Chapter 596 hires oneself The political struggle of Beastman Race, came to miss much compared with Human Race, but Laura they have experienced these matters, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said now, immediately understand what's the matter. Lizzy knitting the brows head, but then two eyes bright said : suddenly Elder Brother Hai, you said that has to be possible his these Diamond Ape clansman to draw to our here? Let them go to the Black Wasteland life?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought of this point, now Lizzy such arrives reminded him, Tess they do not think that returned to Beastman Prairie comes up, but goes to Black Wasteland? Black Wasteland there area is very big, on land that he could not be cultivating, has planted the forage grass, now these forage grass growing trend very good, if so were wild too 1 ang to spend. But Wales there is needing manpower now, matter Zhao Hai of slave has not raised, but if mentioned Black Wasteland there the Diamond Ape clan? Good in didn't Ranch have the opportunity? Although lived in 5000 to this mountain on the people of these Diamond Ape clans, but Zhao Hai actually looked, the people of these Diamond Ape clans, simply with has given up the custom of herding, they mainly to herd give priority to now, simply do not have what planter, therefore made them go to Black Wasteland there to herd, was absolutely feasible. Zhao Hai thinks of here, cannot bear nod said : this means to be good, if can succeed, we and many hundred thousand individual hand, moreover fighting strength of Diamond Ape clan is very strong, had these people, our in hand were also many a trump card.” Megan nodded said : „, this foot intent truly is good, moreover Elder Brother Hai, I think that tomorrow Tess also will possibly ask why you look for Beast God Spear, when the time comes you can tell them the God Realm matter, what choice is visiting them to have, if really incorrect words, in any case they , if no our help, was impossible to result in North Polar Icefield.” Laura smiles said : I to look feasible, they live in this volcano, perhaps when the volcano has spurted, they were complete, we can help them change a living environment, they should not oppose.” Zhao Hai smiles said : who knew, they should also think returned to Beastman Prairie, but has not gone back now, ok, tomorrow was saying.” Said that Zhao Hai walks toward in the room on pulling Laura, face of Laura cannot help but one red, stirs up Lizzy they laughing. Next morning, Zhao Hai( has not made a mistake from Meg, oneself want to go, HaHaHa) on netg crawled, then comes out from Space, has given the room that he prepares to Tess. although said that yesterday Zhao Hai basically has not rested in the evening, but this regarding this 9th level Expert, simply does not have what influence, he tired feeling does not have. Zhao Hai returned to Tess gave room immediately that he arranged to come out from in the room, Tess did not have, Zhao Hai has not cared, his starting today truly was somewhat early, because he thinks that these volcanos came up some nong Magic Beast or peculiar plants to Space, even if cannot Level Up, can increase an experience is not.

Zhao Hai comes out from the Tess house, presently outside present also few individuals, only then some morning getting up work, these people are some old person, work also very simple that they are engaged, cleans up the in the city street, these old person was old, some fighting strength drops, therefore in has not defended a city, but started such work. Zhao Hai greeted with these old person with a smile, these old person also hastily return a courtesy, they to Zhao Hai very grateful, because Zhao Hai brought their ancestor's remains, was their concern. Zhao Hai after these old person have greeted, arrived on city wall, soldier who these defend a city, immediately/on horseback salutes to Zhao Hai, after Zhao Hai returns a courtesy, told them, summoned Alien, went to the city. He does not want to fly in here, making these people of Diamond Ape clan know his strength, therefore he summoned Alien specially. Outside of this city was forest, Zhao Hai made Alien transfer the extension in this forest at will, saw to have any grass tree and so on, he received that with Space, the although Space prompt sound was unceasing, but has not actually transmitted the Level Up prompt sound, this in expected of Zhao Hai, did not have quite strangely what. Alien is quick, in adding on now Space Level Up, that captures the big hand of thing naturally is also Might increases, so long as is not 8th level Expert, can one grasp in Space, therefore Zhao Hai now was also more convenient, sat does all matters in Alien. The mountain that the Diamond Ape clan is, Zhao Hai transferred quickly, speaking of that on this mountain also really had some good thing, here plants and animal, possibly because of volcano relationship, mostly brought some fire attribute, Space although not to increase any level, but made some plants increase fire attribute, this was also the one type of compensation. After touring this mountain, Zhao Hai also felt that the time was up, immediately walked toward that in the city of Diamond Ape clan, he knows that presently in the city staff almost perhaps awakes. Really, when he sits Alien returned to in the city the time, the in the city person mostly got up, Tess was already he came back in city wall high grade, this relaxed. After returned to Tess has had breakfast, Tess Zhao Hai welcome to the living room , after sitting down, Tess then look at Zhao Hai said : mister, yesterday hear of you spoke that many about Continent on the matter, I presently now Beastman Race and Human Race relationship, was not very good, moreover just lived a war, why that will Beast King hold mister to come North Polar Icefield here to hit Beast God Spear?” Zhao Hai yesterday thinks that he can this to ask, he has thought excuse, he himself in the Beastman Race there status, was the status of Dwarf Race elder told Tess, he also has put simultaneously out a piece Command Token, this Command Token made with beast bone, above was carving King [王] word. Naturally, this is not Beast King Command Token, this is a Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince command, is Beast King to Zhao Hai, he said in any case, if Zhao Hai can retrieve Beast God Spear, he is Beastman Race Foreign Crown Prince, if Zhao Hai cannot look for Beast God Spear, he also could die in North Polar Icefield, gives him the a piece Foreign Crown Prince command, no big deal.

Zhao Hai puts out that Foreign Crown Prince command, Tess on completely believed Zhao Hai, because of this Foreign Crown Prince command, in their clans in history had the record, moreover this Command Token beginning was Diamond Ape clansman creates, but their beginning has given Dwarf Race Artisan Master this Command Token, has not given Human Race. Tess has given back to Zhao Hai Command Token, then mister yesterday said to Zhao Hai said : that now on Continent has the matter to live, must use Beast God Spear, can I know that is what matter?” Zhao Hai nodded, the prediction of Dwarf Race, the Iron Hammer words, said to Tess with the Radiant Church nearest/recent trend, he has not been hiding the truth from Tess, just as is such that Megan said that told them to be what kind, if did not have his help, these people were impossible to go out of North Polar Icefield, if Tess they agreed with his help, then on equal to was their people, told them also not to guard. although said that the people of Zhao Hai to Diamond Ape clan admires very much, however at this matter, he actually cannot be in the upper hand by own sympathy, if the Diamond Ape clan did not agree that Black Wasteland there moves, he is impossible Diamond Ape clan to know existence of Space, because now Space is also not the time of exposure. Listened to Zhao Hai saying that the brow of Tess cannot help but wrinkled, he has not thought that their clan stayed in 5000 in North Polar Icefield, outside actually lived a such important matter, moreover Beast God Spear unexpectedly so important. Zhao Hai said that looks at the Tess appearance, he has not disturbed Tess, but static sitting drinks water in there, some little time, Tess turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister straight had confidence to find Beast God Spear?” Zhao Hai nodded said : almost, should not have the issue, you also know that I am a person to here, I believe that I had the strength to find Beast God Spear.” Tess look at Zhao Hai said : listened to mister saying that mister you in Human Race there were also Noble, had own fief, mister, I had the incident to rescue, does not know that mister can comply.” Zhao Hai one hear of Tess this saying have gawked, because in the meaning according to Tess this saying, he must hire oneself Zhao Hai to be the same probably on own initiative, is really this? Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, I am Rosen Empire Marquis, has own fief, moreover area is very big.” Tess look at Zhao Hai said : „, if my Diamond Ape clan lifts the clan to hire oneself mister, does not know that mister does have the belt of means from North Polar Icefield to exit us?” The Zhao Hai look at Tess appearance, nodded said : energy, I not only can the belt from North Polar Icefield exit you, but can also arrange you to herd, making your children go to school, making your clansman manage itself, but after going to my fief, in not being able to obtain my order, actually cannot go out.”

Tess look at Zhao Hai said : don’t know mister is fief there?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Black Wasteland!” Tess stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : mister said that your fief is Black Wasteland? Had the there land been given to govern?” Zhao Hai smiles „the person who said : governs the good there land is I, now on Continent besides my Buda Family person, nobody knew me governing the Black Wasteland there land, therefore I said you, if entered my fief, without my order, cannot exit.” What Tess face shocking look at Zhao Hai said : mister said is real? Did you govern really Black Wasteland there? Right, can I ask that mister, how mister do you actually want to carry over North Polar Icefield us?” Zhao Hai look at Tess, shows a faint smile said : to ask Patriarch to relax, my immediately makes you know, regardless of a while lives anything, asking Patriarch should not be surprised.” The intention moves, their appears in Black Wasteland Iron Mountain Fort. bk b