Chapter 601 to settle down the second day that Zhao Hai and Tess reach an agreement, Tess they start to tell Patriarch, they wanted leave here, they must go to a new place to live. This information makes these of Diamond Ape clan have appears somewhat is at a loss, their don’t know what's the matter, why, suddenly must go to other place to live well, why is this? Zhao Hai has not participated in this matter, at this matter, he does not have the means to help, this matter Tess they act, Diamond Ape clan already secluded from the world more than 5000 years, more than 5000 years, they in the life of here calm, besides looking for Divine Artifact this obsession, with resisting Ice Beast, they do not have any disputing, here is more like extra mundane Haven, but in this Haven, has wild beast. Now suddenly wanted leave here, this made the people of these Diamond Ape clans somewhat unable to think through, but Tess told them the here situation, said the situation of volcano to them, said the Black Wasteland there situation to them, people then calm. Zhao Hai look at Diamond Ape clan such performance, has gawked, then also immediately understand what's the matter, these people secluded from the world was too long, they not suitable immediately lived with other people in together, if one makes them see too many outside clansman, contacts outside that numerous one word humans affair, they surely do not have the means to adapt. These time fortunately what comes is one, fortunately own Black Wasteland is another Haven, enabling these people to have wild beast extra mundane Haven from such one, goes to another absolutely not to have wild beast extra mundane Haven, perhaps this is the best result. Tess they prestige in clan are very high, under Tess their persuasions, all people of Diamond Ape clan started, started to tidy up thing. thing that they tidy up most is actually Magic Beast, is the hot rabbit, this Magic Beast build very big, could not be shorter than many Argali, any thing eats, but also little fell ill, was one type of very raising Magic Beast. However comes compared with Argali, the place that they disburse money must be short, therefore Zhao Hai wants Diamond Ape clan to raise Argali, did not want to raise this hot rabbit. However the Tess words actually also give Zhao Hai to remind, they in 5000 have not raised Argali, raises Argali is also a technology lives, if has eliminated the hot rabbit from the beginning, changes into Argali directly, they possibly will not adapt. Zhao Hai and Tess stand on city wall, under look at is tidying up the thing person, after this is Zhao Hai and Tess reach an agreement the third day, Iron Mountain Fort there has prepared completely, Zhao Hai sends Undead Creature, helped Green they prepare in Iron Mountain Fort there, rapidness that very therefore prepared.

But Tess their here has not actually tidied up, these people in the here habits and customs, looked that any thing is good, wishes one could to carry off including the wooden club of ground, Tess looks at a forced smile. Zhao Hai to does not want to be too many, these people just do not give up that nostalgia, does not have quite surprisedly what, Tess sighed, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Patriarch, I looked that was similar, you who having two days also tidied up if worried, I can urge them?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, shook the head said : not to use, now Black Wasteland there has prepared, does not miss this 1 or 2 day, lets their tidying up slowly, does not worry.” Tess said : I am feared that Clan sought for the Beast God Spear time by mistake.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, Beast God Spear was brought to come to North Polar Icefield, already more than 5000 years, if real accident, that could not find, if has not had an accident, that early 1 or 2 day late 1 or 2 day does not have what difference.” Tess nodded, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Patriarch, the Beast God Spear matter to ask Clan, I have a request, if Patriarch had found Beast God Spear, please must bring to our our Diamond Ape clan, for Beast God Spear, sought in this icefield painstakingly for more than 5000 years, we must have a look at this Beast God Spear with own eyes are any appearances.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Patriarch feel relieved, I will, if I attain Beast God Spear, certainly will worship to volcano here, is taking to you looks.” Tess nodded, he has not requested Zhao Hai to make their returned to volcano here worship, because that was too troublesome, therefore he makes Zhao Hai show them with Beast God Spear. Zhao Hai can understand Tess their mood, a race 5000 obsession, what if not make Tess have a look at Beast God Spear is, feared that will be he dies will not have closed one's eyes. Such that really such as Tess said that also has used two days of times, under urging that Tess keeps, the talented people of Diamond Ape clan tidy up, when they tidy up, nong of Zhao Hai immediately in the city left huge Space rift, making these people enter toward in good. These person somewhat surprised look at that said Space rift, but they were obedient walked, what made them somewhat strange was, they have not seen Tess today unexpectedly, however several other elders actually.

The quick people have passed through Space rift, passes through Space rift, they saw Tess, originally Tess is in Space rift that is prime they. In the head of Space, many slave and Giant-horn Ox Clan people had been adjusted by chou, these people help Tess come to settle down these people. These Diamond Ape clans the people of person curious look at these Giant-horn Ox Clan, these Giant-horn Ox Clan person ji very move, almost all Beastman Race know that Beastman Race has sent into exile Royal Family, now they finally see. However these Giant-horn Ox Clan people also know the relative importance of matter, therefore they have not said too many matters to the people of these Diamond Ape clans, but led Black Wasteland here them to the account number that in they prepared, then a long time, these Giant-horn Ox Clan people, but must live in here, because they must teach these Diamond Ape clansman custom such life. The people of these Diamond Ape clans take the family as the unit was received in their tent, is good is Beastman uses because of these tent originally, very tall and big, very wide opens, therefore they can also stay. The person curious look at own new home of Diamond Ape clan, an income number they present, here really anything had, so long as is thing that the life uses, here has, moreover has plenty they have not seen iron hardware, this makes them to feel excited. Quick, the hundred thousand people arrived at this piece of camp, Tess and these elders act, making them enter quick to settle down to get down, Green and Merine they also came, but also is leading many slaves, most important is makes the people of these Diamond Ape clans contact with these people, opportunity that later they contact also meets has plenty. Zhao Hai this year starting from, has made the improvement to Black Wasteland here, now Cai'er Level Up, he has let Cai'er his branching, slowly extends, finally is extending the Iron Ring mountain, encircles entire Black Wasteland in middle, like this is the same, winter moment, here will not be cold, plants can also grow normally, regarding putting especially and planter has the advantage. Cai'er to does not have any opinion, her originally is a Magic Beast demon plants, was almost long entire Magic Beast, at that time his level was not high, can achieve this point, now her Level Up these many, naturally was not a problem, therefore all around of Iron Ring mountain, has started out many Seven-colored Flower branching now, these branching were Cai'er divides, but they can direct absorbed the nutrient from the land, not only will not affect Cai'er cultivation level, counter- attended the meeting to give Cai'er to provide more nutrition, this also Cai'er major characteristics, were she. Ability that Magic Beast gets down livelihood. This is also Zhao Hai is Tess they considers actually, Tess their although is life Black Wasteland, but do not forget, they are life volcano, there almost do not have the four seasons to change, if they arrived at here, suddenly experiences a winter, that matter troubled. Regarding the arrival of Diamond Ape clan, Robert and Evan are very surprised, they also once were on Continent Great Clan Patriarch, moreover was neighboring with Beastman, Beastman there found that , they also know collected a lot of materials, but the material of Diamond Ape clan in Beastman Race there was not secret, they only know that this was one is sent into exile to North Polar Icefield Beastman Race once Royal Family, wants to come in them, was sent into exile North Polar Icefield, then on not having lived was possible, has not actually thought that under one on was actually given nong by Zhao Hai to here.

Evan and Robert and don’t know, the Diamond Ape clan sent into exile true reason, increases most Beastman don’t know, but they regarding the Zhao Hai ability, were actually feel of exceed are startled now. The hundred thousand person wants to settle down to get down is not the xiao matter, but Green they have made one time, had has experienced, therefore all methodical carries on, does not have a appears point mistake, is adding on very sufficient that they prepare, therefore to settle down gets down is quick. The hundred thousand person, although looks like many, but the truly taken family is good for to settle down of unit, actually also the thirty thousand many households, to settle down gets up is not the very wasteful matter. Zhao Hai in here has also helped Tess the people of their to settle down these Diamond Ape clans, the Diamond Ape clan they have any need today, Zhao Hai can satisfy them immediately, thing in his Space can be many, to settle down these people are not a problem. When the darkness gets down time, person to settle down of these Diamond Ape clans were finally good, Zhao Hai they are also relaxed, but Zhao Hai also knows that the light is such to settle down good not to be good, these Diamond Ape clan beginnings feared that will not adapt to the life of here, must be familiar with be good some time, looked like these Giant-horn Ox Clan just arrived at here to be the same. However now was not quite same as the beforehand situation, now their here has Giant-horn Ox Clan to help the team teach the people of these Diamond Ape clans, the situation compared with the Giant-horn Ox Clan person comes the time, was better were too many. Has been used together three days of times, person thorough to settle down of Diamond Ape clan was finally good, Zhao Hai also has sent to them Argali and raging bull, these people with the help of Giant-horn Ox clansman, the official start study have herded. Zhao Hai at this time returned to North Polar Icefield, North Polar Icefield secret, but also was waiting for he unties! bk b