Chapter 597 Crystal Stone Zhao Hai has not brought Tess to go to Space, but was direct Transmission to Black Wasteland here, has appeared in the Iron Mountain Fort living room the personal appearance. He rather makes more people know that he has Space Divergent Technique, is not willing to know that has existence of Space, Space Divergent Technique this thing although are rare, but on Continent has, but existence of Space, is actually unique, on Continent impossible in having. Therefore now the Zhao Hai conduct has been careful, only knows the person who his Space has, cannot be possible to say this information, other people, most can only find out him to have Space Divergent Technique, this is his details. Simultaneously reason that Zhao Hai does not make the person know that Black Wasteland there situation, is feared that the change of Black Wasteland there, will make the person on Continent suspect him. After all before him, has not made the person on Continent know that he has any builds up yao or the ability in alchemy aspect, if makes the person know that he has improved the Black Wasteland there land, this little cannot really be justified. However now is these people asks that he did not fear, before he will not build up y now not to be however different, now his in Space had Universal Manufacturing Machine, so long as gives him thing, he naturally can make yao. Zhao Hai thinks that is lower-key is too good, after all Black Wasteland there area was too big, if known really the Black Wasteland there land was improved, their vision will certainly concentrate to Black Wasteland here. Around Tess dumbfounded look at this all, he has not really thought that this flash he changed an environment he to look at all around one, suddenly has remembered on the clan in history has recorded the record of most famous Divergent Technique about Continent that. Must know in the clan and tribe of Diamond Ape clan history, but has not broken, even if in North Polar Icefield this all the way, they have not given up in the clan in history recording these thing. Therefore in the clan of Diamond Ape clan history completely intact, above record also completeness, therefore Tess their although leave Continent in 5000, but they on something regarding Continent know that but Space Divergent Technique is on Continent most mysterious Divergent Technique, before some Beastman Race people will use, therefore in their clans in history naturally also carried on the record, Tess only knows. look at Zhao Hai said : that Tess two eyes shines „is this Space Divergent Technique?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this is Space Divergent Technique, moreover my this Space Divergent Technique is also out of the ordinary, I not only can carry on this fixed-point Transmission, but also wants appears in Space passage, letting the person can through this Space passage, quick arrives at Black Wasteland here, therefore I said that I grasp your bring out.” said : that Tess face ji moves good, fantastic, so on thanks a lot mister.” Zhao Hai smiles said : first do not worry, here must prepare, I must prepare thing that lives in the place that and uses to you, walks, exits here is my domain.” Ends Zhao Hai to bring Tess to walk toward castle outside, Giant-horn Ox Clan person who Tess saw these first work, he has actually gawked, look at that Giant-horn Ox Clan person who then face ji moves, this will be since 5000, his first time will see Beastman. That Giant-horn Ox Clan person also saw Tess, but he does not recognize Tess, although said that he also knows in Beastman Race has ape clansman, but has seen on him ape clansman, with Tess long, this does not make him very puzzled, therefore that Giant Ox Ox Clan person, look at Tess, Tess half step runs up to front of that Giant-horn Ox Clan person, said : that face ji moves my Brother Beastman, what are you clan?”

Tess such asked that Giant-horn Ox Clan person has gawked, must say on Beastman Prairie, what should better recognize is any race, the Giant-horn Ox Clan certainly being able to stand in line number, their head that two steep, others want to admit mistakes difficultly. That Giant-horn Ox Clan person rub steep of rub head, he has also thought own steep was given to reduce, why otherwise this Beastman will ask he is any race. Zhao Hai look at that Giant-horn Ox clansman puzzled appearance, shows a faint smile said : Arpurt, should not be surprised, he does not recognize you to come, this is the person of Diamond Ape clan, they have lived in North Polar Icefield.” This Giant-horn Ox clansman that called Arpurt has gawked, then muttered said : „the Diamond Ape clan, what clan was the Diamond Ape clan?” What then he probably was suddenly has thought, look at Tess said : that two eyes almost roused sent into exile Royal Family, Diamond Ape clan? Some are their people also living? Day that!” Tess one hear of Giant-horn Ox Clan person said that said : that actually face ji moves has not thought, actually still some people remember our clan, good, I am the person of Diamond Ape clan.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Tess Patriarch, this is the Giant-horn Ox Clan brothers, their last year times has come across the disaster on Prairie, the tribe had been broken through, therefore we led here them, now they have settled down in Iron Mountain Fort here.” Expression that Arpurt actually look at Tess, a face cannot believe that this made his good face appear sillier, who the fact has encountered this situation, will be silly, vanished 5000 race suddenly appears before them, this was really inconceivable. Tess one hear of Zhao Hai said that Arpurt is Giant-horn Ox Clan person's to Arpurt on that to Giant Ox, his immediately has believed that said : that his face ji moves my Brother Beastman, hello.” He was really don’t know must say any good, he was the has plenty words must say probably, but how also don’t know said. Arpurt one recovers, look at Tess said : that his also face ji moves „are you really the person of Diamond Ape clan? Do you come up from North Polar Icefield really? How do you possibly live?” Worker who at this time in Iron Mountain Fort these worked, heard the sound to run over, many Giant-horn Ox Clan person heard Arpurt's words, gawked, look at Tess that then face ji moved. Crossed some little time, Green and Merine came, this scene control, then Green and Merine Tess welcome to the living room, then have sent for Ares and Areia invited, Ares and Areia are the elders of this only Giant-horn raging bull tribe, by them with Tess communicate that is best. Zhao Hai has not said anything, he let Ares and Areia brings Tess to visit Iron Mountain Fort, made their independent chatting fall, he believes Tess will certainly ask Ares their life how, therefore he did not worry. Really, Tess they exited for a long time with Ares, comes back from outside to the spatial cow, moreover can look, Tess they have eaten meal, Zhao Hai has also eaten meal, the face of Tess was somewhat red, looks like has drunk. In a Tess returned to Iron Mountain Fort living room, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback to Tess said : Tess Patriarch, we should go back, if comes out too long time, your family member should be worried.” Tess nodded, he their there should inquire from Ares inquired, did not have what to be good to inquire, went back to go back. Zhao Hai is leading Tess, the flashes body returned to the city is a city, but here is they have not entered the room directly, but was a in the city nobody's place has appeared the personal appearance.

Tess looked at all around one, knows one were in there, he only walked toward his family in Zhao Hai, they just one came out from there not long after, has met Diamond Ape clansman, that person saw Tess immediately/on horseback said : Patriarch, you went to that I just looked that aunt was looking for you.” Tess nodded said : to know.” Said with the Zhao Hai half step went their home, their family members have not eaten meal, is waiting for them. Visited them to come back, the Tess wife cannot help but complained his several, said his also don’t know came back to eat meal, but look at them to eat meal, she did not have to say anything. Tess made them eat meal, moreover he actually sat in the living room with Zhao Hai, after they sat down, Tess turned the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, I must in some elders with clan discuss that this matter, I hope that you can give me time.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, does not worry, the place that I go back to give you prepares some eating and live, if you do not go, also it doesn't matter, after there thing, serves a need, good Patriarch, I want to go to the mountain to transfer the extension to have any rare plants.” Tess nodded said : mister, or do I send for going with your together?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to need, I am also only the casual extension extension, what do I think on this mountain not to be able to threaten my existence?” Tess nodded said : on this mountain truly not to have what formidable Magic Beast, but Sanfeng, the peak of Wufeng and seventh peak, mister should better not, in the there fire is extremely unstable, perhaps when will spout the fire, the temperature of that fire is extremely high, mister must be careful to well, other did not have anything.” Zhao Hai nodded, stands to a Tess ritual, turn around walked, Tess looked at Zhao Hai to leave mén, his also immediately/on horseback outward walked, quick went to in the city the homes of several elders, he must discuss this matter these elders well, then must make the decision within the shortest time. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these, to be honest, what decision Tess they make until now, regarding him, it doesn't matter, he was impossible they to deliver to Prairie to come up Tess directly, if they want to exit, can only goes to Black Wasteland, otherwise Zhao Hai also can only be the to ignore they do not manage, after when continuously, Black Wasteland there secret has publicized, Zhao Hai will possibly meet them, before that they can only survive in here. Zhao Hai sits in the body of Alien, in the static person forest is walking, he directly soars the second mountain peak, that mountain peak looks like does not have that Tess they live to be so high, so is not big, moreover leaves with Sanfeng is too far, but Sanfeng exactly is that Tess said that volcano that once for a while can spurt, therefore Tess they will live in this first peak. Left the first peak, a Alien tail pendulum, flew directly, directly soars the second peak to fly, the distances between these two mountain peaks are not near, if makes Alien crawl, that feared that must crawl to the darkness, therefore Alien can only with flying. Now these Undead Creature in Zhao Hai Space have become 9th level Expert, naturally can also imperial fly spatially, this arrived facilitates. Second peak there does not have what extraordinary thing, Zhao Hai also specially went to peak this second peak here is an extinct volcano is probably same, in crater black, not being able to see any thing, Zhao Hai not to care, looks toward Sanfeng. This Sanfeng is really different from the second peak, Zhao Hai just felt the here temperature one to Sanfeng here very high, that place temperature of even if at the foot of the hill, that temperature also compared with Tess they living in wants on high many. In Sanfeng here plants obviously is long has been short, but various Fire element Magic Beast to were many, Zhao Hai naturally will not let off this opportunity, on mountain receives Space to be many these long plants, Magic Beast has also grasped much, but Space does not have Level Up.

Is collecting these thing, Zhao Hai while walks toward the summit on, he to is very curious, wants to have a look at this active volcano top is any appearance. Quick he arrived on the summit, the here temperature was higher, feared that hit a ji egg toward the ground, immediately will turn into the omelette, but this temperature did not have any influence regarding Zhao Hai, has not affected to Alien, their slowly to crater there. That crater looks like the giant stove that spurts to catch fire, is leaving the crater less than 50 meters place, magma that can see tumble. Zhao Hai looked at two eyes that magma to get down on the preparation, suddenly he actually present same thing, this made Zhao Hai one stop. That is a piece red Crystal Stone, looks at one glitteringly and translucent carving, is very attractive, this Crystal Stone not far place under this crater, moreover is very big a piece. Zhao Hai looked at that Crystal Stone to move curiously, Space rift came out together, one received in that Crystal Stone Space. Crystal Stone just took in Space, Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently contains heat energy Crystal, contains huge heat energy energy, energy is stable, can use, may produce is equal to hundred thousand electrical energy energy, this thing for recycle product, after energy exhausts, may imitate the energy.” Zhao Hai has gawked, energy that look at this Crystal Stone that then his face ji moves, in this thing contains are really many, actually includes these many energy, will use can also imitate the energy from now on unexpectedly, this will be good thing. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback opened monitor, let call Cai'er, let him in he went to these mountain peaks, sought to hit this red Crystal Stone. Space the search ability may not be really unfriendly, had found before long many this types red by Crystal Stone, moreover of each block is not small, Zhao Hai immediately let Cai'er these Crystal Stone nong to Space , was seeking then, in these three mountain peaks that but he went, could not actually be finding this Crystal Stone. Zhao Hai cannot help but has aimed at other ten mountain peaks the vision, other ten mountain peaks, there volcano to the first peak and second peak, not very honest, not suitable housing, such place, possibly easier appears this red Crystal Stone, these red Crystal Stone that because Zhao Hai found now, 60% found in Sanfeng, the first peak and second peak there little meets appears this Crystal Stone. bk b