Chapter 598 Crystal Stone ore Original Zhao Hai regarding searching these mountain peaks, but holds the mentality of looking for trouble to come, does not have the matter to do in any case now, simply comes on these mountains to receive thing to be also good, but now is different, after he present this red Crystal Stone, his immediately thinks that this Crystal Stone after to is good thing, this is the energy. On Continent also has Crystal Stone, that Crystal Stone Zhao Hai also brings to go to Space, evaluation of Space, but feeble-minded is the product . Moreover the consumables, have not made any introduction, this disappoints Zhao Hai regarding that Crystal Stone also. However Crystal Stone of this red is different, after this red Crystal Stone uses, but can also imitate the energy, what most important is, energy in this Crystal Stone very formidable, what is the electricity of hundred thousand representing? Zhao Hai has not calculated, but he can affirm that can do many matters. But first to the third these three mountain peaks, Zhao Hai altogether received red Crystal Stone 160, these Crystal Stone can produce life energy to add in together, has been possible 1 billion electricity energy, what concept is this? Zhao Hai had some headache, suddenly that too the happiness came. Energy, no matter in that world is good thing, is any world in competition thing, but Crystal Stone of this red , is the one type of formidable energy, so long as collects this thing, later his in hand on the has plenty energy available. Zhao Hai sits in Alien within the body flies toward the fourth peak, the situation of this fourth peak is better than Sanfeng, here does not have Sanfeng to be so hot obviously. However now Zhao Hai did not have the time attention temperature, these Prairie and Magic Beast he has not collected, collected three mountain peaks in any case, thing in this fourth peak with thing of top three mountain peak is also similar, does not have what good collection, Zhao Hai now most important is to collect these red Crystal Stone. Looked in the fourth peak, what disappoints Zhao Hai is, in fourth peak here, he altogether only present more than 50 red Crystal Stone, these Crystal Stone only then fist big xiao, moreover quality of material very hard, Zhao Hai also knew, these Crystal Stone also will be is various grades and ranks, like Zhao Hai first present that Crystal Stone, that Crystal Stone will have basketball to be so big fully, will therefore include that big energy, but in fourth peak here presently these fist big Crystal Stone, actually only then about 5000 kwh electricity energy, difference 20 times. Zhao Hai sighed, received after these 50 Crystal Stone got up, directly soars Wufeng, another unsafe place that there Tess said that he hopes that can be more in the harvest of there. Quick Zhao Hai arrived in Wufeng, this Wufeng here is really similar to Sanfeng, there heat, is hotter than Sanfeng, moreover there Fire element Magic Beast also extremely numerous. Zhao Hai has not actually paid attention to these Fire element Magic Beast, but in full is seeking for Crystal Stone, but Wufeng here has characteristics, here Crystal Stone buries in the mountain, Zhao Hai wants to obtain here Crystal Stone to urge to go faster to the mountain with Magic takes.

Good Space monitor, can the perspective ground, otherwise he really unable to find these Crystal Stone. Zhao Hai to has not feared troublesome, the collection of piece by piece Crystal Stone, these fire Crystal Stone qualities were higher than fourth peak there, each block has football big xiao, but looks like basketball to be so big, he did not have present several. The monitor perspective depth is not very deep, only then more than 500 meters appearances, but he arrived at 500 meters time, but can also downward the perspective 500 meters, this be monitor characteristics. Zhao Hai under Mt. Wufeng near kilometer has located now, such distance was not really short, but this does not have what influence regarding Zhao Hai, meets Magic, Earth element Divergent Technique Zhao Hai, to so is deep regarding below, does not have a point untoward effect, now his in eye, only then these red Crystal Stone. In this time, Zhao Hai Cai'er appears in Zhao Hai said : Young Master, below is having a mineral lode probably.” Zhao Hai said : mineral lode? You say this Crystal Stone mineral lode?” Cai'er nodded said : „, is this Crystal Stone mineral lode, in the under not far place.” Zhao Hai stares, immediately/on horseback said : that also waits for anything, has a look.” Cai'er said : can Young Master, that mineral lode probably in magma below, but I have analyzed, these magma to the Young Master not too big threat, but Young Master wants a xiao heart point.” Zhao Hai nodded, he knows now the analysis capability in Space is very strong, Cai'er said that represents these magma not to have what influence to him, but will have some troubles. However to obtain these Crystal Stone, troubles point also no big deal. Zhao Hai slowly goes toward below rub, until now, he has sat in Alien within the body, he has not entered Space, he feared after one entered Space, Laura they do not permit him to go. moving forward of Zhao Hai xiao heart, is paying attention to monitor at the same time, he must frequently time knows that front is any thing, was quick he present, he downward was walking more than ten meters, was magma, Zhao Hai looked at own, what he used was Earth element Magic adds Earth element Divergent Technique, therefore believes that walked randomly in the soil layer in oneself, regarding the quality of material of soil layer not any damage, Zhao Hai very clear, if has hit dong really directly, perhaps because the reason of pressure, here magma will puff out, did not form a crater, he may not want such. Doing.

In leaving the magma more than ten meters places, Zhao Hai stopped, made to inspect carefully, has not had the place that any need made up, this nodded, command(er) Alien, in direct magma was throwing. Several meters distance, flashes, his suddenly has put from rock layers, one on appears in a magma river, these magma in flowing of keeping, in your eyes sees, is red, such as molten iron same thing. Zhao Hai has not actually paid attention to these, controlling fire Divergent Technique that he uses fully, xiao heart dispels these magma, gets down under magma to dive. Is good because of this magma river is not very deep, Zhao Hai downward dives, before long arrived, Zhao Hai has dived the river bottom in magma river, immediately merges in the rock of magma river bottom, these rocks are not that Crystal Stone, therefore Zhao Hai with Earth element Divergent Technique, one merged in the rock, he then relaxed. although said that he will control the fire, but controls the fire with controlling the earth does not have any different place actually, however is staying in magma, that feeling with is completely different in earth, the pressure on jing god was too big. Crossed the magma river, that all said that in downward dived more than ten meters to arrive at the Crystal Stone ore, this crystal ore was not very big, the thickness hundred meters, inside all was not Crystal Stone, majority was some ordinary Stone and soils, only then few part Crystal Stone, but was this, the here Crystal Stone content also on much higher compared with the mountain, said that here was Crystal Stone ore one is not overrated. Zhao Hai starts to collect Crystal Stone in this mineral lode, worthily is the mineral lode, collects Crystal Stone to come, is quick, but this mineral lode is not very long, probably is only the branch in these 13 volcanos, Zhao Hai collected quickly up Crystal Stone in this mineral lode, altogether obtained Crystal Stone more than 10,000. Waits for Zhao Hai to collect finally a piece Crystal Stone, comes out from the mineral lode, this present, oneself arrived in the tenth Sanfeng, but he has not cared, presently in his hand is taking a piece Crystal Stone, this Crystal Stone is out of the ordinary, other Crystal Stone are fiery red , but understood at a glance that is a piece Crystal Stone, if average person nong is not good, only regards a piece big gemstone him also perhaps. But Zhao Hai in hand is taking the Crystal Stone, actually compares other Crystal Stone also to want on the red several points, moreover on Crystal Stone the probably related flame measures, gets up the warm feeling to be different from other Crystal Stone rub, this Crystal Stone actually like is a Fireball hot person. Zhao Hai this Crystal Stone income to Space in time, the Space prompt sound does not contain hot energy Crystal Stone, but is a piece is incomplete, including putting shèxing energy, may change the surrounding ore material original stone, in other words, this thing is the same with Pure Iron, equivalent to Crystal Stone mineral resources, bury underground him, perhaps in the future in Space can also nong leave a Crystal Stone ore. Zhao Hai has sized up this Crystal Stone carefully, has not seen anything to come, finally has also to bury him in Space, currently in his Space had that many Crystal Stone in any case, does not care about this a piece.

Waits for Zhao Hai toward the first peak flies, he presently, these 13 volcano here temperatures probably are a little slight changes, probably before does not have, was so hot. Zhao Hai has gawked, but his immediately has thought that possibly is the reason that these Crystal Stone dig, he has dug these rich hot energy Crystal Stone, therefore before here does not have, was hot. But is most essential, possibly is that Crystal Stone Mu Kuang, this thing can produce Crystal Stone slowly, what is just a pity, this thing incomplete body, this does not arrive is disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat. Feared that here volcano immediately must extinguish, is very disadvantageous regarding his plan, now Iron Mountain Fort there in equipment thing, so long as were good thing equipment, this hundred thousand person immediately can move, but this prepares thing also to require the several days time, if this volcano immediately is not hot, that hit one word his plan, can only deliver to Iron Mountain Fort there these people ahead of time. However looked Zhao Hai to crater there of seventh peak, presently following magma is still tumbling, does not have an appearance of weakening, his then feel relieved, immediately harnessed Alien to fly returned to the first peak. To the first peak, he has made Alien fall the ground, slowly crawls toward mountain city there, he just patronized is collecting Crystal Stone, don’t know Tess they discussed how, if they decided to want Iron Mountain Fort there, that should also begin to prepare. Moreover they said that this several days also will possibly have these Ice Beast to come attack they, Zhao Hai also really thinks that these Ice Beast are anything thing, why will have such thing to exist. Alien crawls to mountain city wall outside, Zhao Hai stares, because he presently Tess is standing on city wall, probably is waiting for him, in this time, suddenly Cai'er said : Young Master, on the icefield is having Iceman that some Tess Patriarch said to clash, the quantity are many.” bk b