Chapter 600 follows Naturally, Zhao Hai also knows that this cannot such calculate, he presently the bodies of these Ice Beast do not have the activity of soul, they possibly are only some puppets, the puppet is don’t know feared certainly that therefore they are don’t know retreat. Zhao Hai to most hosts of present use is Black Magic, but Dark Magician Summoner, has inseparable relationship with the soul of person. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai moves regarding bo of soul, very sensitive, Ice Beast that now died are many, but Zhao Hai actually had not felt that now point soul bo moves, this made Zhao Hai affirm, these Ice Beast certainly were the puppets. However makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, these puppets probably are not the person in command(er), but after was made, makes them move independently, therefore these Ice Beast look like has not formed any attack system, is only with the instinct, mixed one word disorderly is handling affairs, this makes Zhao Hai feel very strange. These Ice Beast fighting strength are not weak, if some people of command(er), these Ice Beast attack strength minimum can enhance three layers, in that case, feared that is the Diamond Ape clan cannot block. hundred thousand only Ice Beast, fresh mountain on slowly supports, but they recognize the Diamond Ape clan probably, trees on mountain regarding few that destroyed, their target were has one probably, the Diamond Ape clan. Several Stone Giant although do not have issue, but actually some Ice Beast, attack toward mountain city from other places, commencing of action between Diamond Ape clan and Ice Beast. Zhao Hai actually has energy one to eliminate these Ice Beast, but how he wants to have a look at these Diamond Ape clansman fighting strength. The Diamond Ape clan made Zhao Hai experience their fighting strength quickly, the bodies of these Diamond Ape clans, suddenly flood yellow light, that yellow light has resembled Golden Armour same throwing over on their bodies, this let these Diamond Ape clansman and their beast relative, probably one turned into Golden Armour War General, their in hand wooden bang probably one was crossed one layer [gold/metal] . At this time these Ice Beast rushed to under city, but let appears of Zhao Hai accident, these Ice Beast suddenly get together, then flash of white light, waited for white light information, under the city on appears huge Ice Beast, this Ice Beast also wanted on high some compared with Stone Giant, they roared to overshoot toward city wall. In leaving a city wall several meters place, one jumped, the ability that they jump, in adding on that height, one threw on city wall unexpectedly. But at this time, the soldiers of two Diamond Ape clans, together with their Giant Ape simultaneously make a move, two wooden bang, four Iron Fist one have hit in the head of that Ice Beast, that Ice Beast head immediately was destroyed. However this has not ended, then saw under that only Ice Beast body suddenly crack to be divided into many xiao beasts, four one word threw toward the bodies of these Diamond Ape clansman. What these Diamond Ape clansman are obvious already knew this point, Magic Beast that therefore these split had not run, all by just ape clansman stopping up rob and kill.

Zhao Hai presently these [gold/metal] Yuanzu people, coordinate very well coordinated, these Ice Beast overrun to the city simply to be also useless. Moreover Zhao Hai looked at one, what the person also don’t know uses of these Diamond Ape clans is any method, can unexpectedly them and their beast relative perfect gathers continually, simply does not use any movement, their coordination are flawless, this reality ability is really was too scary. After seeing the fight of Diamond Ape clan, Zhao Hai was also thinking anything, his immediately/on horseback has used greatly full Fire element attack Magic, piece of Inferno appears in city wall below, but these Ice Beast probably were to these fire fearing, unexpectedly some appearances of flinching. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded, it seems like these Ice Beast fear Fire element Magic really very much, but Zhao Hai cannot too big area use this Fire element Magic, otherwise the tree on this mountain probably destroy. Was calling the person attention of all Diamond Ape clans centralized in here, release of Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback in forest large quantities of Undead Creature, having made these Undead Creature eliminate these Ice Beast. Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature took these Ice Beast to give casually to extinguish, but that requires the time, but Zhao Hai may not have that many time, he thought these Ice Beast appears was too strange, south of the volcano icefield map has input to Space in any case now, he did not use in waiting, should untie this North Polar Icefield secret time. Moreover Zhao Hai also looked, feared that was Tess they agreed his condition, wanted leave this North Polar Icefield, otherwise Tess not in city wall high grade he. These Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release goes, when these Ice Beast have not approached city wall, was eliminated when forest, therefore this fight, unexpectedly extraordinary rapidness of conclusion, more than two xiao, could not be seeing a Ice Beast shadow. Tess strange looked at city next, now under city there already not a Ice Beast shadow, moreover Zhao Hai Stone Giant also received, besides Fire element Magic has used trace, anything does not have. However this is the Tess puzzled place, he remembers how many Ice Beast obviously they have not killed, why did Ice Beast completely vanish? This too did not gather the common sense. Tess and Ice Beast did to fight for a lifetime, his very clear these Ice Beast motion gauge rates, the attacks of these Ice Beast, have not been less than the number of hundred thousand time, before often they on hua one day can repel these Ice Beast, moreover among this must let in the city woman and old person supports to be good, today has Ice Beast been short of these many? Zhao Hai turns the head the look at Tess appearance, showed a faint smile said : good Tess Patriarch, did not need to be worried, not to have Ice Beast.” Tess one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, his immediately has thought that what first present Ice Beast was Zhao Hai, but now Zhao Hai also says such words to come, it seems like today the Ice Beast quantity reduces, because of Zhao Hai. Tess deeply sighed, nodded to Zhao Hai, this turned the head to his clansman said loudly: Was good, dispersed!”

Person although of Diamond Ape clan also feels somewhat strangely, but one hear of Tess said that has dispersed, in many will of the people mused that this is their these many years, most relaxed one time that hits. Looked that everyone/Great Clan has dispersed, Tess arranged some people to protect, he led Zhao Hai to walk toward his family, to his family, after they sat down, Tess turns the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, I have reached an agreement with several elders, the meanings of several elders were the same, our Diamond Ape clan is willing starting today, forever following mister!” Zhao Hai one hear of this saying have cannot help but gawked, must know to say to follow these two characters in Beastman Race, that is very serious, that was expressing, the Diamond Ape clan starting today, has become the Buda Family vassal race, must know that the Beastman Race vassal race was different from Human Race, Human Race these vassal races, were the has plenty rights to independence, so long as when necessary, listening to Lord's Family on to be able, but the Beastman vassal race was actually not such matter, the Beastman vassal race, regarding their Lord's Family races was the respect, moreover they are not many. The right to independence, how the main race said does, how they must do, therefore Tess one hear of they must forever following Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai stare, he has not thought that really can be this. Zhao Hai look at Tess said : Tess Patriarch, you may, if wants, if you really became the Buda Family vassal races, but did not have the right to independence, I said that anything was anything.” Tess nodded said : is, I thought that spoke the truth mister with you, these year of these ten three mountains fires were more and more unstable, the place that the don’t know when thorough violent, when the time comes we will run did not have, wants in passing through North Polar Icefield returned to Beastman Prairie is impossible, we did not have such strength, even if were returned to Beastman Prairie has been able to be what kind, Beastman Prairie before is not 5000 Beastman Prairie, we went back, will not have too in a big way as.” Zhao Hai nodded, the meaning of understand Tess this saying, Tess looks at Zhao Hai to nod, this then said : you bring I go to Iron Mountain Fort the time, I have looked like Ares to inquire Iron Mountain Fort there situation, you have not lain, you are very good to these Beastman, I believe that we with you, will not suffer a loss.” Zhao Hai look at Tess, showing a faint smile said : suddenly good, has Patriarch these words to be good, Patriarch makes your clansman prepare, strives to prepare to end in several days, then my immediately delivers returned to Iron Mountain Fort there you.” Tess nodded, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : „, if mister is worrying for our living materials, that does not need completely, our Diamond Ape clansman can endure hardship, now Continent there already soon to summer, even if no house to live, it doesn't matter.” Zhao Hai from the Tess words, felt that they have thought the leave here urgent mood, he shows a faint smile said : to invite Patriarch feel relieved, in having the several days time can prepare, you are anything do not need to bring, has also met anything to there, feel relieved was good.” Zhao Hai to has not deceived Tess, the Zhao Hai in hand present commodity really many, was adding on Wales saying that must to him a hundred thousand slave, he has been preparing thing that lived in the place that and uses for this hundred thousand slave, to let them adapted to the life of Black Wasteland there, these thing of Zhao Hai preparation, were Beastman Race is commonly used, place, by tent give priority to. Now because Wales there needs the manpower, therefore Zhao Hai has not wanted that hundred thousand slave, thing that but prepares to these slaves also, therefore Zhao Hai said that the several days time can prepare Tess their daily necessities, is not lies. The Tess look at Zhao Hai appearance, to has believed also Zhao Hai words, he inquired from Ares there, Zhao Hai has meant what he says, has not deceived them, therefore he nodded said : well, that trouble mister, but the matter, does mister also prepare to hit Beast God Spear?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to look will look certainly, but does not worry, first delivers to Black Wasteland there you, avoid here once for a while will also receive Ice Beast attack, after you deliver, I in look have the time, so long as had found Beast God Spear, I can on instantaneous returned to Continent, not have relationship.” Tess after experiencing Zhao Hai Space Divergent Technique, to has believed entirely regarding Zhao Hai the energy, he in saying what, but currently in our clan also has many Magic Beast to Zhao Hai said :, how these do Magic Beast need to process?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : that to think that you do want to process? If after you think Black Wasteland there, but also wants to raise these Magic Beast, it doesn't matter, but if you arrived at Black Wasteland there not to raise this Magic Beast, wants to raise Argali or raging bull and so on Magic Beast, did not have the issue, these Magic Beast I will process, then changed into Argali or raging bull according to these Magic Beast prices is giving to you, did you look?” Tess thinks that said : „we are not familiar with Argali and raging bull these two Magic Beast, can don’t know recuperate, but regarding hot rabbit, we actually very familiar, therefore we also want to raise the hot rabbit, mister you?” Zhao Hai smiles said : line, does not have the issue, going too far rabbit thing, the disbursing money place was not too few, if you raised Argali, sheep mao, sheep nai, sheep rou, the sheepskin, can change into money, but you have not raised the experience of Argali, this, I can your some Argali and raging bull, you first test breed raise, if recuperated, does not think that was raising the hot rabbit, when the time comes in asked me to trade and that's the end.” Tess grateful looked at Zhao Hai said : mister, you are really a good person, our Diamond Ape clan does not have any relationship with you, you are willing to help us unexpectedly like this, I too thanked mister.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Patriarch not to be no need saying that your Diamond Ape clan join to our Buda Family, making our Buda Family strength increase, I must thank you.” Tess in saying anything, he knows that Zhao Hai has not spoken the truth, Ares had said to Tess what status Buda Family now on Continent was, said the Buda Family strength, by the Buda Family strength, their Diamond Ape clan join, simply could not obtain any too big promotion. This was the Tess grateful Zhao Hai place, Zhao Hai obviously has also helped their busy, but said was so superficial, was really makes him be moved. Zhao Hai or this, Tess more thought one with the wrong person, more have not strengthened his determination. The Zhao Hai look at Tess appearance, has not said anything, just as is such that Tess thinks, by the Buda Family present strength, Tess their join with not join, but also does not have what difference. Must speak of fighting strength, Zhao Hai presently in hand 9th level Expert fully can step on even entire Continent, must say herds, has Space, herds simply not to be a problem, reason that Zhao Hai so will help the Diamond Ape clan, mainly stemming from admiring of sympathy. He sympathizes with the situation of Diamond Ape clan, he admires rigid of Diamond Ape clan, these many years, they had not given up seeking for Beast God Spear, to a such race, he does not have the means not to admire. bk b