Chapter 604 Bloody War

One group like blood equally viscous liquid slowly infiltrated from Beast God Spear spear shaft/gun barrel, slowly appears in the position of lance point blood cell, this blood cell has dispersed the strong smell of blood, the blood cell is fluctuating slowly the shape, finally has formed human-shape of arm length, this human-shape is changing slowly, finally turned into one to grow the ape head, four arms, two full monsters. The head of ape head picture Diamond Ape clan, but Beastman Race Zhao Hai of four arms have not seen, this wear very sincere full body armor, in his four hands is taking weapon, at the same time shield, a spear|gun, a blade, a chain hammer. Slowly, in this crotch appears old tiger, to present entire Artifact Spirit is slow, formed truly. Zhao Hai somewhat surprised look at this Artifact Spirit, Artifact Spirit he has to see, like Mu'er, like Iron Hammer, they are Artifact Spirit, but Mu'er looks like a child, without any threat, but Iron Hammer looks like looks like straightforward Dwarf, they do not have the plans, but this Artifact Spirit, looks like actually likely is Slaughter God, his body has filled the smell of blood, that flavor War General that walks from battlefield can have the flavor that absolutely. This is Wargod, this is Zhao Hai sees the first idea after this Artifact Spirit, this is aggressive to extreme Wargod, his body each inch place, each drop of blood, each cell to fight to live. Zhao Hai somewhat surprised look at this Artifact Spirit, that Artifact Spirit also turns the head look at Zhao Hai, this Artifact Spirit received four arms suddenly, Bloody War has been seeing Master to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :!” Bloody War!” Zhao Hai in a low voice has duplicated one this name, this name is possibly very uncouth, but the meaning of this name representative, Zhao Hai is actually very clear, because of ancient to present, Beastman Race is almost uses own motion to prove existences of these two characters, Bloody War! The fight of Beastman has not flinched, so long as issues an order, they only will go all out to forward, Bloody War, that feared that to the last person, they cannot retreat, this be the origins of Bloody War these two characters. Zhao Hai recovers, his look at Bloody War said : called me Young Master, Bloody War, why Iron Hammer arrived at the Ark Continent here matter to tell me you, what you also had to supplement?” Bloody War shook the head said : not to have, Young Master, I with Iron Hammer almost am simultaneously day God Realm, we two experiences are also similar, Iron Hammer that therefore I know also knows.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that such, then I will deliver to Beastman Race there to go you, do you want to protect Beastman Race in there, understand?” Bloody War should said : be, Young Master!” Zhao Hai nodded, is exiting, suddenly Bloody War said : Young Master, please help these Diamond Ape clansman.”

Zhao Hai gawked, turns the head to look at one to be sealed Diamond Ape clan Patriarch in ice, puzzled look at Bloody War said : they died, did I help him? Moreover their bodies already petrify, Black Magic useless.” Bloody War shook the head said : not, no, Young Master, they died, however their bodies do not have petrify, if short of his you to use Black Magic to turn into Undead Creature them, has the advantage to Young Master, on Patriarch of this Diamond Ape clan, there is one type of very special innate skill ability, is called War flag, this ability can like War flag in battlefield, command(er) his side, unite in his side, moreover can enhance fighting strength of his command(er) army, in the past on was relying on this ability, they can arrive at North Polar Icefield there.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he first time hears such race ability, but this arrives is the good deed, if these Diamond Ape clansman, can turn into Undead Creature, their fighting strength certainly very formidable. Zhao Hai nodded, one group of black fell on the black block, permeating slowly in ice piece, Patriarch and his Giant Ape of Diamond Ape clan wrapping. Before reason that Zhao Hai will melt the ice outside Diamond Ape clan body , because he has not thought must turn into undead to live these people, he to these person of very respectful, but the present is Bloody War makes him turn into Undead Creature the people of this Diamond Ape clan, he naturally did not use politely. black gas permeated in Diamond Ape clan Patriarch and his Giant Ape body quickly, Zhao Hai almost immediately felt between the relation them, but in this time, Zhao Hai was actually feeling that they did not move. Zhao Hai stayed, Space transform Undead Creature, but 9th level Expert, but 9th level was Expert, stranded in the ice unexpectedly does not move? Isn't is cracking a joke? Zhao Hai face suddenly changes, then said loudly: Bubble, get lost, this what's the matter?” Bubble appears in the Zhao Hai front, he looked at ground Patriarch and that Giant Ape of Diamond Ape clan accordingly, this to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, they by Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice surrounding, Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice is extraordinarily cold, wonderful hard incomparable, almost does not have thing to damage, may freeze the myriad things, therefore they cannot come out.” Zhao Hai stares, then face does change said : you can melt these ice?” Bubble somewhat strange look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, these ice originally to live because of me, I can certainly optional control, if Young Master thinks that is taking back these ice, Young Master currently also has with my same ability anytime.” Zhao Hai one hear of Bubble then said that the intention moves, wrapped Diamond Ape clan Patriarch these Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice, immediately was turning into a little bit water, flowed returned to pool, but a hot pond there response did not have, was that many water.

Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but relaxed, then his look at Bubble, suddenly turns, in hand appears Crystal Stone of a piece fiery red , he was taking Crystal Stone to Bubble said : Bubble, you dull place, did all around have to be similar to this Crystal Stone thing exists?” Bubble looked at that Crystal Stone, turns the head to nod said : „to Zhao Hai, has plenty, but my there is white , is lives for me, inside includes part my energy.” Zhao Hai one happy, this Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice, this Crystal Stone, is good thing, they receive certainly, does Zhao Hai turn the head „the ice on icefield to Bubble said : is Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice? Special what these thunder have?” Bubble shook the head said : Young Master, this Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice, not only places a there ten thousand years of ice, must have my energy, is true Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice, in my dull place, only then that Ice Pillar, the Ice Pillar following ice, can be true Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice, but the thunder to also has some specially, is thinks the place that is the center, the snow in radius of ten thousand li(5,000 km), has moistened my energy, I give them to give a name to call the millenniums to do the snow, although am inferior to Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice, has the use.” Zhao Hai nodded, the personal appearance moves, appears outside, Bubble also followed in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai said : does the snow to take away here Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice and millenniums, then in that white Stone that finding you said that these Stone nong to Space.” Bubble should, then he start to rotate, along with his rotation, all around all cold ice starts change water class of slowly in toward his body to go, before long, gave people a hard time Ice Pillar and Ice Pillar following ice all turned into water current to his body, all around innumerable snowflake also in building up slowly toward the body of Bubble, when all stopped, the Zhao Hai surface had already appears a giant pit, in that pit originally should be Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice, but in four Zhou Wanli, in not snowflakes. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Bubble, Bubble that Bubble, a change does not have, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Bubble said : Bubble, you attract these many thing to the body, how to have grown up?” Bubble looked at eye said : curiously Young Master, I am water origin energy, even if you loads into my body world all water, I am such big, actually after these thing enter to my body, will not turn into part of my body, they exist in the one type of smaller form, did not believe Young Master you to have a look to know.” Said Bubble has gathered Zhao Hai at present. Zhao Hai looks toward the body of Bubble , the body of Bubble is not big, only then almost football is so big, looks like probably is dark blue , but also is somewhat transparent, but Zhao Hai toward the body of Bubble in actually completely is not that a matter, in body of Bubble, by innumerable bubbles, but in a bubble, Zhao Hai saw that huge Ice Pillar, returns Ten-thousand Years Cold Ice, the millenniums do the snow, this all thing, actually only exist in the bubble of Bubble body, if not Bubble wants to see by Zhao Hai that was been raised by him. The body, played doing of magnifying glass to use, Zhao Hai simply cannot see these thing. Zhao Hai has shocked, he has not thought that can be this, Zhao Hai look at Bubble said : „can you all thing, receive in your body?” Bubble shook the head said : „unable, Young Master, I can only receive with water related thing, like water, ice, snow, fog and so on, other is not good.” Zhao Hai nodded, he does not have a point disappointment, his Space Warehouse very big, has installed many thing unable to pack, simply has no need for Bubble receiving too many thing.

Zhao Hai turns the head to Bubble said : I what to do , to use these thing? Also can manage you to want?” Bubble nodded said : right, in my body, Young Master must use, naturally must manage me to want.” Zhao Hai face one black, turns the head after Bubble said : goes back in Space, immediately these thing jiao gives Cai'er, making him have in Space Warehouse, you go back in pool, did not ask you not to come out.” Bubble oh, Zhao Hai look at icefield said : what good thing did here have other?” Bubble nodded said : to have, is walking toward north, there has a wind ball, can the control water, because has existence of that wind ball, the place that therefore I live, will have very long time to blow wind every year, is quite repugnant.” Zhao Hai one hear of Bubble said that is actually two eyes one bright, this wind ball probably is also good thing. bk b