Chapter 599 Ice Beast Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that cannot help but slightly stares, then the face big change, Alien felt Zhao Hai regard, fierce upward jumps, one jumped on city wall, the Alien this suddenly movement, to had a scare Diamond Ape clansman on city wall. Zhao Hai comes out from Alien within the body, Tess said : that immediately/on horseback to spoken Patriarch, had Ice Beast to come, many, let the everyone/Great Clan quick preparation.” Tess one hear of Zhao Hai said that also stares, but he also knows that Zhao Hai is Magician, moreover he also their there heard Zhao Hai all sorts of magical things from Ares, regarding the Zhao Hai words, he did not suspect that immediately/on horseback said : good, my immediately/on horseback transmitted orders.” Then Tess turns the head to bellow said : to prepare to in the city!” On these two characters, many character does not have, shouted after these two characters, he turns the head look at outside the city, two eyes cold light sparkles. But Zhao Hai actually turns the head look at in the city, along with the throat of Tess, entire mountain city immediately moved, saw countless people to clash from the room, has plenty person immediately returned to the room, was then quicker young Diamond Ape clansman, put on leather armor, was taking on bang city wall, but these old and woman was making the preparation under the city, only then the child was closed in the room. The movement rapidness of these people, shouted from Tess that to preparing, the time that entire in the city hua went to is less than unexpectedly for ten minutes, what such effect was sincere was too astonishing. Zhao Hai shocking look at these Diamond Ape clansman, he believes that even if on Continent the most jing sharp army, wants to achieve this point also is almost impossible, but these Diamond Ape clansman have actually achieved, looked like they have practiced a lot of appearances probably. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Tess, Tess now like mountain same standing on city wall, although he was not young, however in this moment, his imposing manner, such as Shan Ruyue, one type of admired the feeling to the person. But on city wall these originally are hitting to knock to rest, or sits in there pushing eyebrow nong eye Giant Ape, each and every one has all stood, expression fierce. Zhao Hai presently these Giant Ape temperament completely changed, before they lay in there, you could not even feel that a point threat, but now after they stand, your suddenly present, they one turned into a formidable soldier. What most important is, Zhao Hai present, these Giant Ape with their Master, is their beast relative Diamond Ape clan soldier, one turned into a body in this moment, moreover their strengths, have reached the 8th level level unexpectedly.

although Zhao Hai presently in hand has that many 9th level Undead Creature, but Zhao Hai knows that these all are the Space merit, but these Diamond Ape clansman may not have Space, they completely are relying on their strength. Now Zhao Hai knows why the Diamond Ape clan can rule Beastman Race that many years, because their innate skill are really was too scary. Even if Tiger clansman, they impossible to achieve 8th level after grown, but the young soldiers of these Diamond Ape clans, they are almost 8th level Expert, even if under city wall is standing in these old person and woman, has plenty is 8th level Expert, such strength, is really was too scary. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, after experiencing the strength of Diamond Ape clan, Zhao Hai knows finally why the Diamond Ape clan can arrive at here to come, although they only remaining 5000 people, but they actually have almost arrived at North Polar Icefield most deep place now. This was not Zhao Hai one word said that after he arrived at North Polar Icefield here, has not been idling, but let out Magic Staff, the place that came to pass through when them, well walked one to deceive, entire North Polar Icefield, the volcano the southern map, received in the Space map. Because did not use in receiving the corpse, therefore Magic Staff has raised completely, actually North Polar Icefield here really did not have what attractively, in terrain was almost ten thousand years invariable, therefore Zhao Hai was also only the routine business made Cai'er receive in Space these maps, he has not actually cared, although he has not walked toward north volcano North Polar Icefield, but Zhao Hai almost can be affirmative, volcano here certain was the North Polar Icefield innermost, he had this feeling. Because of this, therefore he admires Diamond Ape clansman, they can arrive at here unexpectedly, this was too may not think of intent. However now he has not investigated behind the piece volcano, the don’t know there situation is what kind, but he believes that can certainly find the Beast God Spear clue in there. Is thinking these Zhao Hai, suddenly by one rustle awakening, Zhao Hai knows Ice Beast that Tess said came, he also feels very curious to these Ice Beast, he wants to have a look at these Ice Beast is the appearance. Was flashing very much white light thing on appears in the forest under city, Zhao Hai Ding eyeball beast in seeing, that was an ice cow! Good, is the ice cow, the entire made of ice cow, this cow has about three meters high, pair of big ox horn, no matter Ox-head or Ox body, all are by made of ice, moreover that most transparent ice, Zhao Hai even can penetrate this ice cow, sees his behind tree. Zhao Hai somewhat dull look at this thing, he has not thought that the a piece ice meets to walk, if did not listen to Tess saying that he thinks certainly was Ice Element Expert in attack they, but this obviously was impossible, if must really be Ice Element Divergent Technique Expert in attack Tess they, likely only release these Ice Beast came, certainly also will have other fiercer method, but Tess they had not met, that can only explain that these Ice Beast, possible was not person control.

It is not person control, that is natural creation, nature to become Sheng Ice Beast? This idea Zhao Hai somewhat are surprised, what environment, can unexpectedly natural creation Ice Beast? This too may not the meaning. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Tess said : Tess Patriarch, why didn't use long-distance attack?” Tess shook the head said : useless, only then destroys their heads, they will die, project on their other places, they can the immediately restoration.” Zhao Hai has gawked, but this regarding him is not the difficult matter, his in hand moves, several Stone Giant suddenly appears outside the city, these Stone Giant each body over ten meters, the body of blood red , looks like formidable might is uncommon. Before Zhao Hai Stone Giant, is dark green , since Space attracted God's Blood, after Level Up, these Stone Giant turned into blood red , moreover fighting strength rises crazily, each Stone Giant strength is very strong. After these Stone Giant appears , immediately throws toward these Ice Beast, Zhao Hai presently, these Stone Giant movements were then more flexible, moreover quick, the strength probably was also even bigger. These Stone Giant gave people the one type of very unwieldy feeling, after they move, actually gives you one type of strength the aesthetic sense, powerful, but is not stupid. Diamond Ape clansman in city stares, although they know that on Continent has existence of Magician, but their this is first time sees the fight of Magician, sees that height over ten meters Stone Giant, even if fights the famous Diamond Ape clan by, felt that heart startled rou jumps. But then the Stone Giant forms of combat, are make them feel at heart coldly, these Stone Giant, each move of make a move is the strength has thousand honored, a fist can destroy an ice cow . Moreover the weakness of they probably also understanding ice cow, destroys is the head of ice cow, making the ice cow not have the means to recover. But Zhao Hai actually in observing these Ice Beast, really like Tess said that these icefields, so long as did not destroy their heads, they will recover such as beginning, Zhao Hai saw Ice Wolf, to a fist of Stone Giant blowing, his hand tui breaking, but after that only fell to ground Ice Wolf tui, actually immediately passed on for one group of water, flowed returned to Ice Wolf, then after Ice Wolf that tui on was also long coming out. Sees here, Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head, he these Ice Beast are very presently difficult to deal with, even if Stone Giant, one time can also break the 1 or 2 head, was saying that is not good. However these Ice Beast do not have what threat regarding Stone Giant, present Stone Giant, the body is very firm, general 8th level may not hit the body of broken Stone Giant, do not say that these low level Ice Beast, Zhao Hai looked, these Ice Beast attack strength, most also arrive at about 6th level Warrior on equivalent to Human Race five, does not have too strong attack strength.

Such attack strength, will not have the too big threat to the Diamond Ape clan, but he adds on their astonishing quantities, that strong restoration ability, this made these Ice Beast very difficult deals with. Zhao Hai not with Fire element Magic, although here Fire element energy very sufficient, however here trees long very lush, if with Fire element Magic attack, he feared that will burn down the entire mountain. These several people of Stone Giant, looked like side has the city wall files of attack strength in mountain city outside, these Magic Beast a short time unexpectedly cannot clash, this also made Tess they feel that accident, they have not thought that this Stone Giant attack unexpectedly so swift and fierce. Zhao Hai stands on city wall, calm look at following fight many Ice Beast cannot flush for a while, he then turns the head to Tess said : Tess Patriarch, these Ice Beast each attack probably rare? Can they attack how long?” Tess look at these Ice Beast said : each time Ice Beast attack, will not be probably less than hundred thousand, moreover these Ice Beast, only if dies certainly, will otherwise not retreat.” This quantity makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, he has not thought that these Ice Beast meet one time to set out these many, hundred thousand, this is not a xiao quantity, moreover must to dying certainly, that was more difficult to deal with. Before on Earth, the straight sea had seen some people have conducted the statistics, an army, if casualties over percent hundred thousand suffered defeat and fled, is good, 20% had suffered defeat and fled, that is jing was sharp, if percent 25 have suffered defeat and fled, that absolutely was the trump card, if such calculated, these Ice Beast that were the trump cards in trump card. bk b