Chapter 595 cremates Zhao Hai nodded, he to can understand these Beastman moods, when their eyes look at must exterminate the clan, suddenly in front of them appears has been able to let the place that they go on living, in this case, they , if no grateful to be strange, Beastman Race that no wonder did not need to cremate, after here, changed to the cremation. However Zhao Hai thought that he should remind Tess one, therefore Zhao Hai open the mouth and said: Tess Patriarch, my Space is very big, if I had found Beast God Spear, I can bring returned to Beastman Prairie to go these remains, you do not think that will bury them in Prairie?” Tess one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, look at Zhao Hai said : that then his two eyes shines what mister said is real? Does mister possibly bring returned to Prairie to come up really the burial these remains?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „.” Tess look at these corpses, looked at behind Patriarch, he sighed lightly, shook the head said : to consider as finished mister, with cremating, my clan can also find Beast God Spear to the present, I think that they were non- face returned to Beastman Prairie come up.” Zhao Hai look at Tess said : Patriarch, my these time comes to seek for Beast God Spear, I think that I can find Beast God Spear, I had only found Beast God Spear, can't you returned to Prairie come up?” Tess look at Zhao Hai, forced smile said : speaks the truth mister, what significance now our returned to does Prairie come up also to have? Our Diamond Ape clan has very magnificent history, we once were Royal Family in Beastman Race, but that can be what kind, we had not been sent into exile by the entire clan here, now staff hundred thousand of our clan, even if were returned to Beastman Prairie there, what we can obtain? Can the xiao tribe of our kind of hundred thousand person, how survive in Prairie there? Present Beastman can Royal Family think that we are a threat? mister, to be honest, we long for returned to Beastman Prairie, but is actually afraid returned to Beastman Prairie.” Zhao Hai was shocked, he has not thought that Tess actually thinks is so far, this really by ingenuous and straightforward world-famous Beastman Race? This was one looks at completely in society hundred condition wisdom old person simply. Zhao Hai very clear, what Tess said is real, their status were too awkward, they before were Royal Family, now is actually only a xiao tribe of hundred thousand person, even if were fighting strength very formidable in their clan, was returned to Beastman Prairie has been able to be what kind, present Beastman Race has been used to the rules of lion tiger two clans, definitely in making them Royal Family, after they went back, perhaps will be pushed aside, when the time comes day will not feel better. Because they are impossible your other tribe so, unfolds by the war, because their status are placed in there, Lion Race and Tiger Race will not give them such opportunity, therefore they not suppressed withering away slowly was good. Zhao Hai sighed, in saying anything, but was turn around, received these corpses of ground, then led the people of Diamond Ape clan to arrive at the foot of the hill, so long as became an official is the world of ice and snow, Zhao Hai these corpses on putting icefield, this silently has fallen back on the one side. Tess got the people of Diamond Ape clan to carry on worshipping, their worshipping also very simple, but has killed several Magic Beast, then has carried on worshipping on bended knees, did not have too many contents, but saw that many corpses put on the icefield, all Diamond Ape clansman have cried, these were their ancestors.

More than when xiao, worshipped, Tess has arrived at side Zhao Hai, bowed said : to thank Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai, asking mister to help, brought the remains to the summit.” Zhao Hai nodded, received these corpses again, then their together walks toward the summit on with Tess, more toward summit temperature more was not high, quick Zhao Hai they arrived on the summit, there was a very enormous crater, became the circular, inside was measuring the white gas, can unexpectedly the indistinct seeing flame. Zhao Hai paid attention, under this crater unexpectedly is magma pond, inside magma is tumbling, but looks like the meaning of probably not having spurted. To crater here, Zhao Hai should the request of Tess, invest in the crater these corpses, Tess they have carried then on worshipping, this returned to in the city, Zhao Hai went to his home with Tess. To Tess, after having divided guests and hosts sit down, the Tess wife and daughter-in-law prepare the supper, but Tess and Zhao Hai have his son to sit in the living room, Tess look at Zhao Hai can said : ask mister to brief now the Prairie there situation to us?” Zhao Hai to has not declined, nodded saying that now he on the situation to Beastman Prairie is completely understand, therefore he said not to take the trouble. Actually said really that for 5000 years, the Ark Continent here show was not very fast, but was Magic Civilization progressed compared with before one, but Beastman Race there almost did not have the too big show, but Beastman Race learn has practiced with beast soul now, learn looked for most appropriate own beast soul, learn looked for most appropriate own Mount. Does not want xiao to look at these, this was Beastman undergoes the experiment of long time to sit, this also made their fighting strength increase, considers, was riding ordinary raging bull Beastman Race, can be victorious to ride exclusive Mount Beastman Race? That is impossible. 5000 wind and cloud transformation, even if now these Beastman use weapon with were different, but these in 5000 changed some thing after all, these thing are in the clan of Diamond Ape clan in history has not recorded. To the Tess wife and daughter-in-law, prepared to eat to them, Tess they are not willing to move the place, by content deep attraction that Zhao Hai narrated. The Tess wife called several times, Tess then recovers, embarrassed looked at Zhao Hai said : to be unfair to mister, heard to enter mi, we ate meal first.” Zhao Hai has complied with one with a smile, went to the dining room with the Tess whole family, this dining room in the building, the place is not very big, inside is the ordinary made of wood furniture, but all tableware in this dining room, are almost make of Blockhead or made of stone, almost cannot see the iron hardware, even if occasionally sees a 1 or 2 iron hardware, is damaged very critical, treasure heavy use.

Zhao Hai has not laughed at them, Beastman Race originally is not good at making the iron hardware, moreover looks at the here appearance, simply does not produce the iron ore, their these iron hardware, possibly run away to here Diamond Ape clansman brings, can use the present is miracle. However you also, let alone, person, if by bi to certain degree, but can also blow out the difficult imagination really the strength, these dining room although that now Tess they use mostly are made of stones or wooden, but actually polish smoothness of , even if these stone blade, looks like probably also very sharp appearance. They meal that uses Stone Guo and flagstone makes, has turns the flavor, flavor unexpectedly very good, what most important is, they made the liquor in the here belt . Moreover the one type of number of degree not low liquor, Zhao Hai asked that this type of liquor on the one type of fruit with mountain bred unexpectedly, but this type of fruit did not have any sweet taste, drank the flavor also is really good. After having eaten meal, Zhao Hai with Tess they also returned to in the living room, then talked about the matter on Continent to him, the Beastman Race matter, the Human Race matter, all matters. Even if the Zhao Hai lecture not very comprehensive, has talked about late at night exquisite, waited for Zhao Hai to stop finally, Tess they noted, the time to the night, immediately has prepared the room to Zhao Hai unexpectedly, asking Zhao Hai to rest. After Zhao Hai entered their room, immediately returned to Space, but Laura they actually do not have to rest, is chatting in living room. Looked at Zhao Hai to come, Laura immediately/on horseback smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, you came back finally, he he, tired.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, this is far more than tired, he felt that now his throat soon has belched smoke, moreover is very painful, if not treat, tomorrow feared that could not say including the words. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback has drunk big cup Spatial Water, this feels well, he turns the head not to have the means to Laura said :, Tess they were really too warm, how didn't you have to rest, have what matter?” Zhao Hai already they said to Laura, if he has the matter outside, Laura themselves has rested to the time, did not use he, but Laura they have not listened probably. Laura smiles said : also really to have the matter, Elder Brother Hai, you have forgotten, should we from Beastman Race there to North Polar Icefield one month, now we think means nong to go back a batch Magic Beast that Buddha Empire wants?” Zhao Hai stares, then made own head said : I forgetting this matter, good, immediately/on horseback arranged, was right, Golden Island there fleet present to there?”

Laura smiles said : already quickly to the Beastman Race there coastline, I prepare to make them stop for two days to go on the round trip in nobody's place, Magic Beast that this time we go back in any case are not many, altogether also 4000 heads, making them stop the too long time in there, instead to will annoy the person to suspect.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, in this matter your look at arrangement, best is makes these Magic Beast quick points meet from Space exits, Level Up in Space, when the time comes should not be more troublesome.” Laura they could not bear smile, others feared Magic Beast not Level Up, only then their exception, feared Magic Beast Level Up was too quick, if this said that feared must die these human spirits. Smiled one, Lizzy then turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, I heard that the people of these Diamond Ape clans do not think returned to Beastman Prairie did go?” Zhao Hai nodded, said the worry of Tess, listening to Zhao Hai saying that Laura their several nodded, Laura their very clear, this matter was very likely to live, after all did not have that race, is willing to give up the authority. Before the Diamond Ape clan now is not, before their fighting strength was tyrannical, in the clan was populous, can therefore forcing therefore Beastman Race, now they be only a Human Race insufficient hundred thousand tribe, in not such ability. bk b