Diamond Ape, Zhao Hai look at that Diamond Ape, standing of this Diamond Ape like human in there, the personal appearance about ten meters, such a colossus, actually called six kid names, really sufficed interestingly. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well.” Small six sub- were called two to that only Giant Ape, that Giant Ape has probably only understood, slowly has squatted, stretched out a claw to Zhao Hai. This Giant Ape big claw caught up with uang, Zhao Hai not polite, stood directly on the big claw of Giant Ape. Giant Ape has put on Zhao Hai own shoulder, small six sub- has also put on his shoulder, this has stood, turn around crawled on city wall. Quick Giant Ape climbed up city wall, has put Zhao Hai, old person face ji of that Diamond Ape clan moves has arrived at Zhao Hai said : „the Human Race friend, I am Patriarch Tess of Diamond Ape clan, how do you arrive at here?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : your good respect Patriarch, I received current Beast King to hold, coming in North Polar Icefield to seek for Divine Artifact Beast God Spear that Beastman Race lost, and don’t know also had the Diamond Ape clan life in here, believed this information, if passed in returned to Prairie, Beastman Race very much ji will certainly move.” Tess one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but facial expression gloomy said : my clan is a criminal, even if returned to Prairie, will not be popular, mister invited, we in auspicious to my family discussed.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, walks toward his family in along with Tess, the people of this these Diamond Ape clans come out to surround Zhao Hai all the way, regarded to begin him simply rarely, Zhao Hai saw this situation, cannot help but smiled bitterly. Quick Zhao Hai with Tess to his family, his family very ordinary, did not have what difference with other Diamond Ape clan families. In the downstairs of their family, altogether lives in seven Diamond Ape, four big, three small, three small Diamond Ape clansman had entered Tess home with Zhao Hai, other people actually drove out by Tess. Tess Zhao Hai welcome to second floor, see his family member, population very simple of Tess, he and spouse couple, his son and daughter-in-law two, are three child generations. Zhao Hai sees after his family member one by one exchanging greetings, several people then sit down, Tess look at Zhao Hai said : mister said that you were held North Polar Icefield here to seek for Beast God Spear by Beast King?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : „, I and Beastman Race relationship very good, on this Continent may have had the important matter to live, therefore Beast King holds me to come North Polar Icefield here to look for Beast God Spear.” Tess sighed said : in the past my clan to make Divine Artifact lose in this North Polar Icefield, this was the serious offense of my clan, finally my clan was sent into exile by entire Beastman Race to this North Polar Icefield, until now in 5000, in the record of history according to the clan, my clansman reported to die at the first heart to enter North Polar Icefield, if could not find Beast God Spear, rather a clan died in this North Polar Icefield, finally my clan only remaining 5000 talented people arrived at this volcano here, survived in here, these years my clan had not given up being probable to seek for Divine Artifact, but the day did not hope along with the person, before , my clansman can also by. The volcano is the center, seeks in all directions, but the nearest/recent more than 1000 years are not good, in this North Polar Icefield don’t know from starts, attack that appears some Ice Beast Iceman, these thing had gone all out we, we have to build the city to defend them finally, looked for the Divine Artifact matter to be delayed.” Zhao Hai only knows that the loss of Diamond Ape clan unexpectedly so serious, in his Space thinks about 700,000 the corpses of Diamond Ape clans, but the Diamond Ape clan runs away on the person to this mountain less than 5000 people, almost equal to exterminated the clan, after more than 5000 years of exhibitions, they have unfolded to the present insufficient hundred thousand population, obviously they for this Divine Artifact matter, have paid the big price. However Zhao Hai does not have the time to think these now, from the Tess mouth, Zhao Hai heard, now Diamond Ape clansman had not found Beast God Spear, in other words, Beast God Spear also in North Polar Icefield somewhere. Zhao Hai quickly said: „The Patriarch person said that what thing Ice Beast and Iceman are? I think on your city wall, has probably by attack trace, is these thing dry?” Tess sighed said : well, was, record of these thing in history according to the clan, were more than 1000 years ago appears , don’t know was any thing, they all over the body were comprised of the ice, had human-shape, had the beast shape, but can move freely, but probably intelligent not high appearance, but very difficult coped, if did not hit their heads greatly broken, they will not die, was good because of this volcano here, weakened their some strengths, otherwise our Diamond Ape clan feared that was already exterminated the clan.” Zhao Hai stares, he first time heard that this life form, his puzzled look at Patriarch said : Patriarch, you said that that thing all over the body is comprised of the ice?” Tess nodded said : well, all over the body is comprised of the ice, that ice is transparent, moreover after having killed them, their immediately can turn into the water, looks like likely is not life form, but fighting strength is actually not weak.” Zhao Hai knitting the brows head , such strange matter he first time listens to this North Polar Icefield to become Forbidden Land is not 1 ang results in the unwarranted reputation. Tess look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : mister in also good, I estimated that this several days these Iceman can attack, at the appointed time Mister Hou had a look on understand with own eyes.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I also caught up very long broke the time the road, just the need well rested, disturbed Patriarch in here some time.” Tess smiles said : mister saying that the there words come, you will be since 5000 our here first guest, we naturally must entertain you well.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at Tess said : Patriarch, I on the road, presently many Diamond Ape clansman corpse, I have brought these corpses, how don’t know do you want to process?” Tess stares, one has stood, said : of face big change „did mister bring these corpses really?” Zhao Hai has also stood, nodded said : well, has brought, to be honest, is very astonishing, altogether 700,000 corpses, if not I have Space equipment, simply cannot bring, Patriarch, I admire your clansman really very much, your clan can achieve this point, no matter big crime, redeemed.” Tess one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then suddenly cries said : generation on, can you hear? Some people said that your crimes have redeemed, you can rest.” The Tess wife and son also had the daughter-in-law.

Zhao Hai knows that the Beast God Spear matter, is the a piece worry of their Diamond Ape clan, he said that is also to the comfort of Diamond Ape clan, but this saying to is not the word of being contrary to convictions, he truly is thinks that the Diamond Ape clan redeemed any crime. Some little time the Tess mood calm slowly, he turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : mister, whether to make us see my ancestor's remains?” Zhao Hai nodded, walks toward outside, Tess whole family hastily, they, as soon as comes out then presently, outside mén of Tess, has stood Diamond Ape clansman, these Diamond Ape clansman curious encirclements in there look at Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai forced smile, he now felt one probably are Houzi/Monkey in animal garden, was being surrounded. Tess looks at the appearances of these people, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan comes up to city wall with me, just Mr. Zhao Hai said that he on the road, died our clan these on the road ancestor's the remains bringing, I and others worshipped the ancestor!” One hear of Tess said that these encircle in nearby Diamond Ape clansman stare, then in an uproar, all people almost run around spreading the news, before long the entire in the city people knew. Zhao Hai knows that Beastman Race settles on regarding the ancestor, this Zhao Hai can bring their ancestor's remains, regarding them, is a greatest kindness. Zhao Hai has not wasted breath, they got up city wall with Tess, then from city wall high and low, has arrived in city wall outside open area, release already petrify corpse. Tess look at ground that corpse, the tears cannot help but flowed, he arrived at a corpse gently side, look at has the corpse, then sobbing sound said : good, this was my ancestor's remains, because at that time was hurrying along, feared that cold light of remains on by North Polar Icefield was harmed, therefore they have thought this means that put in the abdomen of Vajra body to preserve the remains, skin of Diamond Ape after dying, petrify slowly, can protect the remains the completeness, this was in a that special time, the special burying way of use.” What Zhao Hai has not said that but release more than hundred corpses stopped, the square outside city wall is not big, is impossible to put down that many remains, therefore his release more than hundred, then to Tess said : Patriarch, the remains were too only many, here cannot put down, do you look?” Tess look at these remains, sighed said : to trouble mister to bring these remains to the mountain, put on the icefield, after we worshipped, cremated.” Zhao Hai can said : cremate? Do I remember Beastman Race probably not with the cremation?” Tess nodded said : Beastman Race truly not with the cremation, but our Diamond Ape clan, to thank life-saving great kindness of this volcano, from that time of this volcano since, changed to cremates.” bk b